Med-Bed Healing From Powerful 5th-Dimension And Above

Med-Bed healing

This is Part 3 of a 4-part interview of Nicholas Veniemin and Maria Benardis. This part-interview focuses on our need to rise up from the 3rd Dimension for the best benefits from Med-Bed healing.

For your convenience, I have listed here both Part 1 and Part 2 of this interview. Please read them first if you haven’t already read them:

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Part 3 – Med-Bed healing From Powerful 5th-Dimension And Above

You need to learn to eat right as well

Also Nicholas, people should not be just relying on this Med-Bed healing technology, they need to be eating right. I know we are going to have replicators that are coming out that will help to replicate healthy herbs and foods, but in the interim, people need to be eating right.

Forget McDonald’s

There’s no point having Oxygen Therapy (for example), and then running home to have toxic foods such as McDonald’s. Something came out the other day which is quite disgusting… they actually found faeces in the products.

Forget Subway

Also Subway was recently in the press, the tuna that they say is in the sandwich is not tuna!

Nicholas: It’s terrible isn’t it. Fast Foods should be closed down. It should be a national emergency!

Many company’s currently being sued

Maria: I don’t know if you have noticed, but all of these companies are being sued at the moment, and they are being sued to be closed down!

I’ll give you another example of other companies that are being sued…

Whole Foods

Whole Foods is having a lot of its products being questioned under the Whole Foods brand. They are questioning, for example, is the vanilla they use, really vanilla? There are all these class actions at the moment. they are doing it to shut down all these lines and brands and as this happens it will put Whole Foods on notice.

Trador Joe’s

Trador Joe’s as well. There is a lot happening around us but it’s not in the media! They will either have to ‘shape up or ship out’!

Nicolas: It’s good because eventually all these greedy people with these billionaire companies, they just care about money, they don’t care about our health.

When people begin to see this in the media, they are going to see a big opportunity to get into business to feed our families, and also contribute to communities and do what we are passionate about doing.

Like you say with Whole Foods. I know so many independent restaurants, family run restaurants, who really go the extra mile when it comes to quality, or the member or the customer experience, but you don’t get that with the big companies, they take it for granted. They need to go, you are absolutely right!

I really hope they are being sued as they do need to go.

Maria: They are, they are!

Monsanto’s, Bayer’s, Environmental Protection Authorities

Monsantos as being sued; the Bayers are being sued; the Environmental Protection Authorities are being sued.

But Nicholas, as you know, it’s not in the media. I do a lot of research every week for my weekly show to find this stuff so I can tell people, but it’s hidden.

As JasonQ would know, I spend hours trying to find this stuff, because it’s not in one place. This is why I want to share it because I want to give people hope.

Nicholas: I believe it’s giving the patriots lots of hope. We do know that we are going into… there is light at the end of the tunnel.

We know where we are going but what’s keeping us a bit grounded at the moment is that we don’t know the plan. We know things are happening, but we don’t know everything about the plan.

Like I said to Charlie (Ward) as well, only 10 people, less than 10 people, actually know the plan. It’s going to be a great future.

Back to Godly Basics

Maria: Isn’t it also about taking us back to the basics of the Bible which is trusting in God?

It’s taking us back to the source of trusting Him… in God and Christ… that it is all under control.

If we can trust President Trump, the [Q] team and everybody else, it’s like saying… we trust you God. That’s what we need to get back to Nicholas.

We’ve lost that faith and trust so that everything that’s happening it is so smart the whole plan because what it’s doing is it’s bringing to our attention things we need to heal within us.

So, if we’re not trusting, we don’t have trust in our God and we don’t have faith in ourselves. We need to know they could, says the ancient Greeks, so I think the whole plan is putting us back to spirituality as well.

Nicholas: I can’t wait – it sounds amazing . I listen to you because you’re trying to get out up and beyond 5D as well. Your really into it as well. What you say is credible and I feel it. It’s exciting times to be alive.

The Ancient Greeks were 5D and beyond! Connected to the Creator

Maria: Let’s not forget Nicholas where the ancient Greeks were. They were not just on 5D, they were above 5D.

  • How do you think they created those buildings without technology?
  • How do you think people like Hippocrates and people like (???) wrote books on herb and spices, and knew all the healing benefits with no scientific research?

And the list goes on. They had to be connected to the creator and the source, otherwise, how do you get all this information?

Freeing up the suppressed Pineal Gland

When these companies suppress truth and we believe their narrative, this is what leads us to where we are today!

Nicholas: So you’re saying, that because we have God within us, they had some of that 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8D superpower to accomplish those things, but now it’s been taken away from us through society, through the closing of the Pineal Gland and we’ve been suppressed… and we haven’t realised. 

Maria: You are spot on! That’s what I found in my research, and that’s what helped me to heal.

Ancient Greeks

By studying the ancient Greeks and learning their techniques to untap the Pineal Gland and to ascend to 5D through mind, body, spirit. That’s what we are talking about here today.


All the Med-Bed healing is based on above 5D technology, that was also used in ancient Atlantis but then their ego destroyed them.

We are being called to rise

Really, what we are being called to do is to rise, we have God in us, we have that energy, we are being called to rise to get back to that so we can use our telepathic skills again to communicate, so that it doesn’t matter which part of the world we are, we can communicate to the plasma energy around us to heal… it’s there.

Turning air into water technology

I mean, there is technology that takes the air and turns it into water. Extraordinary… there are videos on this. I’m not making it up, there are videos that show this technology. All of this has been suppressed, so all of this proves to me there is abundance of water!

Nicholas: Oh yes, definitely. I think there is abundance of everything. It’s up to man, and for the people who are sensibly in control, to make sure of that.

Just an example of one product where they have begun to use air-to-water technology. This should have been used a very long time ago but suppression prevented it.

Med-Bed healing is just one of many, many technologies that’s being released. Some are moving in that direction already, but won’t it be wonderful when all those 6,000 plus patents are let loose into society?

Part 4 of 4

Here is the link that Maria said she would leave with links to all the various technologies she was discussing:

Mind Blowing NESARA/GESARA Healing Technologies

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