Simple Australia Decode – Hidden And Hazardous Secret Agenda Found!

Everyone worldwide should look at this simple Australia decode provided by Amanda Newearth & Gene Decode.

What has been taking place in Australia has really nothing to do with Australia alone. No! Australia has been taken over by the N/W/O as the perfect place to work their atrocities for the world. We are a vast nation with very little population. Perfect!

We people of Australia can be forgiven for thinking we are placed in the world in such a way that we are ‘out of sight and therefore, out of mind’ as far as world happenings are concerned.

I mean, look at the World Wars. The war came close but basically we got off scot-free in comparison to other countries.

How lucky we are!

Being brought up in Australia, we have always been told… we live in the ‘lucky country’!

Although we knew we seemed to lag behind other first-world countries, still it was well instilled into us that we really had it so good.

Meanwhile, as our Prime Ministers would continue to confirm we were definitely the ‘lucky country’, there was a hidden ugliness infiltrating every part of our beautiful land.

Australia is such a large country… vast in every way. To go anywhere… it’s a long, long way.

Further Australia decode

Nefarious Snowy Mountain Scheme of yesteryear

Way back, they had the Snowy Mountain Scheme. It was thought it was just building pipelines to take water to where it was needed. Sounds like a good idea in our dry country, doesn’t it?

But this video brings out that while they were doing potentially a good thing, they were using it for nefarious means… (see video)

Canberra, Australia’s capital city… not to be proud of!

Australia’s capital city, Canberra, is crawling with symbology all over that place. Just like Washington DC, the City of London and Vatican City, Australia’s Canberra is also a huge stronghold of evil.

You Keep out! This is a Research Facility!

They keep us out of certain areas of Australia because they are dedicated to ‘research’! Yeah right!

Huge areas of our land is used to further the agenda of evil on behalf of not only Australia, but the world!

The potentially hidden island of Tasmania

Our little island of Tasmania is often left off maps, but it’s actually an island state. It doesn’t matter… no-one will notice! This allows the people of Tasmania to believe they are far away from all the activities of the world.

I guess in one sense that’s right, but guess what, the D/ee/p S/tat/e realised that to their advantage! According to this video, Tasmania is just ‘one big D U M B’!

Alliance are busy on our behalf!

Being an island containing only 500,000 thousand people means there’s lots of land where hardly anyone goes. The West Coast is a very wet area and there’s lots of it. So much could go on there without alerting the notice of anyone at all!

The centre of the island is very mountainous with lakes dotted all over it. The D/eep St/ate love lakes! Lakes provide them with entry areas to the undergound.

Also, we are a little closer to Antarctica which also works in ‘their’ favour.

Australia Decode – ‘they’ lose!

Although this video was made some time ago, it’s something that all Australians, and people everywhere, should watch.

They have spent thousands of years preparing this world for evil, but we know what the Book says!

Who wins in the end? Well, I can tell you, it’s not ‘them’!

They are falling all around us as we speak!

They are falling all around us, just exactly how the Book describes it to be. Yay!

I present this video on my blog to aid people to recognise the great depths ‘they’ have gone to, and therefore the greater the victory for us it shall be.

Amanda Newearth & Gene Decode

This interesting Australia Decode explains a lot. It should cause us all to rise up against it as we see how they have been using our beautiful country to further the agenda of the N/W/O. I want to also add a special ‘thank-you’ to those living in other lands who are barracking for Australia. You really encourage us through these difficult times.



  1. We, in the USA, have a place called Area 51, which is off-limits to the public. It’s situated in a desert region of the state of Nevada.

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