What Are The Real Covid Statistics? Astonishing True Results!

Real Covid statistics

We are all asking… What are the real Covid statistics? Show me the proof!

I have recently watched a video that clearly shows exactly what are the real Covid statistics… all taken from government websites that are freely available for all to see.

Historical Death Rates in Australia

To start with, let’s look at the Historical Death Rate in Australia over the past 11 years:

The death rate per 1,000 people for each year ranged from between 6.3 up to 6.7. These figures show EVERYONE who died of ANYTHING during those years, accidents included… EVERYTHING!

  • 6.7 – the highest death rates were experienced in 2015 and 2019, as shown in yellow.
  • 6.3 – the lowest death rates were experienced in 2018 and 2020, as shown in green.

Now wait a minute… didn’t we have a deadly pandemic in 2020???

This chart shows the same data but on a different type of graph. Excuse me, but isn’t the lowest point in 2020???

Top 20 Causes of Death during 2020

On this chart we show a breakdown of the top 20 causes of deaths during 2020.

But where is Covid?

Oh there it is… 0.5%! Gosh, I nearly missed it. Thank you for colouring it in in yellow!

Just thinking here… so, that means that I have a 4 times greater chance of dying from an accidental fall than I would have from Cov/id?

Still thinking… but there’s a pandemic… haven’t I got to be scared?

The Deadly ‘Delta Variant’

Now we are looking into the ‘Delta variant’… the most deadly variant so far.

When was it found in Sydney, NSW, Australia? Let’s see if this chart showing deaths from Feb 2020 to July 2021 can show us. Was it

  • The first arrow where it shows a little spike?
  • No, surely it has to be the second arrow… yes, that has to be it!

Well actually, if you take a closer look at the dates you would know that it couldn’t be either of those times.

Oh that’s right! It started much later on didn’t it.

Yes you’re right… it was in May 2021!

Uhm… why are there no deaths showing up on the chart?

(Shrug) I don’t know!

Hmm… I’ve got some other questions…

  • My biggest question is… how do they find the deadly ‘Delta variant’ when they’ve never been able to isolate Cov/id-19 in the first place?
  • Another question… how do they make a ‘vac/cine’ for Cov/id when they don’t know what it is?

Just asking!

What are the real Covid Statistics again? (As I scratch my head!)

So out of 24,177,665 CPR tests carried out in Australia, it resulted in a 0.004% death rate. Seeing that the CPR tests returned positive results on people who weren’t even tested, how do they know the 0.004% of people died of Cov/id?

But even if they are on the straight and narrow, and all the figures are exactly as they say they are, is this enough to lock down our land and turn it into a police state?

Are they using this as the excuse to mask everyone, (which by the way, is equal to wrapping a piece of wire netting around your face to stop a mosquito from coming through), meanwhile destroying their natural immune system?

Is it a good enough reason to run small businesses into the ground while large businesses are allowed to continue to open their doors?

Is this why they are trying to jab everyone, because of this deadly pandemic, where less people died than all the previous years before the ‘pandemic’ hit?

Please forgive me if I can’t make sense of this! I try!

Anyway, you really must watch this short video. There’s so much more information… I have just highlighted a little bit. It’s explained very clearly, using government data, freely available for everyone to see.

If you want to watch a larger version on Bitchute please click here:

Sources as on video:

So if you want to know what are the real Covid statistics, I trust my post and this video have made it abundantly clear to you. Maybe we can do some head-scratching together!



  1. Hi Maryilyn, I have written before, but it has been a while. I appreciate your sanity, clarity, spirit, etc. I was quickly noting your article regarding the so called “pandemic” in Australia. I believe that Covid 19 is/was a planneddemic. I didn’t think that at first, but since January I’ve taken in little to no MSM. Would you agree that the world is being led down a scary path. I’ve read lots and am concerned about the so called vaccines. One of my daughters and my wife have taken it. So far, no troubles. My other daughter, currently fighting cancer, has not taken it. This has created lots of tension in the household. She is being pushed to take it. I’m the “problem” if you get my drift. I’m also well aware of NESARA, and election issues, I’m so ready for the EBS to wake up the world and remove the evil. Your thoughts?

    • It’s so love to hear from you again Greg. Always feel free to contact me if you would like to.
      I’m finding there is so much fear and often because people have no real understanding of what is going on around them… so it’s frightening. I completely understand why they feel this way. Meanwhile, I feel compelled to try and bring comprehension of the happenings, and therefore bring in a peace.
      Yes, it’s often so easy to know who listens to the MSM and who doesn’t… almost immediately obvious. You have made a very wise choice. 🙂
      I do agree the world IS being led down a scary path… but a huge amount of it is optics, or what I call a pantomime. It’s all under the ultimate control of the White Hats but designed to show an unbelieving world the path they were destined to go down… and be doomed… unless the White Hats took over control. Many see it, but a lot more have yet to see. I think it will take the EBS to open their eyes.
      The Bible talks about this time of how children will be against parents, husbands against wives, etc. etc. etc. We are watching and experiencing it right now.
      Oh I can see how you are the ‘problem’! LOL… the only one with his head screwed on!
      Let’s trust that when the Med-beds are fully released there will be some way they can reverse for those who took the v.
      Lovely talking with you…

    • Thank you, I am well aware of “white hats” & “a pantomime” as regularly referred to by many including CW. My prayers will continue.

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