Important Nasal Swab Review – Are You Being Jabbed Anyway?

In this quick nasal swab review, I want to remind people of the dangers of submitting yourself, in many cases on a daily basis, to being ‘tested’ to see if you have ‘the dreaded vir/us’!

As I’ve written about this before, I’m going to let my previous posts, plus the enclosed professional videos do most of the work.

You may tell me you know this. Well done! But… what about all the people who don’t know?

Are you being jabbed anyway?

Dr Lorraine Day: Swab Test Concerns

Refuse the PCR test!

Refuse the RAT test… it is just as bad.

And… refuse the MASK… it’s in there too!

Are they using these Nasal cavity swabs as a type of vaccine delivery system?

Nasal Swab Review calls you to action!

Don’t conform.

Trust God… He will look after you if you cast all your cares upon Him.

I don’t say this lightly as I know people need to work to put food on the table. But the Lord will supply if you turn to Him.

Look at the birds. They don’t plant or harvest, they don’t have storerooms or barns, but God feeds them. And you are worth much more than birds.

Luke 12:24

Truly, this is a life or death situation.

If it means losing your job or potentially your life… choose life!

Are you being fooled?

Make a stand against the tyranny, the sooner we do, the sooner it will stop. While ever we continue to comply, then we are ultimately responsible for its ongoing existence!

There is chatter going on that soon we may face worldwide lockdowns and mandated jabs.

Don’t be afraid of the mandated ja/bs. It’s more of a way to ensure you’ll be inside when needed for the

EBS (Emergency Broadcasting System).

This is designed to educate people everywhere with what has been going on behind the scenes concerning countless crimes against humanity.

What you should know

Please keep this post on the nasal swab review moving, moving, moving! We must make as many people aware as possible.


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