Exciting Pantomime Tells Everything You Need To Know

Exciting pantomime

Although we are definitely in World War III, chiefly an information war, it’s playing out before us as an exciting pantomime. As most people, around the world, are still caught up in the day to day worry and panic of the virus, those who are doing their research into what is really going on, are learning everything they need to know.

Many, many CEO’s, politicians and government officials are being or have been arrested because of evil and sick crimes against humanity.

Sick, evil debauchery

Here is some recent information shared by Gene Decode, regarding a time when N]ancy P]elosi tried to do a runner…

First a little about Gene Decode:

A whistle-blower on D/U/M/B’s (deep underground military bases) and the emancipation of human trafficked children from these bases.

He’s a 21 year veteran with the navy … a Vietnam vet … worked on electronics on submarines and the Special Forces.

Because of his expertise, Gene was privy to military plans, sometimes higher than that of his commanding officers.

Background of Gene Decode

Did you know that NP tried to do a runner?

She knows she’s ‘going down’ in the same way all the rest of the D]eep S]tate know they are a fraction off being made mince meat. As it turned out, she tried ever so hard to get away. I don’t know all the details, but I have a few that tell the story.

We all know that when the guys entered the Capitol, NP left in a hurry. So fast in fact, that she didn’t bother to close down her computer.

Her computer, together with all the rest, were taken by the White Hats, together with all their damning information showing their direct contact to China’s CCP.

I’m not sure about that ‘storming of the White House’ as to whether it was a Black Hat or White Hat Sting. It seems to me to be a bit of both. It sure was unusual in that they entered the building with the greatest of ease.

It’s something that goes against all logic. This building is under some of the strongest security of anywhere in the world… and yet they walked in through open doors. Was this all part of the exciting pantomime?

Oh well.

Pelosi on the run

Now to the runner… I don’t know how she travelled but I’m guessing it wasn’t by road…

Exciting pantomime

Eastern Seaboard of the Gulf Coast

First, she went somewhere on the Eastern Seaboard of the Gulf Coast to try to get to a submarine asset. Being unsuccessful, she then went over to the Atlantic side and up to Myrtle Beach.

Myrtle Beach

She found a deep sea fisherman who agreed to take her out to a waiting submarine, but unfortunately for her, the coastguard turned him around. He obeyed, otherwise he could face losing his captain’s license and having his boat seized.

As it turned out, there were two aircraft carriers off the east coast forming a blockade, and the submarine was on the other side of them.

Charleston – a bigger port

Next, she decided to try a bigger port so she skipped off down to Charleston. There she found another deep sea fisherman who agreed to take her.


Meanwhile, Gene Decode was watching all this using navy aid, and was able to arrange to have the Coast Guard pick her up. Also, it was arranged to lock down the submarine as well.

For full information please listen to James Rink interviewing Gene Decode. Many more interesting subjects.

James Rink interviews Gene Decode

Was it really NP?

Was it the ‘real’ N]ancy P]elosi that was on the run?

My previously received information was that the ‘real’ NP was already sitting in Gitmo, or had already left this earth.

If so, who is this playing out the NP role?

Is it a body double? Or is it a clone? Many argue there is no such thing as cloning cannot be done on humans. I wouldn’t be so sure… not anymore, with all we have been learning.

So I don’t know the answer to that. But one thing I do know, is that it wasn’t a CGI image! LOL

As the exciting pantomime plays out

Judging from the information coming from several truthers, it appears the whole scene may have just been a roleplay. Maybe she wasn’t really doing a runner. Maybe she was instructed to do this to aid the reality of the real-life theatre we are all watching.

I have no idea, and I’m not really sure if anyone else does neither. In fact, I think the only people who understand exactly what is going on are those orchestrating the whole thing.

What I do know though, is that all the drama is designed to ‘awake the masses’ and to completely drain the swamp. People need to come to a place where they will be able to totally comprehend what President Trump and the Alliance Team have been up against, and why.

Apparently, there is no other way. Although we are truly in a real war, as the White Hats take out the Black Hats, we can stay at home, out of the way, and just watch this exciting pantomime.



  1. I did not understand Gene Decode when he gave his e-mail address and any other contact information. I am a missionary in Belize and the poor people here have only the gov controlled news and are blind and suffering. When will these wicked politicians and so-called doctors be taken out for forcing the Jab?
    Thank you Marilyn for what you are doing. I can only do so much at my age.
    God bless, Pastor Tom McKinney

    • Hi Pastor Tom,
      Bless you for your work. It must be so hard for the people of Belize when they have little way of hearing the truth.
      I have added you to our prayer list under the Prayer Vase. You can see it there.
      I know as we are going through it, it seems to take forever for these people to be brought to justice, but it will happen. Let’s just trust it’s sooner rather than later.
      Evil is so evil but God is far, far greater.
      Are you aware there is a war going on right now? I’m absolutely sure the White Hats are going just as fast as they possibly can.
      All we can do is pray, be patient, and speak out anywhere we can to alert others of what is going on and why.

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