Is Australia The Lucky Country Or Hidden Stronghold Agenda?

Is Australia the lucky country as it’s always portrayed, or does it contain hidden stronghold agendas of the Dark Ones?

All my life, the government have portrayed Australia as ‘the lucky country’. We grew up believing that to be true.

I guess you have to ask yourself why they made such a big thing of it. Now I think I comprehend why!

Don’t take me wrong. Australia is a beautiful country and we truly love it in every way. But, we have not loved the tyranny we have all lived under while believing we are in the best place.

It’s strange isn’t it, that what you grow up with you accept as normal and just the way it has to be.

Over the last few years, since my eyes flew open to the contents of this article, we now realise the need to rise up and take a stand against the evil that undermines our beautiful country.

Document source

One of my Telegram readers left me this information, together at the same time we had heard it read out on a Nicholas Veniamin video. I felt it was worth sharing to my readers. The thread was forwarded from ‘D.U.M.B.S and Underground War’ who had sourced it from

I have broken the article up so I can make comments along the way, to help you comprehend the contents.

Let’s begin:

A major strong hold of Evil

It is not the people of Australia, it is the country of Australia that is a major DRAKON STRONG HOLD.

Absolutely not… it is not the normal people of Australia who delve in evil! Our country, without us knowing, is infiltrated. Completely taken over by evil forces endeavouring to carry out their own agenda.

The evil I believe is in and under Australia is the evil criminal cabal, N/W/O, globalists etc. etc. Yes, I do believe we have demonic beings who have possessed men and women who then do evil works through them.

As for Drakon… let’s not go there for now, shall we?

Canberra the central seat of government to rule the planet

The headquarters of the main US intelligence agency is not in Langley, Virginia, but in Melbourne, Australia.

The global elite originally set up Parliament House in Canberra as their central seat of government to rule the planet.

Image: Parliament house, Canberra, ACT, Australia

Australia, because of its isolation from the rest of the world has been the perfect place for much hidden evil to take place. They have come in and used our various cities to set up, while telling all the people we live in Australia – the lucky country!

In general, the people of Australia are carefree, fun-loving, friendly people who love life. They get along with most everybody and have a laid-back ‘She’ll be right!’ attitude. In other words, ‘don’t worry mate’, they say, ‘it will be alright!’

Hearing what we hear in these days comes as quite a shock to the Australian people. We thought we were way out from the firing line as far as world problems are concerned. Sometimes, we almost feel like the forgotten country, as everything appears to hover around the United States and/or Europe.

But to hear that our country is taken over by evil… it’s enormous!

Central Australia is home to the world’s most important underground facilities

Central Australia is home to the world’s most important underground facilities, built like underground hotels where the global elite seek refuge after implementing their original global extinction plan, only to come out when the dust settles.

Australia the lucky country

What does it mean ‘when the dust settles’?

From what we can glean, their plan was to reduce the earth’s population by a massive amount. These global elites don’t want the worry of having to continue to organise all of us. They would prefer to have just enough left to take care of their every need.

How many people live in our world at present? I wonder if you can answer that question? It’s difficult and really, I wonder if there is anyone who really knows.

But let’s just pick a number… eight billion… how’s that?

They want to reduce the population to somewhere around 500,000.

Currently they are using the j*a*b, but it’s only one of many ‘ideas’ they have to reach their target.

Read more here:

Don’t worry, the Alliance is on to them

Meanwhile, the Alliance is right on to them! Yes sir! So the idea of getting out of the way while the dust settles is to make their get-away… down, down, down… under the earth… and in their minds, out of sight, out of mind!

That’s their plan… but we know differently, don’t we?

Canberra, the capital city of Australia – the lucky country!

Under Canberra there are many levels of draconian bases that can be accessed by submarine and by spaceships that land cloaked in the lake in front of Parliament House (Lake Burley Griffen).

Under the lake they have access to the many levels that are under the Australian Parliament building.

Lake Burley Griffen
Image: Lake Burley Griffen, Canberra ACT, Australia

We have heard Gene Decode tell in great details of these things, and how they connect to other places underground. What an easy plan… if trouble comes, just disappear through a door somewhere and go down to the safety underground.

In my mind, I question the access through Lake Burley Griffen. Not because I don’t believe they could do it… but using spaceships?

Wouldn’t they be seen?

They say they are ‘cloaked’… what does that mean? How?

Just some interesting points to ponder.

Uluru (Ayers Rock) Australia

Under Uluru (Ayers Rock) in the center of Australia is the largest genetic cloning lab in the world for the dark.

Uluru (Ayers Rock)
Ayers Rock (Uluru) Central Australia

It almost looks like photoshop! But really, if you are there at the right time, the rock lights up in the most amazing colour.

Have you been there? We had the pleasure many years ago. We climbed right up to the top… what a sight it was. Unfortunately, they don’t allow it anymore.

Anyway, we now learn of this genetic cloning lab, the largest in the world, that is right under the rock.

I can’t give you any of the specifics, and even if I could, usually they are so horrific I don’t think my fingers could manage to type the words. It’s not nice… and the very fact it’s secretively underground, away out in a desert place… doesn’t that tell you all you need to know?

Pine Gap – In the Centre of Australia

Under Pine Gap, located in Australia, is the world’s most important UFO surveillance facility used by the global elite.

Pine Gap is the commonly used name for a US satellite surveillance base and Australian Earth station approximately 18 kilometres (11 mi) south-west of the town of Alice Springs, Northern Territory in the centre of Australia which is jointly operated by Australia and the United States. Since 1988, it has been officially called the Joint Defence Facility Pine Gap (JDFPG); previously, it was known as Joint Defence Space Research Facility.

You may not go anywhere near this place. You daren’t travel any further up this road after seeing the signs that you must turn around NOW!

No photography!

Why, what are they trying to hide?

We always have asked these questions.

What do they really do out here in the never-never?

Here we live in Australia the lucky country… but don’t you come anywhere near us or else!

Western Suburbs of Sydney and Circular Quay

Most of the children are conceived in the underground facilities under the western suburbs of Sydney. They are then taken to Circular Quay Harbour in Sydney. From there they are shipped in crates via P&O Cruise Lines around the world. They go to places like New York, LA, the Middle East and Europe to be used in satanic sacrificial rituals, child hunting and adrenochrome harvesting.

Circular Quay, Sydney.

Amongst a whole host of other despicable actions, they work at baby-farming. I’ve heard where this is when they have young girls used to produce as many babies as possible. But I also believe it is where they ‘make’ babies through cloning and other devious means. New Zealand, Australia and South Africa are the places Gene Decode specifies as where they produce babies for the rest of the world.

Owing to the harshness of the lock-downs, I have been saying all along that there is something really special happening in the Western Sydney area. They don’t want people out and about. So, if all this is true, the whole idea of keeping them off the streets etc., is to keep them safe as the Alliance are busy taking care of underground.

The operation is so huge and that’s why the lock-downs are going on for so long.

We see people in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney enjoying themselves on the beaches, while the Western Suburbs are in their homes. Makes sense when you realise what is really going on.

Family members living in the area

I have some family members living in the western suburbs of Sydney. Currently, they are under some of the most stringent lock-downs in Australia. At this present time, they say it will go to the end of October, 2021

These family members could never believe it if I shared this truth with them, but I’m praying for them.

Do the cruise lines ship them? Maybe. I wonder why it’s necessary when they have the ability underground to move them so much quicker.

How many times have I wandered around Circular Quay? Could we, in our wildest imagination, ever conceive the idea of such nefarious actions taking place right there? I shudder to think, really I do.

Massive underground tunnel system

Australia has a MASSIVE underground tunnel system and is littered with DRAKON bases, all connected by large tunnel systems built over 200 years ago with draconic ET technology.

World Map

a) Tunnels from Melbourne lead directly to Tasmania and from Tasmania to Antarctica.

b) Tunnels from Sydney lead to New Zealand and Norfolk Island.

c) Tunnels from Sydney lead to Canberra and from Canberra to Pine Gap and Uluru (Ayers Rock) and also to Melbourne.

d) Tunnels from Perth (Geraldton) in Western Australia lead directly to South Africa.

e) Tunnels from Darwin lead to Indonesia.

If you want to know more about this, you need to watch a few Gene Decode videos where he goes into a massive amount of detail concerning it.

Coober Pedy – Opal Mining

MINERALS are mined underground under Coober Pedy in South Australia, by ANCHORED HUMAN SLAVES and then shipped directly to Alpha Draconis.

Underground in Coober Pedy
Underground in Coober Pedy, South Australia

I have been underground in this town called Coober Pedy in South Australia. On entering, the sweet cool hits you in the face after the immense heat of outside.

Of-course, I had no idea of what was going on underneath my feet…

I cannot confirm one way or the other if this is actually true. I do not know if they have these slaves working underground, but from all I have heard, it would not surprise me in the least!

Shipped directly to Alpha Draconis.‘ seems a bit way out there for me. I see many writings and videos that promote this type of thinking but I have nothing to say about it. Are they fallen angels? That’s more in line with my type of thinking. But I’m not trying to say one way or the other.

The Global Stronghold for the Dark Ones

Australia is not what most people think it is.

Australia is a major GLOBAL stronghold for the Dark Ones and currently the Dark Ones are desperately trying to hold onto one of their last remaining strongholds on the planet.

That is why stand over tactics are currently being used against anyone who dares to stand up.

While people by the thousands are coming out to peacefully protest, the police are coming out against them. Victoria in particular has had them all out… the Victorian police, the SOG and the strange black, heartless police.

I have heard they are from the United Nations. From all the footage I’ve seen, they are really cruel.

This is Australia ‘the lucky country’ at this point in time!

Last desperate bid, or is it?

Maybe it’s their last desperate bid to hold on… OR…

We can’t always see behind the scenes, but we know that the Alliance is here and cleaning out both the d/u/m/b/s and making arrests. We are told that the Alliance (White Hats) are in control, and much of what we are seeing is a movie, or maybe better called a documentary, playing out in the endeavour to open eyes.

I trust that in the very near future, the arrests etc will become public knowledge and that this full-on police activity will come to an end.

Love from abroad

If Americans could visit now, tens of thousands of us would fly in and march with you. Remain peaceful, but stand upright. Maybe violence will come. Protect the children and women. To the men of Australia. You are one of the toughest men the world has ever seen. You are big, you are strong and you do not let yourself be influenced.

Eerie violence in Australia, US military would like to help … (to come …)

Thank you for your support and love… from this one Aussie, on behalf of all Aussies, I want you to know we really appreciate this. You bring a tear to my eye. We truly are all in this together. Thank you again fellow patriots.

Australia the lucky country, is not feeling quite so lucky at the present time. But, we have to stand up for what we believe in. We need to continue to be strong for our own sake, and for the sake of generations to come.



  1. Thanks Marilyn, for bringing this out!
    the truth hurts,it’s incredible all this is hidden,I first pass through Cooper pedy in 1977 I saw a few children playing in the dirt thier noses running,infected,with flies around thier faces! several times I have been to the Floriade festival in Canberra, I have followed gene decode, finally it seems, the children are being slowly being rescued,and dumbs are being flushed out. we are finally hearing the cries of the children. I seek forgiveness and release the great burden to the The Great Father!

    • We can be so grateful that the time has finally come when God has said… Enough is enough! I think the flushing out appears to be slow to us because we hear so little, but considering the huge task they have, I believe they have done an amazing job so far.
      God will not rest until every child is safe.
      Thank you for your comments Sarah.

  2. Just read your report on what is going on in Australia its horrific. All hearts are with you at this awful time, 6 years on this journey and nothing ever ceases to amaze me at the horrors of this world we live in. Sending love from England. Love and Light xx

    • Thank you Caroline… I accept your kind words on behalf of all Australians. Many of us don’t know what’s hit us because we were always told we were ‘the lucky country’. We had no idea of what they were really up to. Of-course, there are still plenty living in that dreamland. It’s only time.

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