Covid Vaccine Ingredients Found – Unusual And Potential Deadly Poison

There appears to have been a mystery concerning the covid Vaccine Ingredients. We have to ask the question… why are they virtually forcing us all to receive a ‘vaccine’ that doctors and scientists have proven to contain Graphen Oxide, together with a particularly dealy parasite and stainless steel? This is among the other ingredients listed.

Vaccines are supposed to be designed to be an aid in human health, so why would these very unusual ingredients, that have recently been found, be in them? I mean, if this is so, these ‘vaccines’ are not for health but more of a bio-weapon designed to kill.

I am relating to this. Watch this video to see Dr. Jane Ruby being interviewed by Stew Peters to break the findings found within the vials of vaccines. This truly is a WARNING to anyone considering the inoculation.

What I find really strange is that most of the population have complete faith in the medical community. It is this blind faith that allows the ‘bad’ (nice word) people in the medical community to get away with murder. I mean, here we are, long lines of people lining up ready to role up their sleeve and accept a jab when not one of them have been told exactly what is in it. What to me is even more curious is that their faith is such that they cannot believe that those in authority would do anything to harm them.

Am I an Anti-Vaxxer?

What am I saying? Am I an anti-vaxxer? Well, I haven’t been in the past. I too have done what the doctors have told me to do, as I was under the impression that they knew best. But along the way, I’ve picked up that the only one who is going to look after my health is me. I can’t rely on anyone else to do it. If I want to feed my face with junk food all day long, that’s my prerogative. Yep, I have complete control over what goes into my mouth.

My Body, My Choice!

Fortunately for me, I do not eat junk food and I do take care of what goes into my mouth, because I know that if I don’t take the care, there is no-one else on this earth that will. My body, my choice!

I have learned along the way that I cannot leave my well-being in the hands of doctors or pharmacists. They cannot cure my body of anything. Yes, they can help the symptoms dissipate, but they cannot help the root cause of any problem.

The only way to do that is to feed yourself well. I’m not talking about quantity here, I’m talking about quality. Every mouthful counts! It’s either building your health or pulling your health down. Your choice! You are the one who is in control of the decisions.

So, when it comes to accepting a vaccine into your body, wouldn’t you want to know whether it helps or hinders? Is it going to help you stay well? Or will it cause you dreadful side-affects? Very important questions.

To know that, you really need to know what the ingredients are in the vaccine. I mean, if you have learnt to read labels in the food you are buying, wouldn’t you want to see the list of ingredients in a vaccine? It’s still going into your body! Wouldn’t you want your doctor to explain to you exactly what those ingredients are, and what affect they potentially could have on you?

I’m not saying anything too deep here, am I? Of-course not, just sensible thinking, that’s all.

Well in this video we see that Dr Robert Young has done the research and what he has discovered is more than disturbing… it’s horrifying!

Covid Vaccine Ingredients

  • Graphene Oxide
  • Deadly parasites
  • Stainless steel

This is over and above the ingredient list of what’s contained within them.

Graphene Oxide

Go ahead and type ‘graphene oxide’ into DuckDuckGo. Up will come site after site of what this substance is, what it looks like and how toxic it is to humans. Don’t worry about the Fact Checkers as we know they only Fact Check truth. Read them all and move down at least a couple of pages.

CONFIRMED! Graphene Oxide Main Ingredient In Covid Shots. This means that an unapproved industrial poison is being dishonestly marketed as “vaccines” and injected into children’s veins.

Is this something you would want added into your body, or the bodies of your children!?

Deadly Parasites

Go ahead and type in ‘parasites’ into DuckDuckGo, then click on images. I don’t know which of these horrible little creatures is the one that’s been found in the ‘vaccine’, but trust me, I don’t want any of them! Do you? What damage will that little parasite create after a time? I shudder to think!

Stainless Steel

Now I don’t know about you, but I really don’t want to be eating steel of any kind. It is not designed to be ingested or injected into your body. The minerals our bodies are designed to use are called ‘plant-based minerals’. This is when the plant draws up from metals in the ground, and through the act of photosynthesis, changes that metallic substance into a colloidal substance. This is what our body both wants and needs, in fact, it is necessary for life.

On this note, be very careful of the minerals you purchase. Most, even in health shops, are derived from metallic minerals which are virtually impossible for your body to assimilate. Look only for colloidal or plant-based minerals. Here are some brilliant ones from Paradise Nutrients. They come with my highest recommendation.

How will these strange Covid Vaccine Ingredients help my body?

In the video above you will notice that Dr Jane Ruby said she could think of no good medical reason why those ‘ingredients’ would be an aid to your body, I believe any doctor or scientist anywhere in the world would be hard-pressed to find any benefit coming from them.

OK, well it’s up to you. You decide if these substances are what you are happy to host inside your body. As for me, it’s a huge ‘No Way!’

Slip over to this page and scroll down to find the Warranty of Vaccine Safety. There you will find a list of questions to ask your doctor, or anyone really, who wants to give you the jab.

Warranty of Vaccine Safety

Asking what the Covid vaccine ingredients are should be the very first question on your lips. No-one, with an ounce of sense, would allow anyone to inject them with a substance where they have no idea of what’s in it. You should be given a full explanation of every ingredient together with what are the potential outcomes of each of them. Please think and act wisely… you only have one life!



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