The Plan To Save The World – Surrender Now!

The Plan To Save The World

The plan to save the world has been in the making for many years. To the casual onlooker, the outworking of that plan may have looked a whole lot more sinister.

This plan required precision and had to be designed carefully. It was the only way to stop the incredible crimes being carried out around the world. These crimes involved the children. It had to stop. And… stop it did.

Follow through as President Trump takes down one world leader after another. Sometimes he managed whole groups at one time.

I thank Charlie Freak for the information given on his video. View below.

Before we get into this post, let’s make sure we understand the meaning of the word ‘capitulate’ taken from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

Definition of ‘capitulate

intransitive verb

  • a: to surrender, often after negotiation of terms
    • The enemy was forced to capitulate unconditionally.
  • b: to cease resisting ACQUIESCE
    • The company capitulated to the labor union to avoid a strike.

CAPITULATE stresses the fact of ending all resistance and may imply either a coming to terms (as with an adversary) or hopelessness in the face of an irresistible opposing force. 

Some Synonyms for ‘capitulate’

  • bow, 
  • concede, 
  • give in, 
  • knuckle under, 
  • quit, 
  • relent, 
  • submit, 
  • succumb, 
  • surrender, 
  • yield

Why is this important?

It’s important because this is exactly what the heads of each country around the world did when faced with dossiers of factual information about their ‘misdemeanors’.

Now I don’t know the exact facts, I only know the end result. It went something like this:

When President Trump was inaugurated, there was something keeping him busy for about 18 months. During that time he traveled the world visiting the country heads. On arrival, he presented them with huge dossiers:

Definition of ‘dossier

Taken from Merriam-Webster Dictionary

  • A file containing detailed records on a particular person or subject.
  • Examples:
    • The patient’s medical dossier
    • Police began compiling a dossier on him.

These huge dossiers contained damning information against the recipients. More often than not, the information related to one or more of the following:

  • Human Trafficking
  • Satanic Rituals
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Pedophilia
  • Sex Trafficking regarding children
    • (Notice: I tried to use these words in a different order but continually ended up with an error/warning that wouldn’t allow it! Interesting!)
  • and other abominations!

A choice:

  • To capitulate to President Trump.
  • Or refuse to concede and therefore be arrested on the spot!

President Trump’s plan to save the world

It’s important that you realise that this is not just President Trump’s plan alone. There is a complete team of White Hats (good people who only want good for this world) working alongside him. He acts as the face to these people, and was chosen because of his tenacity and determination to see a job through to the end.

Every country, because of the sheer amount of damning evidence against them, capitulated. It happened either immediately, or by the next morning, after they had had time to peruse the contents.

Now, I’m not 100% sure this is exactly how it happened, but I think I’m pretty close. Although they may not be in the correct order, the end results were the same.

Step #1 Saudi Arabia (July 2017)

During President Trump’s visit, the Saudi’s capitulated to him. They had to show everyone else that they had done so:

They had just performed the Sword Dance. Only the King is allowed to hold the sword during the Sword Dance Ritual, but here we see it being held by President Trump. That was the sign.

The new Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (now King) works very closely with President Trump and Team in aiding to drain the swamp.

Step #2 Israel

Some of the Saudi’s then went with President Trump to his next destination. They were earning points towards their own salvation, so they wouldn’t be as harshly punished as they could have been.

These Saudi’s, because of the capitulation, are now a part of the White Hats, helping ferret out others they know are involved in the same kind of abominations.

The Israelite’s really balked at what President Trump was saying. It took an extra day before they finally gave in. They were the hardest country of all.

How do we know they capitulated? That was when they agreed to allow the movement of U.S.A’s embassy to Jerusalem. This symbolizes who is in power in Israel. It was a symbolic act.

Step #3 – Vatican City

His next move, a few days later, was to turns up at the Vatican to see Pope Francis. The dossier they had was so very huge!

Vatican – Image

Pope Francis (very sad) capitulates to President Trump (very happy)!

Why did they have to concede? Actually, there were many reasons why, but that’s a story for another time. Please do your own research.

The Pope would certainly not have surrendered unless the evidence against him and the church was solid and true!

The plan to save the world from this evil stranglehold:

Step #4 – Brussels

  • European Parliament for the EU
  • NATO

President Trump called everyone together, then he purposefully arrived late, causing them to sweat it out as to what was going on!

He walked in late and threw the big folder on the table. He said “We have it all!”

In a very short time, they all capitulated!

In the days after this, the EU backed down on Brexit, and other issues were taken care of. From this point on, the United States no longer paid for NATO. He told them they could now pay. They obeyed, because now he was in charge!

Trump’s visit to Brussels paid off well… they were all there!

All these officials would not have capitulated if the evidence against them wasn’t as solid as a rock.

Step #5 Bin Salman of Saudi Arabia… (on Trump’s behalf) October 2017

Bin Salman visited all the CEO heads of the Media companies, some of which were:

  • Google
  • Twitter
  • Microsoft
  • Apple
  • Facebook

These people are all minions, or puppets, for the New World Order (One World Government).

He showed them all the documentation the NSA (National Security Agency) had against them. Bin Salman said they either come onboard and play for Team Trump, (as he is in total control of these corporations), or declass! All of the information would be declassified, one by one, and each one of them would be shown to the masses as a child-murderer!

They all capitulated!

Bin Salman sees Jack Dorsey (Twitter)

Bin Salman sees Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook)

The interesting thing is that President Trump is the owner of all these Media outlets now, even though it’s kept quiet. All the troubles people experience with them today is not because of these ‘heads’. It’s because President Trump is trying to get us all to see what these people have been up to… and to take a stand!

Interesting Note: It’s the same with each country. He wants the people within the country to see just how bad their leaders were… and to take a stand against them. Gradually it’s happening, as more and more people take to the streets in peaceful protests etc.

Asian Tour (November 2017)

Step #6 Japan

This is the symbolic gesture where President Trump presents the winner’s trophy. This is done only by the highest figure in the land!

Japan is now in submission to President Trump, the NSA and the *Q* Team.

Step #7 South Korea/North Korea

One of the biggest procurers of Adrenochrome has always been Asia, and South East Asia. They were deeply involved with Hollywood and Washington DC politicians. These people needed children for their drugs and have leaned heavily on the South East Asian governments. It’s been going on for many years.

As he showed them all the documents, and because they knew their crimes were capital punishment acts, they all capitulated.

In secret, he went to the North Korean border and began his peace talks with Kim Jong-un.

Step #8 China

Soon after President Trump became president, the Chinese president paid him a visit. This was largely ignored by the mainstream media.

Chinese President Xi Jinping vists Trump.
In the Forbidden City at Trump’s request.

The method used by China to show they had surrended to Trump was to allow him into the Forbidden City. By the Chinese president allowing this, it is bigger than we can possibly understand or imagine!

One of the biggest surprises was to learn how the Chinese wanted communism kicked out of their country! They met Trump with open arms. Many terrible things were going on in China.

Step #9 Vietnam

In a very public ceremony, President Trump was placed slightly in front of the Vietnamese president, and to the right.

The Vietnamese promised to stop their participation in procuring children, human tracking and such-like. They gave in easily.

Step #10 Davos, Switzerland (Early January, 2018)

President Trump called this meeting in Davos, Switzerland. It contained the ‘Who’s Who’ of all the major companies, including George Soros. Much evil was in attendance. Remember, President Trump was outworking his plan to save the world!

All these people were all presented with envelopes the day before. At the meeting above, they were given folders which stated all the NSA information collected on them.

Underneath these mountains were a great many very deep tunnels. It was a very brave move by President Trump to even go there. He so easily could have disappeared forever ‘down below’! But of-course, he wouldn’t have gone there alone.

They very quickly capitulated, after a night of sweating it out. They were told they would be made public, one by one, with all they had done if they didn’t surrender.

Step #11 India

Prime Minister of India… Narendra Modi, after capitulating to Trump.

He was the first of many Prime Ministers to hold hands in such a way that suggested their hands were tied… It said: ‘I’m sorry, my hands are tied.’

Central America

Step #12 Mexico

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrado (AMLO) of Mexico really resisted, but finally surrendered to Trump.

Step #13 The rest of the Central American Countries

After Mexico, he went to all the rest of the countries in Central America. They all did as they had to.

Once again, they all held their wrists together as if they were being bound and forced into doing it. In a way they were… capitulate and help Team Trump, or be exposed and receive the capital punishment immediately.

Step #14 Brazil

President Jair Bolsonaro

They held a public meeting where once again this president held his wrists together in submission.

One of the first acts of Bolsonara was to arrest ‘John of God’ who was running one of the largest child-trafficking rings.

Note: This is the kind of thing all the Presidents/Prime Ministers did in all the countries around the world. They arranged the arrest of known pedophilia people within their country.

Step #15 Argentina

President Mauricio Macri left standing alone on the stage.

President Trump makes a power move showing he believed him to be the scum of the earth!

Step #16 Canada

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau capitulated with his hands clasped together as if he were in handcuffs.

Step # 17 Germany

Chancellor Angela Merkel capitulated

Step #18 France

President Emmanuel Macron submitted. President Trump made a show of him because he was a real Adrenochromer!

Step #19 England

Prime Minister Teresa May

Here she is crying. Not only because of all the dirt they had on her, but because President Trump was able to inform her that the Phoneticians were planning to assassinate her. Their reason was to be able to put Boris Johnson in.

Boris Johnson is a strong character who may simply be playing a role for the White Hats. Not sure…. time will tell.

President Trump appears to act extremely rudely with the Queen. He took no care where he walked. This was deliberate and showed the capitulation.

Step #20 Russia

President Vladimir Putin

As he famously said ‘The ball is in your court now!’ This reference meant that they were now working for Trump.

The ball also had reference to Adrenochrome.

So there you have it. Not every country is mentioned in Charlie’s video, including Australia and New Zealand… but the truth is, PT didn’t stop until all the world leaders were in agreement to leave behind the filthy use of the little children of this world.

All those who did participate in it will either receive capital punishment (death sentence) or spend the rest of their lives inn an inescapable prison.

If you would like to see the video made by Charlie Freak, please go to this page:

Take-Down of the Evil Plan – Did You Know This?

Carrying out this plan to save the world took a lot of gumption. Not many could have carried it out, but praise God for the grit and determination of President Trump who was able to carry out the plan within 18 months. This is a world war like no other. It’s never been done before, and I doubt it will ever have to be done again.



  1. The earth is flat and satelites are like weather baloons and stay very high up in the sky,there are other continents behind the icewall in Antarticica and is off limit to the Public. Read about General Burt who explored it with his plane.

    • Thank you Jeanne for your thoughts and comment. Saying the earth is flat is so foreign to most people. I know it was for me when I first heard about it. All I can say is that EVERYONE needs to do some thorough research concerning it all as most definitely, it’s NOT like ‘they’ told us it is. Your comment may spur some people to go look. Thanks again.

    • Hi Hai van Le!
      We understand the plan is to save the world from all this evil that has been going on for many years… we just don’t understand the actual plot!
      Thank you for reading my post. I hope it encourages you to dig.
      Warm regards

  2. I have known about the Child Abuse/Trafficking/Murders since my Marine Service in the 90’s. I have lost many of my brothers to this evil cabal’s war-mongering. I fear this was our one chance, as Patriots to do the right thing. My regret was putting my faith in the weakness of men, when I needed to kneel to my savior and put my faith in him. Believe me when I say that this may not end well, with 90 million people who have absolutely had it with lies, corruption, censorship, and all the rest of the Shit-show these demonic bastards will only get more brazen, and will eventually cross the wrong man. It didn’t have to be this way. They could have followed our laws, and counted the friggin’ votes in the open. I guess some people have to be shown the hard way. God Bless this world. I apologize as an American Patriot for my countries pathetic failure in this mission. I am a leader for a reason. To Serve the Lord.

    – Holding out Hope in WI, USA.

    • I hear you Patriot Charly! I understand how you feel, along with the millions of others who could be feeling pretty lost at this particular time. I continually remind myself that what we are seeing is a movie playing out. In fact, it’s more like a serial… many episodes, all ending in drama and leaving us wondering what the next episode will bring!

      Lin Wood continues to put out very positive information to encourage us all. We are encouraged NOT to give up! We don’t know, like watching a movie, what the next stage will be, but you can guarantee it’s coming. The next couple of weeks may be very rocky indeed, and this is the time to look up and trust the Lord. Remember, He is on our side.

      You have no need to apoligize for America… it was ALL a part of the plan going forward. Even allowing the new president to be sworn in, is all a part of the plan. Read if you haven’t already.

      Thank you so much for sharing your views with us… much appreciated.

    • You keep leading and if necessary right in to war if need be and believe me I think the need is going to be 100 million of us ready

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