Victory Over The Wicked World Forces – How To Win

Victory Over The Wicked

Still lying in my bed after a long and peaceful night’s rest, all of a sudden God began showing me about the time we are living in. He began talking to me about how to experience victory over wicked world forces… exactly what’s happening right now.

It went something like this:

God prepared in advance for victory over wicked

Way back, before time existed, God prepared to create the earth.

The LORD founded the earth by wisdom and established the heavens by understanding.

Proverbs 3:19

How exactly did He do that? This is how my mind saw it taking place…

I saw Him sitting down at a very big table with charts and maps spread around him. There He plotted and planned it all out in the most minute detail.

It was all planned… the consumation – the end result, before He actioned anything.

The thought came to me that not only did He have to plan out the universe, the earth and all it contained, but He also needed to plot out when people would be born into the scheme of things.

Of late, I’ve been working on our Family Tree, a little here and a little there. It can be incredibly time consuming working out who is to be put where… and there’s oh so much research!

But God started from the beginning and worked it all out until He reached my great-grandparents, my grandparents, my parents and finally to me. Of-course, He didn’t work backwards as I have to, He worked from the beginning, all the way to me!

But, not only did He have to do it for me, He had to do it for every person ever to be born! All those gone before us, all those now living and all those still to come! That blew my mind!

Wow, as I let my mind muse on how it would be, I felt overwhelmed at the task.

Had it all planned, finished and ready before He started

Even before the world was made, God chose us for Himself because of His love.

Ephesians 1:4

The Bible tells us He knew us all before the foundations of the earth. That means, he had His complete plan before he even spoke the first word of creation.

Of-course, we know that when any professional works on a building of any kind, they have to have the blue-print before they start. So we here in the natural realm follow the exact same blue-print as God used in the beginning… that is, plan it all out first!

And He plotted ALL our family lines AT THE SAME TIME! Together with every leaf type, every cloud type, every snowflake… the list goes on endlessly!

And… He knew, even while sitting at his planning table, that the wicked would need to be fought and the victory won, right from the start.

He sets His plan into action

The time came when He was ready, so He began speaking and creating all we see and all we can’t see. His last grand finale being the creation of man and woman.

To top things off, He created man and woman with their own free will. This means that God will not cross the will of man, or intervene in his course, unless… (we’ll see later)!

He created even His enemies

When God finished creation He was very pleased with all He had done and pronounced it as being ‘good’! He was more than satisfied… in fact, everything was perfect right down to the smallest detail.

I’d like you to think about this for a moment… God created people who would love Him, and those who would be His enemies! And it was all a part of His perfect plan!

It can be hard for us to fathom why He would create those who would, by their own freewill, choose to be enemies of God. (And He knew they would). Wouldn’t it have been so much easier all round if He just put them aside on the ‘no-do’ list?

The Challenge

We face challenges every day, one way and another. Did you know that God also loves a challenge!

God not only loves a challenge, but deliberately gives Himself a challenge? Something that cannot be broken under any circumstances.

Can you imagine God being bored?

Well, let’s think about this too… if God created the perfect place, with perfect humans so that nothing could go wrong, I can almost see Him getting a little bored, can’t you? Well maybe not. One day there will be perfection and God has the most amazing plans for that time, but first, He wanted a people who by their own freewill, would love Him, and therefore share in what lays ahead.

He doesn’t want a whole lot of robots! He wants children who love Him of their own freewill.

But, seeing we are made in His image, which means that if we feel it, so can God. I mean, if we can become bored, so can God!

I don’t know about you, but I have never thought about God getting bored! Can’t you imagine it… there He would be, watching as His creation ticked on like clockwork, everything perfect in every way! But wouldn’t He be feeling a little ho-hum because without their freewill they would HAVE to love Him. That’s not very satisfying!

Hmm… no, no-one wants a bored God do they?

We have a free will

So He gave us our own freewill to do as we please. We can all choose to love our Creator, our Saviour, or not. It’s up to us. He has guided us on what He wants, but it’s always up to us if we choose to obey.

The Bible teaches that the Father calls us; that Jesus paid the price for our sin, and if we believe we receive the Holy Spirit.

Not all people make that choice during this lifetime, and this means of-course, if we choose our own way, we also have to be responsible for the way we chose. Maybe this explains a little why there is so much suffering in the world.

5 Greatest Reasons Why God DOESN’T intervene to Prevent Suffering

So it’s created a mighty challenge, not only for us, but for Him: Who amongst His people would recognise how good God was and love Him of their own freewill?

God gives Himself a rule

He also made a stipulation to Himself. He would not interfere unless faith was involved.

This means, the rule was that someone somewhere had to talk to him (pray) in faith concerning any given issue. Then God would move on their behalf as He saw fit and best.

God is moved only by faith!

“It is possible to move men, through God, by prayer alone”.

Hudson Taylor

Just make sure they are not whinging, whining, begging type prayers, but prayer that God listens to… faith filled, believing God hears you and therefore will act on your behalf, according to His will.

You do not have to struggle to have faith. Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of Christ. The more you get to hear what Christ has done for you, the more your faith automatically rises.

Can you imagine how difficult it must be for God sometimes, as He can see exactly what needs to be done, but because no-one has covered it in prayer, He will not allow Himself to move in on the situation?

He has countless angels (messengers) he can deploy at any given moment… He’s just waiting… waiting on people to ask Him to.

5D Chess Player versus 1,000,000D Chess Player!

In our journey over the past 2+ years, we have learnt that President Trump is an avid 5D chess player. Try to imagine playing five games of chess at the same time. I can’t even play one! Never been into it.

Now let your imagination wander over to what God is dealing with. He’s playing 1,000,000D chess and plus some!

Imagine moving the pieces on the board of a million or so chess games, all at the same time.

He is ultimately in control of each one of us, each country, each dialogue etc. He knows and comprehends every language spoken on earth, and actually doesn’t even require language as He knows our every thought!

Talking to God

So what moves God? Faith. Before He moves He requires faith.

Talking to him in faith is what changes things.

Prayer… (talking to God), just the way you talk to your mum or dad, with no special language required.

So God’s challenge is being able to see exactly what is required in any given situation but limiting himself to only moving in when His people talk to him in faith, believing He will do according to how He sees is the best action (chess move) for the situation.

God will move people into positions of authority around the world as He sees fit. Remember, He sees all. He knows what is needed and required at any given time. But He moves them as His people pray.

Does this give you an idea of how important prayer is? And why we pray?

We have to fight the battles

God does not fight our battles for us. There is no mention anywhere in Old or New Testaments where God told His people He would come and do the fighting for them. No… as the people called out to Him, He told them what to do, when and how. Information was often received one step at a time.

Battle of Jericho

Let’s skim over the Battle of Jericho for just a moment. There were two things that God expected of the people of the time… faith and obedience.

They didn’t have a clue how the battle could be won. It looked totally impossible. But their leader talked to God and God revealed to him what to do.

It sounded like silly stuff!

  • Walk around the city silently once a day for six days! (Yeah right!)
  • On the seventh day, walk around the city seven times and then give a loud shout while the priests blow their trumpets! Huh?? What would blowing the trumpets do? Nothing!

They couldn’t figure out how that could possibly change anything. Here they were faced with a real problem and God’s talking about blowing trumpets!

Had their leader really heard from God? (Mumble… grumble…)

Faith and Obedience wins!

But they did as they were instructed, on that seventh day, after that seventh journey around the city, when they shouted and blew their trumpets, the walls fell down! In they went and took over the city.

It only happened because the people obeyed God and did as He instructed. They must have put their mumbling aside and walked in faith… God had this… that was all they knew.

I told you it was silly stuff!

There were two requirements: Faith and Obedience.

God did not come, or for that matter, send his angels (messengers) to fight the battle for them… they had to do it. But once they moved in faith, I’m sure the angels soon became involved. Maybe they pushed the walls over, but only on God’s instruction, at the given time, because He was pleased with the people for walking in obedience and faith. They had proved themselves.

It was a one-time instruction. I wouldn’t try it now, as that is not the instruction we are receiving for the present time!

But the principle is the same… over and over. Faith and Obedience.

We fight the wicked expecting Victory!

Now all of us living in this time are faced with a battle of a different kind. A mighty battle. Not a battle using tanks and guns, although they have their place at times, but it’s a spiritual war; a war against the insane use of our babies, children, women and men; an information war… (a war against incessant propaganda, lies and deceit).

This spiritual war is not only something going on somewhere above the clouds, but is happening right here on mother earth. Between real people. Between good and evil. It’s a war being fought between God and Satan… with all of us who choose to be on the good side.

Our world has been filled with Sa/ta/nists and that’s who this battle is against.

Just remember that God could deal with Satan in the blink of an eye. Poof! Gone! But that’s not according to His plan. ‘We the People’ have to rise up and deal with the demons inside these Satanists, as God directs His people in authority.

Mighty Warriors fighting for victory over the wicked

There are many mighty warriors involved in this war, not yielding spears and holding up shields, at least, not the physical kind. The kind being used in this war are of a spiritual nature. Prayer (talking to God), speaking the truth and exposing the S/at/an/ic Cab/al(truth bombs) by sharing with others, speaking God’s Word against the enemy etc.)

In the practical sense, our Military Alliance are busy emptying the underground tunnels and rescuing the children: arresting political and company leaders etc. worldwide. Sometimes they have locked us down to keep us out of harms way lest we become caught in the crossfire. The enemy is not lying down and letting us take away everything they have built around them over the centuries. No way! They fight, and fight hard… using real weapons.

If we are anticipating victory over the wicked, this is where prayer must come in.

God moves on our behalf (the good guys) against the evil (the bad guys) when we pray in faith believing that God is in control and will do what’s necessary.

No-one can deny that the enormous removal of evil being carried out on our earth, and under the earth, is anything less than that of Biblical proportions. Never before has there been such a battle fought, in every country, at the same time, against the very same enemy that had infiltrated society and stolen our children, of all countries worldwide.

We know the end of the story!

Victory won against the wicked by us fighting… not leaving!

God is not going to remove us out of the scene and leave the unfortunate others to fend for themselves. Nowhere in the Bible does it say that when faced with a difficult situation God simply removed his faithful from the scene. No… they had to go into battle, by faith, and when God saw that, He made sure they won!

He uses the ridiculous in a divine way… it’s how God works.

The battle we are fighting today is spoken of over and over again in the Word of God. God knew it was coming, in fact, God has planned it this way.

Before God created the earth and the entire universe, He saw this battle. He knew that there would be people choosing the evil side. Now we see the result of that… everywhere.

We need to pray (talk to God) about every aspect of this enormous battle. Remember to check you are praying prayers of faith. Are you praying in accordance with God’s Word?

Pray for God’s will to be done

Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth, as it is in Heaven!

Part of the Lord’s Prayer

This is it! All those who have been mindlessly praying the Lord’s Prayer for generations, are actually praying for the Lord’s kingdom to come and for the Lord’s will to be done HERE ON EARTH as it IS IN HEAVEN!

This prayer is praying for peace on earth amongst all men. It’s praying that the Kingdom of God will come to earth… for goodwill, for love and acceptance, and all the other attributes of God.

When will this time take place?

When the battle between good and evil has been fought and won!

Satan will no longer be in the position of being able to work through men and women, because all the satanic people, all those possessed by demon spirits, will be removed. (Gitmo and/or prison for life). After all, Satan can only work through those who allow his demons in to take them over.

All those involved in Sat/a/nic ri/tuals have invited demons to come in and take them over, while at the same time, they ask the Holy Spirit to leave! This is not just the few… this is HUGE!

Why do they do that?

For power, fame and fortune that’s promised to them by the evil Ca/bal. Much of Holl/y/wood, country governments, CEO’s of corporations, etc, etc have done just this… to gain their power, fame and fortune.

Have you noticed the huge amount of CEO’s stepping down from their cushy jobs? They are only doing it because they know they have to… the White Hats are on to them and they’re all running scared… and/or have already been dealt with at Gitmo!

When they’ve got them all, the enemy (Satan) will be as ‘unable to have his way’… for a very long time!

This will then usher in the wonderful time of peace spoken of in God’s Word.

Now we know what we need to do, we will soon see Victory over the Wicked!

All this ran through my mind within a very short time. God was showing me how important talking to Him is concerning the end result of our world’s turmoil. We have allowed Satan to have his way when God said we were to take dominion. We have no-one else to blame but ourselves… our own ignorance.

But we are not ignorant any more, are we? No way! Our eyes have been opened so we see what is going on. Now we go into battle against the enemy with everything we’ve got, knowing we are on the Lord’s side with victory in our sights, against this wicked, dark, evil, immoral, rotten, sinful, vile, villainous people!

Are you anticipating that the wicked shall be overcome with victory? They have been keeping us all in debt slavery while cleverly hiding the truth from us? If so, then you need to pray for it to happen, and happen quickly!



  1. I have always believed in God but like some abandoned him when bringing up a young family and always busy. I turned to prayer when my husband and Father was ill. He always answered my prayers.
    I have been talking to him for the last 5/6 years. At bedtime always show gratitude for another day on this beautiful blue 🌏 of his.
    I give gratitude every day for the water I bathe in, the food and drink I consume and for another day in my life.

  2. I am so very grateful GOD gave us YOU ! I will be like the others and read and reread your words. GOD gifted you with a great talent of writing. So much GOOD is eventually come out of this awful war. I am grateful I am alive to experience this time in our lives. PRAYER is VERY POWERFUL !!! Love you and much thanks for all you do.

    • Thank you once again Vivian for your kind words.
      We must encourage each other, especially in these times when everything appears to be going belly up! As we stay close to the Lord He leads us into all truth. Do we get it right all the time, maybe not, but most of the time is better than none at all!
      So many people are looking to the MSM for what is going on rather than finding out from the Book of Truth.
      Bless you… hope to hear from you again.

  3. Wow. I have shared/visited with you a few times. This is wonderful. I will continue to read and reread this. Yes, God is in control. I have struggled in many ways for some time. What has occurred over the last few years has been very divisive as I may have shared. I have been awake/aware for a little over a year. My awakeness has separated me from one I love dearly who doesn’t see/know what I know. I can’t believe the enormity of all that has occurred. Unfortunately, bad in an enormous sense. God is in control and I must continue with my faith and prayers.

    • Hi again Greg! I must say to you ‘Well done!’. It’s hard when you are living in that type of circumstance. I guess we all face it one way and another, but it’s really hard when it’s between husband and wife.
      None of us know all the in’s and out’s of what is happening, but keeping our faith levels high wins in the end.
      I’m so glad you found the post so helpful. 🙂

  4. In the name of the Father, the Son and the holy Ghost:

    Dear Lord:

    Please give us the strength to do thy will. May thy Kingdom come & thy will be done on earth as in heaven . . . . . . forgive us our sins; as we forgive those who have sinned against us, and lead us not into Temptation, but deliver us from evil!

    Please watch over and protect the children. Thank you for hearing my prayer.

  5. What a beautiful dialogue and one so many must return to, to bring this earth to the beauty and peace it was divinely planned to be.

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