Nasal Cavity Swabs – Is There A Dirty Little Secret?

Nasal cavity swab

Nasal cavity swabs are being used by the countless thousands each day around the world. People are lining up to be swabbed.

Why are they doing it? Are they so afraid they may have the ‘virus’?

If the ‘virus’ is so contagious that you can pick it up from the tiniest drop of fluid from someone’s mouth, how come they have to push that swab right up to the brain barrier?

Here is a young child who has just undergone a nasal cavity swab, and look at the results!

From Telegram, forwarded from Agents of Truth

Is this how we treat our young children?

What kind of barbarians are we anyway?

Here we are in the 21st Century… we think we have come a long, long way. We don’t act like the barbarians of yester-year, do we?

Most of us would laugh and say, ‘Of-course not!’

But here, they take a little child, stick the swab right up to the back of his nose, and go so far that they cause bleeding.

One of my friends, returning to Australia from New Zealand, had to undergo this test. She told me that it hurt her so much that she screamed… twice… as they invaded both her nostrils! It gave her a terrible headache also, as a result.

Nasal cavity swabs

So what is the real reason for these swabs? Could it be there is yet another agenda at play here?

Are they using these Nasal cavity swabs as a type of vaccine delivery system?

Here are some medical articles that prove they are very excited about this new kind of vaccine delivery:

Nanoparticles for nasal vaccination.
Nanoparticles as carriers for nasal vaccine delivery.
Nasal Vaccine Innovation
Nasal Delivery of Vaccines

Do Nasal cavity swabs contain these tiny machines?

There is this little engineered machine that has the ability to fold in on itself and attach itself to the mucosa in your intestinal lining.

The idea was inspired by a parasitic worm. As they observed it they noticed it had little sharp teeth which it would dig into the intestines of its host. Horrid little creatures!

Oh, what a great idea, they said! We can make something just like that! So they did, and here it is! It’s known as a theragripper.

Designed by Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

They are designed to release drugs gradually into the body. This can be any drug at all.

Johns Hopkins researchers take inspiration from parasitic work for medicine delivery

They are introduced into the body using a Q-tip.

Nasal cavity swabs

Is this why there has been SO MUCH emphasis on the need to be tested?

Do we know what is on the Q-tips they use?
Do we know if they have they been independently tested?

Have they already begun the vaccination process?

Is this why they twist the swab once it’s at the back of your nose?

Personally, I wouldn’t put it past them, would you?

How they would be laughing at all the people who say they will not take the vaccine! No worries but just come and have a test.

Then, as you walk away, they chuckle under their breath… got you!

I have no idea about this… just saying… I mean, where would you ever find the proof they are already medicating us? It will come out though, you just wait and see… if that is what they are doing in reality.

Unless your livelihood depends on it… try not to get tested

So they make it almost impossible for you to travel without being tested. They insist if you have any ‘symptoms’ you need to be tested.

Maybe this is why they have come up with the anal tests… maybe it’s more direct. Oh who knows?

I don’t think the regular medical staff know what’s going on. They do what they are told to do, like obedient little lambs, because their job is dependent on it.

If this is the case, how are they going to feel when the truth of it all comes out?

My advice is not to be tested if at all possible? Don’t go anywhere that requires you to be tested. I know, I know, it’s easier said than done in many cases… but truly… this is your life they are playing with!

Don’t panic if you get symptoms!

If you do get some symptoms, treat them like you would any common cold. Plenty of Vitamin C, D3, Zinc… your body is undergoing a detoxification, not more, not less. It happens to us all. Listen, this is why they will never be rid of this ‘pandemic’ as such. Colds and flues are a part of life!

The great news is that it’s going to go away, and very soon I hope. Once President Trump takes up his rightful role again, and the evil ones have been taken out of the scene… the plandemic will just simply fade away.

It’s not what we’re being told it is!

Stop listening to the media

This is where most of your problems come from… they insist on it!
You can do this

To me, this places a huge question mark over the use of nasal cavity swabs. Unfortunately for many, they are placed between a rock and a hard place if they don’t agree to receive them.



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