How To Take Down The Evil Cabal


Who are the evil Cabal?

We need to have a clear comprehension of who the evil Cabal really is.

Here is a simplified Order of Control…

What If The New World Order Was the Beast of Revelations?

What have they been involved in?

The evil Cabal, under the orders of the 13 Bloodline Families, are involved in Secret Societies such as the Freemasons, and/or are folk who have set themselves up as the Royals. Another terminology is they call themselves the elites.

Under them, they have their minions who run around doing what the Cabal orders. You can see a part list above.

Some of their evil deeds include making enormous sums of money through funding both sides of wars, the dru/g trade, chi/ld and hu/man tra/ffick/ing, Sa/ta/ni/c wor/ship/ping, ba/by fa/rm/ing, or/gan har/vest/ing… the list goes on and on.

The plan

We need eyes to see, and ears to hear! We need to comprehend that this is the take down of the evil Cabal.

I can’t go in to their whole plan as it is far too intricate. So I’m giving you a brief overview here of their plan as we see it these days.

If the Good Guys (the White Hats) could destroy the monetary system of the Black Hats, they could finally bring down the evil Cabal. Stop them right in their tracks!

What if they could bring in another monetary system that is unusable for evil activities? Wouldn’t that be something else?

This is exactly what is taking place, as we speak!

Let me show you how:

We were advised right back in March 2020 that we could expect the:

  • Virus
  • Vax
  • 5G
  • Riots
  • Alien Invasion


The fearmongering of a virus was already well on the way. Countries were going into lock-down, masks were being worn, social distancing was put in place… you know the drill!


As time went on there was much talk of the need of a vaccine so we could all ‘go back to normal’! It was coming… we just needed to hang on and be good little boys and girls and do what they ask until the vax was ready.


There’s been talk of the rollout of 5G for a long time. It’s already been put in place in certain places, while others were still waiting. Some cities such as New York in the States and I believe, Bendigo in Victoria, Australia had already been transferred into Smart Cities. No doubt there were cities all over the world undergoing this change.


We saw all the riots being instigated by BLM and Antifa.

Alien Invasion

I’m not 100% sure what the alien invasion was to be. Was it in reference to all the ‘aliens’ storming across the southern United States border? These were often referred to as ‘aliens’.

Or is it that they planned a CGI fake alien invasion which is yet to happen?

From some of the CGI I have seen, I believe it would be quite possible for this to happen.


All designed to keep our focus elsewhere while they take down the evil cabal by transferring the monetary system

All that list above is from the Black Hats (evil Cabal). But what I want to draw your attention to is that behind all these happenings, the White Hats (the worldwide Alliance) have been working incognito.

We were told, back in March, 2020 that all this was to take place to keep our attention focused away from the fact that they were going to collapse the world’s economy and bring in the new Quantum Financial System, which in turn, will stop the evil cabal in their tracks.

So the drama began! First, we all saw people dying in the streets in China… how scary it was to witness!

Or did we see that?

Was it, or was it not, all acting (fake) to ramp up the fear around the world?

Personally, I believe it was! But of-course, I could be wrong… time will tell.

There were plenty of witnesses to the 5G going up around the world and the Smart Cities being created. The Black Hats intended to use the 5G to activate and control the va/xx/ed people in time to come.

then we saw savage riots, especially in America which certainly took our attention. People everywhere began to respond with ‘All Lives Matter’ memes.

If the alien invasion was the great stream of people crossing the southern border, than we’ve all seen the televised footage of that. Mind you, we’ve all seen healthy, strong, well-dressed, often bare-footed people walking the vast distance they have portrayed. Not one of them looked bedraggled and hard done by. That in itself was a wonder!

Now on to the Va/ccine Drama

And, to top it off, we’ve now had the vac/cine drama. Oh yes, very attention grabbing don’t you think?

Somehow it’s managed to divide the entire world… the Vax/xed and the Unv/axxed.

It’s becoming more obvious by the day, that it was never designed by the evil cabal to combat a virus, but for depopulation. It is not a vaccine, but an experimental jab, with the potential of killing more people than not.

We’ve watched in horror as people have received dreadful outcomes from the sh/ot. But, some say they are fine, while some die. Many become debilitated. There are heart and stroke conditions caused through blood clotting. Why is this? I’m sure you’ve heard doctors and scientists explain this.

It was going around while President Trump was still in power (officially) that he had organised for the military to switch out many of the vac/cines with saline. We’ve heard time and again, that quite some people only receive a saline injection… therefore they are fine.

Did the military not manage to complete their mission?


Fear drives the narrative

Now we have continued to see that apparently the injections didn’t work for preventing the ‘virus’ (as it was obvious that they wouldn’t). People still need to wear masks, social distance etc. etc. So now they are told they need a second injection. If they are still alive and kicking at this point in time, they are told they must continue to mask etc., and that now they need a booster shot! Ang again, and again…

All of this while the ‘pandemic’ not only continues, but becomes worse!

Different variants spring forth… oh, oh, oh… we can only serve the ‘vaccinated’. All unvax/xed people must not be allowed to enter stores, or eat at restaurants. They scream it’s the unva/xxed who are the problem… they’re the ones spreading the ‘virus’!

All stuff and nonsense of-course, but they must continue to drive the fear so the Black Hats can see as many as possible take the vax. They don’t want the people to ‘go back to normal’, not at all… they want as many as possible to die!

We have seen them take away all our freedoms, but once you are (currently) double jab/bed, they will allow you an hour of exercise in the sunshine! Don’t you think that’s very kind of them?

News Propaganda

I stopped listening to the mainstream media such a long time ago, but every so often it’s turned on just to see what they’re now saying. The continual propaganda of the evil cabal using the news media is non stop! It completely sickens me within a minute… I cannot watch it.

They drive their message home by continually repeating the same old, same old.

Of-course, it’s always in our own best interests that we take the sh/ot/s… it’s the way back to a healthy, happy life.

Same old, same old… wearing the masses down

More people cave… they give in and subject themselves to an experimental injection, for better or worse. Many don’t want to do it but feel they have no choice. Others who have received it point the finger at the people who are hesitant to be participants in the experiment. They blame them for the ‘pandemic’ continuing!

All driven on by the mainstream media and the unbelievable amount of ‘Fact Checking’ going on all over the Internet. Fact Checkers who are paid by the very Pharmaceutical companies who benefit so immensely from all of these injections.


The evil Cabal continue to become richer

Meanwhile, remember how Bill Gates told us, with a wide smile he found so hard to wipe off his face, that the best investment he ever made was into vaccines?

Now they have got the people convinced around the world they all need countless injections so they can ‘go back to normal’!

How about if some of us could have come up with such an idea? Imagine… everyone in the whole wide world having to pay for something over and over and over again? Many $$$$$$$$$$$$$’s


We are all watching a movie play out in real time.

Remember what I said above? This was all designed to be a smokescreen so they could attend to the bringing in of the Quantum Financial System, which would ultimately bring down the evil Cabal.

Sure it’s taken everyone’s attention. I do not believe there are many who are making the connection between these worldwide events taking place and what’s going on behind the scenes.

This is the plan… and it works wonderfully well.

Let’s talk a little about the QFS.

Quantum Financial System

The QFS has been ready to go since August 2020.

So why hasn’t it been released?

Because they have to check, double check, check, check and check again! This is their one chance to bring out a financial system that will bring down the entire worldwide cabal.

You see, the cabal are about to lose their ability to trade.

The QFS is NOT the Great Reset! The Great Reset was the N/W/O plan for the world for a very long time.

No, the QFS is a new gold-backed monetary system with every coin, note or bullion imbedded with a digital number. Each will be tracked and the system will know immediately if it’s being used for nefarious means.

While ever the Cabal have use of the current system they are able to continue to trade. Banks around the world continually scraping off the top on every transaction we make, etc. etc. All that will be gone! Gone forever!

Do you get that?


Undergoing it’s final checking

Removal of evil from our world

So what’s going on behind the scenes? While we are off on a side-track with shots and the so-called virus, the White Hats, rat out all this evil. They make arrests and fly them off to Gitmo for military tribunals. Apparently, the White House is used for the same.

The so-called President Biden was never a resident there!



Many of the lock-downs around the world have been because the Alliance have been working in that particular area. Locking all the people down makes it easier for them to make the necessary arrests.

When arrests are made, do they make them public knowledge? No! Remember, we are at war and they cannot advertise their moves to the enemy. But there are codes, and those who are able to decode can pretty much work out what is going on.

Is it pleasant in a lock-down? No, of-course not!

Do we want all the scum-bags removed from our society?

Yes we do!

So it’s a price we need to pay.

It will soon be over, and not a minute too soon.

Have people lost their lives?

Yes, and sadly so. As I said above, we are at war. Not a traditional war like WW1 and WW2, but a carefully manipulated, behind the scenes war. Those on the front line receive help by the digital soldiers working from home, sitting at their computers, encouraging the people.

They had a plan… but so do we!

Time to wakey wakey

I believe it’s also the tyrants – the Heads of State… Prime Ministers, State Premiers and the like, are often actors, saying and doing… being directed by the White Hats.

We are watching a movie, a drama, play out before us. Many times they need to maintain the position of Heads of State, so actors in masks, take it on. It’s all designed to play out with the endeavour of waking people up!

We need them to start asking questions. Oh my, it’s taken a lot longer than it should have simply because the masses continue to comply with the restrictions placed upon them.

Look at the example of President Biden. Who in their right mind could believe that such an imbecile could be elected to run the great country of America? Couldn’t happen! This is nothing against the actors… they are doing a fantastic job. Going to sleep in the middle of important meetings, not remembering important names… hiding out in basements… hahaha, it goes on and on. All those who comprehend it, laugh!

But unfortunately, people believe. We see it here in Australia too.

The only way to wake people up is for them to live through horrid experiences for themselves. Hopefully then.


Emergency Broadcasting System and Reveals

When the EBS begins around the world, all will be revealed. They will tell us why they’ve had to do it the way they have.

Do we think we know of a better way they could have done it? I think we all have had our thoughts. But, we must ‘Trust the Plan’… what more can we do?

President Trump and the team were between a rock and a hard place. They had to make momentous decisions on how to free the world from the tyranny of the N/W/O and the Cab/al. If they had had their way, we would virtually all have died. Gone. Right now we would not be here.

Have we lost loved ones during all of this? Many have and yes, we all grieve with you that it had to be this way.

We watched in horror on Saturday as a big, burly policeman pushed over a 70 year old woman who smashed her head on the roadway. As if that wasn’t bad enough, a young policeman came and sprayed pepper spray into her eyes as she lay in agony on the ground!

I believe she did die in hospital that night… but cannot confirm.

This is the type of tyranny we need no more. These police officers are working for the evil cabal. I’m sure not all police officers would go along with such violence, but if they don’t, they need to hand in their badges because the axe is about to fall on all of this.

When will the EBS happen?

I heard the EBS was to happen this last weekend (18/09/2021) but has been put off for one week. I don’t know any more than anyone else if it will happen next weekend or not, but I can tell you that we are more than ready to learn what has been happening to this evil cabal. We are ready to move on into the next phase of our lives… don’t you agree?
Strong Immune systems a must!



  1. Can I ask where your getting all this information? And why does it seem like a bunch a lies, which we’re use to hearing. Keep saying this and that is going to happen . The white hats are really behind the scenes, for us to get ready. Well alot of have been ready. I’m waiting for the rapture. Think that will happen before people get 4ight in this world. This is a sick world, built on lies, shameful

    • Hi Darla,
      I’m sad you feel this way. There is SO much going on in the world. God is at the helm. I really do suggest you dig deep and find out what’s going on. I do not believe this is the time for God to rapture us out of it, but a time for us to stand up and fight… digitally and by sharing.
      Yes it is a sick world built on lies, but please don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater!

    • Hi Titusss,
      Going back through my posts I have taken the time to spell out more about who the ‘Cabal’ really is. You need a complete understanding of who the jews are, those that are good and those that are on the dark side. You cannot just make a general comment about jews that makes you disregard what is being said.

  2. Let’s go with the EBS! If not now, when? We have been waiting so long! Please, please, bring it on home‼️🙏❤️

    • Yes Beverly, that’s how we are all feeling. But don’t forget, ‘they’ know all the happenings behind the scenes, we don’t. What looks so obvious to us is not maybe how it really is.
      But once again yes! Let’s do this!

    • The intel we receive is that the med beds will be released just as soon as Nesara/Gesara is announced. When will that be? It could be any day now but I cannot say for absolute certain.
      Once they are released, I will be posting on it here.

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