A World of Lies Collusion and Conspiracy Exposed Now!

lies collusion and conspiracy

Living in this world of lies collusion and conspiracy, we often times are left totally confused and have no idea what to believe, and what not!

That is the time to grab this book written by Michael Ogden, who has been investigating truth for over six years. His analytical mind takes him down many rabbit holes as he follows his determination to know once and for all, what lies collusion and conspiracy are going on in the world he lives.

In Michael’s own words…

A World of Lies Collusion and Conspiracy is a book about the real world hidden in plain sight behind a grand facade of emotional rhetoric, spurious distractions and contemptuous ridicule. Most people are living in Plato’s cave and mistake the shadows around us for reality when, in fact, they have been put there to keep us divided in our paddocks of acceptable group-think.

Michael Ogden

Can’t we rely on the media for this?

A question many ask is why can’t I just trust the media. They are too busy to spend time researching and it’s so much easier to click on the news and let them tell you. At the end of your half hour, or one hour ear-bashing, together with a whole host of ads too to boot, you walk away satisfied you are up to date with the latest.

Good for you… not!

Have you ever stopped to ask questions regarding what the mainstream media relay? Do you question their validity? Are you of the opinion they would never lie to you and therefore can be fully trusted?

I believe many of us have come to realise that not everything our nightly news portrays is actually correct. Do you realise that virtually all the news media companies around the world are owned by the same little group, and that even when switching channels you hear the very same thing?

It has been said, if you listen to the news, believe the opposite! In this world of lies collusion and conspiracy, how is it possible to believe they are telling the truth.

A World of Lies Collusion and Conspiracy: And how to see past it

Let’s take a few examples covered in Michael’s book.

The Titanic sinks!

Michael brings out facts about the sinking of the Titanic which are not known by many. We have all seen the movie ‘Titanic’ haven’t we? Sure we know they base it on a few facts and then blow them out to make a dramatic story out of it. It was so interesting to watch, wasn’t it? Held you glued to the screen as you waited to see the outcome.

So because of this, we all know that the ship simply ran into an iceberg, was cut open, filled with water… and the rest is ‘history’! We watched in horror as the ship nose-dived into the depths below.

Because of this brilliant and very entertaining movie, we now have it firmly in our mind what happened, how it happened, and the end result.

But is that really the truth? Was there something they weren’t telling us?

It’s all there in Michael’s book, ‘A World of Lies Collusion and Conspiracy: And how to see past it’. He brings out what really happened… and it’s not what you think!

Do we really know our history?

The more we learn, the more we realise how little we know! Every part of society has been taken over, little by little, with changes made to our history in such a way we don’t realise what is happening.

We live in a time where we need to question everything… I mean, everything! No longer can we simply accept what we are being told as truth.

This works both ways of-course. ‘Truthers’ everywhere are telling us it’s not that way, it’s this way. Should we believe them?

It doesn’t matter who’s telling the story, we need to get to and do our own research. It’s not as easy as attending a class and listening to ‘truth’!

‘They’ have led us like sheep to the slaughter!

As I said, every part of society has been infiltrated by those who have a certain agenda for us. The ‘truth’ they tell is the ‘truth’ they want us to believe. Whether it be:

  • Medicine
  • Science
  • Historical records
  • News Media
  • Church seminaries & other religious teachings
  • Political arena
  • Walking on the moon
  • Twin Towers
  • Wars
  • Shootings

These are just a few that came quickly to my mind.

All these things and countless others, have been portrayed to us so we believe a certain way. And, for the most time, we have fully fallen for it, time, time, and time again.

Learn to comprehend

Do we have a population explosion?

Exactly how do they work out how many people live in this world? Michael has pulled together some very interesting information which once again will cause us to think.

Many have no idea on how to use critical thinking any more. If we were told we have 70 billion people living on this earth by some history professor, would we just believe him? I mean, he must know, doesn’t he? How come he’s teaching us if he doesn’t know what he’s teaching?

These are the things we say…

Don’t be fooled… there are many reasons they wanted you to wear a mask

This new learning will not be always easy to accept, but it will be very exciting! It’s like riding in a Jeep along a very bumpy bush track… some of the bumps and hollows may almost be too much, but at the end you will look back and say how terrific it was!

It will certainly cause you to enter into the world of critical thinking, maybe like never before.

Fascinating, and easy to read and absorb

I don’t receive anything for promoting this book, so my views are totally unbiased.

Michael’s book is 18 chapters long, and it’s full of fascinating reading.

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If the links don’t work for you, please go to Amazon, type in the name ‘ World of Lies, Collusion and Conspiracy’ by Michael Ogden.

Does he portray it as the absolute truth? I would say no! He presents us with a whole host of facts he has unearthed during his deep, deep research, and leaves it to us to consider and do further research so we can find out for ourselves.

It’s the way it should be… especially during this period of lies collusion and conspiracy that we live in. One day I believe, the truth will be fully exposed. It will not all be easy to take, so prepare yourself beforehand by reading Michael’s book now.



    • I’m not sure what I think Bruce… except when reading the reports of many regarding this, they all seem to be so upset that these children will be ‘handicapped’ for life because they are not being taught the scientific truth regarding evolution.
      It was interesting to read this:
      “Many American states including Texas, Tennessee, Kansas and Pennsylvania have had their tiff with evolution. Serbia, Poland and the Netherlands have also had issues with teaching evolution in schools. In 2017, Turkey dropped it. Saudi Arabia, Oman, Algeria and Morocco have banned the teaching of evolution completely. In Egypt and Tunisia, evolution is presented as an unproven hypothesis.”
      As I come from a Biblical standpoint, I’m very happy that so many countries, or states have either dropped it or presenting it differently etc.
      The same article says they are also:
      “On June 1, India cut a slew of foundational topics from tenth grade textbooks, including the periodic table of elements, Darwin’s theory of evolution, the Pythagorean theorem, sources of energy, sustainable management of natural resources and contribution of agriculture to the national economy, among others.”
      Regarding all the other things mentioned, I do not sufficiently comprehend to be able to make comment. I will follow it all with interest though.

    • Hi Jerry!
      Fact or fantasy? Really I have no idea. It loses me when they start talking about people flipping in and out of different timelines etc. etc.
      How do they prove any of it? Is there any fact we can base ‘truth’ upon?
      I wish I could say it is one way or another, but the problem is that what I say would be a fabrication!
      I guess the best thing we can do is stick to following/listening to people who don’t take us off into la-la land. Actually, maybe what they are saying is true, only time will tell.
      Put it on the backburner… that’s what I do… and wait.

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