Sequel to The Fall Of The Cabal Revealing All!

Want to learn everything you can about who the Cabal is? You have come to the right place. In the Sequel to the Fall of the Cabal, you will find the entire horror story! This set of 17 series has been created by Janet Ossebaard & Cyntha Koeter, and is growing all the time. I will add the others as they become avaiilable. These women, with their in-depth research, fully expose everything… this is truly a must-watch series.

But before you do, make sure you have seen Janet’s entire first series entitled ‘The Fall of the Cabal’. I have it all together in one place for you here:

Watch this series first and then come back to this

Why should you take the time to watch these videos about all this evil? The reason is that if you do not comprehend just how bad it has been, you won’t be able to realise just how wonderful life will be when these evil people have been removed.

Now you are ready to watch her sequels. She started off believing she was going to create just six sequels, but as time progressed, it has developed up to 17! More will be coming as it’s obvious she has not yet finished.

The Sequel to the Fall of the Cabal – Parts 1-3

Part 1

What happened? Who is the Cabal? What is their exact agenda? Crime, murder, money laundering, cartels, high treason, all of which under your nose… Meet the Cabal…

Part 2

The Jesuit Council… here we can follow their trail and see destruction every which way. From Weishaupt and the creation of the Order of the Illuminati to Napoleon and WWI.

Part 3

Part 3, About the Russian Revolution, the Great Depression and WWII… all instigated by the Cabal. Through manipulating the Stock market, by pushing Cabal puppets forward , and by ruthlessly killing millions of people who stood in their way. With one goal, and one goal alone…

The Sequel to the Fall of the Cabal – Parts 4-6

Part 4

In the previous parts, we saw how – throughout the ages – the Cabal forced wars to destabilize countries, divide people and seize control… let’s move forward…

Part 5

Georgia Guidestones, Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, the UN and the ‘Peacekeeprs;

Part 6

About Henry Kissinger, Population Policy, the UN and its many NGOs, the UN Population Fund, Population Control, forced abortions & sterilizations, and Planned Parenthood and Margaret Sanger.

The Sequel to the Fall of the Cabal – Parts 7-9

Part 7

About the 5500 NGOs, connected to the UN, who do so-called charity work. Upon investigating their very own financial papers, we discovered that NGOs are nothing but the perfect business model to launder money (billions of dollars!), to avoid paying tax, and to invest in the Cabal’s main target: depopulation and world dominance. Join us to peel off a few more layers of this onion, to found who the Cabal truly is!

Part 8

Exposure of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, their so-called philanthropy in India and Africa in the form of mass-vaccinations, one of the most favorite tools of the Cabal to roll out the Protocols of Zion and Agenda 21 and 2030.

Part 9

Further exposure of Bill Gates, his obsession with genetically modifying everything he can lay his hands on, and his secret ties to the US Army. Also exposing the corruption of Tedros Adhanam Ghebreyesus, current director general of the WHO.

The Sequel to the Fall of the Cabal – Parts 10-12

Part 10

Further exposure of Bill Gates, buying shares in companies active in the area of control, manipulation, censorship, human trafficking, and Adrenochrome. About Gates’ multiple visits to Epstein Island and his foolish denial, his investments in Monsanto, and his vaccination fetish…

Part 11

Further exposure of Bill Gates, being involved in some of the most polluting companies in the world. Exposing his money fraud and redefining philanthropy…

Part 12

The ultimate weapon of Bill Gates: Gene Drive Technology / Synthetic Biology. A curse or a blessing?

The Sequel to the Fall of the Cabal – Parts 13-15

Part 13

Final exposure of Bill Gates. His last evil schemes in the lime-lights…

Part 14

The Era of Depopulation… What does that look like in our daily lives? About wars, (natural?) disasters, famine & drought, plagues & diseases. The true story behind HIV/AIDS and the Spanish Flu.

Part 15

The Era of Depopulation… About our poisoned food, water, and care products, about GMOs and Family Planning. The true story behind sex education and the LGBTQ movement.

The Sequel to the Fall of the Cabal – Parts 16-17

Part 16

The Era of Depopulation… The Truth behind Chemtrails and Electrosmog.

Part 17

The Era of Depopulation… The Truth behind vaccines

The Era of Depopulation

Part 18

The Era of Depopulation – The Ultimate Cabal Weapon

Part 19

The Era of Depopulation – Covid-19: The Midazolam Murders

Part 20

Welcome to the Netherlands – From Democracy to a Police State

Once all these people are removed from society, I believe our lives will take on a whole new twist.  No longer will we have this enemy ruling over every part of our lives.  With them gone, Nesara/Gesara will be free to be fully released which will change the whole of humanity.

With these evil people gone, does that mean that there will never be any more ‘bad’ in our world?  No, I don’t mean that at all.  People will still be people, and as free agents have the ability to choose badly at times.  That’s OK and the Common Law courts will deal with them appropriately, but this satanic evil will be removed from our presence.

At this point in time, I believe that the greater percentage of this evil has already been dealt with through military tribunals.  I feel we are so close to wrapping up this age.  Time alone will tell for sure.

As time goes on and Janet continues with her deep research, it wouldn’t be at all surprising if she creates yet another whole set.  There may well be a sequel to the Sequel to the Fall of the Cabal!



  1. I keep reading about this solar which will permeate the earth and will be the trigger to wake everyone up. Some may not make it because they choose not to. Its quite spiritual. I believe there are other forces at work. My gut tells me something is going to happen soon but soon could be weeks, months or years away yet.

  2. I truly know that we are here to guide and help those that are not there yet and haven’t awoken , hard to believe i saw the whole show when volunteering to come down to planet earth …Gaia my love and only chihuahua of 15 years is with me now as i feel and always even at school felt alone not been understood , not sure where i am from originally but won’t leave Gaia want to go home together it is very hard on the third dimension …looking forward to the liberated earth and beyond …i am in the highest of the highest of the highest and deepest deepest deepest eternal gratitude !! love and light .

    • I agree Claudio, it can be hard work trying to share with those we love when they seem to be enclosed in a bubble.
      The time is coming, and will soon be upon us, when we will be living in a totally different world. Much will be revealed to us all soon, including those who won’t listen now.
      Thank you for taking the time to share with us.

    • Yes I agree I sometimes think did I really volunteer for this crap. Read books from the Author Dolores Cannon. She has many videos too. I assume they’re still on You Tube, if not try alternatives like Rumble or Brighteon with no ads.

  3. “Give me Liberty or Give me Death” The words and blood of our forefathers must be remembered. We need to rise up as one and put all petty political differences aside to preserve Democracy and the United States of America. The first Nation founded under God!

    • I agree with you Jerome! It’s all or nothing these days. Here right now we find ourselves in Red October… we are about to live through one of the most exciting times in life. We just need to hold firmly onto our hats and go with it.
      Thank you!

  4. More and more people need to wakeup instead of trotting round the streets with their sheep masks on. They don’t research but listen to the LMM. I don’t believe these people will ever wakeup they’re far too indoctrinated into the Cabal system.

    • Hi Carolyn!
      For many of them unfortunately, you just may be right. I hope not though. I am encouraged that there seems to be a whole lot more happening these days designed to prod them awake. I guess we just have to keep our faith levels high to believe for them, whether or not they ever realise just what has been done for them… and the difficulties we have all gone through.

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