The Greatest Story Ever Told, Second To Christ

The greatest story ever told

This is truly the greatest story ever told. Can you imagine how incredible it is to be actually living through this greatest story, day by day?

Today we will look at infiltration, the theatre playing out and the amazing nuggets we receive to keep us from being afraid during difficult times.

So, what systems have been infiltrated?

All the following systems in our society have been infiltrated and taken over by the Dark Side (or the Black Hats):

  • economic
  • political
  • bureaucratic
  • judicial
  • media
  • business
  • unions
  • religious
  • education

It’s not necessarily a complete list, but gives a clue on how far reaching the infiltration has been.

But, there’s been another infiltration taking place in more recent years!

And, it’s good news!

Many White Hats have gone in and pretended to be on the side of the Black Hats within all of these areas and more.

What we have seen over these past years has been really very confusing. Sometimes we’re left wondering if we are seeing a good guy or a bad guy at play.

Every area has had to be systematically taken down.

The White Hats would go in, pretending to be on the side of the Black Hat, to get hold of data and information. On accomplishing that, they had to make sure they completely understood it.

The idea was so they could create a counter act to what the Black Hat’s were doing. Once they had everything in place, the idea was to simultaneously execute the orders!

A massive undertaking, at best.

On top of that, they have also had to deal with everything they found underneath, with the Dark Side’s previously hidden ability for fast travel that can go wherever they want.

Theatre = wake people up!

As we piece together the greatest story ever told, little by little, piece by piece, we gradually can form an overview of what’s really going on. It’s like a giant jigsaw puzzle, the like of which has never been seen.

So, it’s referred to as ‘theatre’.

But what could ‘theatre’ possibly mean?

‘Theatre’ is necessary because so many people either have no idea that the information they listen to on a nightly basis, is not necessarily true, and/or… they find any information they hear to the contrary to the media, too confronting.

All people living in our world have come under a huge brainwashing experience, right from when they were just a little child.

For example:

Right from when a child begins to attend kindergarten, they are shown a globe and told that the earth in like a ball. They touch it, turn it around, and stare goggled-eyed at all the countries. They are taught that the sun is millions of miles/kilometres away etc. etc. etc.

The globe is constantly referred to, so there is no doubt in the mind of the little child that of-course this is true. They trust the words of their teacher. I mean, why wouldn’t they? Their mummy and daddy sent them to school to learn, didn’t they?

Now I’m not talking about whether the earth is flat, round or triangular as this is not the subject here for discussion, but I’m pointing out the reality of how easy it is to convince a little child one way or another, especially if you get to them young enough.

So to cut through all that potential brainwashing is a very difficult job to do.

The same goes for their religious teaching. When people find themselves caught up in a cult for example, it can take years to come to terms with what truth could be.

Most people don’t like change

Most people don’t like change, in fact, they really struggle when their ‘normalcy’ has to change. They complain that that’s the way they’ve always done it.

Just recently I had to buy some apple juice for an elderly lady. She wanted the filtered kind… she didn’t like it cloudy. I explained that cloudy contains the fibre and therefore would be better for her. She told me… I have always bought the filtered… it’s what I’ve always done! No, she definitely wanted filtered.

So because of the enormous amount of ‘education’ we have all received that may or may not be correct, any change to what we grew up with is met with resistance.

So the White Hats have had to try to find a way they could show the world the truth.

This is what is referred to as ‘theatre’.

Although so much has already been attended to, such as people have long been arrested, gone through a tribunal and met their fate… only gradually, gradually, the Military Alliance allows that information to come out to the masses.

They only allow it to come out when it’s safe to do so.

So much of the happenings are there to be a distraction while other important issues are being attended to. In fact, Black Hats and White Hats do the same. Always look over there when we are hearing about what’s happening here.

This is still the truth today…

Nuggets = let us know White Hats are in control

Meanwhile, as the greatest story ever told, apart from the truth of Jesus Christ, we who are in various stages of ‘awakeness’, receive little nuggets along the way. This is to let us know that in reality, the White Hats are in control.

Sometimes it’s easy to think the only control is on the side of evil. Many times, everything we hear and see seems to point that way, doesn’t it?

But, don’t be fooled!

Already took place years ago…

Remember years ago…

Remember years ago how I told you how we learnt that there would be a progression of events that have to take place:

  • Virus designed to bring down the world’s economy (Pandemic / Masks / Social Distancing / Lock-downs & ja/bs)
  • Aided by Riots (Antifa / Black Lives Matters) & the mainstream media (propaganda / lies / deceit)
  • 5G
  • with an Alien Invasion if they deemed it necessary!

Well, would you like to check off the list?

  • Virus – CHECK
  • Ja/bs – CHECK
  • Riots – CHECK
  • 5G – CHECK
  • Alien Invasion… potentially very near!

My goodness me, so things have been happening, haven’t they? The list of events/happenings have taken place, one by one. Of-course, there have been countless other events which we could mark off as well along the way, but these represent the main ones.

Was it all just local to the United States?

No… it’s been a worldwide phenomenon!

All this was designed by the Black Hats to bring down the world’s economy and usher in the new digital system. Unbeknown to them, the good news is that the White Hats had other ideas! They would also allow the world’s economy to come crashing down, but they would usher in the new QFS system, as part of Nesara/Gesara for the betterment of humanity.

Filled with humanitarian projects for all

Yay! The Black Hats have gone/are going on a little journey from whence they shall not be returning, while the White Hats are following the direct directions of the Lord.

Nuggets, nuggets and more nuggets

But all the while, there have been invaluable nuggets given to the truther community, those of us who have been watching and waiting, trying to comprehend what’s going on.

These nuggets have been fed down through folks in contact with military personnel. Then they are given out through posts, memes, interviews and videos to the rest of us.

There is no need for any of us to fear

The only ones who should or would be quaking in their boots, are those who have been committing gruesome crimes against all of us… humanity in general.

As for the rest of us, we should be praising God for His goodness and mercy, and for the fact that He’s bringing us through into a place where evil will no longer exist, for a very long time.

We have been chosen to be in the here and now. We were chosen to experience happenings of Biblical proportions. Those coming after us will read the greatest story for many, many years to come and will ask of us… what part did we play?

So as we gradually comprehend more and more of the greatest story ever told, keep close to the One who is our Shepherd… protecting us, guiding us and directing our every move. That way, you will always be in the right place at the right time. 🙂



  1. Hi Marilyn –
    How are the ‘Law of War’ international code being followed by Israel.
    There IS such an international thing and I wonder how this will apply to the actions Israel has followed. See:
    USA Department of Defense Law of War Manual
    And who will enforce it? Who!
    I surfed it quite quickly and seems there is NO way killing non combatants, women and children purposely targeted is acceptable; and is punishable severely. Israel claims Hamas was fighting from beneath the hospitals in tunnels (not) – THEY(Israel) should know — THEY built them!
    Marilyn, have you seen Max Egan’s material lately, he’s from Australia.
    This mass murder by the “Chosen ones” is BS and I think only a real “Second Coming” will right this usurpation and blasphemy being foisted on the world by the Zionists.
    kindest regards, gene

    • Hi Gene!
      I think one thing we must hold on to is the fact that there are good and bad Israelites, and good and bad Palestinians. The vast majority of the jews/Israelites are good people just wanting to get on with their lives, just the same as with the Palestinians. It’s the percentage at the top who rule over them who are the trouble.
      Of-course we know that the leaders stir up the followers, but there would only be a certain percentage.
      As you know, we have always been told that Israel would be last. Is this not what we are seeing? How much of what we are being told is the truth? How much of it is optics? How much is to wake up the sleepers? How much is for the already awake?
      All very hard questions to answer.
      One thing we can be assured of is the fact that those committing atrocities will be dealt with in time.
      I have seen Max Egan… yes. I don’t listen to him often, but on occasion.
      All what is going on is of Biblical proportions. We are witnessing the Bible in action.
      Exciting times if we keep focused on the Lord.

  2. Marilyn, thank you, once again. In my ever so humble opinion, I would agree that this story is 2nd only to Jesus entering the world. I continue like so many to live out my life in faith around loved ones who don’t have awareness/understanding as to what is happening. My mouth is mostly closed as it doesn’t do me much good to open it. I had an opening with one of my grown daughters the other day, I tried and failed once again. Another wall went up despite me simply trying to share what I believe to be the truth. They just won’t believe. I happened upon a video from someone sharing that you just can’t wake anyone up until the universe allows it as so many things are so ingrained. I have flipped back to some of your earlier pieces, which portray what is occurring has been for so many years. I keep thinking it can’t be much longer, but this has all been going on for a long, long time. I will continue in faith and prayers.

    • Hi Greg!
      Really, it’s like sharing the gospel. There is NOTHING you can do to MAKE people believe. Our job is to be willing to share the truth and leave the rest to the Lord. As we maintain our attitude of praise and thanksgiving, no matter what our eyes see, God is more than able. This is what FAITH is all about. Believing what we cannot see. Each comes to the Lord in their own way and you will be rewarded for your faithfulness whether it’s sharing the ultimate truth, or sharing about what you know to be truth happening in our world around us… and what it’s all about.
      Rest in the knowledge of God’s goodness.

    • Yes Melinda what you say is true, some say there are a lot more depending on the wording used. Absolutely correct, what we ‘see’ in NOTHING to what God and the angel armies are doing. We need to continue with praise of our wonderful God that He is totally in control, and just do whatever our hand finds to do… to play our part.

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