Lockdown – Evil Plan For Humanity – What About This One?


None of us like a lockdown! No-one wants to be in a prison when there’s a whole world to explore!

This post talks about why we have to endure a lockdown and what the plan was for them. It also brings out how God will save us from this evil, and is in the process right now.

Let’s start with a little history on just two men:


  • Faith in the unknown (never experienced rain or floods before)
  • A God moment with a man of faith as God floats them to safety.
  • Man could not have orchestrated this.


  • By faith Moses held out his rod – God did the rest as the Red Sea parted to allow them to go through.
  • God used a man of faith and created a real God moment.
  • No man could not have done this.

Moving forward a few thousand years…

Donald Trump

I believe with all my heart that Donald Trump has been called of God to lead the great releasing of all humanity from bondage. Much of those same people didn’t even recognise they were in bondage… they accept it all as just the way things are.

But God knew…

Becoming aware of the evil NWO in his younger years, his love for his country and the American people, together with his utter disgust and loathing of how the Global Elite were taking over control of the entire world, Donald Trump answered the God-call to lead the people out.

This is Biblical. [Q] says it, and those who comprehend God’s Word, know it.

First they loved him… and then the hate came out!

Before running for the presidency, the Global Elite loved him. But, just as soon as the campaigning began, the hate began to come out. They knew he knew way too much! And… wasting no time once elected, he immediately began his work of exposure.

So, could he expose these evil people all alone? No!

Even with a 8,000 strong army Alliance with him… could they have done it alone? No!

What they were endeavouring to do was expose a worldwide evil cabal that had deep roots into every country of the world. I’m not even sure they realised the extent. When cleaning out the D/U/M/B/S they were amazed at what they found. City, built under city, built under city… way, way down. Most of them were situated at the 10 km mark under ground. Ten kilometres!

God had been watching, ever watching their sat/anic rit/uals, ba/by far/ming, se/x traf/ficking, can/niba/lism, pe/do/philia etc for a very long time. God waited for a time when it was right to completely destroy ALL of it. That’s how He works.

And that time is now!

Yes, we have a front row seat! Imagine watching a God moment right before our eyes! We live in a difficult time, but are a privileged people at the same time.

The War Begins

To do this, a new financial system had to be developed that was out of the reach of the elites. How could that possibly be done? I believe God showed them an amazing system which we now know as the Quantum Financial System.

Stopping the evil in its tracks!

This system provides a way for the movement of funds, where it knows where they have come from, and where they are going. No illegal transfers will be possible. It’s asset-backed and cannot be manipulated. No more bankers making money off our instant transfers.

So after many, many years of planning, the war was announced with a trumpet blast! Well, in a sense anyway. President Trump was elected into office and the real war began.

To be in a place where they could clean up satanism and all related vileness and atrocities, the new financial system had to be brought into play. It had to be done secretly without any song and dance.

At the same time as Trump blasted onto the scene, many also felt a God call. In Ezekiel 37 it talks of a valley of dead bones and how they became living souls. We were all like dead bones but we’ve experienced an awakening. Many call it the ‘Great Awakening’.

As we awakened to what was happening in our world, we began to search in earnest, and in searching we learned of this new system. Even then, there was so much we didn’t know. We had a general idea of how it would work though. Little by little, we began to learn more on how the whole system was going to work, and how it would only work for good guys doing legal dealings. Interesting.

Smokescreen and Mirrors

So, the worldwide Alliance needed something to hide their activities, something that would create smoke and mirrors.

What was that going to be?

They knew that the Globalists had a plan. It included a ‘virus’, 5G, riots, vac/cinations, lockdown and alien invasions. So what they did was hide behind all these diversions so they could get their jobs done. They had to move with stealth and precision and often under the cover of darkness.

While the world was busy dealing with this strange new ‘virus’, they began to instigate their plan. The Black Hats kept everyone busy with mask wearing, social distancing and in lockdown, and everything else related.

When the Alliance’s army swept in on the underground tunnels and found millions of children kept in cages far beneath the ground, the lockdown played into their hand. In this way, they could keep people safe and basically locked in their homes at night, such as they did in Melbourne in the curfew, while under cover of the darkness they began bringing up to the surface these poor little ones. For those that remained alive after rising to the surface, they took to places of safety where they could receive help from the new Med-beds.

Currently being used to heal horrific conditions of rescued children

Everlasting Lockdown!

Donald Trump knew that the plan of the Globalists was to go into everlasting lockdown. That’s right… there was no plan to ever come out of a lockdown! This was the beginning of the end for humanity. Their plan was to keep us in lockdown until we had all received the jab and eventually died. It’s called depopulation. It’s a well documented Rothchilds plan, for years! A step by step plan. They only wanted a very small percentage of us left to be like robots serving their every need.

The Global Elite had a network of minions all over the world. Government officials, Hollywood stars , virtually all those holding high positions were subject to them. This is how vast the network is, the same network DT and the Alliance are working to bring down. All of our governments have to go.

Donald knew they planned for everlasting lockdown, so some very tough decisions were in their hands.

We don’t know all the ins and outs of the decisions they had to make, but he did share with the people along the way. We were able to put two and two together as time went on. Meanwhile, there were always the [Q] posts as well, which were designed to give us clues and what to watch for.

I do believe everything has taken longer than anyone expected. I don’t really think anyone comprehended the depths of the depravity they had to deal with. But nevertheless, I believe that most of what we see these days is nothing more than a pantomime.

Do you know what a Pantomime is?

Wake and arise… we need you!

It’s like a play that is purely for fun and totally ridiculous! Stuff so silly you could never believe it.

That’s what’s going on now. Who could ever believe that JB is the real deal? Surely no-one! But still people do. It’s amazing.

Unfortunately, if DT had tried to tell the world what was before us, no-one would have believed him… or very few. People have to feel the pain.

Never-the-less, as the pantomime continues, real people have suffered terribly. Loss of business and loss of income. People dying from poisonous jabs, which they had danced along to receive, believing they were doing the best for themselves and all of humanity. At this point in time it is believed that approximately 1.2 million people worldwide have died from the jab.

This I believe was the great decision DT had to make.

  1. Without intervention, we were all doomed… OR
  2. With intervention, a lot of people would still suffer and lives would be lost.

Who would want to be in the shoes of the decision makers?

Meanwhile all of it provided smoke and mirrors for the Alliance to complete the work they had begun. We’ve seen America’s open border continue to flood the country with illegal aliens. Police have become so tough on people that whole countries are beginning to stand up and say “No more!” France is a wonderful example of this.

The US elections and their resultant audits… have all taken attention.

Such a busy world while meanwhile the QFS has been put into position; they are rescuing the children; D/U/M/B/S are being blown up on a daily basis and in many cases flooded with water. The evil world leaders have been, or are being arrested, while the pantomime continues to wake people up, ever so gently to what is really going on.

All the while, Donald Trump has been at the helm. He had to look like he had stepped aside through a fake election (which he knew would happen) to allow the pantomime to play out and hopefully, in a very gentle way, cause people to say “Hey, something’s not right here!”

But a time is coming very soon when it will all be over. We’re all at the stage where we have had enough. If those who are still fast asleep are not going to wake up and rise up with us, it’s sad, but what can be done? When it’s all revealed, and it will be, many will die of the shock. I don’t like saying this but gosh, we’ve tried to tell them. They just don’t want to listen.

God is at the Helm of helms

How do we feel? Have we had enough? You betcha! How much more than us does the Lord feel that enough is enough?

When God acts, He acts big. The days of Noah saw all humanity on earth destroyed except those few who had to float on an unknown sea, totally locked inside a strange, dark Ark… with the animals… (enough said) for a total of about one year. We’ve got it bad, but is it that bad?

Also when God used Moses, He did the impossible! Water doesn’t rise up on top of itself and just stay there. Nope, can’t be done! But God did it! All orchestrated perfectly so that by the time the children of Israel crossed on dry ground (the bottom of the sea just 12 or so hours before) He used Moses again to hold up his rod by faith and God honoured that faith and flooded the waters back drowning the Egyptians, horses, chariots, everything .

Watch this video to see the evidence.

A huge God moment!


Why did God hold out so long before the releasing of the Israelites from their terrible bondage? All during the times of the plagues, the Egyptians did not repent of their evil use of the Israelites as slaves. In fact, it continued to get worse! They were working under unfathomable conditions.

But a time came when God was ready to move. Once He moved there was no turning back! It was of Biblical proportions, something we still learn about today, and I believe will forever.


When they were in the Ark lockdown they must have cried out “How long?” Floating aimlessly around cooped up with a heap of smelly animals is not my idea of fun! Even when the Ark grounded, they still had to stay on the Ark. Apparently it took about one year before they finally were able to leave. Now that’s some lockdown!

So although we don’t like a lockdown, it’s all part of the plan to make us rise up! If we all rise up together, We the People will have the say of says. No more lockdown! No more mask wearing that cannot and do not work! And definitely no more jabs!



    • Yes Josh, every country in the entire world will go on to the QFS… they have to otherwise they would not be able to trade with any other country.
      You know this though, don’t you Josh? For something to be ‘fact checked’ it virtually has to be true. It the way the beast works!
      Just as soon as Cue started to come out for the sake of letting us know (even it sometimes it appears to be in code), the ‘fact checkers’ started coming against it.
      Just typical really.
      Don’t lose your hope because you are receiving the wind of every doctrine… they can’t come right out and say stuff because we are in the middle of a very serius war.
      But all you really need to know is… we Win! You know why? Because God wWins!

  1. Marilyn. what happens to the family members of those of the deep state cabal, who know their family members have been arrested and are never coming home again.

    • Hello Karen,
      I know it’s natural to be concerned for innocent people, but we must not allow ourselves to be sorry for those carted off. What they have been involved in is beyond comprehension. It must be such an awful time for those families left behind though, maybe in total shock when their family members were carted off.
      It’s a sad time in many ways, but so excellent that those vile people are being removed from our midst.
      What can I say? When we think of it, pray!

      • I agree. I was wondering if they are told of their horrible crimes I heard someone say on another platform that some of the arrests and executions are not true. I want to believe it is true. I want our country and life back soon. We want DJT back real soon

        • Hi Karen,
          We have to be so careful don’t we? There is all kinds of information out there, some of it misinformation. How to tell? We need to continue to see what resonates with us and trust our intuition. That in itself is also a learning process for most of us.
          Over time we have listened to heaps of different people, but gradually we have reduced it for one reason or another. I find some of them, even as truthers, are spreading fear. I do not believe it’s their intention of-course.
          I do believe there have been arrests. Quite a few say there have been executions… I do not know for sure. Even as we speak, arrests are being made all around us… especially right here in Australia.
          We all want what you want Karen… our country and life back, but praise God, a better country and a much better life!

  2. Hi Marilyn..I have question about the med beds…for all these years or more the cabal or Deep State have been trying to poison humanity off slowly with the toxins they put in our water and food and so on etc…will any of the 6000 patents that are coming out have a cure or anything to get rid of all the bad toxins in our body from the corrupt Cabal ?

    • Hi Jerome… good to hear from you again!
      I cannot give a rundown on what will be available to us although I feel quite certain that would be one of the very first things they would need to address.
      Meanwhile, we already know of many herbs and plants etc. that detox the system when sufficient of them are consumed.
      There are essential oils available that can be taken in water, which because of their strength, can aid in detoxification.
      If you would like to know more on this subject, please get back to me.

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