Med-beds – Anticipating The Exciting Green Light Being Flicked On


Many thousands of people are patiently, or should I say, impatiently waiting for the Med-beds.

I don’t blame them. So many people write to me and share their condition that they’ve put up with for a very long long.

The whole thought of something as wonderful as a Med-bed is like music to their ears.

Charlie Ward stated on his last Insiders’ Club video, the following about the Med-beds:

There are very many Med-beds that have been delivered throughout the world.

I know of one case where 15 Med-beds have been delivered to Florida.

I also know of another person who has had a number of them delivered in Holland, that I’ve had direct contact with, but they are not allowed to use them until the green light is flicked on.

We’re all waiting for the green light… the moment it goes, it goes.

Charlie Ward

So we can see from this that they are definitely on the way

Please remember, that the places mentioned above are only ones that Charlie has a direct contact with. He doesn’t know about other areas. They could very well be rolling out all over the place for all we know.

Many ask me when the Med-beds will be coming to their area. Unfortunately, I’m not privvy to that information… I’m not sure anyone is.

Originally, Charlie said, they were being used for the rescued children, who as we know had horrific conditions. I wonder if it will ever be revealed what state they were in, and how the Med-beds helped them.

I don’t know, as these children need their privacy, but time will tell.

The Med-beds are supposed to be released once the QFS (Quantum Financial System) and the RV (revaluation) has taken place. At this present time, they are running little tests in the banks around the world, and surprise, surprise, they are arresting many bankers from around the world. The count is somewhere over 8,000 the last I heard.

These people have been pretending to be on the good side, while all the time, have been waiting to see if they could steal the money. We need to be thankful for the delay as it weeds them all out. We want the swamp completely and thoroughly drained.

Medicine, as we know it has been travelling down a strange path for a very long time

Once ‘Big Pharma’ is dealt with, and it will be, I doubt very much we will ever see symbols of this nature again.

Medicine, or better still, healing technologies will be taking a whole new route in the very near future.

Are you ready?

Gratitude for wonderful doctors speaking out

I would never speak against the many wonderful doctors we have in this world… yes there are many. But I would speak against those doctors who have been working under another agenda other than patient health care.

I had one of my local GP’s share with me one day that some of his colleagues were encouraging him to work in a certain way that would ensure patients would continue to return to him. I was very glad to hear him say that he couldn’t do it as he ‘had to sleep at night’!

Many wonderful doctors have thrown caution to the wind during this plandemic, speaking out strongly about what they were seeing, and the wrongs and the rights of it all. To them we need to offer our debt of gratitude.

For further information on Med-beds

So we continue to wait for that green light to be flicked on for the Med-beds, so all these people with the greatest need can be dealt with first.

Add your name to the list if you are interested



  1. Stay away from They are scammers. I’m trying to get my wife and Mother appointments scheduled for med beds, and contacted them. They came back asking for their information. After getting their information, they replied and said it would cost $300. That is a scam. Stay away.

    • Good on you Scott for sharing this information. As we all know, there are so many scams out there that we sure need eyes in the back of our heads. Always keep firmly in your mind that the medbeds (the genuine ones) will be free. Of-course, there are other technologies out there and I’m certainly not saying they are all scams.

  2. I dunno, something just doesn’t add up. I believe I saw on Jared Rand’s site about Dr. Madej having to have surgery due to to her plane going down.

    But why? Why didn’t Jared just put her in touch with the advanced, highly-knowledgeable team which he’d mentioned to MarkZ? As I said, it doesn’t add up.

    And who’s the legitimate entity – Jared Rand? Or Charles Ward? It’s all very confusing! So many people in pain desperate for healing, and so much confusion and dashed hopes.

    • Ahh, Mr Enquirer, good to hear from you again!
      Are you not aware that they are not available for public use yet? They are being very strictly used on behalf of the rescued children who have unbelievable conditions, we are led to believe.
      I couldn’t possibly answer all the possibilities, but there are countless people in this world with unbelievable needs. I don’t believe it is ever as simple as just getting someone onto a medbed because they need one. Soon that should be the case, but for now, they are simply not released.
      We all feel sad about Dr Madej, and pray that she will soon be back to full health.
      No, these guys are not the ‘legitimate entity’… Jared Rand I believe is working on the technology for himself, but the Tesla medbeds will be free for all to use, once released. Charles Ward is just a messenger boy, passing on info as it comes to hand. He is also the official spokesperson for the QFS.
      We all want it NOW, but as with everything else, there is a correct timing to be observed for reasons we know not.

      • There’s also Sandra Rose Michael who doesn’t seem affiliated with Rand or Ward or MarkZ, but rather with Shurka (and perhaps Dr.Northrup).

        But listening to Shurka’s interview of Sandra Rose left me feeling as unconvinced as Rand/Ward/MarkZ. FYI long ago i’ve tried the QRS mat as well as a RIFE device, and neither did a thing for me. I’d also tried an infrared-mat with pulsating Red and Blue lights. Same waste of time and effort. However, I did find the QXCI and Life-Systems diagnostics to be remarkably overlapping, and jiving with my symptoms. That experience taught me that quantum subspace assessments are very advanced. But when clicking the section where it was supposed to “fix” my issues, it merely regurgitated a message which stated that its “difficult”.

        I tried alot of things in past which only drained my money. I’m about ready to give up. You haven’t convinced me of any one entity that’s legitimate. There are numerous agents of the Dark Side, who could have been trained to sound extremely convincing, to the extent of sophisticated illusions.

        I’m not saying quantum physics is untrue. Rather what i’m saying is, that the above entities may have been convincing people as a diversionary tactic. I speculate that they’re accelerating this diversion specifically at this time, because as per kabbalistic predictions, very soon the time is slated for a genuine appointee to come “reset” the world, to be followed by resurrection within this decade.

        • What we are talking about is something different. Yes, there are all kinds of ‘machines’ out there and maybe some of them are very good. I don’t know.
          Something I hear time and again is the fact that before you go into a Medbed, you need to build your faith in it doing what you are believing it to do. People who go onto them saying ‘huh, I bet it doesn’t work!’ will most probably get just that.
          As none of us have had any first-hand experience with the new medbeds, it’s difficult to say one way or another. But remember, the new medbeds will not be charging you for a ‘treatment’… doesn’t that sound a little different to start with?
          I do agree with you concerning the Dark Side, but also remember, that soon they will be eliminated.
          Would you like to elaborate a little on what “very soon the time is slated for a genuine appointee to come “reset” the world, to be followed by resurrection within this decade” means? I’m sure the readers would be interested.

          • The term “free” can be another trick, just like the mRNA vaccines and boosters were free. Also I never bought into the perspective which people have been led to believe that “only” if you believe in something, will you be helped by it. While its true that placebo’s (a.k.a. mind-body connection) do work often, they don’t work for those whose bodies are severely compromised as mine is. Rather only those whose bodies are still able to heal themselves.

            IMO the only way that people should allow themselves to believe anyone who touts med-beds, is through empirical evidence. I.E. if clinics were set up regionally (as with court trials that are open to the public) where the local public can get a LIVE VIEW of volunteer-patients who have SUPERFICIALLY-OBVIOUSLY severe conditions, and who have volunteered to allow the public to see their severity, as well as themselves getting treated.
            Here’s a severe varicose example:
            The public should get to see a before-medbed-view, then that same patient (ABSOLUTELY NO DOPPELGANGERS) being treated by the medbed, then an after-medbed-view. At risk of repeating myself – the regional public should be enabled to view that same patient the entire time.

            True, anything can be subject to tricks, as with magicians, but I think there’s a lesser chance of tricks if it’s offline, rather than online. Regarding the rest of what I said, it can be found online, so anyone can research for themselves, and believe whatever they want amid the plethora of video’s all over the www. I have my belief system, just as others can have a medbed belief system. True, neither medbed treatment, nor what I speculated about, have been “empirically” viewed yet.

          • I do believe when they are ready to begin they will have thought through all this.
            If people can go on and receive the treatment and be told ‘no payment required’… then it is free.
            Once a few go into them and great results have been achieved it will soon become common knowledge and be shared far and wide. If they use only tricks it will certainly soon fizzle out.
            It’s great to be a thinker, but I think also you need to use a little faith. Our world is about to change, yes, it’s hard to imagine a place without corruption, but I do believe it’s where we are headed.
            Something I often say is… time alone will tell.

          • P.S. Yet again I’m confused based on the process of logical deduction. I suggest you analyze the following:

            On a Unifyd video, Jason Shurka is very impressed with Dr.Sandra Michael’s healing system. Furthermore, Dr. Northrup has had connections with both Jason Shurka and with Dr.Zelenko. I know this from having seen a video wherein Dr.Z referred to Dr.Northrup as someone credible, and also another video wherein Dr.Northrup and Jason Shurka were great pals.


            Given that, and considering how seriously ill Dr.Zelenko was, why couldn’t Dr. Northrup have acted as liaison (on behalf of Dr.Zelenko) to ask Jason Shurka whether Dr.Zelenko can avail himself of Dr.Sandra Michael’s system to get healed from his cancer? Conversely, if Dr.Z actually =did= try Dr.Michael’s system, then that means the latter wasn’t successful in healing hiS cancer (unlike Shurka’s relative, whose huge growth was healed, according to Shurka.

          • In this strange world we find ourselves living in… do we really know for sure that Dr Z has passed away?
            As they say, many who we think did, didn’t… and the reversal.
            Of-course there is no way I could even begin to answer such a question, but I can see that you are thinking, which is something we don’t see a lot of these days.

        • Hmm… No I didn’t listen to this. It was very long and not sure I have the time… but, I did watch a bit and slid it along a number of times.
          My problem is that I have trouble with people saying they are star travellers etc. etc. etc.
          I also noticed they didn’t crack a smile (when I watched anyway).
          I don’t know about it. Either I’m going to learn an awful lot… or…
          Thank you for sharing anyway.

      • But where do YOU get YOUR information from? Charlie Ward? Hardly a legitimate or truthful source. A man who dumped his family and went chasing after skirt half his age. Yeah, no thank you.

        For me, there’s only one legitimate source – and that’s the one who first publicly (not hush-hush-big-secret style) told the world about them – President Donald J Trump.

        I’ll wait for him to tell us because he’s the only honest and reliable source out there on the subject.

        • That’s OK… you don’t have to believe anyone really, and yes, DJT is a wonderful source. Like you, I’m waiting to hear officially from him.
          I don’t like to see anyone putting down another fellow patriot though. We don’t have to follow them, but as we are all on the same team, let’s just pull together.

      • I also desperately need a med bed but, unfortunately I do not see me living THAT long. It is almost as if they are “baiting” us with false promises. I GIVE UP!

        • Dear Esvahokie,
          Please don’t give up! There are many in desperate need but for whatever reason they are being delayed. Obviously the outcome if they were to release them now, would be worse than the outcome of waiting.
          The major sign we are looking for is the removal of JB publicly. We know he’s been dealt with in reality, but the person playing his part needs to come to an end… remove his mask.
          I believe once that happens the medbeds will coon come to light.

  3. Marilyn hi doyle hear charlie is under a nda so he cannot talk about the beds but if you need more info on them goggle jared rand his site tells alot.

    • Thank you Doyle! Yes, there is a lot of information if you do Internet searches. Whether it’s all true or not cannot be ascertained. It makes for an interesting read though, but people need to realise at the end of the day, until such times as it’s formally released and comes into action, we cannot know the fullness of what they are all about.
      Some things need to be read and put on a little shelf in our mind as we wait and see how it will all work out.
      Good for you giving further research places. Thank you again.

        • Hi Jimmie,
          At this moment, I don’t believe they are sharing with us where any of them are. We are getting so close now… I know it’s been a long wait. But we have to realise all the happenings that had to take place before they could release the medbeds.
          A little more patience is needed.

          • I watched the beginning of the video and heard what she said. I believe she said that they ‘did’ get hold of them in the past for their own use, but I do not believe it is saying they have them now.

          • Marilyn, FYI I did not receive e-notification of your reply.

            To follow up – move slider to 11:15 on aforesaid video.
            “or the MedBeds – taken away – every step of the way”

            I have no idea how to reach Dr.Northrup. I tried her online contact form, but just received an auto-reply.

            So please, if there’s anyone reading this who knows anyone from her Maine-vicinity, who in turn can find out what she meant, please post back here! I’ve bodywide pain from loads of issues such as severe varicose running all the way up (even beyond legs), nondiabetic-neuropathy, OA of fingers, OA of mid back, scoliosis, FMS, CRPS and much more. Nobody has a clue what I endure at age 60. Physical therapists and chiropractors have had near-zero empathy, and have only worsened my situation physically. A top vascular guy told me =any= vein procedure would probably worsen my pain, due to my nerve sensitivity. As for the rest, my funds are limited, so I can’t afford the exclusive care I need.

            In any case, the entire current system is unscientific, even the creme-de-la-creme parts of the system. Others in my place would have committed suicide long ago, as it’s somewhat comparable to a torture-chamber. And not the least of the torture, is knowing that higher-tech is out there, but being suppressed by evil-doers. The latter deserve every ounce of pain they’ve caused their myriad victims – pronto!

          • Hi again.
            #1 – did you check your junk emails for my reply?
            #2 – Yes in listening to that video she was talking about how everything has been hidden by the D/S… including the medbed technology. They have gone to enormous ends to ensure that they look after Big Pharma and that we have to pay for every little thing. On and on and on! Praise God it will be no more though.
            #3 – I’m so sorry to hear of your ‘conditions’ which must be very hard to bear. If you would like to be added to my Prayer List please just say so so that others can and will be praying for you.
            #4 – Do not worry… the evil-doers are leaving this planet in droves… I mean, they are being arrested and either awaiting tribunals or already met their fate. It’s only time now until we are rid of them all.

          • Yes, I had checked my Spam folder, both that time and this time, but nothing there from this site.

            My wish to hear directly from Dr.Northrup what she meant still stands. I appreciate your good wishes! A general prayer for all pain-sufferers will be fine. (I even put words to a mournful Irish tune “please pity the people, please pity all the people in pain…” The tune is similar to Lament of Fisher’s wife, or perhaps it’s a different version of same. I’d uploaded my vocal rendering to kiwi6, but at this time it seems to have disappeared from there.)

            As for #4 i won’t speculate on that.

  4. If anyone believes anything out Charlie ward’s mouth this world is further gone than I thought, med beds equivalent to the loch Ness monster!

  5. If Charlie knows the beds have been delivered in Florida, then why can’t he say where in Florida? Nobody has the right to keep them hidden. All I keep hearing are one excuse after another why we can’t use them now when we need them.

    • Hi Jimmie,
      I don’t know how Charlie knows where the Medbeds have been delivered to, he doesn’t say. But it’s not up to him to say when they can be used.
      We have always been told that they will not be available until after Nesara/Gesara has been announced (which by all accounts has happened now), and the fake Biden is removed/stepped down from office.
      We have to look out for these signs. Never forget that we are in the middle of the worst war the world has ever known. We have to trust they know exactly what they are doing. It would be a terrible thing if the Medbed technology ended up in the wrong hands.

      • Sounds like the technology, if it even exist, is already in the wrong hands. You say after that person’s announcement, then say that’s happened but yet nothing else. Sounds like a bunch of heat say and everyone is repeating what they’ve only heard about.

        • Jimmie, there is one thing I really believe you fail to comprehend. We are in a war! A very real war! Although we would all love to have firsthand knowledge of what is happening and a timeline to follow, it just doesn’t work that way.
          Look, if it all turns out to be ‘heat say’ then so be it. We are doing the very best we can to forward on knowledge to help us all to come to terms with what is going on around us.
          Please give us a break and let us do what we do to the best we can.

          • That’s my point! If it is ALL “Hear Say” then why just repeat some fantasy story somebody else is telling you about? Have you actually seen a med bed or just repeating what you’ve been told?

          • No I have never actually seen a medbed but then again, I have never actually seen the Grand Canyon neither, but I know it exists. How do I know… because others say it’s there and it’s real! I’ve seen photos of it but maybe they were photoshopped!
            In other words, we live in a great big world, and if we can never talk about what we haven’t ‘seen’ we all would be stopped in our tracks.
            Rather than spending all your time arguing the point, why don’t you do your own research and settle it in your own heart?

          • In 2020 I saw President Trump speak of Med Beds and Tesla’s 6,000 cures that have been hidden from us for decades. The Med Beds do sound just like something out of a sci-fi movie, so I understand why it’s hard to swallow. If I hadn’t seen Trump on TV explaining all the marvelous wonders to come, I would be leery too. President Trump said it, and I am so excited about our future.

          • Yes, I hear what you are saying Andi… I think we’re all a bit the same. As I always say, time alone will tell… but it certainly appears to be something wonderful for us all waiting in the wings.

          • Do they charge you to use a Med bed? I had found a site on telegram and they wanted 500 dollars to register? Is this true?

          • Hi Anne!
            No, the medbeds will be completely free to use.
            There are other companies who have brought out variations of the medbeds meanwhile. I cannot vouch for any of them as to whether they are good or bad… but yes, they do cost you money.
            Personally I would be very careful even though they may be great.

        • I agree, Jimmie, that it’s probably in the wrong hands. I.E. move slider to 11:15 on the following video, and hear Dr.Northrup:

          For decades already, I’ve heard predictions, even scary ones such as Nibiru, or whatever. So much for that… That doesn’t mean I agree with Jason’s comment about Loch Ness. After all, there’s lots of high-tech which has already manifested, such as 3d-printing, so that’s proof enough to me of potential superior marvels which have probably been co-opted by evil.

          • I encourage you not to feed on each other’s fears. There is SO MUCH information out there about not only the medbeds but all the many other wonderful technologies they are about to release to us all.
            Yes even 3D printing is a marvel… who would have thought?
            I do not believe, even for one second, that the medbed technology is in the wrong hands… certainly not with all they have done to ensure this. This is the delay… making sure they ‘have them all’. When Nesara/Gesara is fully implemented we will begin to see and experience these things.
            Please remain encouraged… this is not the time to fall into depressive thoughts.

      • Hi Marilyn,I have a klestiotoma in left ear ,refusing surgery as the first one messed me up,I read about Medbeds in Post magazines when I was a kid & Nicola Tesla’s work,and always maintained infinity existence, involved in natural alternatives etc to keep a story short,I not only wish to have treatment, I wish to be involved?…, as walking a life of enlightenment can be very lonely until now everyone is now waking up?,& wish to offer ones abilities to work with all beings to bring us all together???

      • Hello Ms. Williams,
        Im am very, very interested in becoming a med bed operator! Plwase contact me at thecrystalblueangel7@ Thank you so very much for your time❣️????

      • A war is when good people actually do something about the bad guys. This isn’t a war because none of the bad people are being dealt with. It’s ALL talk at this point.

        • Hi Jimmie!
          Yes, that is definitely usually the case but this war we are in now is of a different kind. An information war for one. Definitely good versus evil like never seen before. I do believe that in the near future you will learn just how much is really going on at the present moment.

      • I’m impressed with all your answers. They are all spot on, as I see. My dear friend emailed me something you put out and now I’m hooked
        ???? God bless you. ????

  6. The serpent on a pole is from Numbers 21.
    The Israelites complained against God so God sent many poisonous serpents. Many died. The Israelites repented to God. Then God told Moses to put a brass ( = judgement) serpent on a pole and lift it up (as Christ was lifted up on the cross)and all who would look at the brass serpent would live. Many were healed.

    Absolutely NOTHING special about the brass serpent. The Israelites were healed because the obeyed the command of the Lord God.

  7. Hi My husband broke down after all I told him and got the Pfizer vaccine a week or 2 ago because his mom “died of covid”. He got scared and told me he is scared so they told him to get one. I am so angry and sad and crying like crazy. I found you gosh a long time ago on FB and Telegram. Barbara Vastardis is my name. I worked in Pharma for 13 or so years when I was younger. In regulatory affairs and chiro and Physical Therapy. I know the lies and I know the truth. We need to eat well and exercise. I am 55 and always have wanted to help people. I did a lot of my own studying. I want to help as much as I can and I don’t want my husband to die. Please help me or tell me what I can do. I am in New Jersey and all I have been doing is crying. Evil is everywhere and he got scared into this now 🙁 if you can please reach out to me. I have heard of the medbeds but since he got one already I don’t think he will be on the first come list 🙁 Now just pray he makes it until then.

    • Gosh Barbara, thank you for reaching out to me, I really feel for you.
      I have been told that there is technology that CAN reverse DNA back to original. I really do hope that it’s true.
      There are two things to address here… one is you. You are now living with a jabbed person and as we know you can experience spiking. So this means you need to be taking really good care of yourself.
      The other one of-course, is your husband. He too needs to be doing everything he can to reverse what’s going on within him.
      Pine Needle Tea is supposed to be wonderful for reversing spiking.
      Another that I think is absolutely superb is the Chlorine Dioxide.
      You can find both of these on my other website
      Both yourself and your husband should be taking whatever you can to help. Building your immune system as strong as you can.
      Can you get hold of Ivermectin? Both start on that immediately also.
      Barbara, fear can do so much damage. I completely understand what you must be going through, but you need to reach out to the Creator and allow Him to bring peace. Nothing takes God by surprise! He knows exactly what an be done to help you both.
      Do not hesitate to contact me back if you wish to…

    • I really feel for your concern about your husband’s health status. Waiting for medbeds rollover can be too late for him to prevent the damages that the vaccine has been already working in his body system. Give him the antidotes that are available to prevent blood clot formation that can lead to embism having heart attack, pulmonary or stroke. There are nutraceuticals like pycnogenol, quercetin, & teas t like star anise, fennel seed, turmeric,pine needle which are natural blood thinners that he can start drinking 3-4 x a day. I have treated a lot of vaccinated frontliners who got forced to take the cax since January & so far, no one has not shown any significant adverse ill effects with the regimen of antidotes I have put them on. I hope also that he got lucky enough that he had the placebo & if he did, don’t ever allow him to get the booster which is definitely a sure kill shot to fix him.

    • I am so sorry about him, but the med beds can heal those who only take one shot, I believe. Take it to God. He knows but He wants you to talk to Him! You are going to be ok!

  8. I am interested in becoming a medbed technician for when the medbeds roll out. Do you know who I should contact to pursue this? In addition, my daughter was in a horrific accident and has an amputation. I have read that they can regrow limbs. Wondering how all this will unfold with prioritizing patients. Thank you! ~ Amy

    • Hi Amy!
      I’m so sorry to hear about your daughter… wow!
      Yes we are told they definitely do regrow limbs which would be wonderful news for you.
      I’m not fully certain exactly how it will roll out but I do know they have been working on making them for quite some time and I believe they are being sent to where they need to be.
      As everyone will want to use one for sure, it boggles the mind as to how they will be able to get round everyone, especially as you would hope they would prioritize as you say.
      Meanwhile I’m also hearing they have been making a small powerful version that you can use in your own homes. That will be something to watch out for especially if you are waiting for the use of the capsule kind.
      I know here in Australia there is a Telegram group you can register your name to become involved in working of the med-beds. I can only presume there would be similar lists in other countries. Our one here is called Australia MedBeds Operators/Technicians. you simply add your name and they don’t allow for questions or discussion of any kind.

      • Hi Marilyn

        I wanted to see if you could give some insight if you are connected with skyee prince because I was wondering if the info she is providing is legitimate etc? She is posting videos, detailed info and has a telegram page and you tube site that discusses med beds in quite detail and one can send their info to her if they want to be a med bed technician.

        • Hi Mia!
          That’s a really good question! And, the answer is… I am not connected with her in any way although I know exactly who you are talking about.
          I hear a lot of information being spread and really, I don’t know if I can believe it or not. Just as soon as they start talking about Aliens giving us this technology, it loses me. I struggle with that information.
          Now… am I right about that? Who knows!
          I do know that if it’s correct information I have a steep learning curve ahead of me.
          But we have learnt so much these days that I know we have to be very carefully open.
          I believe that the technology has come from God
          New King James Version – James 1:17
          ‘Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.’
          Until it’s proven otherwise, that’s what I believe.

          • Hi Marilyn

            I appreciate your promopt response! Yes, I definitely agree with you that we all have to be discerning about all the new information that is coming about while looking for answers and the truth. So much to learn! I was hesitant and didn’t email any of my info to get on the list for medbed techs to her because wanted to be sure the source is the correct authentic one but as you mentioned the info she gets is coming from “aliens” so I decided to hold off and continue to search and be connected to people that I feel are. Hopefully in time we will know. Take care

    • I also want to learn to work with med beds! I am an RN of 37 years and I want to help in healthcare not hurt! I am disgusted in the current system! Any info would be great. God bless!

      • Simon Parkes (Charlie Ward) were looking for interested parties wanting to be trained. That was a couple years ago, but I would start there.

  9. I am a 84 year old Veteran with physical knee joint disability, extensive skin Cancer, Bad jaw and teeth underbite. Please sign me up for the early volunteer genie pig Med-Bed testing, I live in West Palm Beach ,Florida, I hear there are 8 units available soon.

    • Hi Jack… Yes, we are all waiting for the commencement of the Med-beds.
      You say you have heard something about 8 units being available soon. Are you able to provide me with where you heard that from please?
      I have added you once again to the Prayer Vase as you mentioned some different ailments. People will be praying for you. 🙂

  10. Hi Marilyn, Betty Mullica here (I have written you in past) I am so excited that Nesara is now running. Do you know how they will notify us when we will at last be able to put in an application or something. Thank you for all your courtesy and information you were able to share in past. God bless you.

    • I wish I knew Betty! At this stage I haven’t heard of any lists. But you know what? I think they are going to be so available you will be able to have a type even in your own home. This is what I’m hearing. I need to search it out more but it sure sounds interesting.

      • Been reading question and answer. I think the Nesara and Gasara big rollout is directly tied to several things. When it is formally announced to the public a complete quantum system will be across the board active.Some areas are in banking, voting, and the Tesla energy will be also activated. I am not sure when we will vote again but it will be within 120 days of Nesara and Gesara rollout. The US has to have a quantum vote which is supposed to be fraud proof. zit seems to me the med beds are on the back burner for now…as there are many other activities I guess that need to be taken care of. It’s a military decision.

        • Yes I basically agree with you Rosemary. I’m not sure though that the medbeds are not being thought of too much… I believe they are waiting for the correct time to be able to bring them out… which will be the first possible moment. They are so aware of the need out there.
          Meanwhile, it’s exciting to know, that they are producing them hand over foot so that when they do come out it won’t be just one or two here or there, but they will be in many, many cities around the world.

    • Hi Nathan,
      We would love to know what your experience was. How did it feel? What was the result? How many times did you have to do it to get results?
      I believe the really good point is that once these med-beds are released for public use we won’t need to pay for them. I love this as they then become available to every living soul on earth… as it should be.
      Please write back and let us know.

  11. Thanks Marilynn for you info! I too have MANY ailments, Ptsd, degenative joints feom severe arthritis, spine/disc issues, harmonal deficiencies, autoimmune disease, but also a benign brain tumor, that has caused many problems including personality, mood, sight, & coping skills! So I’m praying for these Beds to come very soon! I can hang on, but I have a friend in Jupiter,Florida, Lola, that has stage 4 Pancreatic Ca, that can’t Hang on much longer, I’m just praying she makes it long enough to be able to be cured with the Beds!
    I know Simon Parkes ( Youtube) who is on with Charlie Ward a lot, is suppose to be one person that will be dealing with the Med Beds! Prayers please, thank you & May God Bless us with these Miracle Healing Beds VERY SOON!

    • Thank you Regina! I have added both yourself and Lola onto our prayer list.
      Please look to the ultimate Healer as the Med-beds in the end are just a tool.
      I would recommend you take a good long look at your diet. If I can be of any assistance to you, please email me back. 🙂

  12. Hi Marilyn,
    It’s so kind of you to answer all these questions to the best of your ability. It is now October 5, 2021 and I’m thinking its closer to time for the Med Beds, though I only just now saw this site. I have several conditions, Crohn’s Disease, Lupus, Fibro, severe hip pain, however, the one that is the most debilitating is, apparently unknown as the many specialists I have been do not know. Everyday I burn up, my body core gets and whole body becomes unbearably hot. All testing is coming back Normal. The doctors clearly can see this and I do not have a temperature. It feels like being sick and running a temperature so hot you have chills. These chills make me visibly shake. I take Clonidine as it helps decrease the heat. But it always comes back and has heightened over 12 years, every day. I started at 1 pill a day and now up to 5. I cannot go outside and really have to stay quieted. Any heightened emotion such as laughing will bring it on fast, or oddly, laying flat I feel it starting and coming up my body to my face. My GI doctor witnessed this. They are amazed at my positive nature given the suffering they know I experience. So I am quite curious as to what this is or causing it and if the Med Beds will help. My face is so bright red and hot, I use aloe gel on it, but still so uncomfortable. I am in FL.

    • Let me say to begin with Brenda, I have just added your comment into our Prayer Vase. Many people love to pray for and on behalf of them, particularly those who are suffering. You can check it out by clicking on the Prayer Vase in my right hand column.
      Next I want to say how brave you are. It must be a little frightening not comprehending what it going on, but never the less, God knows, and God wants you whole and well.
      I do believe the time is very close but it won’t be until after Nesara/Gesara have been formerly announced. It isn’t possible for them to bring them out while ever Big Pharma is still in charge. That would allow them to so easily get into the wrong hands… which would be very dangerous.
      At the moment, these beds are in use for the rescued children… for that we can be thankful.
      I am on the look-out for any list that maybe available for people to put their names down, but to this point in time I have not found any.
      If there is anyone reading this comment who does know about them, please, please, let me know. So many of our people are looking out for them.

      • Thank you so much. I appreciate your answering my questions. I know absolutely the children and even our military people should go first. I understand it has been happening for a while. I don’t know where, but i was happy to know that, there are so many. I pray and I talk to God every day. I know he hears me because recently I asked why can’t I have a friend, just 1. Is there a reason. (I alone most of the time, brother and sister live near but they work). I can’t go out so naturally I couldn’t meet people. However, the next day someone was at the door, I could see thru it and that whoever had papers. The person was small so I figured it to be a lady and I answered it. She said, “I got your mail by mistake and so glad I did as I wanted to know who lives in this lovely home.” I thanked her and she said I’ve lived here 5 years and don’t know anyone. I said, oh, don’t be concerned you will not catch anything I just have lupus.” I said, I look a mess and she said NO you are beautiful! We talked and exchanged phone numbers, she lives 5 houses down. So, he answered my prayer right away because she is a delight. We talked on the phone a couple times but she had to go up north for family issues. Haven’t heard from her in a while so I am not sure if she is ok right now. I know you are very busy but I wanted to share that with you because I know God loves us and wants us happy and I thank you so very much for taking time to write. Blessings to you.

        • Hi Brenda!
          Thank you for sharing. Yes, I also know God hears us when we talk to Him… in fact, He waiting patiently for us to come spend time with Him. Even when we are busy and get all caught up, He’s still just right there.
          What a lovely story about the knock on your door! I too had a similar story after we had moved to a new area. On this one day I cried out to the Lord as I felt I didn’t know anyone. I can’t remember now if it was that same day or the next day, a friend I hadn’t seen for about 16 years and had moved nearby where I now lived, rang me up and made instant arrangements for us to get together. I was blown away. But to top it off, one of my nearby neighbours came knocking on my door (on the same day) and invited herself in for a cup of tea/coffee.
          Be encouraged. You are always welcome to contact me directly through the Contact Me button on the website.

  13. I have thought about this so many times.Once I am well my thoughts are to marry love of my life Jesus has sent to me already. I pray the two of us will minister to those who need to know our Lord
    These are exciting times. I love you Lord. I hope they soon turn on that green light.

  14. Is there a site that one could find more info on the Med Beds?
    I have watched several videos where they talk about them but do not show what they look like.
    Two doctors were explaining on a video what our bodies go through each day with toxins, etc. and how we are affected in so many ways.
    This is something that Med Beds will deal with. Don’t always understand everything but believe however the Med Beds will be quite beneficial.
    I’ve noticed Pres. Trump is looking younger.
    On a side note, I’ve had a few people tell me that JFK, Sr. is alive & is now 104 years old. With Med Beds, why not. Our age should be around 120 years when God says it’s time to come home.
    I’m 80 yrs. young and looking forward to a life of ministry helping others come to know Jesus. God bless you Marilyn as you take questions from others and always have an answer.

    • Hi Joyce!

      There is a lot of info around but when it comes to photos I’m not sure they are actually of today’s med-beds. They’ve made them to use in movies etc, and it’s possible what we see online is nothing more than those.

      I guess we have to remember we are in a war. Med-beds will be available for general use once the war is over… which is soon.

      You can join on Telegram where you’ll find enough info to keep you going. 🙂

      Oh yes,this is very true what your doctors were saying. Sicknesses come through two main ways… 1) Abundance of toxins in our bodies and 2) Nutritional deficiency. Our body cannot cope with either.

      I don’t know if any of us understand really how the med-beds will do their work, we only know they will. A gift from God I believe.

      The med-beds have been in use for the rescued children and for those who were involved with the rescues. Imagine the horrors they saw! It’s quite possible that President Trump has used one. We all look forward to the time when we come to see who is still with us. It appears that many we have believed to have passed on were really taken into witness protection. Exciting really!

      I love your outlook! How wonderful. Imagine living in an age where we can live with such a hope. Really we are blessed indeed.

      Thank you so much. Many ask me questions I wouldn’t have a clue how to answer if it wasn’t for the Holy Spirt enabling me. God bless you too.

    • I have thought about this so many times.Once I am well my thoughts are to marry love of my life Jesus has sent to me already. I pray the two of us will minister to those who need to know our Lord
      These are exciting times. I love you Lord. I hope they soon turn on that green light.

  15. I too am waiting, due to strokes from over use of ibuprofen, bought an small canister from a med bed place in Maryland, doesn’t seem to help at all

    • Hi Rob, I have just added you to the prayer list on my site.
      I do know that there are sites that advertise medbed treatment but although I’m not saying anything against them (as I have no idea), I do not believe it is the kind of med-bed we are talking about. These ones will not be released until after Nesara/Gesara… but I feel that will not be long.
      How they will work out who’s first etc. I do not know but I’m sure they will do the very best they can.

  16. I’m going to oral surgeon Monday. Wanted to know if dental implant patients can go into med bed. I read somewhere they use magnetism and was so if the metal in the tooth would not be allowed. Thinking of getting a bridge instead for that reason only. Bum shoulders from competitive swimming.

    • To be quite honest with you Carol I don’t know what the answer is to this. I certainly know that they are going to deal with dental though, and I’m sure many people would be in that position.

      • Hi Marilyn, I have been searching for someone to contact regarding the medbeds. My Granddaughter has been diagnosed with cancer and she is 8. She is undergoing chemo and I so desperately what her in a medbed and cure once and forever. Is there any information you can help me with? Karen Schmitt

        • Hi Karen!
          Oh I hear your heart! Currently the med-beds have been used for the rescued children and for the military involved in the horrible job.
          I did hear from Charlie Ward just the other day that he knew of someone who got to use a med-bed and he was blown away with how wonderful it was… far exceeded his expectations.
          Meanwhile, we have to wait until they are given the green light… which won’t be long I trust. I will post on it just as soon as I am certain the information I have concerning it is true and correct.
          I have added your grand-daughter over onto our prayer list so that those who like to pray will lift her up in prayer.

  17. Jack E Blades
    MARCH 5, 2021 AT 10:08 AM

    Hello Marilyn , God bless you and your team for all you are doing for Humanity !
    I am a 84 year old Veteran and Trump supporter with damaged painful knee joints, and extensive skin cancer, living in West Palm Beach Florida. In the near future How do I sign up for the wait list scheduling for Med-Bed healing treatments ?
    Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

    • Hi Jack,
      I have always answered your comments as they have come in. Apparently you have not received the answers for some reason.
      To my knowledge there is not yet a waiting list that you can join. I do believe it will not be far away, but they are not ready. The reason is they are being used to treat the rescued children and the army personell who worked at the rescues.
      When I get to hear there is a waiting list, I will be sure to post on it.
      I trust you are one of the first to be treated with the Med-Beds…
      Meanwhile, I have added you to our prayer list and people are praying for you.
      Thank you for contacting me.
      PS… I have also sent an email with this information directly to your inbox.

  18. My daughter was pressured to get the shot. She also was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and has had debilitating effects. I’d like to sign her up. I’m a nurse by trade but also have the gift of healing. Unfortunately I get sick every time I try to pull the energy when the faith is weak on the recipient. So I don’t practice it often. I have faith God is sending new technology to help all the victims of this eleventh hour.

    • Hi Andrea!
      I added your daughter to our prayer list (Prayer Vase) for those who will to pray.
      That’s very interesting that you get sick when trying to help someone. Yes, it’s so good that the new technology is just around the corner, isn’t it?
      God is good.

  19. Do you have any information on how to send a resume in order to be trained and work with the med beds? I would love to be apart of the rollout and start helping the people. I am a Surgical tech and I love saving lives that is why I joined the heart and vascular team. I have worked in health care my whole life and I want to help make a bigger difference in peoples lives.
    Thank you!!

    • I’m sorry Kristen, but I do not have this kind of information. Maybe there won’t be that type of information around until they are ready to be released… but it does make a lot of sense that there should be people already trained.
      I congratulate you on your desire to work with them… how exciting that would be, and you sound like just the person for the job!
      I cannot even think of where would be a good place to find out as it’s so hush-hush right now. I wish I could advise you on it.

    • Hi Renato!
      At this point in time I’m not sure there is anyone you can talk to concerning the med-beds. If there is, I don’t know who.
      I know they have been rolled out around all the major cities of the world but they are all waiting for the green light before being allowed to be used.
      Keep your ear to the ground. I’m quite sure that once they are released to start the word will soon get out there.
      At the moment they are making sure there are no more deep state satanic people who can get their evil hands on them. Once they are sure they will be released.

  20. I am 66 yrs old and have stage 4 cancer. no more treatment available only given about 3 months to live. Am willing to fly to a med bed location that will treat me as soon as possible. I am a christian man with lots of life yet to live and can hopefully help others. We are located in southern Indiana if you can find me a location anywhere in the states. ph 812-569-7789 or 812-522-3102

    • Hi Michael!
      First up, do not believe the doctor’s report! Hey, you are a Christian man with faith in your Lord and Saviour!
      Begin right now to change your thinking and believe that one of the reasons your Lord died on the cross was so that you could live in health.
      I say this also because even on the Med-beds, I have been hearing that they rely on faith and belief for healing… in fact, I am of the opinion they are similar to the woman touching the hem of His garment… an act of applying your faith at a given time.
      I’ve also heard it said that there is no need to put off waiting for the Med-beds because you can receive your healing right now… because it’s the same source.
      Am I right? I guess only time will tell, but I do encourage you in this way because the Med-beds will not be released until Nesara/Gesara, according to the latest intel.
      Please stop consuming any sugar, as c feeds on sugar. Deny it and cut off its life source.
      Be encouraged and refuse to think in terms of 3 months.
      God knows your heart and will answer your cry.
      Once again I say, be encouraged and tell this ‘thing’ where to go!
      “As He is in this world, so am I” Repeat this often.
      Does Jesus have c? No! Neither do you!
      Go to and find the video where he talks about c. Wonderful!
      Don’t give in… don’t give up…
      Bless you!

      • Michael I too will be praying for you! I’ve lost some mighty important loved ones to me because they listened to Drs and looking back I truly believe the meds they put us on to cure things make us even sicker! You hold on to your faith and no Dr has that kind of super power to tell you how long you have! Your a warrior don’t you forget it! Your family needs you here for sure! God be with you as you work on healing you ❤️

      • You are an absolute disgrace to tell a terminally ill man not to believe his Drs reports and basically if he prays harder he will live in health. There is zero evidence anywhere that cutting out sugar (also known as carbohydrate) will benefit someone suffering from cancer. My advice to this dear gentleman having had lung cancer would be to cherish your time with loved ones, enjoy any food or drink you can manage and don’t be fooled by people who talk nonsense. I wish you peace and happiness for however long you have with your family and friends and take strength in the live that surrounds you

        • When I read this I wondered to myself if I handled the question as well as I should. When speaking of not believing the doctor’s report, I did not mean he should ignore it and hope it goes away. I’m referring to placing his focus on the God of Heaven rather than hearing over and over (and therefore believing in his heart) that he is going to die. I’m certainly not suggesting he should ‘pray harder’!
          I have to disagree with you regarding the sugar. Sugar is the food of c. Cutting the food supply of sugar starves c.
          For those who go to the Prayer Vase and actually do pray for this man (and the others), let’s believe they will be placed on the top of the list for the Med-beds, and that the Med-beds will be released really soon.

    • Hi Michael…. Hi can buy Nano Soma (Metadichol) as it triggers the body to heal and clear itself of any disturbances that causes disease. It contains a natural nanoparticle called policosanol which is naturally found in unrefined plant foods like rice, sugarcane, peanuts, and more, but what makes it work is that fact that’s water soluble and you can spray it in your mouth without any forms of side effects and as it is extremely safe for anyone with any condition though you may through healing crisis as the body is actually working to rid of the problems… You look into the testimonies, check out Dr. Richard Presser and Dr. Raghu with their interviews and purchase here:

    • I have CLL Cancer of the blood. You are right, faith is everything. They gave me 5 years 21 yrs later I’m still here and Drs. don’t know why my CLL is almost undetectable. So faith and prayers are everything. I have fibermygia and when the pain in the back gets bad enough I pray and it goes away. So I’m here to tell you faith and prayers are everything.

      • Hello Deborah!
        Thank you so much for your testimony… it is wonderful. They gave my mother 6 months to live with ‘c all through her body’. She lived another 25 years and died at the age of 87. It’s really important not to believe the doctor’s report and accept it as truth with no alternative. There are always alternatives, with faith and prayer being the best of the lot.

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