New NESARA Explanation. Don’t Confuse With Evil Great Reset!

Nesara explanation

Here is a further NESARA explanation. Please be aware that:

  • The ‘N’ in NESARA – stands for National, which is the United States.
  • And the ‘G’ in GESARA – stands for Global which includes the entire world.

It is believed they will both basically happen at the same time.

No-one will miss out.

An Explanation of NESARA GESARA

I was listening to the follow video on the NESARA explanation and decided I should transcribe some of the slides shown within. As they are on a purple background, using blue and red type which is VERY difficult to read, I saw the need. Ugh!

It’s not a straight transcript, just mainly of the slides. For extra explanation you can view the video for yourself, but read along with what I have down below.

(Update: Now known only as “Global Economic Security And Reformation Act as it refers to the whole world.)

Explanation of NESARA & GESARA

BEWARE! Similar sounding – very different meanings!

We have to be so careful and test everything these days. We have never before comprehended just how important that is. When we listen to talks we can believe we are listening to the same thing, when in reality it’s the opposite! It’s very important that we have an explanation of NESARA and understand the real meaning behind the words.

The Deep State, the Cabal, have tried to hijack everything that the ‘good guys’ have been wanting to implement. So let us take a little look at where NESARA came from:

The fairly brief, original NESARA was written back in Abraham Lincoln’s time.

In 1962 it was rewritten by JFK and his team. It remained basically the same up until Donald Trump came on the scene.

National Economic Security And Reformation Act

Named by John F Kennedy Snr and remained until Donald Trump

Donald Trump and the White Hats have now edited that Act. They created ten points which are believed to be pretty much as explained below.

Meanwhile, the Deep State and the Cabal have an Act of their own, very similar in wording to the National Economic Security And Recovery Act, but with dramatically different meanings:

National Economic Security And Recovery Act

Deep State and Cabal

Let’s take a look at the differences:

Explanation of NESARA plain and simple

Number 1

Forgets all credit card, mortgage, student loan and bank debt due to illegal banking

What the Good Side means:

  • You become debt free and sovereign and embrace your divinity
  • Be free to choose what you do
    • A sovereign individual people can freely choose to do what is good and
    • live free outside the debt slavery methods imposed with limited income and access to needed resources as costs requiring debt by consuberence. It is best for people
    • to have the ability to ignore the negative messaging and social conditioning that comes from desiring things beyond affordability and structured pricing to enslave people
    • Being Sovereign with the power to cut off communications from social programming is the first step towards freedom. That tool is the Q-phone we designed so that the FSC online Banking
    • applications as well as the 4D holographic applications can become the basis of direct online education, new entertainment venues, movies direct, social networking without the
    • constraints imposed by Big Tech.

What the Dark Side means:

  • The Deep State and the Cabal will have total control over you under the N/W/O.
  • The Cabal wants to make you a slave.

Number 2

Dissolves IRS and ends all income tax

What the Good Side means:

  • You become sovereign and embrace your divinity… you become income tax free
    • The IRS is absolutely an illegal collection agency for the oligopolists that created it to collect taxes and pay them and not for the benefit of the United States Government nor its people.
    • Taxes were and have been used to pay those who control the Federal Reserve Banks and their policy.
    • There is no need for the IRS anymore. Those who created it are no longer among the living. Most of them are now executed.

What the Dark Side means:

  • You become income tax free, however you become a robot controlled by the N/W/O.
  • And you will do as they say.
  • Then you will own nothing and be happy!

Number 3

Creates a flat rate of tax on non-essential new items

What the Good Side means:

  • The Flat Tax will be sufficient and I believe the new rate is 17% for non essential items.
    • This will fill the void for lost revenue and correct illegal taxation against the people of all nations.

What the Dark Side means:

  • They (N/W/O) decide what is essential and what will be taxed. They are 100% in control.

Number 4

Increases the benefits for the elderly

What the Good Side means:

  • Every person over 65 should have sufficient fixed income to live well and not worry about the costs of living
    • Includes complete Medical, Dental and Hearing care, as well as special activities on vacations.
    • With the Med Beds care they can become rejuvenated and more youthful so they can live another 1,000 years in the future and embrace all the goodness life has to offer in the future perfect world we shall create.

What the Dark Side means:

  • The elderly are top of the list for the vaccines!
    • As they regard them as useless eaters, the need the vaccines.
    • They cost the elite too much and provide nothing.

Number 5

Return to Constitutional Law

What the Good Side means:

  • We must return to Constitutional Law as that is the law of the land and we live on land now.
    • In the future we will also live on floating Islands. This will also be defined as land. They will create and design them as Cities, States and Countries as small as Palau and as large as Australia.
    • There is no need for the laws of Pirates as we have all been raped enough over the last few centuries.
    • As Civil servants and those in Military Service swear their oath of office it is always based on defending the Constitution of their Nation, not Maritime Laws.

What the Dark Side means:

  • Law of the Seas, Maritime Law, Admiralty Law (By consent)
    • All are public servants which means the Masters (us) are taking orders from servants (them). We have let them do this!

Let’s continue with 5 more points in this comprehensive NESARA explanation.

Number 6

Representational elections within the law

What the Good Side means:

  • Representational elections within the law
    • Your vote on the new Quantum voting system cannot be altered by anyone so your vote has a value and the new voting system is representational.

What the Dark Side means:

  • Under the current system they decide who wins the elections, your vote under their system will never have any value.
    • They use Dominion to switch votes to whoever they want in power.

Number 7

Election oversight

What the Good Side means:

  • QFS operation system is the right operating system to provide true uncorrupted manipulation of private virtual and true communications in all areas of concern especially voting!!!
  • Furthermore, it can be used to reverse bad laws as well with the private voices of all people.
    • This is a big deal right now as they stole the 2020 elections from us all, not only in the United States, but all over the free world.
    • I personally am offended by this as I am a 2 year Army Veteran and 11 year Navy veteran who participated in three war campaigns seeing fellow comrades die in action defending our constitutional right to live free, and that right includes our right to vote on those who are to represent ‘We the People’.
    • When that was stolen from us by the manipulation of Big Tech using the Dominion Machines, mainstream media, Big Tech, Social Media outlets, I felt like going to war against these new enemies of the good people of the United States.
    • Everything has a serial number on the Quantum Voting System giving you a digital identity. It cannot be hacked.

What the Dark Side means:

  • Under the current system they decide who wins the elections.
    • They can switch your votes easily with the help of Dominion and whoever they decide is their preferred representative.

Number 8

Federal Reserve Bank

What the Good Side means:

  • Has been backed into the Treasury which was part of NESARA/GESARA. This is absolute evidence that NESARA/GESARA is taking place.!
    • The design and purpose of the Federal Reserve is over and part of NESARA/GESARA, as the main tool dollarisation of the Global Market places based on Fractional Banking policies, created an endless cycle of debt slavery and caused debt bondage of the entire populations of each and every nation.
    • They used this foundation of the Monetary System manipulation to:
      • cause wars,
      • artificially create shortages,
      • cause death through many indirect causes including starvation,
      • civil unrest and even
      • funded black operations in the murder of those whom would object to the abuses created and managed by those that controlled the Global Monetary System using fiat currency.
      • and the abuse of natural resources of developing nations through unwarranted loans from not only the FRB but also the IMF, World Bank, policy via the CRF, Bilderberg Group, backed by enforcement of NATO, United Nations and encouraged by religious organisations such as the Vatican and Queen of England under the 13 Bloodline Families.
    • Yes the corruption is big and wide and only by the grace of God have we all had an opportunity to overcome the evil atrocities imposed upon all of humanity.

What the Dark Side means:

  • The Deep State and the Cabal are dependent on financial control of the FED as they no longer have access to unlimited funds to finance war and other nefarious activities.
  • All Central Banks will close down.

Number 9

New currency

What the Good Side means:

  • The Quantum Financial System (QFS) is totally backed by gold.
  • Global Digital Currency backed by liquid assets under the BASEL 111 and 1V accords is the beginning of freedom.
    • (BASEL 111 & BASEL 1V means the banks must make sure their currency is backed by gold. Those that don’t will be closed down)
  • Tie that in with the sovereignty of each host nation respecting their national rights for their monetary authority yet exchangeable globally using the QFS operation system with online banking created the right medium for global exchange.
    • (Russia has already published that their 5000 rubles is equal to 1 gram of gold)
    • Now add individual capability using devises like the Q-phone under the Virtual Private Networks such as those provided with a FSC – QFS online Bank Account and you now have total complete private direct banking on the palm of your hand.
    • In the future the assets backing digital currency will become energy.
    • This special energy will become more valuable as humanity expands to colonies in space and new planets with the advance of space travel in advanced spacecrafts, portals such as star gates using existing wormholes and other wonderful new technology being introduced as humanity elevates into the 4th and 5th dimensions of existence.

What the Dark Side means:

  • The Deep State and the Cabal are desperate to recover control of the FED as they no longer have access to unlimited funds to finance war or other nefarious activities.
  • All Central banks will be closed down.
  • Their digital currency is known as DBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) – They pretend it’s backed by gold, but it’s not!

Number 10

To live in peace

What the Good Side means:

  • Yes the only choice is by design, God’s commandment to love God with all your heart and to love your neighbour as yourself.
    • Best way to do this is to do good works using all what God has given you with witty inventions, knowledge, lots of prayer, pure heart and great joy knowing you are going to live your purpose driven life here on earth for all of humanity and even love those extra-terrestrials* that seek to live in peace and harmony.
    • Now concerning those that do not desire to live in peace, ask them to depart to another planet without humans as food or slaves…
    • They can just create clones in their images and be off…

(Do extra-terrestrials exist? I’m still waiting on that one!) 🙂

What the Dark Side means:

  • The Deep State and Cabal want to use AI (Artificial Intelligence) to track and trace everybody by Nano technology implanted under the skin by use of the vaccination.
    • To control everybody under their own rules
    • Reduce the population by 95% to make their job easier, using war and Bio-weapons to achieve their goals.
Decipher what is of the Good Side and Shun the Evil

Hope this helps

I hope this NESARA explanation has helped you comprehend what is coming in the near future. No dates can be given, although it’s quite obvious that it is already being gradually implemented.

Countless thousands of student loans, credit card debts and mortgages have already been forgiven. There is no fanfare… just when people go to pay, or happen to look at their accounts, they discover it is zero. A very lovely discovery indeed.

I know there are many millions waiting on this to happen for them. It will. Up till now, some fortunate people have been chosen as part of their testing. That’s got to be good, because it just confirms it’s on the way.

An explanation of NESARA is exactly the same as for GESARA, so that means wherever you live on the face of this earth… it’s a’coming!



  1. Thank you Marilyn, for this hopeful, positive look of things to come. I lost my hubby over 2 years ago in a horrific accident. He believed in all of this, particularly the medbeds. He had diabetes and all its problems and was so looking forward to the medbeds. So close! I so truly miss him. Thank you again for your postings!

  2. Great Post Marilyn and I enjoyed reading this especially what is NESARA and GESARA now I know great tips

    I was shocked to hear IRS and how corrupt they are

  3. I am so looking forward to the future. I have been battling Lyme disease, as so many are, and the Med Beds are my only hope. I’m looking forward to having fun again. YAY!

    • Hi Andi! I’m trusting that is exactly the way it will be… having fun again. Sounds good. Meanwhile, work on your diet. Stick to clean whole foods and get rid of any rubbish.

    • Hi Andi –
      – right there with you having the lyme disease. It’s the slowest death to have. You know what’s killing you but there’s no help – the doctors tell you it’s all in your head! Meanwhile the ‘bugs’ are crawling round inside you from place to place in cycles.
      I looked up usamedbeds and found there are some commercial ones but very expensive. Starting around $5000. up to around $50 or $60 thousand each. That’s no good for the common suffering person but it shows there IS something out there!
      So let’s pray to the Lord if it’s His Will that we may hang on till they’re available.

  4. I want to live in peace and freedom here on Gaia (planet Earth). I don’t want to visit or live in space or on other planets, however I do appreciate that people will have more freedom of choice. I want to eat affordable organic natural non-GMO non-toxic food, and drink fresh clean cold water from nature. Thank you Marilyn for sharing more good news of our bright future.

  5. Thank you for taking the time to show the difference. My husband and I had watched the video of CW and Melissa explaining the difference a few days ago, but your outlining of it on your site here sure helps more for understanding for us. We are 71 yrs. old. We first heard about NESARA from my father back in the winter of 2000. He and his brother were Navy veterans and they found out about our birth certificates being used for chattel, Agenda 21 and about the illegal taxing of Americans that started in 1913. Then in the summer of 2019, one of our children found a link to an article explaining NESARA and emailed that link to me. I saved it to my computer system and have printed copies and given it to family members and friends. Your article above I will be saving and giving to family members and friends too because your help in explaining this currently is very helpful and needed. Blessings to you….Karla

    • I’m so glad you found it helpful Karla… what you are doing is exactly what we all need to be doing… spreading the news far and wide. We need to drip feed so that people don’t become overwhelmed.
      It’s good to know you have family members who have become aware. Well done!

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