400,000 Criminal Indictments Completed So Far… Way To Go!

criminal indictments

We received news yesterday that 400,000 Criminal Indictments, out of the full 450,000, have already been through their military tribunals!

If this is true, it’s amazing! Imagine all of it being done secretly from the masses, behind closed doors!

What does ‘Criminal Indictments’ mean?

  1. A set of written criminal charges issued against a party, where a grand jury, under the guidance of a prosecutor, has found that sufficient evidence exists to justify trying the party for that crime.
  2. The act or process of obtaining such charges.
  3. A document or other communication that makes accusations of wrongdoing or describes an unacceptable situation.

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition.

Criminal Indictments happening in real time

At the beginning of ‘co/vi/d’, we were told that 170,000 indictments had been issued. Apparently, it rose over time to 450,000 criminal indictments.

Apparently, each indictment has up to 100 names included. I have not been able to find concrete evidence of that though. (Let me know if you do… thanks)

Of the 450,000 indictments, 400,000 have now been dealt with. That leaves only 50,000 to go! It still seems a lot, but in comparison, not so many.

It does not mean they all have to be taken care of before other ‘good’ things happen. So, hang on in there.

Remember when President Trump travelled all over the world in the first year of his presidency? This was when heads of various countries capitulated to him. He had overwhelming evidence of what they had been up to, to do otherwise.

What does ‘capitulate’ mean?

  1. To surrender under specified conditions.
  2. To give up all resistance; acquiesce: synonymyield.
  3. To settle or draw up the heads or terms of an agreement, as in chapters or articles; to agree.
The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

This post tells exactly what he did, the countries he visited, and when he did it back in 2017 & 2018:

They all capitulated!

The White Hats under the command of D/J/T have systematically been removing these ‘people’ from their positions. Although in many cases, all these people appear to still be in control, they have all been replaced by counterfeits… just to keep the masses quiet and out of the way as they continue to complete their job.

The ‘pyramid’ lost its head!

For years now, we’ve heard that the top of the pyramid had been removed… the head of the snake, so to speak. Then that the layers of ‘authority’ under the head were also dealt with.

Run, run, run as fast as you can… but you won’t outrun us!

Never, in the history of the world, has there been such a huge undertaking!!!

As it’s all being done by the military, there is much hush-hush. Always remember that the military cannot reveal their moves and/or countermoves to the enemy.

It’s tough on us, yes I know, but I do believe if there was another way… a better way, they would do it differently.

This is why we keep looking for the clues given us along the way… to keep us in a place of trusting the plan.

So where are we up to?

It appears now that it’s down to the fake news media and local governments level that are yet to be attended to. Level by level, piece by piece, methodically… down they go.

I showed this simplified pyramid some time ago. This is where they were up to at the time, but since then, the military have not stopped in their endeavour to rid our world of the evil ones.

criminal indictments

We live in a world of body doubles, look a-likes and as many say, clones. One of the most popular is the silicon masked actors/actresses. But really, if you examine them closely you can usually see they are not who they say they are.

Ears look different.

Jawline, eyebrows… there is much to show that something is not right.

Even masks that crinkle!

And… never forget this moment in history!

When they realized at the funeral of Bush that its Game Over and all will go to Tribunal and face execution!

Yes I know, we’ve all seen this many times before… but it doesn’t hurt to see it again.

For even more detail, just 4.56 minutes long:

It shows the exact moment they realised ‘WE HAVE IT ALL” & ‘THEY KNOW EVERYTHING‘!!!

Can you imagine what it would have been like for them at that moment. There they were thinking they were safe and secure in their despicable games, and suddenly…

God loves the word ‘suddenly’!

He uses it often too. He likes to pounce on those who believe they have been hiding it all from the face of God. But instead, He sees it all!

When are people going to learn that?

Well, the above video shows the moment they suddenly learnt they were caught in the trap from which there was no escape.

The Military Alliance have been completing covert operations for years now. They have been gradually removing those who like to call themselves ‘elites’, the bloodline families and all the secret societies etc.

Brilliant move Pre/sid/ent Tr/ump and Military Alliance! We love you!

It’s movie time! End of the Cabal coming up!

We are all in the theatre, watching the longest movie ever! We’re all tired and wanting to go home. But just as we are ready to get up and leave our seat, the plot thickens! So down we flop again and watch with renewed interest, yet again!

Never mind, it will one day end. When it’s over, it’s over. At the end of the movie, when the credits roll, it will be where we learn who, what, when, how. We must wait. To leave the theatre before the end of the show would leave us without comprehension of what it was all about. We can’t do that.

As these Criminal Indictments are moving towards the end, we must continue to ‘keep the faith’. We must continue to remain steadfast believing in the God who moves ‘suddenly’ on our behalf. It’s all happening, so never, ever give up!

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  1. Yes, the end is near yet so far; when there are literally millions of Military age male immigrants at large in the US. This calls for a revised plan and will draw out the completion time almost indefinitely it would seem. It is going to take much longer than the original plan and be much more difficult to stop the destruction of the USA. Let us pray daily and hope the EBS is activated soon to get the majority of US citizens up to speed. May God help us to Make America Great Again!

    • Hi Jerry,
      Personally, I think they are further into things than we realise. They’ve had to keep so much secret from us giving only a little clue here and there. The waiting is hard, but we’ll all say it was worth it in the end, I’m sure.
      I do not believe the US will be totally destroyed… it is the White Hats showing us what ‘they’ had intended for us. We have to see this so that humanity will know never to go there again.

  2. Dearest Marilyn,
    I’m sorry to bother you here but I don’t know what else to do. My emails are censored. My family thinks I’m crazy because of what I know. I saw President Trump speak on TV about Medbeds and many other things and they don’t believe me. How can they just block their minds to it? This is a horrible feeling of loneliness. I’m bedridden so the Medbeds are my last hope. All of our boys told me I was a good mother but that they couldn’t handle conspiracies. I have one son doing his own searches and now won’t watch the news and is angry about the lies taught in school. This son lives far away. He said his brothers won’t listen to him either.

    • Dear Andi… don’t ever let go of your hope. Never, ever give up!
      Yes, it’s a lonely experience, but it’s lonely for all of us, some more than others.
      I see one bright light shining in all of this! You have one son who is now aware! Many don’t even have that. No-one. There whole family think they are crazy.
      But I believe because of the very fact that your eyes are opened, you have been chosen for this time. A time will come when others will come to you for explanation. Some will say… gosh, you were right! Others will be too proud.
      Just continue to keep it all before the Lord. He knows. He knows exactly what you are going through and promises never to leave you or forsake you… if you only believe.
      Keep close to those you know who are on the same time… if not in person, online. You are NOT alone, no matter how much it feels like you are.

      • There are military families going through worse misery than my loneliness. They’ve lost family members in this war who will never come home again. I feel small saying anything about me. I got to a point where I wanted to scream and instead, I wrote to you. Thank you for listening, Marilyn.

  3. Hi Marilyn –
    So the US leaders got their envelopes – they’re each TOAST. When and how will the minions who killed in Maui; burned Canada; burned California; burned Syria; caused floods throughout the world; and are STILL perpetuating war against Russia – when and how will those murderous minions be stopped. Can those thousands of foot soldier minions be stopped just by showing them ‘dossiers’? No, they’re ALREADY bought and paid for, for life! Seems they fear not anything. They must EACH be exposed, but how can such a momentous task be done effectively? What can WE take from the minions that would end them? – does it still come down to $$$ and their lives? Is Nesara/Gesara the answer?
    We have been shown the ‘capitulated’ heads of state but apparently those leaders have no power over their minions, else the continued massacre we daily witness would end.
    Who’s to stop those minions from replacing those capitulated with new national monsters?
    At what point in time will we see the military act? Will it take the tribunal revelations to accomplish this? It certainly seems so.
    beyond exasperation, gene

    • I think it’s pertinent to remember that the White Hats have told us “We have it all”.
      This means they have all the names of the perpetrators… all of them.
      Many of these same ‘people’ may not realise the degree their ‘head’ has been chopped… or all the levels coming down the pyramid. Gone!
      Like a snake, they keep wiggling.
      But it’s believed they know they are on the way out and now they have nothing to lose. That wiggling snake is still very dangerous… so now they’re giving everything to destroy as many or as much as possible on their way out.
      This is what I was told, and I tend to believe it.
      In the end, it’s believed there will be one fowl swoop, virtually simultaneously, to make sure none escape.
      We’ve been told many times that this is to take place while we are all locked away in our homes… out of harm’s way.
      None of us want to go through another lockdown, but I do think it’s more than possible. It makes sense to me that we are kept out of the way during this very dangerous time.
      How many times have we been told to be prepared for it? Countless!
      These last ones will be media and local government officials… maybe doctors, nurses, pharmacists… anyone who are known to the WH’s as potentially having committed crimes against humanity.
      The military are acting every single day.
      It’s so important to keep your faith levels ‘up there’. Believe that God is in control and although we don’t comprehend exactly how it will be outworked, trust in Him…

    • Greetings Gene !

      This is my first visit to Marylin’s website , so I’m spending a few minutes here…

      ” Can those thousands of foot soldier minions be stopped just by showing them ‘dossiers’? No, they’re ALREADY bought and paid for ”

      If you look at RealRawNews.com, you’ll see the article where around 350 (?)
      Marines were detained at Gitmo , and subsequently executed. The logistics required to be amended, to cope with the larger number than usual.. So , that is an example of what happens to U.S. Traitors, Similarly W.W. , the same will occur.

      Because 200 Specops were killed in a booby-trap ( Philippines ? ), the W.W. Mil will not from thereon take any chances. As to ‘ minions ‘, ‘ 2000 Mules ‘ showed us that even the low-life making a few hundred $ by stuffing Ballot Drop-boxes ; were arrested at an appropriate time , and have ALREADY been jailed ( or otherwise )..

      Please take heart Gene, that ops hAVE to be ‘ behind-the-scenes ‘ , discreet , because the Mil don’t want to Telegraph their current activities or trends…

      In the U.S. recently, residents had seen Mil & N.G. activities, and can only surmise that the were effecting Trafficking arrests…

      So it is ALL going to plan ,with the safety of the Specops and ALL personnel being paramount. Despite this Deaths still occur. On R.R.N. you can read how a Clone exploded, killing two or three Specops Marines with is ..

      Courage, as Marylin and Kari Lake say ” God’s got this! ‘

      ( Kari was standing next to Melania during that famous Photo-shoot,

      ” What Storm , Mr President ” )

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