WWG1WGA! Powerful Message of Sticking Together Against The Enemy!

Where We Go One, We Go All – WWG1WGA! What a powerful message it conveys to us when you stop and think about it.

I saw this recently on Telegram and immediately thought… that’s it! We are an army chosen by God for this period of time we are living in. God’s Army!

I hear so much discouragement in the ranks, just as it says. Yes I agree, it is understandable, even justified!

But does it help?


It doesn’t help you and it does not help the cause.

You are so important in the overall scheme of things. There’s a part to play that only you can do.

Listen… think of this:

Imagine trying to put together a very large jigsaw puzzle if you had no picture to follow. You know how they always supply the whole image so it gives you an idea of what goes where. It might only be a very little idea, but still, it’s an idea.

The only one who knows the complete overall picture is God the Father. He sees it all. In fact, He saw it from the beginning.

You are one little piece of the puzzle and I’m another. As I said, we ALL have a part to play. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t have been chosen to live at this time.

So please, don’t give up… now or ever! This is the Great Awakening!

With troops it’s WWG1WGA!

Imagine the troops out on the frontlines and discouragement starts to set in. One by one they give up. They stop fighting.

Do you know what would happen to them?

My guess is that they would all be shot themselves. Ka-boom! Gone!

Out there, it’s shoot… or be shot!

You can’t just decide you don’t want to do it anymore.

We are living in a desperate moment of time and it’s up to all of us to stick together and fight the battle. You do your little bit, and I’ll do mine.

We have all found out who our enemy is, and this enemy is like the giant of all giants! But just as David took down his giant, together we are taking down ours.

Follow the orders of the Commander in Chief

No-one is more important than the other… just do what God shows you to do.

Maybe your job is to keep on forwarding posts that others write. Good job… do it!

Or maybe you spread information to people you bump into… once again, good job!

Whatever it is, be faithful and keep at it.

We are all part of the Plan. I love that because it’s so true.

All of us comprehend so little!

We hear big things are going to happen on this date, or that date… and then it doesn’t apparently happen. It’s annoying.

But remember… we DO NOT see the whole picture! We are all being kept in the dark for a very good reason.

Of-course we don’t want that, do we? No, not at all! As for me, I’d love to know moment by moment what’s going on. When the large American Air Force planes fly in overhead and land in our airport… what are they there for? Are they picking up more of the criminals?

We’ve seen so many of them. Some circle round and round. Others fly off in unusual directions. Hey, what’s that all about?

Oh well, the reality is all we can do is to trust the Plan as we’ve been instructed to do. Remember, it’s God’s Plan and one day He will say that it’s okay to reveal.

As we continue to trust God, He will bring it all to completion in His own time. The longer we all wait, the more rats and rabbits they are catching. After all, don’t we want them ALL gone? I know I do!

WWG1WGA – at all costs!

And whatever you do, never waste your energy talking down another Patriot who’s out there trying their best to bring a little information to us all. Stick together.

If you don’t like that person for whatever reason, don’t follow them! If someone else speaks of them, suck it up! Don’t start a world war over it.

Keep calm and carry on!

If it turns out they are on the dark side while pretending they’re on the side of light… it will be revealed in due course.

After all, we know they’re out there.

Pray for our ‘on the ground’ military and keep peace and togetherness at all costs.

Always remember, WWG1WGA! That’s it. Where We Go One, We Go All.

Even Jesus said to let the wheat and the tares grow up together. He said that if you try to pull out the tares you may pull out some of the wheat. He informed it was better to wait for the harvest time where it would all be revealed.

wheat and tares

What is a Tare?

Wheat and tares look exactly the same, they have the same color, grow in the same way and have the same seeds; the only difference is that one is always unfruitful – Tares, which are sometimes referred to as bastard wheat.


Don’t worry about it at all but look for spiritual guidance through your intuition. God always speaks… but we don’t always listen!

So be encouraged. We are currently living in the most exciting time in the history of the earth. No we don’t comprehend why they do things the way they do, but we can be totally sure it’s for the best.

Some tell me ‘but people are dying’! Unfortunately it’s true people are dying, but remember, people are always dying. The reason the White Hats have chosen the path they have is because it’s the lesser of the two evils. If they chose another path, many more would die.

Believe that please, because really, it’s the way it is.

We are nearly there… don’t give up!

WWG1WGA! Sticking together through thick and thin as we trust the Plan that during this time, those who have committed dreadful crimes against humanity are being taken out, dealt with and in many cases, gone to meet their Maker.



  1. Thank you, Marilyn, your blog has been vital to me. As I have been lonely in seeking the truth, I knew I could count on you for understanding, kinda like a war buddy. You should pat yourself on the back for a job well done in this fight. May God bless you for your lovely personality and generous heart.

    • Thank you Andi for your kind words. I too need the encouragement and it blesses me no end when people find help through what I write. I love your expression of ‘war buddy’… that’s so nice, and so appropriate! Very appreciated.

  2. Bull ! Satan still in control as evil ones still keep their seats of power ! Voting rigged as usual !!!!! I need to KILL something !

    • Hi JW… may I suggest you stop listening to MSM. They are the ONLY ones saying that the dark side is still in control. Don’t allow yourself to be so upset because the good you are looking for is really just around the corner.

  3. Thank you, again, Marilyn, for your encouragement. I have also found SGAnon to be a calming and encouraging source, too, in these stressful times.

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