Astonishing Age Reversal Med-Beds And Little Known Current Technology

Age Reversal Med-Beds

Age Reversal Med-Beds

This is Part 2 of a 4-part interview of Nicholas Veniemin and Maria Benardis. This time we will look closer at age reversal Med-beds.

In Part 1 they were discussing mainly on wonderful new dental technologies etc. You can read about them here:

Catch up on Part 1 here

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When will the Med-beds come out, do you think?

Nicholas: Wow, that’s amazing. So when do you think that the Med-beds will come out?

Maria: I’ve been following the intel. Some intel is saying March. I actually think it’s highly likely that it will be the end of March because in March we have the amazing celebrations with our beautiful president. I’m so excited!

Currently being used with the Rescued Children

Maria: So I think that once that announcement is made with him there is nothing stopping these Medbeds coming out. We know they are already being used for the rescued children, and already being used for our service men and women, especially because they are experiencing a lot of trauma. These beds actually deprogram the mind, and heals all that sort of trauma.

Amazing Med-Beds

Holographic Beds for lost limbs

Maria: For the people that have lost their limbs, there is the other bed (the holographic bed) that actually helps to heal and recreate these limbs.

Age Reversal Med-Beds healing Eyesight, Hearing and much more

Maria: I’m personally looking forward to the one that’s going to reverse age, help with the eyesight and hearing. I currently have to wear glasses for long distance and am looking forward to not having to wear them.

Age Reversal Med-Beds Stopping Hair from Becoming Grey

Nicholas: A friend said to me they are looking forward to something that stops the hair from becoming grey. I said to her that I actually like the grey! Just as long as I don’t lose my hair I’m happy.

Maria: Well, that’s what the Med-bed does. It actually restores your hair back to the original colour. So if you are going back to the age of 20, hypothetically speaking, when I didn’t have any white hair, it takes me back to my natural colour automatically. 

Is it real?

Nicholas: You make a very good point about the Med-beds, they are being currently used with children as well. People are saying, when is it going to come out? Is it real? We look forward to them because it will heal every disease out there and save so many lives including our loved ones. 

As Effective as your Energy

Maria: But Nick, there is something very important that people need to realise. The Med-beds are only as effective as your energy. They are based on intention. I need to go into the Med-bed with the intention of healing and I need to uplift my energy, and then what this Med-bed does is it joins me and lifts up my energy a little bit more.

So if someone is gong to be really negative and go in there with a 3D vibrational frequency, it’s not going to help them heal. This is why there is such an emphasis as to why we all need to rise up to the 5D level because that’s where the healing will be maximized.

What other technologies are currently available?

Nicholas: It’s all going to be fantastic when there is access to all these cures and what not. So what have you heard that has come out in the last six months that was wow for you, or you’re using now… or recently heard of?

Oxygen Therapy

Maria: So one thing people could be using now is Oxygen Therapy. There has been a lot of research that was done in Israel, and in actual fact, it’s being used in a hospital in Connecticut at the moment, to help cure people with c]ancer, and other illnesses.

A lot of people don’t realise that hospitals now have Oxygen Therapy and you can choose that as an option instead of chemotherapy. I highly recommend that. Of-course, Oxygen Therapy has also been used for age regression. If you Google Oxygen Therapy you can find that but people are not telling you about it. I think that’s a really important one.

Dr Biezunski

Another really important one, and I really love the work of this doctor… his name is Biezunski (?) – a doctor in Texas. He was shut down because he was curing people with C]ancer. So what’s happened in the last few months he’s all of a sudden opened up practice and he’s freely using all his technologies to heal people of C]ancer.

So if anyone has this disease, look up this wonderful doctor and start using his therapy. He’s developed what he calls, Peptide Derivatives that you can ingest and cure C]ancer. There are things happening.

Ultra-Violet Red Light

We’ve also seen the benefits of Ultra-Violet Red Light. I encourage people to start using UV Red Light on their body. It kills viruses. It was used in the 40’s and 50’s to treat blood pressure, to treat pneumonia.

Precision Smart Toilet

There is a toilet that has come out called a Precision Smart Toilet so that when you go to the bathroom it actually does a diagnosis of your body and your health and you can upload it to the cloud.

Precision Smart Toilet

Taychon Beds

So there is also electro-magnetic field technology. For example, we have a Taychon Beds. They are available in every state, but you might find only one or two.

This is an energy bed that basically helps heal your chakras and heal all around you any sort of negative field. People who are depressed and so on should be researching this and actually going there.

Taychon Energy Healing

King Smarty – Pure Soul Energy Science

You had a guest on your show, King Smartie… I actually use his products Holotech, Holographic. I have to say that I use that in my life to constantly have my energy elevated.

So I wear one of these. It’s made a tremendous difference in my life. My vibe was already a 5D but now I’m looking to go up higher. It’s another sort of maintenance.

These are just a few examples… there is a lot happening.

Age reversal Med-Beds are so much more than just age reversal. It will be wonderful for that to happen, but even more important will be the healing of degenerative diseases, and some of the debilitating conditions people find they have to live with.

Part 3 of 4

Here is the link that Maria said she would leave with links to all the various technologies she was discussing:

Mind Blowing NESARA/GESARA Healing Technologies

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