What Happens When Missing Bible Verses Are Hidden In Plain Sight?

Missing Bible verses! Yes, that’s right! Has anyone really thought about it? There are verses missing from the modern translations of the Bible and it’s there for everyone to see.

But, do we see it?

Many of them are written in such a way that we don’t even see it. Our mind automatically fills in the blanks and so we pass right over them.

We live in a day where the Deep State has infiltrated every part of society and changed it to further their own ends. Have they been responsible for subtly changing the wording of our Bible?

The words have changed gradually over the years, and in ways that don’t immediately drawer our attention. Have they been changing it little by little so that we weren’t aware of what they were doing?

The Deep State have changed almost everything else… so why not the Bible?

These days they are much more open about what they’re doing. Everything is now in our face. To mention just a few examples:

  • The Schools: In horror, we’ve become aware of the educational system changing in such a way that the little open minds of our children are being taken over and drawn away.
  • Medical Schools: Good, smart people go off to university to learn how to better help humanity through medicine, only to be brainwashed so that they completely lose the way. Medical schools owned by the Pharmaceutical companies have taught our doctors how to prescribe their drugs for almost everything, which unfortunately do not answer the root cause of the problem, but create a life-long dependency on the drugs.
  • The Bible: Priests, Ministers and Pastors have been trained by freemason infiltrators in the seminaries, who teach a watered down gospel that’s become meaningless to the masses. This has caused much of the church to become lukewarm and even cold… in other words, dead! Many follow meaningless rituals and go home thinking they have served their God through worship. Nothing could be further from the truth.
  • Chem-Trailing: Where they spray poisonous substances into the sky… nanoparticles containing alumimium, barium etc. which seriously affects the health of our skies and the health of every living thing on the earth and in the seas. Nothing escapes. It takes place in our skies on a daily basis. People from various states of America say they hardly ever see the sun now! All in the name of ‘Global Warming’ and bringing unimaginable harm.

The list could go on and on.

Possessed by demon forces

These examples above were potentially all planned long ago by the Deep State Cabal Satanic worshippers. These people have become possessed by demons. Yes, they go through certain rituals, inviting demonic spirits to come and live in them. They also tell the Holy Spirit to depart!

In other words, they have sold out to the devil himself.

So how could we expect any good to come out of these people? It isn’t possible! They only know how to serve their satanic masters and do their bidding.

So why has the general church lost much of it’s power?

Really, you could look no further than the Bible translations most are reading these days. The King James Bible has been replaced by countless, more modern variations, which are attractive to many.

And I have to confess, I can relate to it. When you hear of a newer translation and people begin to tell me how wonderful it is, you can’t help but gravitate towards it to see for yourself.

It came to my attention in more recent years, that there were Bible verses actually missing out of many of the modern translations! This to me, is quite shocking!

So I decided to run some tests!

At first, in my thinking, I was quite sure that the current modern New Testament version I was reading wouldn’t leave important verses out, or leave parts of verses out, or change the complete meaning of verses. No! Actually, I was quite sure!

But it’s time to wonder… and time for some checking…

I decided to check only on some popular versions

So I decided to go online and choose just 6 different versions to see how they lined up with each other. These versions were all mentioned to me in recent times as being ‘favourites’. I would use the King James Version as the baseline to check the others against.

But… don’t for one moment think that the King James version is the ‘the only true Word of God’ as some would suggest! In fact, to do a true check we would need to go back to the original versions before being translated into English. I know that.

But what I’m saying here is very interesting, none the less.

  • KJV = King James Version
  • NKJV = New King James Version
  • NLT = New Living Translation
  • NIV = New International Version
  • TSNT = The Source New Testament
  • TPT = The Passion Translation

So let’s see how they stack up!

Bible Gateway

I’ve used Bible Gateway to help me in my quest. I find it a wonderful resource to use and so easy. Unfortunately, the version I was reading ‘The Source” New Testament was not listed.

First I checked which version of the King James Bible, Bible Gateway was using:

How to use Bible Gateway

Click on this link Bible Gateway

Once you open up the website, you simply add the verse you would like to look up, and which Bible translation you would like to read:

If you wish to see the whole chapter… just click on ‘Read full chapter’ and up it all comes:

But for making a simple Bible Verse comparison, I clicked on ‘… all English translations’:

This is just a few of the translations available to you at a glance! There is a whole big page of all the different versions. For my test, I simply copied out the relevant versions I had chosen, as listed above.

Then I compared each of them to the King James Bible.

1. I was interested in the missing Bible verses

You know, I think it was most probably coming upon this on Telegram (I’m sorry but I have no idea of the source) that sparked my interest to run some tests right now.

By not following this chart, I’ve come up with some different verses. That’s OK… it just give more evidence!

missing bible verses

Now I’m not saying that every Bible translation left out these verses, but interestingly many do.

So let’s continue to seek out a few of these verses:

missing bible verses

The question has to be asked as to why some have completely missed out that verse??

As it turns out, my favourite “The Source” New Testament, also leaves its out! 🙁

This is not the only one by any means. There are many as can be seen from the list above.

I don’t know about you, but to me that’s a very important verse.

2. Parts of Bible Verse meanings left off!

There are many other verses where they add just part of the verse and leave the rest off.

Once again, what I see is the most important part of the verse is left off. Going to another village might give a little interest but that the Son of Man (Jesus) came to save lives is crucial. Once again, TSNT also left it out. 🙁

3. Removing the power of a Bible verse

Here we see the word ‘Lord’ removed from the text. Calling Jesus ‘Lord’ is to recognise Him for who He is.. God! Yes, once again TSNT also left it out. 🙁 Not doing too good!

4. Other verses change the meaning:

This verses clearly states it was Lucifer who had fallen from heaven. And yet, the NLT and the NIV both state it was either the ‘shining star’ or the ‘morning star’, inferring it was Jesus who has been described as the ‘Bright & Morning Star’!

As this is in the Old Testament, I can’t compare it with “The Source” New Testament.

This is just a sample of what I have put together. You can download (even print off if you want to) this PDF. I’ve gone through 63 random verses and made comparisons.

So should we only read the King James Version?

I am in no way suggesting people should stop reading their favourite versions, but they should be aware that it looks to me like the Deep State have been busy taking out key Bible portions to keep us from the truth of the Word.

If you do read one of these versions that miss out many verses, I think you would be wise to keep King Jimmy close handy. You wouldn’t want to be missing out on the power!

You can run some tests now for yourself using Bible Gateway. Check out your version to see if it has missing Bible verses etc.

What about missing books of the Bible?

As we have all heard there are supposed to be many books that have been ‘stolen’ from our Bible.

Is this true?

Many say so. Many books were found under the Vatican but I’m not sure how they know they were part of the Bible and then taken out. Maybe.

66 is a strange number of books for our Bible, don’t you think?

77 would make more sense.

But there could be a whole lot more. I guess one day we will find out for sure about this, but considering the missing verses, the missing part verses and the changing of meanings of verses… it’s not too hard of a leap to make to think they removed books.

I’m not trying to tell you it’s this or that. What I’m doing is hopefully, causing you to think about it, and become much more aware. For too long we have just accepted many things when instead, we should have been questioning.

Author unknown

So what have I ended up doing?

I now am much more careful when I read my ‘favourite’ New Testament. I tend to check it against my King James version now. Anyway, learning scripture verses is much easier in the King James version… have you noticed that?

Reading one of the modern versions is attractive to us, but we have to ask, is it worth it if they have removed verses or parts of verses, and changed the meaning of what we’re reading, or caused the verse to lose it’s power?

I do believe it’s just one more way ‘they’ have tried to overcome us and stop the power of the Christian. But guess what? No more! Once we become aware of their doings we can take steps to prevent being dulled down by them. Praise God!

Remember, the Sword of the Spirit, (the living Word of God), is what we are to wield against the enemy. Let’s stick it into him and all the more so because he tried to keep us defeated by missing out Bible verses and even changing the meanings. Hah! We are awake up to your tricks! No more!



  1. Jesus is God. And Jesus was male when he took on flesh. The other two persons of God (one God, three persons) are the Holy Spirit, and the Father. Jesus (who, being God, is also *all-knowing*) referred to God as His Father. Jesus knew God the Father more than anyone, and Father is a distinctly masculine relationship. So while God is *spirit*, God revealed His names and pronouns to us in the Bible to *always* be He, Him, His, and Father.

    God is one, and even the Holy Spirit is a “He”. https://www.gotquestions.org/Holy-Spirit-gender.html

    There are also plenty of descriptions of marriage being a mystery that reflects God’s love for His bride, the Church. See Ephesians 5.

    To make God feminine is to do the exact same thing you are accusing the Deep State of doing, and it only introduces confusion, because God is Jesus’ Father, and Mary is Jesus’ mother. To make God female or feminine ruins the purity and clarity of that relationship.

    • I hope you weren’t saying that I was saying that God is feminine! I have never entertained such an idea. What you have written here is very good and a worthy read. Thank you so much for sharing your insight.

  2. You should do more research. The KJV Bible was translated in the 1600s, and they didn’t have many old manuscripts to work with. Modern translations use the oldest manuscripts possible, some of which were found *after* the KJV was written. The oldest manuscripts didn’t include those “missing” verses/text, hence the scripture as originally written likely didn’t include them.


    • Yes, this may or may not be true on how the Word has come down to us… but the main point I’m making is not only the missing verses but the way verses have been change. It does seem strange to me that the missing verses were nearly always very important and strong verses.
      But thank you for sharing your point of view… it’s as we put it all together we begin to see the picture.

  3. This is very interesting, which also makes me wonder if KJV (King James Version) has missing verses. This may indeed sound really ridiculous for some, but have you ever thought that Deep State even changed the gender, so God is actually a Goddess (a female)? That they removed “dess” from “God”? I thought about this because Deep State are very misogynistic (misogynistic = strong hate against females) and keep showing it. So it may actually be Goddess (a female) the ruler of Heaven, and Devil/Satan (a male) the ruler of Hell. I have tried to read some verses of the Bible this way and it feels more… special? For example, the first verses from The Beginning in KJV: “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.”.

    Now lets add “dess” to “God”: “In the beginning Goddess created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of Goddess moved upon the face of the waters. And Goddess said, Let there be light: and there was light. And Goddess saw the light, that it was good: and Goddess divided the light from the darkness.”. Doesn’t this sound more… in place? Also, this may also sound ridiculous, but the Deep State may have also mixed God with Devil/Satan several places in both the Old Testament and the New Testament. Yes, maybe I am totally wrong. It is just something I thought about. However, remember Bibles are legal to share and sell, and currently the governments with Deep State controls what is legal or not. And babies grow inside females, not males, and now they try to change that. For example, look up manpons and Thomas Beatie. Anyways, Easter is getting closer so Happy Easter everyone!

    • Hi Wind Rose!
      What I like about what you have written here is that you are endeavouring to think outside the box!
      When it comes to the Bible, we must allow the Spirit of God to lead us into all truth. As Him and He will. Will we receive instant understanding… maybe not, but as we continue to search He will guide us. Basically, He wants us to do the searching rather than simply telling us it’s this or that… most of the time.
      Personally, I believe God is neither male nor female.
      Jesus Himself said in John 4:24, “God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth.”
      Calling the Father ‘Father’ helps us to comprehend His love for us is like that of a loving father. How does a loving father treat his children? We learn through that. But this doesn’t mean He is a male.
      Relate to Him as a Father and draw from that, but realise He is truly spirit.
      I believe, in the Great Reveal, we will learn many things that are currently hidden from us now.
      Bless you for taking the time to share with us your ‘wonderings’!

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