Lock-down! How To Understand What Is Going On? Think!

Another lock-down! Doesn’t it make you groan?

Sure it does as no-one looks forward to another lock-down.

People ask – “What is going on?”

How many people are saying that? Unfortunately, not as many as we would like. Such a lot of people are still caught up in the ‘virus’ and all the fear-mongering.

They’re telling us we have to lock-down again because there is another virus outbreak!

People don’t want to go this way again and beg… please… please… please?

That’s absolutely right, no-one wants to go down that well trodden road again.

Enough is enough!

So tell me, what is REALLY going on?

It was the plan of the C/a/b/a/l to take us into lock-down and keep us there for as long as possible. They want complete control. Currently, once again in Melbourne, they have come to the end of a 14 day lock-down when mysteriously, 4 more ‘cases’ have been found.

Oh…oh…oh! We will have to continue with the lock-down, they say.


So although they say they will lift the lock-down, they’ve made it quite obvious that people need to be prepared to go into it yet again.

Meanwhile, the White Hats are making use of these lock-downs to slip in and make the necessary arrests.

I have to admit, that at times it’s difficult to differentiate as to whether it’s the White Hats or Black Hats in action… but ultimately we have been told that the White Hats are in control.

As we have been saying, around the world they are making an enormous amount of arrests. Whether they be bankers or political figures in our governments, or anyone else they have been tracking and have proof of their misdemeanours against humanity.

Millions have already been arrested, and many of them have already faced trial and judgement. But, not many of their names have been released yet to the public. We are patiently/impatiently waiting for that.

If a name is released, you can rest assured that person was dealt with maybe a year ago. For some reason, best known to the White Hats, they keep it secret before they release.

Insidious Bankers

Some of the bankers have been trying to steal money from the Quantum Financial System (QFS). More than 8,000 of them have been tracked down and arrested.

These guys were pretending to be on the ‘good side’, but showed their real hand once they saw money coming their way.

They were thieves!

Please do not worry that maybe the system is not safe. It is more than safe. These are all little sting operations that sift out the good bankers from the criminals.

It’s all good. There is no place for them once Nesara/Gesara is fully released throughout the world, so we must be rid of them now.

The fact that it’s taking longer for us to come into the reality of Nesara/Gesara, is not fun… but much more fun than having these guys stealing our money from us in the future.


As most of us are now aware, most all governments around the world are corrupt and will be taken down.

Most of the government officials have already been arrested, according to my source, and body doubles, clones, actors… whatever… are acting out the part people see daily on their TV.

Look at them! You can see they are different with closer examination. Not always, but mostly.

My take on the lock-down

In the beginning, lock-downs were something the Black Hats were doing. It was part of their control.

But, many top line government officials were arrested. Some were allowed to remain as they made a deal with the White Hats. This deal was to inform the White Hats of all they knew, and to direct them to others who have been involved in crimes against humanity.

Others who didn’t make a deal, were arrested and removed from office. This has not been obvious to the people as they replaced them with fake look-alikes. Were they clones? Were they actors wearing masks? Or in some cases, simply CGI. I guess time alone will tell.

So, the official who was dangerous to society, was removed and let’s say, an actor took on the role. That actor would have to continue doing what the original was doing, but under the control of the White Hats.

Does that make sense?

When the time is right, the White Hats arrest the actor. In reality this means, the actor lost his job and could hang up his mask! Then, also at the appropriate time, it is revealed to the public what judgement the original received. Does he end up in prison for the rest of his life, or did his life come to an end?

All will be revealed… as I say, at the appropriate time.

This timing is not something we understand. We just have to trust the plan and the fact that they know what they are doing.

Why another lock-down?

We are moving forward every day. Even when we don’t think anything is going on… it is! Big time!

We must open our eyes and look very carefully for all the little clues. They are out there, if we have eyes to see, and ears to hear.

So, right now, wherever there is another lock-down, it’s for one of two reasons… and neither reason has anything to do at all with the ‘virus’!

No, not at all!

As the White Hats and/or the Military, are making arrests or dealing with D/U/M/B/S, they really do not want you caught up in the cross-fire.

You see, they are dealing with very dangerous people. They don’t just march up to their front door and tell them they are under arrest. It’s not as easy as that. Maybe sometimes, I don’t know, but because these people are deadly dangerous, it’s important that if there are any shoot-outs, you are not caught in the middle of it.

Together with this, locking areas down keeps everyone in place. This makes it easier for them to go make the arrests.

We are all watching a Pantomime

So if they are telling you, with serious frowns across their foreheads, that your area must go back into lock-down to ‘protect’ the people from ‘spreading the virus’, I want you to think about what is really going on. These government officials are acting out a pantomime right in front of your eyes.

As I wrote in another post, if the media are telling you to look ‘here’… best you go look ‘there’! They can’t tell the truth to save themselves.

When MSM tell you to look ‘here’… you’d better go look ‘there’!

Stay safe!

When you realise what the White Hats (and the world-wide Alliance taken from every country around the world) are doing, it will make it easier for you to relax, and just chill. As much as possible, stay at home. Keep out of the way. This will help you, as it helps them.

There is definitely a time to rise up. We need to speak out more and more. Show our love for our country and fellow citizens. Yes, there is definitely a time… but during lock-down, please be careful.

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