The Harvest Is Ready And Being Reaped Right Now!

Do you believe the harvest is ready and being reaped right before our very eyes?

Jesus spoke of a great harvest of two parts. One part was to be reaped before the other.

He spoke about this in parables but the people listening didn’t always grab the meaning of what He was saying.

Even His disciples were often left scratching their heads. Hmmm… what is He talking about?

FYI: “Why do You use parables when you talk to the people?”

On the occasion after Jesus spoke about the wheat and the weeds, Parable of Wheat & Weeds/Tares – Matthew 13:24-30, He sent the crowds away. Then his disciples came up and asked:

“Would you please explain the example of the weeds in the field to us?”

As Jesus is just waiting for us to ask Him, He was more than happy to do so. He told them:

  • The person who sows the good seed is the Human Being (Son of Man – Jesus),”
  • “The field is the world,
  • the good seeds are the people associated with the Realm (Kingdom of God),
  • but the weeds are the people associated with the Evil One. (the devil – Satan)
  • The enemy who sowed them is Slanderer-Liar (the Evil One – the devil – Satan)
  • the harvest is the end of the age,
  • and the harvesters are the Messengers (angels).”

The weeds (those associated with the devil) are collected and burned in the fire, and this is what it will be like at the end of this age.

The Human Being will send out his Messengers/angels, and they will collect everything that offends and those who practice illegal acts from his Realm / Kingdom of God.

They will throw them into the fiery furnace. There will be great sorrow, pain and anguish in the fiery furnace!

Then the people who are just will shine like the sun in their Father’s Realm.

If you have ears you had better listen!

Matthew 13:36-43 The Source

If you learned… beyond a doubt… that both good and evil races are involved in the global war for control of Earth … would you be able to accept the facts?  Do you accept the idea that there are ‘evil spirits’ and ‘good spirits’?  What is the Holy spirit?  What is Lucifer?  What is the ‘bigger picture’?


Is this the ready harvest Jesus was talking about?

I know there are many who are saying “This is it!”

It’s not remotely how we envisioned it in the past. Many will say that the Bible describes it very differently to what we are seeing.

Even the Entertainment Industry has portrayed it closer to what the Bible says, because it made for a very scary and action packed movie!

But is it literally so?

More and more people have been coming out stating they believe this is Armageddon, and I have been saying so for some time.

One of my favourite sayings is “Time alone will tell!” In hindsight, everything becomes very clear.

Parables tell the story

God has always made sure, that those who are in tune with Him will know what is to come… and whether it is near or not.

In the above parable, another word for weeds is ‘tares’. Let’s look at the meaning of tares:

TARES (Heb. זוּנִים, zunim), the darnel – Lolium temulentum, weed which grows among grain, particularly wheat. The grains resemble those of wheat so that it is very difficult to separate them by sifting, and as a result they are sown together with the wheat and grow with it in the field. Darnel flour is poisonous and gives a bitter taste to bread in which it has been mixed. The tares do no harm to birds, especially to doves (TJ, Kil. 1:1, 26d).

Once they have both matured, the wheat grains are heavy, so that the plant leans over, while the tares remain upright and light. In other words, the tares become obvious.

In reading the above description I found it very interesting that the tares (darnel) is both poisonous and gives a bitter taste.

What an appropriate way to describe the tares.

Let’s look further into this:

In the parable, the servants were told to leave the tares growing together with the wheat, but when harvest comes, they were to:

Collect the tares/weeds (Children of the wicked one – Satan) first
then collect the wheat (Children of the Kingdom) and put it in my barn.”

Matthew 13:30

I want you to tell me if this is not what we are seeing right at this time?

Let’s dig a little further:

The tares resemble those of wheat, so that it’s very difficult to separate them by sifting

Look around! We see people who have (or had) positions of authority. Heads of countries, for example, or in Australia, the State Premiers. People holding high positions and have a say in how the country is to be run.

But we’ve also been told, that many of these same folk have been working on the dark side.

They look normal! We’ve even voted for them. They have constant television presence. Always seem to be around.

These people are the tares. They’ve been sewn into every part of society, bar none. They are obedient to those who have the say above them.

The angels or messengers of God, have been instructed to collect everyone who offends.

Now listen, there are times when each of us could be responsible for offending another person. This is NOT what this is referring to. This is offense that goes beyond all offences!

These angels were to collect those who practice illegal acts! Horrible acts that take our breath away!

These are the ones that spew poison and definitely gave us all a bitter taste in our mouths, and turn our stomachs.

Yes, these people look pretty much like the rest of us, just like the tares look like the wheat… until just before harvest. Then it becomes obvious they are not wheat!

Jesus was talking about the ‘end of the age’. He told us there would be a great harvest take place, beginning first with the harvest of the tares/weeds.

Evil people are to be separated from the just. (Matthew 13:25)

The tares are to be burned in the furnace.

Is this the ready harvest we’re seeing?

Great separation is taking place. The worldwide military under the instructions of the Commander in Chief, are going worldwide collecting those involved in horrendous crimes against humanity… against us all, including all ages down to the littlest little baby!

Going… going… gone!

It is impossible to read passages such as this and not see that this is happening now.

I believe the fiery furnace relates to what they are going through… their great sorrow, pain and anguish! not a literal furnace. These people thought they had it made, but now they’ve been caught out.

This ‘great sorrow, pain and anguish’ is NOT aimed at us… it’s aimed at them!

Because God/Jesus is at the helm… (He’s the one leading this present great harvest of evil), He will not miss a single one.

There is nowhere they can go to hide… impossible! Not from the One who sees all!

People everywhere are aware that something very major is going on. Over the past number of years, every life has been affected one way or another. Life is different now.

There’s been a change, a huge change.

Is this the time being spoken about in Matthew 13? It very much appears that the harvest is now ready and the first part is being taken care of. Are you ready?

The harvest is ready! It’s time to collect the tares before the huge harvest of wheat. Could this be what Jesus was referring to in Matthew 13?



  1. Hello Marilyn –
    Can’t seem to stop thinking about this Israel thing. The Zionists must somehow fall. Maybe not the Israeli people but the ZIONISTS for sure. Because they are the driving force of evil through out the world. They began as European Kazarians and promoted the belief they were God’s ‘chosen ones’ by wrongfully manipulating ancient bible prophecy especially after they were granted part of Palestinian territory in 1948. They ran with that promotion ever since and have convinced unwary Christians almost universally everywhere of that lie. They fallaciously turned a political claim of old into a religious claim.
    When Christ came as The Messiah, which fulfilled prophecy, the human lineage of ‘Jews’ was no longer needed. Everyone in the world was invited to be ‘chosen’.
    kindest regards, gene

  2. Hi Marilyn –
    Read that since Israel’s Rothschild contract as a country is up as of October 31, they (Israel) are no longer a legal country and that’s why the flotilla is in the Mediterranean sea…
    kindest regards, gene

    • There are many different ideas as to what is happening over there, and I can’t say one from the other. I don’t try to get too involved in trying to work it out, instead, I trust the WH’s know what they are doing, and the fact it has to be this way.
      Thank you Gene for sharing with us…

  3. Hi Marilyn –
    In response to this article of doom by renown writer Paul Craig Roberts,

    who covers possible scenarios attributable to the west’s enormous flotilla build up in the Mediterranean area foretelling of inevitable world war, maybe, just maybe there might be another scenario – just maybe that flotilla is WHITE HAT controlled! Can you think of a better situation to give us hope…

    kindest regards, gene

    • OK Gene, I just read the ‘Article of Doom’ and agree it is such!
      One thing we have to remember at all times, and as you well know… is that the WH’s are in complete control and they are playing out a movie designed to wake up the masses.
      You and I are already reasonably awake, but gradually all this kafuffle is making others ask many questions.
      One of the main things taking place over there at this very time, is the WH’s are blowing up the underground ‘places’.
      All the ‘news’ coming out regarding the happenings is designed to distract.
      Don’t lose faith… we will get through this, and the US will remain intact!

  4. Dear Marilyn –
    I think I appreciate Mathew 13 and hope and pray that I’m saved. I repent of all my sins as I sometimes do remember them from the past. However, I wish for all good people the same thing but worry immensely about those who haven’t yet seen the light and are acting seemingly oblivious to that light (Jesus) as I once did. I pray for them but feel powerless to help them.
    Whenever I recall a sin I’d forgotten, I tell The Lord I’m sorry and try my best to repent and ask forgiveness of God. And I’m not patting myself on the back – I just now view this as reality. But there are tons of good people out there (like in my loving family) who don’t openly accept The Lord in these troubled times and don’t even think there’s anything wrong going on! Am I to believe The Lord Will sort this out?
    I only wish I could understand or communicate with my them about all this…

    Kindest regards, gene

    • Gene, I really do not believe you have to continually be asking the Lord for forgiveness. We all sin, every single one of us, and worse than that, we were all born into sin. No escaping it! All we need to do really is to believe that Jesus PAID for our sin on the cross. His righteousness for our unrighteousness. The Word tells us He puts our sin as far away from the East as the West… in other words, it leaves His mind.
      We will not always forget, but all we have to do when we remember (or the enemy brings it up in our face) is to THANK the Lord that He has already forgiven us. Then tell the enemy where to go!
      If you believe that Jesus died on the cross and rose again victorious over ALL sin, living your life in communication with Him, you KNOW you are saved.
      Yes, I do believe the Lord is going to sort it all out. I don’t know how, but He’s going to restore families and all wonderful things as is shown in Revelations etc.
      Families are the hardest to deal with. Even Jesus found this… remember? Don’t fret. You ONLY have to do what God puts on your heart at the time, and say as little or as much as the Spirit leads. Remember, just as in salvation, it’s the Lord who calls them and opens their eyes. You can’t do that and neither can any of us.
      Just continue to be blessed and rest in the assurance of your salvation… know God is in total control of every little thing.

  5. Marilyn,
    Once again, thank you for these words. You’re making me think. I’ve also been reading Matt. 24 and thinking about things. So weary for all that is happening, so tired of all of the division between people. How much longer will it be? Hours, days, weeks, years, etc. Some that I can talk to, I tell them what is going on is so massive. It’s much greater than political parties vs political parties. It’s good vs. evil. I recently viewed another film that I wish hadn’t seen related to what Zionists are doing to Palestinian captives. At the same time I say that I still regularly come back to myself and say, “Am I crazy?” How could all of these terrible things have been going on for so long? Knowing the truth has not been good when many around me have no awareness.

    • I like you Greg, trust it will be soon, as in very soon! Hours would be good. Days, pretty good, week…hmmm, years… no way! In can’t for the life of me think it would be years, and hopefully not even months. We are ready.
      It’s good what you’re doing… sharing how it’s much more than people usually think. Try not to let it get you down because a time will come when you will be rewarded, I believe, for your faithfulness.
      Everything is a huge eye-opener! Sometimes inadvertently, we see things we wish we hadn’t. But, we must hand it over to the Lord for Him to deal with. He wants us to learn about the atrocities… we all have to. Once we see and fully comprehend, we will all be very careful going forward.
      No, you’re not crazy and I think you know that. We must continue to pray for those who currently are not very awake as it will be very hard for them all to deal with once it all comes out.
      Thanks for your thoughts Greg.

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