Quantum Financial System – Why World Needs It Now!

Quantum Financial System

Everybody has heard that we are going to have a new financial system. Unfortunately, many believe it’s an evil system being brought in by the Globalists and will not be for our benefit. But how many have heard of the Quantum Financial System which is designed to benefit humanity?

Why do we need a new worldwide Quantum Financial System?

Let me explain:

  1. Every country in the world is bankrupt. Even so, they kept printing money out of thin air (which means it wasn’t backed by gold, silver or precious metals). Every country was in so much debt there was no way they could ever pay it back.
  2. Why were they bankrupt? Because those running the countries were evil people (Black Hats) who were using all the money for chil/d traffic/king!

Meanwhile, while they were running this despicable racket, we have all suffered from crippling bank fees, rates, taxes, mortgage interest, licenses, fines and much, much more. They rorted countries of all their gold etc. and by charging for every possible thing they could get their hands on.

Explaining how the Quantum Financial System differs from the Great Reset

A different financial system was necessary to put a stop to the evil – a.k.a. the new Quantum Financial System

The Black Hats have infiltrated every part of society, skimming as much as they can get for themselves. They believe we ‘underlings’ should be happy with the little left each week for us to somehow get by. In this new system, bankers will not be able to make money on our money as they have done in the past.

There is no end to their wicked and evil ways. They have been tearing countries apart by pitting country against country in despicable wars. You see, they pay for both sides of the war and sit back and laugh as we lose our sons, fathers and husbands, (and our women as well), who believe they have been on the battlefield saving their countries!

Over many years they plotted the plan

For many years, the Worldwide Alliance, the White Hats, have been plotting a plan for us to be rid of these evil monsters. Many years have gone into their meticulous planning, using the best military minds chosen from around the world. Absolute precision was required. When the time was right, the plan went into motion.

In 2016, President Trump became the President of the United States and together with his 8,000 strong White Hats team, he immediately began work on the taking down the evil. The plan was so monstrous in that it involved not only removing it from America, it had to take down evil from the entire world. This is not to say they hadn’t been working on the plan for many years previously, as indeed they had. One major part was the putting together of dossiers against virtually all the worldwide leaders.

President Trump made a tour of the world in 2016, visiting every country and presenting these dossiers of facts. Most all leaders capitulated to him when they realised they knew it all.

Step by step how they achieved their first major move

The Black Hats had been able to turn this world any way they wished. They were all sold out to satan who directed their evil ways. Many people say they don’t believe there is a satan, but it’s not the case with this satanic worshipping, demon possessed, dirty, filthy ‘people’. They know he’s real, just as they know he has a thirst for children… the younger the better.

Quantum Financial System removes all their power!

These ‘people’, although they were stock-piling huge amounts of gold, silver and precious metals they had robbed out of all the countries around the world, always had a hunger for more.

So they planned to put into action a completely new financial system which could not be tampered with in any way. To this end, the QFS (Quantum Financial System) was born. This system tracks every coin, knowing where the coin came from and to whom it is going. It’s method prevents all fraudulent business transactions.

This system is clean and pure. Meticulous care was taken to ensure no dirty money is transferred over on to it. This system has undergone the most exacting testing.

We all have had our bank accounts added to it already. It’s so good to know this new system takes away all the power from corrupt politicians, corrupt ‘royal’ households etc. who were involved in ch/ild tr/afficking and ped/ophilia, to say the least. With no method to transfer money, they are dead in the water!

Many have no idea of what our politicians have been up to. Virtually every government world-wide is corrupt and wicked. Gradually over the next couple of years, it will all be released to the general public. Those who want the details earlier, will be able to find them.

Will we ever get to know everything?

I don’t know. In fact, with what many of us already know, I don’t think we’ll want to know everything. We know enough. Gut-wrenching details most of us can do without… just enough for us to comprehend the enormity of it all. But, we will need to be there for the rest of society as they begin to learn just how much they have been duped.

At the moment, many in society don’t even want to know about it. They would rather continue living in their little bubble. Unfortunately, one day very soon, that bubble is going to burst! Then they will need to look at the cold hard facts.

Everything else is a smoke-screen, just something to keep minds focused as the White Hats work behind the scenes.

I have written much about it in this blog. Here are a few examples:

Marilyn J Williams

So try not to allow your focus to be on the smoke-screen, but rather on what is really going on behind the scenes.

  • Introduction of the QFS (Quantum Financial System) to put a stop to all evil activities
  • The rescuing of the poor children from the pits of hell
  • Removal of all those involved in satanic rituals, and who’ve held us under their tyranny for many centuries

The Quantum Financial System has been activated around the world. Gradually we’ll see it as it becomes our new currency.



  1. If the EPS is broadcasting on television, and the protocol is to turn on your television, what about if you don’t have television? I haven’t had television system in a few years! Will there be an alternate way to watch?

    • I would believe countless thousands would not own a TV. You are not alone. I cannot really say, but there will be a way I’m sure. Phones? Computers? Maybe they will be on the new network beforehand.
      All I know is you won’t miss out, one way or another.

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