Is The Antichrist Alive In Our World Now?

the antichrist

Many people wonder about the Antichrist. Here are some questions given me by one of my readers. I thought I would share my thoughts with you all.

The below main headings are some of the questions I was asked:

“So I have been praying all of this to be true, but the Bible states our destiny?”

I 100% agree that the Bible states our destiny!

Many people are worried because they hear that the De/ep Sta/te have gone in and changed the wording of the Bible, so how can we any longer trust it?

I have pointed out some of the changes that I’m aware of in the above post

So many people are concerned because they absolutely believe ‘the antichrist’ must come and try to lead the world into utter destruction.

It says so in the Word, doesn’t it?

I want to say something quite simple here: if God be God, He can make sure that everything that really counts is maintained in the written Word. You can also put your trust in the Holy Spirit to guide and lead you into truth.

Remember, the Lord is my Shepherd. What does a shepherd do?


  • protects the flock against their enemies
  • guides the flock to where he wants them to go
  • feeds the flock and helps them find good pastures
  • provides an ample supply of water
  • makes sure they are peaceful even as their enemies prowl
  • saves them if they fall
  • searches diligently for them if they become lost
  • and so on…

All this, and so much more, our Lord does for us.

My reader continued…

“It does mention a jubilee!”

What is a Jubilee?

a a special anniversary – especially a 50th anniversary
b a celebration of such an anniversary

I cannot go into a lengthy explanation of the Jubilee as it relates to Biblical terms, but suffice to say that we are about to enter into a Jubilee for 1,000 years.

Is this to be now? I mean, will it be just as soon as the evil are removed from the earth?

Great questions, and not something that’s easily answered. But from what I’ve been reading and seeing everywhere throughout the Bible, to me it seems as clear as clear!

And… many others also believe so.

Another word for Jubilee is Nesara/Gesara.

What is related as taking place, according to God’s Word, is very similar in nature to the full description of Nesara/Gesara.

What do you think?

“But what about Revelation?”

A very interesting question indeed. One I sought answers to for a long time.

I always had trouble accepting the traditional teaching of many churches regarding how Revelation plays out. I don’t know why, but just some things just wouldn’t gel with me.

So I sought the Lord, and in fact, still seek the Lord concerning not only the Book of Revelation, but all the references I see throughout both the Old and New Testaments.

I find them everywhere!

In this post I’m not trying to convince you one way or another, but what I’d like you to do is to question what you’ve been taught as absolute truth.

Try to listen to those giving an alternative view with an open mind. Ask the Lord to show you, and He will.

If you read through more of my blog, you will start to get a comprehension of how I now view it. It seems very obvious to me we are in the tribulation period right now.

“and the rapture?”

Are you aware the word ‘rapture’ does not appear in the Bible in any place?

We are told that it ‘alludes’ to there being a rapture.

Once again, seek the Lord. As for me and my dog, I no longer believe in this theory at all… not at this time. There will be a time when ‘in the twinkling of an eye we shall all be changed’, but I cannot believe that God is about to take us out of the world when everything He desires is for us to STAND UP! He wants us to stand and be counted! He wants us to be the light for the world and to show the way.

We are to be like (just three examples):

  • David standing up against the NWO Goliath!
  • Joshua blowing trumpets against the evil cannibals (NWO) of the time
  • Scaredy-pants Gideon who ended up with only 300 warriors to defeat many thousands of the NWO enemy!

Take any Bible happening and see those who rose up against the N/WO of the time and saw complete victory… usually by doing weird things.

Where is the reference in the Bible to people being removed from the battle site while God does it all? Even if all they had to do was to march, carry lamps, stand, or sing… or all the other ‘crazies’ He asked them to do! But never did God just go in and fight the battle for them and He’s not fighting it for us now. Yes, He’s leading the battle, and directing us into what to do, but He’s not doing it for us.

Think about what Jesus gave us to pray:

“Our Father
Who art in heaven
Hallowed be thy Name.
Thy kingdom come
Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven”

I can’t see anywhere in there where the prayer asks of us to petition the Lord to ‘take us out’!

Can you?

If all evil has been taken down, then how would the leader who we’ll trust end up being the antichrist?

Another really good question!

You see, what if we were right in the midst of the ‘tribulation’?

In fact, what if it was nearly over?

Where or what or who is the antichrist? Shouldn’t he/it be here now?

More ‘what if’s’!

What if… when the Bible speaks of the ‘antichrist’ it was referring to all things that go against Christ?

Would you not agree that there is an ‘antichrist’ spirit alive and kicking in our world today, and we’ve all been suffering, all our lives, from the tyranny of such a one?

What if… the ‘anti-Christ’ was actually the same as the ‘beast’ as spoken of in the Book of Revelation?

I would like to put forward that the ‘antichrist’ is exactly the same as all who make up the Ne/w W/orld Or/der… the De/ep St/ate… the Khazarian Mafia… the Satanists.

These ‘people’ hate Christ and will do anything ‘antichrist’!

They have tried to eliminate God from the world. They believe, they are God!!!

This is a big subject which I can[t possibly go in to now… but dwell on the above questions. Honestly and before the Lord.

Once ‘they’ are taken out, and they will be according to the Word of God, every last one of them, the ‘antichrist’ will be dealt with!

I pray every day that it is not Trump and that he had tricked us into communism/socialism or in a very bad situation?
I mean, I have been a Trump supporter from day 1, but only because of what the Bible states.
So I continue to worry about when the other shoe will drop?!
That is my only hang up! ????

You are quite right in praying for CIC Donald Trump every day. He needs it!

No-one has given as much as this man towards the freeing of humanity. I guess there was no-one else found by God who had the same grit and determination as our president.

If you begin to take hold of some of the above, it may just help you to finally relax and not be in fear that a good man is going to suddenly turn.

So it’s a matter of being able to ‘read’ the times, and at the same time, comprehending that the Word of God is playing out right before our eyes.

We don’t have to have our eyes on the antichrist, or to spend any time wondering who it is. Instead turn your eyes upon Jesus and the victory that’s being wrought for the benefit of us all.



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