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the fall of the cabal

The Fall of the Cabal is a documentary series of 10 parts produced by Janet Ossebaard. The depth of research done here is amazing. I know many have already viewed them, but I’ve added them here for new people to see what has basically been hidden from us and happening right under our noses.

As the world is being set free, we need to realise what exactly we are being set free from. I cannot think of a better way for us to learn than through this series of videos.

I want to thank Janet for her wonderful work which has aided countless thousands across the world to see and comprehend the truth.

Now, if you have not already watched your way through this series, then you need to begin right now. Don’t delay… these videos will answer most of your questions; Let’s start now:


1.Things that make you go hmmmmmm.

Please understand that the world is not coming to an end… we’ve got such a long time to go for that to potentially happen. But the world is coming to an end for some people… their world… it’s all gone bellyup and blown up in their faces.

Let’s discover who these people are who thought they had it made, but have all come crashing down. Here we see the inauguration of Donald J. Trump, and the birth of the Q-phenomenon.

2. Down the Rabbit Hole

About the Q-phenomenon, the battle for world dominance, shadow governments, the 1%, the power of the banks, the Rothchilds, the Rockefellers, and George Soros etc.

3. The Alien Invasion!

What kind of aliens are we talking about? Apparently we are talking about the migrant caravan flooding into the USA. Let us learn what this is all about…


4. Childlovers everywhere!

Here we learn about the disgusting child trafficking and the paedophile rings. We learn that agencies that we thought were designed to protect children have been used for nefarious means.

5. Children, Art and Pizza

How we cringe as we learn more and more about the children and how they have been used. We also learn about pizza!

6. Major Media Manipulation

How often have we heard the MSM called ‘Fake News’! Let’s learn how they are completely under the thumb of those who are in control of our world.


7. Witches & Warlocks

Here we are thinking that stories about witches etc are in children’s fairytales! Here we meet up with some real witches and warlocks and learn (ugh!) what they have been up to. Come on stay with me because it’s important we understand the depth of the degradation. If we don’t, we will never appreciate exactly what we this world is being saved from.

8. Beyond Kings & Queens

This is another shocker. I’m sorry, if you have been a fan of royalty this may be very upsetting for you. Hunting parties and their connection with Jeffrey Epstein.

9. The Dawn of a New World

We have been learning a lot of things which have been very hard for us… but listen it’s not all bad. Soon and very soon it will be a very different world.

10. The Return of the King

Have you every understood President Trump’s spelling errors? You know… Covfefe? Hamberders? Smocking Gun? He uses code, but are we able to understand that code?

In this post below, you will see step by step how President Trump when travelling the world presented all the world leaders with dossiers of information that caused them to capitulate to him… so very interesting…

See it happening in action…

Who were they? The 13 Main Families of the Illuminati (Cabal)

After the completion of this series of videos, Janet went on to continue to create ‘The Sequel to The Fall of the Cabal’. Please check out my next post to see them.



  1. Bin Laden died of Cancer in December of 2001 I know this as a fact. When I was in the National Guard I was deployed to Saudi Arabia and in September in the year 2001 we were all told that if we had to go to sick call, we would not be gong to the giant Saudi American hospital in Ryhadh Saudi Arabia because Bin Laden was going to be there. The CIA wanted to talk to him, and we were told that Bin Laden was dying of cancer and he had about a year left to live. We were told that he was on a dialysis machine. Bin Laden was a CIA agent.

  2. Al-Queda means the “base,” and it actually refers to the base of a toilet. In other words, Al-Queda actually means “the toilet.”

  3. There is no proof that Joseph Mengela conducted experiments on children. That is a myth perpetrated by the Jews, who actually did the experiments.

  4. These videos made a few mistakes. Andrew Jackson also stopped the banks, and they tried to assassinate him several times, but couldn’t. Abraham Lincoln staged his own death. Lincoln had cancer and didn’t think that he could live for another four years as president. Besides, Lincoln stole the electon of 1860. John Kennedy also staged his own death. Many think that Jimmy Carter is actually Kennedy, and there is proof of this. Also, indidrectly the Rothschild’s funded Hitler. However, Hitler received the money annonymously. Hitler dismantled the Weimar Republic which was the Jewish government system that was placed over Germany after WW I. Hitler didn’t use the money for the holocaust since the holocaust was a hoax. It was the Jews that did the killing, not Hitler. In fact, Hitler fought against the Jews. The Jews are the most murderous,filtiest people in the world today and they are not Israel. They are of the Synagogue of Satan and have murdered millions. Lenin a Jew murdered thosuands, Trotsky a Jew murdered thousands, and Stalin a Jewish coffee house redical murdered no less then 60 million people. The Jews have been wagin war on true Israel for thousands of years. True Israel are the white Caucasian, Celtic, Anglo Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, and kindred people in the world today. Both the Rockerfeller’s and the Rothscild’s are Jews. Ther was no holocast, that was made up by the Jews. Zyclon B was used to kill lice and to defirmigate clothing, not to kill people. Besides you cannot gas people while they are taking showers. The water and the steam neuteralize the gas. Hiter saved the Ukrainians and the Armenians from the Jews who were starving them out. In fact Stalin murderded at least 10 million Ukrainians. The Jews will soon be eliminated. God Yahweh hates them, they are not his chosen people Israel. God Yahweh’s true chosen people Israel are the white Caucasian, Celtic, Anglo Saxn, Germanic, Scandinavian, and kindred people in the world today. It was the Jews that waged war on Germany. They started by declaring war on Hitler in 1933. The Jews are dying out, and they will be eliminated soon. Please correct your errors. I can prove every thing I say, can you prove what you say, no you can’t.

    • Remember Terry, that all I’m doing is sharing a set of videos made by Janet Ossebaard. I cannot agree or disagree, or endeavour to change her work, with the information you have shared but am happy to addd it here in the comment section for others to consider.

  5. Hi Marilyn,

    I’m just sharing “Life Saving Documentary” and trying to wake people to this Evil! Every share can potentially save someone’s life!

    I can’t sit here and do nothing, while humanity line up at the slaughter house for their leathol ? Injections, 

    Youtube keeps deleting the truth so I keep recording it, in these videos you will find footage they don’t want you to see, let’s share it to wake the others!
    Cancer and Covid Cure
    If Video’s do not work, you can search my name Janine Linehan on and it will bring up all my truthbomb videos.
    Vaccine Cure Video out next so pls subscribe and like ???❤?

    Thanks love to all my humanity ❤

    Kind regards 

    Janine Linehan 

    • Hi Janine,
      Thank you so much for contacting me. I will take the time to go through your videos and look forward to doing so.
      We should all be promoting each other’s work because as you say, every share can potentially save someone’s life!
      Isn’t it amazing that we could even say something like that in this time… save someone’s life!!! It really is like that.
      Each time we hear of yet another friend or loved one that has succumbed just tears at your heart.
      It certainly keeps you wanting to do whatever you can to bring truth into a dire situation.
      Once I’ve heard them I’d like to run a post on them… anyway, I’ll wait and see what I think.
      Thanks again.

  6. Thank you for opening my eyes and ears and enlightening me TO THE TRUTH and WITH THE TRUTH. Praise God that Evil and Wickedness WILL NOT WIN. GOOD MEN and WOMEN are operating BEHIND THE SCENES.

    • You’re more than welcome Colyn, I’m happy to be of service!
      As more and more of us become aware of what is really going on, the further the truth will spread.
      Thank you so much for sharing with us.

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