How to Become A Med Bed Operator

med bed operator

Many folk ask me how they can become a Med Bed Operator. Well I have good news for you!

Anyone is welcome to add their name to one of these lists according to which country they live in. You may not even be sure at this stage if it’s exactly what you want to do… it doesn’t matter… add your name and as you learn more, make up your mind.

Some it will suit, and many it won’t… it’s OK.

I know many of you, especially those already in the health industry, will love to be involved in truly helping people rather than supplying band-aides, drugs and surgery .

If the link does not work for you

The figures beside each country are the total names on each list as of 13th November, 2021. It just shows that I have been to each link and confirmed they are working.

If it doesn’t work for you, unfortunately the problem is not on my end.

I am not able to add your name onto a list, because the way it is set up, it would add my own name and not yours.

Your country: A – J

Albania: (99)

Australia: (2,723)

Belgium: (358)

Bosnia: (267)

Brazil: (518)

Canadians who wish to train to be MedBeds Operators/Technicians please join Canada 2.0 Military Humanitarian Page. Here’s the link for Canada 2.0 Military Humanitarian work for Canada in Canada. (6490)

China: (200)

Croatia: (338)

Cyprus: (90)

Czechia: (200)

Estonia: (189)

Finland: (303)

France: (1181)

Germany: (2716)

Greece: (426)

Hungary: (461)

India: (271)

Ireland: (518)

ltaly: (784)

Japan: (2069)

Your country: K – Z

Kosovo: (93)

Latvia: (200)

Lithuania: (326)

Luxembourg: (94)

Macedonia: (135)

Malta: (52)

Mexico: (1626)

Netherlands: (1076)

New Zealands: (497)

Norway: (209)

Philippines: (392)

Poland: (402)

Portugal:–Aw9tSVbt8xODUx (352)

Scotland: (472)

Slovakia: (429)

Slovenia: (263)

South Africa: (695)

Spain: (2507)

Sweden: (615)

Turkey: (200)

United Kingdom: (2324)

Ukraine: (200)

United States: (16,102)

This list was taken from the Judy Byington website which can be found here.

The whole medical world is about to change from what we now know. It’s going to be be more about health and well-being like we never could have imagined, than drugs and surgery. If you want to be part of this exciting new shift… this is your time!

If I learn any more about becoming a Med Bed operator, I will add it to this post at a later date.



  1. Hi there
    I have tried to add myself to the medbed_Australia telegram page although I cannot find it. Where else can I find information on this course for medbed technician please?

    • I don’t know which country you are from. The last time I checked it appeared to be fine. But listen, the list is just a list of interested people. There is no way of saying the people on it will be alerted to need in due course. There is no chat going on. There has been no mention of courses to attend to my current knowledge. In fact, I would move cautiously because the courses may not be related to the Medbeds we are all waiting for them to release.

  2. The med bed chat room for australia has over 1600 ppl. BUT there is no info on the thread.. is this normal?
    Also.. the snakes AREN’t have anything to do with the man-made idea of satan… the two snakes are kundalini energy paths. snakes were demonized by the catholic church in Constantine’s time to repress the knowledge of true awakening. (do you research and question everything even the statement Ive just made. find out if it’s true or not.. get curious) I ask respectfully that the fear mongering stop. consider: Everything that was portrayed as “Evil” is the key to the awakening and transcendence of humanity. The “image and representation of “God” created by constantine and his friends when they compiled the bible from ancient sumerian, hindu, buddhist texts. WHen we see the truth and understand the intentions of the authors of the bible. they wanted complete control of everything and every one. This was so hard for me to come to terms with.. personally I sought to disprove what im saying here… I ask you do the same. Ange

    • Hi Ange,
      Well I guess that’s because it’s not a chat room, only a list of interested people. I cannot comment further on it as I have not heard anything more concerning it.
      It was interesting what you said but whether it’s true or not, who knows.
      I do question everything, at least, I think I do. I didn’t used to so much, but these days… well you know what I mean.
      I cannot agree with you re the intentions of the authors of the bible. I do not believe it’s a haphazard book made up from other texts around the world. That would mean you couldn’t believe it, or stake your life upon it, which I believe you can.
      Many have endeavoured to prove the bible wrong, but the generally end up becoming Christians.
      On the other hand, I do know that down through the ages texts have sometimes been changed and we need to be very careful of that.
      Thanks for sharing… there’s much I’m curious about.

  3. How much longer are we going to have to wait? They were saying early 2022, nothing is happening yet. Before you say have patience, I’m literally dying while waiting on the med beds.

    • Oh Jimmie, I get you! All I can say is what we are hearing and that is that it’s imminent! I know, I know, it’s been imminent for some time now but we must remember we are in a war against evil and things don’t always go to plan. We are told they have the medbeds rolled out across the world now but they must wait for the green light to come on. When they can be totally 100% sure that these beds cannot get into the hands of the DS we will see them. In fact, everything will go… we will receive the new Qphones, Internet… it will be all go.
      Meanwhile, try to keep your faith levels up there. Keep your faith in God the Creator who made you and knows how to fix you. I will add you to the prayer list.

  4. The Dream Job So excited ro hear it is on a roll out finally, I would love more information in a brochier form if possible, to show around to those who do not believe, and to contact for an application, thank you so very much.

  5. I am a Naturopath since 1999. I have been involved in alternative health and natural food since I was 19. I was a New Mexico certified Midwife and delivered 250 babies at home. I have been working with a Tesla multiwave oscillator and rife frequencies for lymphatic drainage for 30 years. I have many other skills to offer. I would like to set up a healing center with medbeds about an hour north of phoenix. Keep in touch.

    • I trust your dream becomes a reality Michele… you sound exactly right!
      At this present time it is believed the medbeds are being run by the military to start with. But, they will certainly be looking to hand over into capable hands in time to come. Keep your ear to the ground. 🙂

      • When they are available to the Tri-state area of Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois please let me know. I have generic diseases that need treated that have worsened now I’m 67 and have retired. Inflammation is my worst enemy it seems.

          • Mailyn, I have breast cancer and I will be having my first chemo treatment on Thursday. I am of course wanting to be able to find a med bed to save my life, but I would truly love to be able to start a healing center and offer healing to others. I would dedicate my life to it. I have been involved with energy healing for years and I have a certificate for QHHT quantum healing hypnosis therapy. I love helping people heal and now I am in great need myself, after having a lumpectomy and two cancerous nodes removed three weeks ago, I was told the cancer is already in my lymphatic system! Please help if you can. I need to visit a med bed/life pod, asap!

          • Dear Connie,
            Of-course I’m so sorry to hear what you are facing. Have you been into “The Truth About Cancer” website with Ty Bollinger? Brilliant website. I see one of there last posts has 12 different things you can do… looked good.
            How wonderful you have that certificate! What a blessing you will be to so many others. Never forget that. It will happen.
            Trust God! He is the maker and He knows how to fix broken vessels. 🙂
            If I can do anything else to help, please ask.

  6. Marilyn, can you send me info on how to become a med bed operator Please, I live in Houston TX. thank you!

    • Hi Ignacio,
      I’m sorry, I cannot help with this. The only way that I currently know of is for you to add your name onto the list for the country you live in. In time, they will be searching for others to help. At the moment, it is all under the control of the military.

      • Dear Marilyn, I tried to add my name by clicking on my country, the United states. I got the message, ‘the page is unavailable’!!

        • Hi Connie,
          I just tried the US and it opened to a page in Telegram asking me “US_MedBeds Operators/Technicians”. It then had CANCEL or JOIN GROUP.
          It is a Telegram list… it’s the only one I’m aware of.
          For some reason the amount of people has reduced. I checked it on the Australia page and it too had reduced. I think it may be because they have cleaned out fakes. Not sure.
          Hope it works for you Connie.

      • Hi Marilyn. I have a great interest in being able to help with med beds in Australia. I do not know how to contact anyone about this. Please advise me.

        • The only way I’m aware of Kerrie is through adding your name to a Telegram list. There are no discussions taking place on this list so time alone will tell if it’s truly real or not. Never-the-less, there is nothing to be lost by adding your name.

          Just scroll down to your country (Australia) and add your name.
          If I ever hear of anything more than this, I will certainly be posting on it.
          To begin with, the medbeds will be operated by the military. For how long, I do not know.
          Anyway, congratulations for having such a caring heart.

  7. I am interested in these new technologies for small animals. Will there be med beds designed for our companions furry or otherwise? I hope there will be another means of listing oneself for those who do not use telegram or the like.

    • Hi J Tracey,
      I’m not sure I’ve heard specifically, but I believe they will be for ‘all creatures’. Why would God wish to hold onto animal surgeons and do away with human surgeons… that’s just my thinking.
      I actually do not know if there is any other way to get onto the med-bed potential list. (This is not for those wishing to have treatment on them, just for those wishing to operate one).

    • Hi Kevin,
      I’m presuming you are meaning for the use of the medbeds but not to be an operator. If this is correct, the following information is relevant:
      There are no waiting lists at this present time as they have not been released for public use. They are being rolled out all around the world but being kept in warehouse storage at this time.
      We need a green light… there will be a right time and the military alliance are making sure the right time has arrived before they release them. I know this is hard for those with desperate needs, but nevertheless, none of us want them to end up in the hands of evil… do we?
      All patients using the medbeds will receive the total treatment for free. There are no charges.
      Locations will be in every major city, gradually going out and about as they continue to make more into the country areas.
      Hope that helps.

      • Hello Marilyn, I have been aware of the upcoming reveal and availability of these miraculous medbeds for some time now. I understand the need is great for an unthinkable amount of people. You must have an unbelievable amount of emails just like mine. I just found out this morning my son may have cancer and is being referred to a cancer center, here in Colorado Springs. I no the reveal is soon, but it may not be soon enough. I’ve heard the medbeds have been used to heal the abused children that have been rescued and the military heros fighting every day for us. If there is any chance my son might be considered for early access to a medbed through your sources I would be eternally grateful for your help. My phone number is 719-761-1241. My name is Linda Williams. We live in Colorado. I would also be interested in helping with the medbeds in any capacity in a humanitarian project. Thank you so much for your time.

        • It breaks my heart to hear the cry of your heart! I so wish it was in my power to provide for you, or to bring forward the date of their release. Only the White Hats know, and it would be depending upon certain military happenings.
          I encourage you to go to a website like ‘The Truth About Cancer’ Ty Bollinger. If I were to find myself in that situation, that’s where I’d start. Dig in and then apply whatever they say, as you can.

  8. Hi Marilyn, I had been an operating room nurse for 21 years and now ultrasound the last 10 months. I love life, research, technology, and new creative detailed things to do. Plus, I care deeply about humanity. If work as a med bed operator would be a good fit, God knows. I am willing to give it a go full-heartedly and it is a dream job for the personally. Praying for opportunity, patience, and a right fit.

    • Hi Karen,
      You sound just right and I hope your dream comes true!
      Trusting you added your name to the list under ‘How to Become a Med Bed Operator’.
      There are no discussions going on in there at the present time, but when they are ready I’m sure they will begin contacting.

  9. Good evening im opening stores and donating beds to all public and military hospitals in Ecuador We will need operators

  10. How can you train someone to be an operator when there’s no med beds here? Another Rumor or fantasy that’s going around is that they’re making 1,000 med beds a day, that’s 365,000 a year since 2018! What country are they in? Certainly not the U.S.

    • Oh Jimmie! They leak out just a little to keep us going and what you’ve quoted above is some of the leak. They are being made in many places around the world (as far as I’m aware) and it’s all under the control of the military.
      No, no-one can train at this stage. They just wanted a list of interested people so that when they are ready they have something to work on.
      I’ve heard rumours of them being available in three different states in the US but I can’t confirm it one way or the other at this stage.

    • Keep your ear to the ground Tsipi! Although Israel is not mentioned on the list (I don’t know why), they will be looking for them there also in the future. If God intends for you to be an operator, there is no doubt it will happen. Pray.

    • Hi Brian,
      Unfortunately I don’t know of anywhere where you can put yourself on a list waiting for the treatment. I wish I did.
      If at any time I begin to hear of them, I will most certainly post on it.
      If you give me some of your details re why you are looking forward to using one, I will add you into my Prayer List so others can be praying for you.

  11. Good afternoon Marilyn Williams… my name is Virginia Van der Dijs, I am interested in learning how to manage Bed meds. I am a healer, I am studying Integrative Qualica medicine, very adoc to med beds. I would love to be a part of this great help to humanity! ! that all these methods of healing, regeneration are not invasive or aggressive! Thank you very much for any information! I am in Florida USA

    • Hello Virginia,
      I’m so sure you would love to get your hands on these med beds and I trust the time will soon come that you can do so.
      Meanwhile, unfortunately I am unable to give you any further details as I’m unaware of any specific list other than what is supplied on this page. Simply joining the list of your country is all you can do.
      They are not entering into any discussions neither at this point in time.
      It’s a waiting game. You are aware of them so that’s the main thing and when the time is right you will be given the opportunity to apply to learn and use them.

  12. Hi, Marilyn.
    I want to be part of this new Med bed operator. I hope will be soon.
    I am from Peru, but I able to be part wherever the new system needs me.

  13. Hello, I have been in Cancer care for 20 years, finally realizing we are not curing anyone, just treating and charging. I did not get into my field for that. I want to help people achieve their best health. I’m eager to learn new things and grow with the medbed technology.
    Thank you for getting the word out.

  14. Hi Marilyn. SHane from Australia here.I work in the disability sector and know how valuable this technology will be. I am absolutely. most definately interested to be considered to be a Life Pod operator. My career for many years was as a Lithographer/printer so working with technology and equipment comes naturally to me.
    Kind regards. Shane

    • Hi tom
      If you added your name to the Telegram list, that is all I’m aware of that’s happening at the present time. I was informed that they are only taking names of interested people and will begin discussions with the people once they are ready.
      It is believed that to begin with, personnel will be chosen from those within the health industry. Hospitals, FDA etc will become obsolete.
      All I can say is that this Telegram group is supposed to begin sharing info once they are ready. As time goes on, they will require more and more staff as these beds are mae more available across the countries of the world.

      • I am out of the military and would like to begin my education to be of help with the med beds. Can you recommend the best educational avenues that would be most helpful for the future?

        • Jordan, I’m excited you want to do that… it’s wonderful.
          Unfortunately I cannot guide you to where to go. I have not heard there is anywhere that is offering the kind of training at this time.
          This is because it’s all being currently taken care of by the military.
          It won’t always be like that though as they’ll need countless thousands of people involved and trained up in the near future.
          Keep you ear to the ground. I certainly will be posting on it when I hear different.

  15. Someone told me about medbed technology and I would like to learn more about it and would like to be trained to be an operator.

  16. Hi Marilyn
    The med bed roll out anticipation has been so exhilarating! Also, I too would like to be trained as med bed operator.

  17. I would like to train as part of your MedBed helpers/operators. I am a Spiritual Healer and have always been interested in a natural way to heal.

    • Hi Aaron,
      I hesitate to endeavour to answer your question as my comprehension of physics is not great.
      Different beds work differently to each other, but depending on the bed, a scan is taken of your entire body, and then the Quantum Computer provides a diagnosis. Once it does that it goes ahead and provides the healing you require.
      My understanding is that it uses light and frequencies, but I’m guessing maybe that’s not all.
      It’s a technology that’s been around for at least 50 years but suppressed and hidden away from us. Can’t you imagine how upset B/ig Ph/arma would be? That’s most probably the reason why.

      • No med bed technology will be able to grow false limbs, cure every disease known to man and extend life expectancy. The photos are of CT or PET scanners, freely available for accurate diagnosis in the UK of all cancers or brain tumours. Treatment then is also free, I have had a lung removed due to cancer 4 years ago and no med bed would have taken the place of a skilled surgeons team and follow up treatment. People waiting for these are living in false hope which I think is very unkind. You can’t give a date, all information keeps changing and it’s not to do with “White Hats”( ridiculous name) it’s to do with deception

  18. Hi Marilyn, I am a reiki master and use sound therapy for healing. I have known about the med beds, and would like to continue/further my path of healing and become an operator.

  19. I have every happy and Glad to have this happen in this word what a beautiful energy I every love and God give this to all mankind I will wait Thank God and President Donald Trump that give this to the world❤️🌹🌎🛸🙏

  20. Hey Marilyn. Hope you are doing great. My wife Lisa and I would love to become a med bed operator. You gave us the website link, but when I clicked it it didn’t take us to the next step. Yes I accepted the privacy and cookies policy. Can you help us.

    • Hi Berwin,
      Which link did you go for… which country? If it was the US I just clicked on it and it came straight up. It will ask you to join Telegram if you haven’t already because that is the only way you can become part of the group.

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