Simple Pantomimes To Wake A Sleeping World Without Panic

pantomimes to wake up a sleeping world

As you watch simple pantomimes being played out before you, ask yourself if it could be real.

For example, Joey Bid/en recently tried to access the Pentagon.

Now surely he would have no trouble as the ‘president of the United States of America’ would he?

Apparently, an altercation arose between the 200 or so soldiers keeping guard at the Pentagon, and Joey Bi/den with his Secret Service men (if that’s what they were… which I doubt!

He got really mad! How dare they try to stop him entering the Pentagon!

So what was this all about?

A couple of things we have to remember…

  1. Joey Biden is being played by an actor. Someone is acting out his position and personality…and…
  2. They DO NOT allow actors into the Pentagon!

Really? Whaaat… I don’t understand!

They were performing a pantomime with the intention of making people ask what is going on. People who believe that he is the president would not understand for a minute why they would keep him out of the White House.

Let’s look at what pantomimes mean?

A kind of play performed at Christmas time characterized by farce, music, lavish sets, stock roles, and topical jokes.

Sometimes shortened to: panto (as modifier) a pantomime is a theatrical entertainment in which words are replaced by gestures and bodily actions action without words as a means of expression.

1. The art or technique of conveying emotions, actions, feelings, etc., by gestures without speech.
2. A play or entertainment in which the performers express themselves mutely by gestures, often to the accompaniment of music.
3. Significant gesture without speech.
4. An actor in dumb show, as in ancient Rome.

These acts are referred to as ‘taking the mickey’ out of someone or something.

Why do you think they have all these clips of Bi/den saying strange things and all the other weird things we’ve seen him do?

For how long…

As more and more people become aware that there is more to this than meets the eye, a time will come when there will be no more pantomimes.

Very soon, it will be straight out facts for everyone.

The problem has been that it’s taking longer to wake up the world than what they originally thought. Instead, people are complicent with whatever they are asked to do. It’s crazy really.

The sad thing is that if people were told to walk backwards up the street because they would be less likely to catch co/vid, they’d do it!

We ask, how many more pantomimes do we have to endure before people wake up thinking… “Something’s not right here!”

The White Hats are working diligently to show the world what’s going on, while at the same time, doing it as gently as they can. They are trying not to scare the pants off the people, but rather to wake them up gently. They are trying not to create panic.

Some absolute facts:

Have people realised that Bi/den has never:

  • Flown in Air force 1
  • Flown in Marine 1
  • Lived in the White House
  • Signed a true Executive Order
  • or sat in the Oval Office

The reason he hasn’t done any of this is because the real Bi/den is dead.

Yes, this happened sometime last year! He was dealt with because of his many crimes against humanity.

So why the body double?

We can’t really tell you the exact reason why. For some reason the White Hats have chosen to do it this way so as not to freak out the public too much.

Most of the people such as the politicians, the Hollywood actors and singing artists, and all those who have been a part of the Deep State, have already been arrested. There are millions of them.

Gradually, behind the scenes, they are going through Military Tribunals, and if found guilty, will either leave this earth or spend the rest of their lives in prison. Meanwhile, most people think there’s nothing going on!

Bi//den, the body double, actor or whatever he is, is not allowed to do any of the above things. All he can do is what actors do – act out a part on a theatre set and pretend to be someone that he’s not.

A man called Dave Berry sent in some interesting observations:

  • The White House letterhead only says ‘Washington’ and not ‘Washington DC.’
  • There is no official presidential seal on any of Bi/den’s documentation.
  • Under his signature, it doesn’t state what he is the president of.

Very interesting if I may say so!

All this is going on while many of us believe life is continuing on as usual. Of-course there are a few blimps along the way like Co/vid. But people are believing that when they receive their injection life will go back to normal.

This is dangerous thinking of-course, so ‘we the people’ have to warn them, every chance we get.

Soon and very soon…

These pantomimes are obviously being directed by the White Hats who on occasion have a little fun!

But truth be told, we are all getting tired of the ‘fun’ and are ready for the release of truth to the general populace. It is happening, but we must have our ‘ears to the ground’ to pick up on it. Most of the general public do not.

We have been told that it’s very soon. How long is ‘soon’? Hopefully… soon!

Lin Wood speaking out without fear

When we see Lin Wood (American attorney) fired up and speaking as he now does, we know it’s definitely the beginning of the end for the Deep State. He is saying it like it is. No more pussy-footing around!

I’m sure many of you have already seen this, but maybe those you are sharing with, have not:

He has called out the various politicians for being involved in ‘ch/ild/ s/e/x/ traf/fick/ing. He knows the law, and would not say these things unless he realises that he can.

So what does that tell you?

(I’m not sure what the date of this message is unfortunately.)

So if most all of the ‘evil’ have been rounded up, arrested and going through military tribunals, it means that basically what’s happening now are all pantomimes.

Written in January on how the pantomimes play out before us

Emergency Broadcasting System

A time is coming, according to what has been advised, there will be a Big Blackout. In place of the Internet, the Emergency Broadcasting System will be used. No-one will be able to watch normal TV. In the place of normal programs, the tribunals will run around the clock.

The reason for this is to finally bring out into the open exactly what has been going on in the earth, and under the earth, for a very long time.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for it to start happening. How about you? Pantomimes are OK for a season, but let’s move on to telling it as it really is, so the world can wake up and we can all move on.



  1. So what your saying is that the hoards of 3rd world migrants i see with my own eye and the chemtrails i see daily in the skies are really just a pantomime and nothing at all to be concerned about??

    • Hi Mike, no that’s not what I’m saying. Oh my goodness, I know these things are playing out before us all… but that is the point! Remember it has been said that we have to see it all with our own eyes as we wouldn’t believe if someone simply told us.
      Unfortunately, as it all plays out, real people suffer.
      Think how blind people in general have been to the chemtrails! Everyone you used to talk to about them just believed they were a natural part of air flight. They wouldn’t listen. But as it comes out more and more, hopefully people are beginning to look up and see… and remember what we’ve all been trying to tell them.
      Pantomime actions are like the fake J/B falling off his bike and a million other ridiculous things.
      Do you get what I mean?

    • That’s fine Stevie! Keep on researching to find your own truth. No-one is expecting you to believe just from one simple reading. It’s big and deep and will take lots of researching for you to finally come to a place where you know that you know.
      All the best… keep reading my posts. Something somewhere might hit the spot!

    • We are recently hearing that according Law War, when a country is taken over by another country, the true administration and military must allow the outsider to occupy for a period of one year. This would enable the people to notice what is going on and keep the country from diving until a civil war. January 20, 2021, was the Biden inauguration which did not occur according to the constitution but that one year date has expired as per the law. Which means this could occur any day now. In the event you did not know…On November 3rd, President Trump was re-elected and came out in the middle of the night and told us that we won and now we have to prove it. The reason the polls were shutdown by specific dates was because Trump won so they had to wait the ccp ballots to be delivered to various locations to change the presidency to Joe who is controlled by the globalists. There was a trucker who picked up the millions of ballots from a NYC dock and delivered to a building where he reported his truck was stolen. Someone delivered the many ballots to those states that needed to go to Joe in order to overthrow our govt. Another reason this has gone on for a long time it to take down the pedo rings all around the world. Saw this reported before Fox went Black…Praying it will be over soon.

  2. This needs to happen fast…each day I see the deterioration of our freedom….I see terror running rampant in our homeland because of the vegetable who occupies the oval office. I’ve become familiar with this information since March and every week they say it is coming. But it never does. I see them tout the arizona audit as a stronger victory for the treasonous vegetable and media and not my president Trump. Please tell them to get it going before more die and before pelosi biden Schumer aoc hand the constitution as void over to China. If not we will be storming borders for safety on another country

    • Hi Mary… I hear you! I know it appears like nothing is happening on the positive side, but I encourage you to hang in there. We are in a war. The White Hats (Alliance) are working secretly behind the scenes. They cannot let the enemy know what’s going on, therefore we only hear the bits.
      The msm will continue to lie but it will be to their detriment. Don’t worry what they say… in fact, do yourself a favour and stop listening to them. They are part of the enemy.
      Unfortunately we will lose good lives, but everything that can be done is being done, I feel quite confident of that.
      We need to be patient and pray. Please be encouraged.

  3. I have tried to make people wake up !!! It is so sad when my family members will not speak to me. I tried to tell them not to take “the jab”. My cousin told me I needed
    a thorough “mental health check up”. They will be very surprised when the EBS starts.
    So many lies told to us for years and years. I am praying a white hat has the Tesla files. Would loved to have sat down and talked to him. Prayers are being answered everyday. God loves all of us. We are all trying to help humanity.

    • Hi Viv!
      I feel your pain… many, many of us do, that’s for sure. We just have to stand firm and strong and our time will come.
      We know that God always wins, and He will win this time. He already has. He’s not one bit concerned but He knows that together we are riding our world of all this evil and everything we must be accomplished by faith.
      Good on you! You are not alone! Thank you for the encouragement.

    • Hi Viv,

      I’m with you all the way. I’m the only one awake in my family. They’ve all been jabbed believe it’s about a virus and they’ve all been ill with supposed virus from the jabs. I’ve been well for 2 years a slight sniffle but I’ve been dosing up on vitamins C, D magnesium and zinc. I’ve been awake for nearly 7 years and told by hubbie I’m brainwashed and deluded. I used to get mad but not anymore I’ve given up trying. I don’t think he’ll even watch the Disclosure reports he’ll just walk away wondering where the MSM has gone especially BBC News. Little bits are filtering through but he like many are still fast ?. Hold on tight.

  4. Couldn’t have said it better myself. My nearly 40 year old single daughter with a Masters degree in Business Finance responds to my insight with ” ok, so when you say what is going to happen, happens, great, but until then or if a few weeks go by and nothing happens, we are going to drop the subject. OK! Forget my in-law side of the family, who after warning for a year about the harm getting the vaccine would cause, they still all recently got the jabs. This movie needs to end and end soon. More harm will come to pass without the truth being presented. The truth will set everyone free and God loves those who speak truths. Anyway loved your commentary, hope the WH in charge listen to you and the rest of us who agree with you.

    • Hi Virginia!
      It’s sad isn’t it that the more ‘learned’ we are, the more brain-washed we have become. Of-course, this is all part of the ‘plan’.
      I guess we all have family members who are taking no notice of what we say. Isn’t it exciting when you meet someone of ‘like-mind’ and you can discuss back and forth? It’s wonderful, but few and far between. Meanwhile, we draw on each other!
      Still, a time is coming when we will all be needed to help fill in the gaps for people, as the truth is revealed and they have to acknowledge it.
      Keep up the good work!

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