Med-beds – Anticipating The Exciting Green Light Being Flicked On


Many thousands of people are patiently, or should I say, impatiently waiting for the Med-beds.

I don’t blame them. So many people write to me and share their condition that they’ve put up with for a very long long.

The whole thought of something as wonderful as a Med-bed is like music to their ears.

Charlie Ward stated on his last Insiders’ Club video, the following about the Med-beds:

There are very many Med-beds that have been delivered throughout the world.

I know of one case where 15 Med-beds have been delivered to Florida.

I also know of another person who has had a number of them delivered in Holland, that I’ve had direct contact with, but they are not allowed to use them until the green light is flicked on.

We’re all waiting for the green light… the moment it goes, it goes.

Charlie Ward

So we can see from this that they are definitely on the way

Please remember, that the places mentioned above are only ones that Charlie has a direct contact with. He doesn’t know about other areas. They could very well be rolling out all over the place for all we know.

Many ask me when the Med-beds will be coming to their area. Unfortunately, I’m not privvy to that information… I’m not sure anyone is.

Originally, Charlie said, they were being used for the rescued children, who as we know had horrific conditions. I wonder if it will ever be revealed what state they were in, and how the Med-beds helped them.

I don’t know, as these children need their privacy, but time will tell.

The Med-beds are supposed to be released once the QFS (Quantum Financial System) and the RV (revaluation) has taken place. At this present time, they are running little tests in the banks around the world, and surprise, surprise, they are arresting many bankers from around the world. The count is somewhere over 8,000 the last I heard.

These people have been pretending to be on the good side, while all the time, have been waiting to see if they could steal the money. We need to be thankful for the delay as it weeds them all out. We want the swamp completely and thoroughly drained.

Medicine, as we know it has been travelling down a strange path for a very long time

Once ‘Big Pharma’ is dealt with, and it will be, I doubt very much we will ever see symbols of this nature again.

Medicine, or better still, healing technologies will be taking a whole new route in the very near future.

Are you ready?

Gratitude for wonderful doctors speaking out

I would never speak against the many wonderful doctors we have in this world… yes there are many. But I would speak against those doctors who have been working under another agenda other than patient health care.

I had one of my local GP’s share with me one day that some of his colleagues were encouraging him to work in a certain way that would ensure patients would continue to return to him. I was very glad to hear him say that he couldn’t do it as he ‘had to sleep at night’!

Many wonderful doctors have thrown caution to the wind during this plandemic, speaking out strongly about what they were seeing, and the wrongs and the rights of it all. To them we need to offer our debt of gratitude.

For further information on Med-beds

So we continue to wait for that green light to be flicked on for the Med-beds, so all these people with the greatest need can be dealt with first.

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