The Amazing Puzzle Explained – What’s Really Going On?

The Amazing Puzzle Explained

Following is a transcript of a video made by Scott McKay from The Tipping Point Radio. It shares with us about the amazing puzzle which most of us haven’t got a clue about… the take down that is underway, directly under our own eyes! It’s called:

The Amazing Puzzle Explained!

“Military Intelligence has Exposed the Operation to Take Over the United States”

Either watch the video or read through the transcript. It contains ‘must know’ information so you can understand why all the political drama is being carried on.

Although this is primarily about the United States, I want for each and every reader from other countries to know that was it being explained here is virtually the same for us all. Different players, same end result.

What was coming is everything you feared…

Most of America (and the World) do not know that the American elections were a military Sting Operation. This was to bring down the criminal power structure that has been ruling the country. It’s been going on for a very long time and around the world.

America is terrified as they see everything that is unfolding, and many people feel that we have lost the country. If this administration ‘president-elect’ actually took power, what’s coming for America is all that you have feared and heard about in the past … the ushering in of the One World Government, the New World Order… the plan that has been laid out for a very long time.

I’m here to assure you it isn’t going to happen!

What the Trump government actually is a defacto military presidency. It was established and put in place a long time ago. A plan was put in place to bring down this global, criminal, Rothchild London Central Banking enterprise. It completely controls the whole planet – and every country. It is far deeper than I have time to get into tonight.

But what I can tell you is this:

President Kennedy told them he was coming after them…

Back in the 60’s when they took out Kennedy, who was the first guy to ever stare down the barrel of that gun and tell them he was coming? What did they do… they killed him.

When this happened there were about 200 military generals got together and they knew they had to devise a plan. They had to get smarter. They had to find a way to infiltrate this corrupt power structure. This has been pulling all the strings on the United States and other countries world wide for a very long time.

To give you a high speed history of the amazing puzzle … and how we got here:

1871 – The United States became a Corporation

Congress passed what’s called the Organic Act of 1871. We were broke, we needed money. The Rothchilds Central bankers in London, talked our president into creating a United States Corporation. It is designed to govern the land of the United States.

1910/11/12 – Creation of the Federal Reserve Bank

Moving forward over the next number of years we had sold enough bonds to have enough money to run the goverment. But the Rothchild Central Bankers bought up all of those bonds.

When it came time to pay the money up, the money wasn’t there… they weren’t solvent. So they talked our criminal president and congress into creating a Federal Reserve Bank. This is where they would simply write a number on a piece of paper. They would call it money although it was . not backed by anything. They’d hand if off to our government and we had to pay it off by paying interest… they had us buried!

1934 – America run by a foreign power

So this United States Corporation, when we hit 1934 there is a Breton Woods Act. Again, the criminal traitors in Congress then claimed the United States Corporation to the International Monetary Fund. So this country has been run by a foreign power for a very long time.

1999 – Just saved from going under the control of the British Crown

The second final bankruptcy in the United States happened. There was a window… an opening to get control of the government.

David-Wynn Miller and Russel-Jay Gould got control of the Title 4 Flag and in an 18 day period, seized the Title 4 Flag and saved us from going under the British Crown.

The plan that I’m going to tell you about has been on the way for decades. It’s but only in the last 20 years, we had our people. These were made up of the Patriots, and the Alliance Powers who are patriots in the military. It including some good politicians, some business people, and 22 Alliance nations around the world.

This alliance has been orchestrating this infiltration of all the global power structures that had been taken over in every country by this Cabal.

2015 – The Tipping Point with Admiral Mike Rogers

So now, moving into 2015, we were truly at a tipping point. It was at that point in 2015 that Admiral Mike Rogers, a true American hero, a navy admiral, was named Commander of the National Security Agency (NSA).

When they got control of the NSA, that when they found out what the NSA had been doing. They had been cataloging and recording every single email. They also had every phone call, every text message, every form of communication. Everything you’ve ever done, the NSA has been surveilling and cataloging everything about your life and everybody else’s life.

Designed to enslave humanity – saved by the Patriots

It became an offensive weapon, instead of a defensive weapon. The National Security Agency was designed to do one thing… to enslave humanity.

The Alliance powers, the patriots, infiltrated the apparatus. They got control of the NSA. So now that the NSA has shown everything about all of our lives, both good and bad, it also did one thing. It had every single one of these bad guys, all the criminals in government and Washington DC, big tech multi-national corporations, military complex and the monarchies around the world, the Vatican and down through the list … this is a massive corrupt power structure.

In 2015, they knew they were at the tipping point. The US military was prepared to launch a coup – it didn’t matter who was in power in the government. Washington DC had become so corrupt it could no longer function for the people. This is because they don’t work for the American people… they are not elected and seated in positions in our constitutional government, they are all seated in positions inside corporate US and they serve the corporation.

All those things that make you go hmm… what the hell is going on here? That’s why… that should explain it!

Military Intelligence intercepts 16 year plan

Now what happened was, the military intelligence intercepted a 16 year plan by the Cabal to take down the United States. Eight years of Obama and then eight years of Hillary Clinton to finish us off. Obama took us to the brink, we were basically over the edge… Hillary was the mop up operation.

Let me take you down through a time line of events where you saw it unfold but didn’t know what it meant.

Hillary Clinton Scandal – Uranium One

When Hillary Clinton was going to come into power, the NSA unrigged the election that she was supposed to win. She was mop-up operations.

During the time of her running the State Department, you know about Uranium One… it was a scandal where the State Department under Hillary Clinton, under Putin… which is BS, anyway, they sold this uranium to Vladimir Putin. The purpose was that they skim the uranium off the top of the stockpile.

Have you ever seen the movie ‘The Sum of All Fears” you will understand this. If you haven’t… go watch it and you’ll get it. They skimmed uranium of the top of the stockpile before they sold it to him. They flew three planes to North Korea, Iran and Syria where the rogue CIA responsible for all the wars and all the regime changes around the world, and they used it to build nuclear weapons.

Under Hillary’s tenour, they were going to launch a nuclear weapon on US soil. Meanwhile, they were going to trace the signature back to the Vladimir Putin stockpile… blame him, launch a nuclear retaliatory strike on Moscow and kick the whole thing off. That was going to be their whole ‘thin the herd’ depopulation of the planet.

Launching a massive attack on the Deep State

Military intelligence stopped that and they approached Donald Trump. They knew he couldn’t be bought, had his own money, and was a patriot. They needed for the first time the power of the executive branch to take this down a final step. It was needed to launch a massive attack on the Deep State power structure. Bring the whole thing down, once and for all, save the country, save the world!

2017 – Donald Trump comes into power

That’s bringing you up to speed. Now we have Donald Trump come into power. So, what have you seen the whole time Trump has been in power?

You’ve seen this relentless attack, it doesn’t matter if it’s from the Democratic Party, which is a crime syndicate… the Republican Party, which has a criminal element, or if it’s from International leaders around the world, whether it’s the United Nations or the Vatican, every piece of this global Cabal apparatus has been in full attack mode to take down the most extratensural threat that this group has ever faced… which is the Donald Trump presidency!

So now that we’re here and Donald Trump is president, you see all these things happening. I’m going to take this right down to where we are today so that you see the picture once I walk you through this.

Get him out of power! Stop Freedom!

So what’s happening is that they have to throw everything they can think of at him to get him out of power, because they know what’s coming!

Nothing is going to stop what’s coming.

They’re not going to not try, but they know what is coming. If they don’t take out Donald Trump, this isn’t win or lose for these people folks, it’s win or die. They will be eliminated from the planet.

This is their last ‘Hail Mary’, this election to finally get control and regain the power at all costs. They had to stop the Trump presidency and the military from bringing them down. It was required to destroy them once and for all. This would free the entire planet up. It would free all of humanity to now have the incredible abundance this entire planet offers and a lifestyle every human can have.

Communists, Capitalism, Socialism, Marxism, Nazi-ism… these are all created by the same power structure… this puzzle is amazing!

But, they’ve built this matrix that we live in, this machine that we operate in… I don’t care if you call it Communists, Capitalism, Socialism, Marxism, Nazi-ism… these are all created by this power structure.

Every war we’ve fought since WWII has been financed by the European Central Bank, the Global Central Bankers, the Rothchilds Banking empire. They finance every war. The military industrial complex they profit off and make all that money.

Anything to do with the support of war, is all planned… none of this is by accident. This is the target of the Alliance powers.

This is why this amazing puzzle has been so hard to understand… it’s a highly engineered, scripted movie…

So now we go down the list of the attacks that have happened to Trump.

Let’s take General Flynn, everything you’ve seen in the Trump presidency that’s been playing out, it is a movie. It is a very highly engineered, scripted movie to lead all of us to a conclusion with the primary intention to wake the people the hell up, so they can finally see for themselves the truth of what’s going on.

28th October, 2017 – Q Drops begin

This Military Intelligence Operation Dissemination Program started this whole thing off. On October 28th, 2017 was the first time this group, (whoever this group of military intelligence are), dropped some intelligence on what is called the 4Chan Boards.

These are very obscure underground messaging platforms. Once these first intel drops hit, people noticed them. They didn’t know what they were, they didn’t know what they meant, they were kind of surreal, but they started to share these drops and they came out fast and furious for four or five days.

What this did, was create an underground movement of people trying to figure out what this meant.

The greatest Military Intelligence Disseminary Operation in world history… did I hear you say this puzzle is amazing?

It had one purpose to ask the questions that people have on their mind, point in a direction of where they could go and do their own research. It would point to articles in their obscure publications, major publications or it could be where executive orders were written, it could be legislation, it could be photographs, it could be anything.

This organisation, we know there are less than ten of them, inside the administration with three of them being non-military that know everything about what we call ‘The Plan’!

So as they started to drop this intel they started to lay out a road map of the future, of how they were going to wake up the people, wake up the sheep, wake up the planet once and for all, so that the planet, or the world, could see the truth of what is really happening before it’s too late.

That operation gained high speed in about four or five months so it became thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions, hundreds of millions of people world-wide in every country on the planet following,.

This operation is known as Q. People call it QAnon, but it’s not, it’s Q.

You’ve watched the media attack it, you’ve watched the shrills attack it, you’ve watched people who have not done their homework like we’ve done for three years, dissecting this information and following it, watching events happening in real time with proof, after proof, after proof to know we have a legitimate power that has a bullet proof plan to bring this criminal empire down, once and for all.

Trump – a defacto military presidency… what? This puzzle becomes more amazing as we go on!

This is what the Trump presidency is and has always been. It’s a defacto military presidency to save our arse because we’ve been too lazy, too comfortable, too ignorant, too apathetic to do it ourselves.

Now this country has gone to the brink, to the very edge and right now, these guys with the help of you, are going to save it with what I’m going to share with you.

General Jeff Sessions – understanding the movie

Watch what happened with General Flynn.

First let’s talk Jeff Sessions for a moment just to give you and idea of how this movie plays out.

General Sessions is the Attorney General. Trump starts attacking his own Attorney General because he excused himself from the Russian investigation.

What did that do?

It left a deep state criminal puppet Rod Rosenstein to step up and take over the investigation, Robert Mueller, the whole gang. These people are all corrupt.

So while Sessions is being attacked by Trump, there is a plan going on. This was all set up, it was all staged. Sessions was a perfect actor just as Trump is the perfect actor.

While he’s beating the hell out of Sessions on Twitter, and attacking him, the strategy was it got the left, Hollywood and everyone, to put their arms around Sessions and say if you fire this Attorney General we’re going to impeach you!

The Democrats had control of the House. So now you have the enemy circling wagons around Jeff Sessions to protect him. They wanted this feckless Attorney General in power to do nothing so they could remain safe.


But what Sessions was doing privately and quietly, was assigning John Huberman in Utah to convene Grand Juries around all these people. He was assigning John Durham up in Massachusetts, privately and quietly outside of the DC swamp to start convening Grand Juries against all these criminals – the whole show!

So at this point of time, this day, it was a ruse to keep these criminals occupied with somebody else and off Sessions. Sessions was a patriot. Sessions has another roleplay coming up in this operation.

You saw one thing, but we knew what was really going on. This is a staged play, this was Broadway, so you just have to watch this movie play out.

General Michael Flynn attacked by the Cabal

Look at Mike Flynn… he’s the next attack victim by the Cabal, right out of the gate, the take-down of General Michael Flynn, an American hero, a 30 year Army Intelligence Officer.

Why did they take down Flynn?

General Flynn knows where every body is buried. The 911 inside attack by Bush, Clinton, H W Bush, the Clintons, Mosaad, CIA, the cover up by Robert Muller’s FBI – he knows everything. He knows about the Uranium One scandal, Bengazi, Hillary Clinton’s emails.

This guy knows where every body is buried in DC. He is the most lethal threat to this power structure… the Obama regime.

So what did they do?

They accused Mike Flynn of talking to somebody who he wasn’t supposed to talk to – a Russian Ambassador after Trump became President-Elect. Let me lead you to the truth:

I worked for 16 years in Elective Politics. I walked away in 2006 when I realised that everybody virtually is corrupt. So I walked away from my dream of targeting the United States Senate because I knew they would get me too.

When I walked away, I never stopped paying attention and I saw what was becoming of our country. When I stumbled across this and saw what General Flynn had to offer.

Here’s what he did… he did nothing more than what every administration has to do, is required to do, when they are incoming to replace another administration. They have to plug all their tentacles of influence and power into the apparatus.

You don’t walk in on Day 1, you start months ahead. Plug in here. Unplug there, to get all the relationships in place.

Because you don’t know any better and have no idea of how this works, what did they do? They attacked Flynn for talking to a Russian Ambassador which he shouldn’t have talked to. They caught him on a phone call. It was all BS. But you don’t know that.

Then they sell it through the criminal mainstream CIA controlled mockingbird media… over, and over, and over. Now everyone thinks Flynn is a criminal. If you know anything about the legal system, about politics, you know it’s all BS.

Mike Flynn pleads guilty to a crime he didn’t commit – movie

So Mike Flynn does what? He pleads guilty to a crime he didn’t commit. You would say, he’s got to be guilty… he pleaded guilty!

But let me explain this to you… why does Mike Flynn plead guilty?

This is a military operation. Let me ask you one thing… just use common sense, reason and logic:

What is the likelihood that you’re going to get a 30 year, army intelligence officer, a general, the director of National Intelligence of the United States, to be caught on a phone call, on an unsecured line talking to someone who he’s not supposed to be talking to?

What are the chances? Zero… it’s absurd!

So back to the question, why did this guy plead guilty?

Because when Mike Flynn pleads guilty he is put into a room, cutting a plea deal, he’s required to divulge every single piece of information of whatever crime he’s “involved” in and every single crime he has any knowledge of on the whole scope of his career. This is required by law.

So what does that mean? It means that General Flynn is inside a room for months, writing down about everything and every body in any crimes he has ever seen. Here is the closure… that is admissible in a court of law.

None of his knowledge is admissible! He can’t just spew it out. We’re talking about National Security secrets.

In the legal system, they walked right into the trap and now Mike Flynn is able to dispose everything. The DOJ dismissed his charges recently because they have no case.

Judge Emmert Sullivan will not allow it to be dropped

Now we have a Deep State Judge Emmert Sullivan in the DC District Court that will not allow them to drop the case. He’s a judge, he’s not a prosecutor, it’s unconstitutional what he’s doing.

He’s a deep state criminal… why is he doing it? Because if they don’t sign off on this thing Flynn can’t talk. It they sign off on it, it doesn’t matter if it’s violating the constitution, his career is done. He’s gone.

But they have to do whatever they have to do, because they have to win whatever the cost. This is the extrastential extent of their existence.

Nothing happening!!! You’d better believe it!

So that’s Mike Flynn. Now look at Dan Coates. People keep saying nothing’s happening…

I can go through a list of 30 people who have been fired at the top of the leadership of the DOJ and the FBI under Trump.

We can look at 300 deep state Federal Judges that have now been replaced with constitutional judges.

We can look inside every governmental agency now and you see this constant house cleaning. Look at the most recent firing which is the Secretary of Defense. That’s a different story of a deep state criminal.

Sad Dog Mattis keeps the wars going

Look at General Mattis, Mad Dog Mattis… I call him Sad Dog Mattis – he’s the Defence Secretary and he’s trying to keep us fighting and fighting in Syria to keep the wars going.

Love what he did… love my soldiers, they know that, but there’s too many of these people who have infiltrated the military.

These military guys, the military industrial complex want’s to fight, they want wars, it’s the greatest printing machine on the planet. They don’t want war to go away.

Trump hasn’t started a single war, we’re getting out of them.

So what does Sad Dog Mattis do, he leads the administration, he’s barking at Trump on the way out. Here’s what closed it for me… when I saw an article when his mother died… instead of sending any money or flowers he asked “Please donate to Planned Parenthood in my mother’s name”! That’s when I realised that Mad Dog Mattis was a Deep Stater.

I’m going to throw things at you in the expectation that you are going to do your own research. I tell my listeners on my show, I’m not doing all the work for you, that’s how we got into this situation. I’m going to throw you out all the things that I’ve researched, and many other thousands have.

It’s time for you to do your own homework, you’ve got to go deep and you have to see this stuff for yourself.

Christopher Ray, FBI Director – a Deep State Puppet

We can look at Christopher Ray, FBI Director, same stuff all over again. This guy’s in there, they should be prosecuting people. Christopher Ray is a Deep State puppet… he was a sleeper that was activated.

Folks, these sleepers are everywhere. If you listen to my show, you hear me calling out these people… this is war. Washington DC is a crime syndicate, an organised crime syndicate, the Vatican, the British Monarchies, these multi-national corporations, Big Tech, you see them shutting down Trump’s Twitter. I’ve had my best guys, the people I follow on Youtube, they’ve all been shut down.

They stopped a Trump landslide election victory

What we knew before the election… if you go back and listen to any of my shows, we knew that the media who are controlled by the CIA, were going to declare a Biden’s victory regardless of how much Trump was beating it.

What they did was stop the Trump landslide. I’ve said all year, it’s going to be a 49 State Trump landslide. California is going to go red. We won’t get New York.

What we found out on election day was that Trump won 49 states on election day voting. California was 67 Trump to 33 Biden.

Why did they have Covid-19, this bio-weapon attack? Why did they push for lock-downs? And, why did they push for mail-in voting? You are now seeing this folks, you’re seeing all of this yourself!

I could go through all the voter fraud, everything, but it was set up as a Sting Operation to bring down this criminal power structure once and for all so we’ve got this very rocky, uncertain period of time. This thing is going to play out.

The most important reason why… what is the thing the entire world is focused on right now… the US presidential election. They want to know where the US is going, because where the US goes, so goes the world.

Remember, it’s Good versus Evil

This is not Republican versus Democrat.

This is not left versus right, but it’s good versus evil. Plain and simple.

This is the war that’s going on, and you need to get into it, you need to get into this fight because too many of us in this country have done nothing for a very long time, we’ve watched this garbage happen, we’ve watched all this stuff continue and we’re being punished.

They are playing this out for a couple of reasons and we’re going to feel the pain, because we’ve refused to hold these criminals in DC accountable, these state legislators, these politicians are full of garbage!

I wanted to be one of them! It was my dream!

They get bought off. They get honey pots… they fall into honey pot traps, they’re bribed, they’re threatened, they’re paid off… they are completely compromised.

The military knew, the day Trump took power. they could have taken down Washington DC, all of it, but they didn’t because we couldn’t survive it. They knew that 70% of all politicians, if they went and arrested them all, it would be 70%. That’s where we are!

You’re only seeing chunks of ice in the water

That’s why this operation is underway. Everything you’re seeing now is not even the tip of the iceberg, you’re only seeing chunks of ice in the water. The tip of the iceberg is what you are learning about.

Dominion Voting Systems designed to switch votes by the millions. You were looking at the Hammer Project from 2003, the software that was designed to keep terrorists out of this country, John Brennan, CIA Director under Obama, James Comey stole it and refashioned it for the elections. You look at the score card platforms, same thing… all this technology to steal elections.

But here’s the kill shot that the Cabal didn’t know…

What they’ve done… I’ve talked about the Quantum Financial Systems that are coming online that’s going to end all the crime, all the banking systems, everything, theft on every level.

The Quantum Voting System that was put into play, what the Cabal didn’t know was that the paper that provides for all the ballots that the States create, was marked with a non-radioactive isotopic watermark which means they can GPS track every single one of these ballots anywhere on the planet.

They’ve been watching this thing play out for months… all these ballots being thrown away, burned, all this stuff, they have it all. They have everything. They have these people buried!

But what you’re seeing now will pale in comparison to what is going to come.

What I can tell you is this… the patriots have full control, you have nothing to worry about. This was set up… rather than try to tell you after they arrest people.

By the way, at this point now, we’ve got 190,000+ sealed indictments, parked on the sidelines in the DOJ right now. In any given year, it’s about 1,000, but in three years, we’re over 190,000. That’s how big this criminal empire is.

Right down to the satanic ritual abuse, torture and murder of our most precious asset – the children, that goes on at the highest levels of Washington DC, both sides of the aisle, both sides… Hollywood, Big Tech, the Monarchies, the Vatican – the largest human trafficking organisation on the planet.

It’s the Great Awakening – time to rise up and fight!

Now, these things may shock you, but I’m over it… nobody seems to have the will to say these things out loud, to tell you exactly these things that are happening in this world… everybody puts their head in the sand.

We don’t have time for that anymore. Right now, it’s show time. What do you have to do? Get into the fight… be somewhere where people are gathering in support of Trump… talk to your friends, whatever… you need to have a voice.

Everything has come to this point… we nearly lost the country because people are too afraid to offend their co-worker, a friend they work with, whatever. You have learned on my show that if someone stands in the way between my kids, between my freedom… there are no rules. These people have to be woken up. Unfortunately, some will need a sledge-hammer to wake up.

But what you are going to see, and it’s happening right now… is the Great Awakening. That’s why Trump, when you look at the real numbers of this election, when they discard all the BS criminal ballots the Chinese sent in here, and you see the true numbers of this election, you’re going to realise that this truly is a Great Awakening.

That’s why Black America has doubled their support for Trump. They’re waking up… they are leaving the plantation. The Espanic community… the same thing, they’re waking up. The world is waking up!

People can’t be told… they need to be shown

It had to be this way because you can’t tell people the truth as military intelligence does… you must show them, and now you’re seeing it with your own eyes… you’re watching this insanity from this criminal enterprise called the Democrat Party that will do anything to win at all costs because they’ve got to get rid of this guy… or they’re buried!

They didn’t upgrade Guantanamo Bay by 200,000,000 for nothing. On my radio show I’ve had various guys on, such as MonkeyWorx who can tell you all the planes coming in and out of Guantanamo for these military tribunals.

You are going to be totally shocked when you learn everything that has been going on, under the radar, in a full attack to take down this criminal empire. You have no idea of what’s coming.

The planet will be freed up from servitude and bondage…

I don’t care how much money you’ve been making, you have no idea of how good it should be. When this is a piled smoking rubble, you are going to learn what they are going to free up on this planet that’s been stolen from us, and has been ripped off by the most powerful evil force the world has ever seen. The United States taxpayer, it’s going to blow your mind!

All I can tell you is that we are at the edge, we are at the dawn of a New Age. This new age they are going to usher in is going to be unlike anything we could ever imagine in a very good way. We nearly lost it… we nearly lost it!

But right now, it’s time for every one of you to get on the playing field. You don’t need a radio show, you just need a voice, you just need to stand your ground and draw lines and say, this is where I stand, because if you don’t, it’s going to take a little bit longer to get there.

All I can say is that it’s turned out to be one hell of a show.

I’ve been following this operation for three years, with a lot of research, and I can just tell you that it’s unlike anything I’ve ever imagined. I gave up in 2006, I walked away, I continued my research and I thought, we’re going to lose the country… and then I saw Trump in 2015, and I said right there… This is Real, we have somebody!

I had no idea of what was coming but all I can say is grab a packet of popcorn and enjoy the show… it is already scripted out… they have these people cornered. They are simply going to play this out so that they burn themselves to the ground, by themselves.

This is why Q has said… “never interfere with an enemy in the process of destroying itself”. That’s what you’re seeing… they have every move counted.

Trump will retain power and then they’re going to bring Sodom and Gomorrah to the ground. That’s what’s in play, that’s what you’re going to see.

The end.

A Worldwide Event

The take down of the evil criminal Cabal is happening, step by step, according to this incredible plan. Now that we understand this amazing puzzle, it’s our job is to share the news wherever we can. Don’t be fooled… what happens in America directly affects the entire futures of all living on planet earth.



  1. Merci a Trump et a l’Alliance qui nous libèrent de ce qui était prévu pour nous et de tous ces inhumains , Merci, Merci ,Merci. Cela fait trois ans que je regarde ce film grace aux nombreux journalistes et” complotistes ” et je suis surpris encore a chaque jour de tout ce qui se passe dans ce monde. Mais j’attend avec une très grande impatience , les belles choses qui ne sont plus très loin . Merci a tout nos libérateurs.

    • Translation: Thank you to Trump and the Alliance who free us from what was planned for us and all these inhumans, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I have been watching this film for three years thanks to the many journalists and “conspiracy theorists” and I am still surprised every day at everything that happens in this world. But I look forward with great impatience, the beautiful things that are not very far away. Thank you to all our liberators.

      Response: Thank you Richard! We are all with you… waiting with ‘great impatience’!

  2. I know there’s been some time pass since this video and these comments were done but, I have to wonder now that it’s 2022 and Trump isn’t in office any longer due to the dems cheating in the election and all, how much longer this will go on? Biden is setting everything into place while he’s ruining everything that was ever good for our country. I personally don’t think the country can take much more of Biden. He’ll have us all killed before his time is up.

    • Hi Connie,
      It comes down to really comprehending what it going on.
      You are right… the way things are going worldwide is certainly not good… but do you understand that most of it is pantomime… theatre… showing us exactly what it would be like to live under the Deep State.
      We are seeing the Deep State go mad… in every way… but it’s controlled. The White Hats are controlling the narrative and it will not go past what they will allow.
      It’s very unfortunate, but it Trump or anyone else had stood up to tell the world what it would be like, they wouldn’t have believed him. So, people had to be shown.
      That is what we are going through now.
      Trump, although he appears to have left office is still the real President… working behind the scenes. He couldn’t have been the official president while all this went on or he would have been crucified for sure. He would receive all the blame.
      Biden has ‘tested positive for Covid’! So has Harris. Testing positive for Covid is the code word for arrested.
      Don’t give up when we are getting so near the end… keep your faith strong that God has this and we will come through… yes, your country will be strong once again. Just got to give it a bit of time to work it’s way out.

  3. We are ascending to New Earth; the 1000 years of peace will soon ensue. We are in the strange time before. Be love and keep the faith.??✨?✨???

    • Hi Rene!
      I appreciate your thoughts. The way I see it is that currently we are going through the Battle of Armageddon, although most don’t appear to know it. After that, the 1,000 years of peace will come. According to my understanding, the New Earth will be after that period. It’s so exciting isn’t it?

  4. Why can we not see more proof?
    Why does one say Hillary is convicted they we see her in a interview, or we read about her or others conviction & death from one on a certain date then find out it was two years earlier. why so much confusion? It makes our facts look faults. I try, but bullshit is bullshit.

    • Hi John!
      Really, I do understand your confusion. You see, confusion is the name of the game while the Alliance do what they have to do. There are many red flags etc, together with many other happenings designed to keep the general focus elsewhere.
      Many are saying that Hillary (and a whole host of others) is a clone… I cannot confirm that. At the very least, they are using actors/actresses to play the part, some could be wearing masks to look like who they are playing, or some are just ‘look-alikes’.
      For example, the woman who attended the fake inauguration was similar to her but a whole lot smaller.
      Taking a closer look at many of those who hold high positions, it’s not hard to see discrepancies… ears, eyes, colour of eyes (as with JB) and many other bits and pieces.
      We have been told that everything has already been done. So as to not alarm the masses, doubles (or whatever) continue to play the part. We can only guess as to why this is playing out this way… but my guess is that it’s keeping the masses relatively calm while showing those same masses how life would be under someone like JB.
      If P. Trump had just told the world they would have laughed him off and not believed. People have to live through and experience things so they come to a place of comprehension.
      This is a time for us to hold on to our faith… in God… in PT… the Alliance and everyone playing such a massive part in this pantomime we are watching.
      Whatever you do… always look opposite to whatever the msm is saying. If HC is being interviewed, understand it’s not really her and it is a BS.
      Sometimes when speaking with others we have to simply keep our mouth shut. There is a time to share and a time to be quiet. It is not easy… trust me I know… with my own family and friends.
      I don’t believe it will be long now… you’ve lasted this long… just hold on.

      • I am English and have been watching the shit show since 2016. Wasn’t sure about Trump at first..what’s a non politician doing in the Whitehouse? Started researching as I did with Brexit, started with the Rothscilds…my eyes have been opened wide for the last 5 years.
        I love Trump and the brave alliance and the very brave troops, God bless them all. Don’t watch or listen to bullshit media, watching the US with baited breath.
        God bless America first and the World

  5. Thank you Precious Lord for sending us brave men to fight for truth. Continue to give them courage to restore the world to what you intended for it to be from the beginning of creation.

  6. Amen! I’ve tried to talk to unbelieving friends about this,they are blind or they “don’t care”.. trying to focus on encouraging other believers and planting little truth seeds in the open minded people’s lives! Wish I could do more, guess it’s not our battle right now but God’s, and just pray! Thanks for the website and God bless you!

    • I do believe that the battle is definitely the Lord’s, but we, the digital soldiers, all play a very important part in the war. Prayer is essential of-course, but sharing and helping others to prepare… opening their eyes… is so important.
      We can’t push it upon them, but you know what, there are a whole lot of other people that are hungry for more. That’s why I post. Such a lot of my own friends will not listen, but many others do.
      Our job is not to convince them, but to cause them to do their own research.
      This is all we can do… and encourage each other… as you are doing.

  7. Let’s hope and pray the great revival awakening will happen soon before the evil great rest of one world order led by the anti-christ. Bless the Lord oh my soul…bless His holy name.

    • Hi Martha,
      I think it may be one of those times where we can hear the thundering of the hooves of the Egyptian’s horses coming. Here we are stuck between a rock and a hard place… or a great Red Sea spread out before us and mountains in every other direction… and here they are coming!
      Just in time, God opened up the sea allowing only time enough for them to cross. Following hard on their heels came the Egyptians! But oh my… what a shame… the waters rolled back in again… goodbye Egyptians!
      We need to keep our faith levels high and believe that same God to deliver us from the evil ones.
      Think on how wonderful it will be. Like that time long ago, we will be dancing and rejoicing!
      Thanks so much for your interesting comment.

  8. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for an honest, freedom loving man, and thank you for keeping us informed. May God continue to bless Donald J Trump, our military, and the United States of America. Please keep everyone safe and protected while this mission plays out.

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