Powerful Healing Internet Technology In Our Homes Plus More

powerful healing internet technology

I have been sharing a transcript of a video produced by Nicholas Veniemin and Maria Benardis. This is Part 4 of a 4-part series. Here it’s shared about various in-home healing technologies and the coming powerful healing internet technology.

If you have not read the first 3 parts of this interview, I have added them here for your convenience:

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Now to continue with Part 4:

What if we had healing Internet technologies in our own Homes?

Maria: As I said before, there are over 5,000 almost suppressed health and wellness patents that still haven’t come out. I’ll give you some examples.

It’s very important for people like us who are humanitarians that are going to be blessed by God financially in the near future, that we actually help fund these people, the inventors, so that they can come out quickly. We can actually have some of these in our own homes and not have to visit a Med-Bed, so to speak!

 Nicholas: Absolutely! We should have things in our home like furniture that have things that come out, such as frequencies and equipment naturally. Just like we have a fridge, we should have healing technologies!

Maria: Exactly! I see a lot of good things – some of the stuff is mind-blowing. But again it’s all frequency, vibrational, energy based. That’s what people need to remember.

Anti-Aging Devices – New Inventions Previously Suppressed

Another thing is there are a number of anti-aging devices, like inventions, that haven’t been released. We are not just talking about the Med-Beds. This is an anti-aging machine. This is one that is not as sophisticated as the Med-Bed.

We can help to fund them so they come out even quicker

I’m hoping we can put funding (towards it) so that people can have them in their homes. There are a lot of devices on that link I will provide so we need to put money behind them to help these inventors to start making the inventions. This is so people can have them on hand.

For example, the toothpaste that we discussed before, (in Part 1) I think will be an amazing one. Also the pen to regenerate the teeth.

In addition to that, we need to have the food, the herbs and the spices. I don’t want people to think we can just rely on this technology Nick, it’s needs to be a mind, body, spirit approach. 

Nicholas: Absoluely! You need to want it energetically and you need to want to feel it and have that feeling of abundance 100%.

The other way is that we are expecting the wealth transfer from the Cabal to the good guys in order for us to inject that back into the humanitarian projects that you’re talking about, so we can help the inventors move forward with it as well.

So let’s hope that that happens fast as well so we can be on track with that.

Maria: Yes, this is one of my pet projects with that. I’ve been analysing a lot of these wonderful therapies and picking out the ones I’d like to put a lot of investment and time in to so they can get out to the people into their homes ASAP.

Energy Hemp Devices

Another one in the food line that has been suppressed is hemp. In the link I’ll provide, there is a whole section there for energy devices for hemp. This helps with the using and the creating of hemp furniture, clothes. I see hemp as the future and not plastic. and… it can also be recycled.

Nicholas: Interesting you say that. You know when we use hairspray or deodorant or air fresheners… the containers we spray it out from are usually made from poisonous metals like aluminium and other things like that, so they poison us with it.

Just like they put poison in everything… what we eat, what we use, material, clothes everything… it should be the reverse. It should not only be not poisonous, but it should be very good for us. 

Cut the recycling!

Maria: And then when it goes back to nature it just decomposes. We shouldn’t have to recycle etc… we should be using plant based. It’s funny, but it was used in ancient Greece and used for many of these purposes.

It’s even mentioned in the Bible, and yet, in a lot of countries like Australia, it’s illegal!

I see it being the future, and there is a lot that has been suppressed that people will begin to see about CBD Hemp, and I believe I can see instead of plastic furniture, I see hemp.

I can see hemp instead of plastic plates… also I can see clothes… and not only that, we are lifting our vibrational frequency by actually wearing clothes that are made of hemp instead of fake polyester, and what have you.

So this is the way I see the future and the evidence is there. People can do their own research.

Were they just ‘Fruit Loops’… or were they really onto something?

It’s important to stress it’s all about energy. The ancient Greeks were the first to recognise that energy existed. Back then they used to look at them as fruit loops, like they were crazy… but look at us now! 

Nicholas: A friend of mine actually gave me this, and it has healing stones inside. I’m not sure about the pyramid, but it’s got healing stones inside of it. I just keep it here beside me. I don’t know if I feel good always because this is here.

God gave us crystals to use because of their vibrations

Can Christians use Healing Crystals?

Maria: Well I have a lot of crystals as well. They are very important as they lift the vibrational frequency, as do essential oils. Those too are very important in my life in terms of maintenance.

Let’s not forget that in ancient Greece they used crystals to lift the vibrational frequency. They recognised that crystals had energy, as does music and a lot of other things. That doesn’t surprise me, I have a whole crystal collection.

New Healing Internet Technology

With the new Quantum Financial System it’s based on energy. It will be healing us at the same time!

Also, the 5G towers are being converted into Tesla towers so they will all be vibrating on the frequency of 432 hertz which is the energy of agape, unconditional love. So this is another technology… even our Internet technology will be healing us!

Nicholas: Wow, this is what I mean, all the good things that we like should be good for us instead of bad for us. 

Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful information with us. Is there anything else you would like to say before leaving us?

Maria: We are nearly there! Keep the faith.

…End transcript…

Here is the link that Maria said she would leave with links to all the various technologies she was discussing:

Healing Technologies

I can’t wait for this healing technology coming to us via the Internet! How cool that will be. These days you are so conscious of wireless and what potential harm it could be causing, so won’t it be ever so good to get a boost of energy each time you sit down at your computer… or use your phone! Amazing I say. 🙂



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