Shedding Experience – Symptoms To Watch Out For Now!

shedding experience

One of my readers, Danielle, shared with me information concerning her shedding experience after both she and her daughter came into contact with people who had received the sh/ot.

Three times, the same thing. This is much more than a coincidence!

Let me share her story…

Both Danielle, and her eleven year old daughter Kaye, have a history of very regular menstrual cycles. They could rely on them coming after 28 days, like clockwork.

Personal Shedding Experience

First Incident

Members of Danielle’s family gathered together to celebrate Resurrection Sunday on the 4th April, 2021. Both Danielle and Kaye attended the festivities in which some of the other family members had already received the sh/ot.

Just three days later, both of them began to menstruate, but the problem was, it was two weeks early!

At this stage, Danielle didn’t really think too much about it.

Second Incident

On the 19th April, 2021, both mother and daughter went out to lunch with Danielle’s mum, who had taken the sh/ot.

Then once again, three days later, they both began their period. This was the 21st April, 2021,

Hmm… now this is strange, thinks Danielle! What’s going on here? After a bit of thought, Danielle began to piece the puzzle together.

Third Incident

On the 16th May, 2021, it was party time over at Danielle’s mother’s place. Once again the family gathered together for the festivities.

Guess what happened? Just 3 days later, both Danielle and Kaye began to menstruate one week earlier than anticipated!

Now any thought of coincidence was tossed right out the door! Come on! Three times meeting with family members who had taken the sh/ot, and three times, exactly three days later… on come the menses!

And, on top of that… Hair Loss!

Danielle usually loses some hair each time she brushes or washes her hair, as do most others. But something different was taking place… her brush started to fill up with lots of loose hair!

Over the same period of time as they were experiencing unusual menstrual cycles, Danielle’s hair reduced by about half the amount!

Her lovely thick hair reduced to scraggles! In the second image, she had already cut some of the length off as it was far too scraggly.

One fortunate point is that this did not happen to Kaye.

You know, there is definitely something going on as un-vax/xed people come into contact with va/xx/ed people!

So is this the end of her shedding experience?

No, not everything that happened to Danielle was documented, so she doesn’t have the exact dates.

There were a couple more times when she had just quick, casual encounters with friends while out shopping. You know, a quick friendly hug and a short chat while perusing the isles.

What she noticed, was that after three days she experienced spotting. She doesn’t remember what part of her cycle she was on, but well remembers the incidences.

At this point in time, she has not been with her mother again since the 16th May, so she is totally unaware as to whether she would continue to experience anything else.

Danielle hastens to add that she fasts every day, and consumes an organic diet. She is looking after herself well, but these spike proteins have still managed to make a difference in her life.

She told me that before she goes near her mother, or anyone else that she’s aware has been ja/bbed, she’s going to consume three cups of pine needle tea before and after the event. Her mind has already been made up that there will be no hugs next time!

No hugs next time!

Sad isn’t it? Everyone should be free to hug their mum, or anyone else for that matter!

Her mum was ja/bbed on March 22nd, but Danielle experienced untoward symptoms right up until the 16th May, so that’s 8 weeks! And as she said, at this point in time, she’s not been back near her mother since that date.

How long does shedding last?

My readers have asked me how long should they stay away from those who have been j/a/b/b/e/d? I’ve heard from two weeks through to four months… so I’m not sure how long people continue to shed.

Some may say… but I’ve been with my mum (or whoever) many times after they were ja/bb/ed and nothing like that happened to me!

Please be aware that not everyone has received an experimental va/x. President Trump arranged with the military to swap many of the vials out with saline! So, not everyone has received what they think they have.

But there is no telling.

Am I advocating that everyone must stay away from the v/ax/xed? Actually, that’s not what I’m saying… and do you know why?

Because as time’s gone on and people have lined up for the j/a/b, we no longer have any idea who has and who hasn’t.

So unless we are all going to social distance as they’ve been making us do, with no contact with anyone… it’s just not possible.

It’s not God’s way, in fact, it’s opposite to God’s way!

Build your immune system. Make sure you are following some of the ideas found here:

… and trust God.

You might say it didn’t work for Danielle!

Wow, how do you know that? Who knows what else may have happened if Danielle hadn’t been looking after herself and her body!

Thank you so much Danielle for sharing your personal shedding experience info with us all. We can certainly all learn from what happened to you.

Readers, please make sure you drop a word in the comment section below thanking her for sharing, and, send me an email if you too have an experience we should all know about.



  1. …unfortunately we really can’t avoid contact with those who’ve had the deadly shot. Marylyn is right about doing what keeps your immune system up. In addition to the spike protein problem I’ve read there’s also the worry of inhaling breath and vapors coming from the ‘vaxed’. There’s bodily processes going on in their body to try to expel toxins and exhaled breath contains those toxins. They may not cause you to get exactly what those vaxed people have but may make you sick regardless, just because those vapors or gases ARE toxic.

    • Hi Gene… thank you for your thoughts. I do think that the bottom line is faith. Nothing, and I mean nothing, can harm us while ever we believe they can’t… and trust in God who protects us from all evil.
      Eating healthily has so many benefits… keeping the immune strong is just one of them.

    • I know there are a lot of people who believe that Joe. I do not. My God does not get furious because people are coerced to receive something just to put bread on the table. Yes, they made a very bad choice which could cost them their lives.
      But Father God does get furious with people who sell their souls to the devil and perform all nature of devil worship and rituals.
      They perform it with both their hands and foreheads:
      Hands: Their works
      Foreheads: Their minds

  2. I gave my neighbors a ride they both toot 1 and 2 of the pfizer shots 2 months prior the next day I had a massive headache ,sundden bruisies all over my legs,feeling tired and weak,6days of bleeding,numbness in my fingers and feet night sweats, this happen 13 months ago I am still having massive headaches,night sweats,issues with my period, numbness in my fingers,feeling tired,lightheaded,blood pressure swings,will I ever get better,it feels like I am dying from shedding stay out of cars with the jabbed

    • Oh my goodness Lori!
      I’m so sorry to hear of your dreadful experience.
      I do trust you have been taking Ivermectin, HCQ and/or Pine Needle Tea.
      Messages like this should be a warning to all.

    • I sat in my friends vehicle for about 30 minutes. I felt uncomfortable after. I’ve since hugged her and l was ok for 2 weeks, then suddenly l came down with cold feeling, a slight headache. It affected my hypothyroidism. Hopefully, Chaga tea will help with my symptoms?

    • It’s also 5G radiation interacting with spike proteins. Get EMF protection you in your house and car ASAP. has great options for you and your home.

  3. Hi, I am going for Rolfing treatments ( a bodywork type of deep massage) with a therapist who has been fully vaccinated and boosted, and I am worried about her shedding spike protein. I don’t know if it’s just coincidence but I have been feeling very fatigued and breathless in the mornings and I have had cold symptoms and swollen glands for several weeks ,so I am torn between continuing my weekly sessions or just stopping them right now. I have now seen her 3 times. I realize there are supplements that can help, but I’m feeling that the best approach might be to not be exposed to her on a continual basis. What are your thoughts about this? Thank you.

    • Hi Mary,
      I 100% understand your concern!
      I guess all I can do is relate my own current situation. I have need of dental work. Four times just as the appointment was coming due, they’d call me and put me off. I queried them as to what on earth was going on!
      They told me that all their dentists were either sick and/or off on ‘sudden’ holidays!
      I realised they had all been jabbed and I can tell you I didn’t want to have them, even once they returned to work, hanging over my face, mask or not, in that condition.
      So I wait.
      I agree with you, yes there are certain things we can do to try and protect ourselves from their spike proteins, but as much as possible, I choose to keep out of their way.
      It won’t be for too much longer Mary and everything will be turned around on its head.
      But please doo what you believe is the right thing for you to do.

  4. My husband told me he had the vax last March after the event. I was annoyed and concerned as he had a mild TIA in early June 2020. I’m wondering if he had saline jab as he’s still OK and both my daughters had it. Wondering if the vaccine they had was safer if it can be. They’re all sucked in to this virus. I’ve tried to inform my husband over the last 3-4 years about what’s going on. I’m apparently brainwashed and deluded. He watches the BBC news like it’s gospel. I don’t watch or listen to the news but search for alternative media and do my own research.
    Peace and Love ❤ to all.

    • It must be so difficult in your case. In my case, my husband and I are on the same page so it makes a massive difference.
      If all were well after their vax, there is a very good chance they received a saline… praise God for that!
      If they can be kept from continuing to be vaxxed it would be a good thing.
      All you hear on msm is the same old, same old… repeated over, and over, and over… brainwashing propaganda.
      It’s funny how we become the brainwashed, isn’t it?

    • Yes, l have had yhe same experience with my family. They think we are off our rockers. Two family have died since last year.

  5. Hi,I wanted to post my experience with shedding as it appears different than those here. I clean houses and most of my clients I’ve been with for 10 years or more so we’ve become close.
    One couple I am particularly close with have gotten the shot and I’m around them every other week. The wife and I do hug and it seems like each time I’m affected a little more. I’m so tired all the time, I get diarrhea terrible, fevers and headaches. Now, I am not prone to any of these things really ever so I believe I’m being shedd on. I’m 65, in very good health for my age. I have had a full hysterectomy and take HRT but it’s not working anymore. My menopause has worsened. I have started drinking Anise Star tea, with fennel added. Sometimes I drink White Pine needle tea. I probably need to be drinking more because I am still feeling pretty awful.
    Just remember, not all symptoms will be the same.

    • Hi Marsha,
      Wow, sorry to hear of all this.
      You need to do all you can to build up your immune system so it has a chance of fighting these symptoms off. Take immense care with what you eat and drink. As much as possible shun added processed sugar. Dose yourself up as if you had the flu with lots of Vitamin C, D3, Zinc etc. until symptoms subside.
      Drink lots of pure water (not tap water and watch most bottled water). Drink about 1 glass per waking hour, reducing as sleep time approaches.
      Visit my website (Mouthful Matters) for other treatments you may find helpful
      I trust you will be feeling much better really soon.

    • After six months of my husband being sick and almost dying we realized it was not just a spike proteins but also the 5g radiation. They all cause the same symptoms. Persistent diarrhea and bloating and headaches to name a few. It is very serious matter and both need to be resisted at all costs

  6. So Gina and Jack a Filipina and American live on a small farm 2200 ft above sea level in s small village (Alot of Gina’s family live here) on the Island of Cebu in the Philippines.

    We had been recluse for more than 30 days staying at home and going nowhere. Gina’s sister’s inlaws came up the mountain from Cebu City for a grandchild’s birthday. The inlaws were vaccinated and I do not know how long but I think not for long.

    Now Gina and I could have gone a short distance to her parents house for the party, we did not go as we were cautious about shedding until we knew more.

    All who went to the party got sick with cold like symptoms with fever. Gina’s brother who works for us also got sick and his son too who he brings here while he is working.

    Then Gina and I got sick and myself was the worst. For over 2 weeks I was coughing so bad all my muscles hurt when I coughed, I had a fever, lost taste and hardly ate a thing and lost weight. I was coughing up had flem like gum balls. I few days in I started taking the Ivermectin and did recover. It hit me hard and all I wanted to do is sleep and was very week. I know if I were to test for COVID I would have surely tested positive.

    SO that is my story and first hand experience with shedding. I did not go to a doctor or test as all here in this village would have been tested and punished then. I was vaxed 4 shots in the military for Anthrax and no life was ever saved but many destroyed. That was the first vax hoax for $$$$$$$$$ profit!

    I had a Flu vaccination 2 years ago before I came to the Philippines. I will never trust the for profit medical field again. I will never vax again and I used to vax once a year every year ! I will build up my immune system and if I get real sick I will trust GOD to cure me or take me home ! I am really tired of living in this evil evil world ! I know a better existence wait for us all !

    • Wow Jack, what an experience for you!
      The authorities would have definitely called it cov/id but we know of-course it was shedding. It’s wise to be really working at building your immune system so when you come into contact with this type of thing your body has a chance.
      Thank you for sharing… I really appreciate it.

  7. I’m in my 60’s didn’t get the jab husband did. I noticed some pain in the ovary area. I went outside gathering pine needles and made tea. It took a few days but noticed that I started to feel much better even the pain in my back, swelling in my legs went away. Now this morning my husband told me he signed up for the booster. Now how do I protect myself?? Any advice?? Thank you.

  8. Once more a great thanks to the watcher on the wall of the prayer house or sanctuary.eyes alert,fully enshrined ingots garments and girded up with the shield and sword of truth.ThanksxMarilyn and maybYahua/Yashua bless you mightily

  9. I ordered and received some CDS (Chlorine Dioxide Solution)it is already mixed. We ordered it and some pine needle tea bags from to help anyone who may have a problem with shedding.
    A friend who is a nurse came down with shingles as a result of shedding. We gave her the bottle and and some of the tea and she is doing very well now.
    We ordered some more in case others may have a problem or we are victims of this problem. There is a lady here in Belize that is magnetic but may not realize she can give the spike protein to others. The statement by the WHO is a lie by the way. All vaccines contain poison the these four today are controlled genocide.
    When people are in this condition they can very easily shed to others the spike protein. The infected do not have C-19. The word Covid is an acronym the means certificate of vaccine ID…AI There is no such disease. What these people have is the effects of a spike protein that can cause death if it is not properly treated with natural means and not Rockefeller medicine. These JABs are deigned to infect the whole population. I feel very sorry for those who have taken these JABs because most of them will die in 2-10 years if they do not detox according to the so-called Professor who introduced Graphene Oxide into these fake vaccines. Our God given duty is to inform the ignorant and help provide natural methods of healing. May God bless you Marilyn for all you are doing to help deceived people.
    In Christ, Pastor Tom

  10. I didn’t believe the shedding until I went on holiday and was exposed to vaxxed people.. Now my menstrual cycle is all messed up. It’s been a month since my holiday and I’m still not back to normal.

  11. Hi there
    My partner is the only one in his workplace not to of been jabbed and over a 2 week period has lost 90% of his hair. Nobody knows how many side effects of shedding there are. Stay safe all big love from the UK x

    • Thank you Pastor Tom… yes indeed, Pine Needle Tea does help according to all the testimonies out there.
      God has supplied us with many different substances as of-course, He knew it would become necessary.
      Bless you.

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