Nesara-Gesara – We All Anticipate How Amazing It’s Going To Be!


As we wait in anticipation for Nesara-Gesara to be fully released around the world, many people are becoming despondent about the length of time it’s taking and when it’s going to become a reality.

We have been hearing the good news about Nesara-Gesara for quite some years now, and yes, we all anticipate how amazing it’s going to be.

Once again I want to remind you that there are two… one good and one bad:

  • National Economic Security & Reformation Act
    = good
    = Named by John F Kennedy Snr
  • National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act = (The Great Reset)
    = bad
    = Named by the De/ep St/ate and Ca/bal

Two names, using the same acronym, given out by two completely different groups of people.


Everything spelt out as to the differences between the two

Nesara-Gesara (Now GESARA)

Please notice the difference in the acronym:

  • Security & Reformation (issues in debt relief and oh so much more)
  • Stabilization and Recovery (you will own nothing and be happy!)

You can read the entire history of Nesara-Gesara (National Economic Security & Reformation Act) by going to the following link.

The story begins way back in 1892 but you can follow through all the happenings throughout the 1900’s, finally finishing up at 2011.

Of-course the story doesn’t end there.

You haven’t heard about Nesara-Gesara before? Never mind, make sure you read this post as it’s easy to comprehend:

Can you imagine a world where all those involved in crimes against humanity are dealt with?

Many people that we have in the past looked up to will have to give an account for their actions. Doctors, nurses, school principals, government officials, mayors, counsellors, religious leaders, etc. etc. will be called up before tribunals.

To many of us, it’s unthinkable!

But the reality is, those who have been enforcing and/or giving the j/a/b on others, they have to answer for their actions.

GESARA – a world lining up with the prophets of the Bible

We have all suffered under the tyranny of the N/W/O in countless ways. But none more than the precious children of the world.

The wonder is that GESARA will totally put a stop to all the dreadful trafficking going on… trafficking of all kinds.

Our God sees them all. There is NOT one who will get away with what they’ve been doing.

Nesara-Gesara is now known only by the acronym GESARA. This is because Nesara relates only to America. Now it’s world wide.

  • GESARA = Global Economic Security & Reformation Act

There is not a country in the world that is not set to benefit from the Gesara Act.

Freedom for all. Freedom like we’ve never experienced ever before.

Medbeds for all… not just the rich!

God uses His people to bring it to pass

God is in control, and through His people, He’s bringing it all to pass. The Jubilee!

A time will soon come when we are through to the other side. We will look back and be amazed at just how much was accomplished behind the scenes.

Yes now, when so much is kept from us, it’s hard. It tests our faith. Do we really believe God is in control or is something much more sinister happening?

This is where you would be regarded as wise if you check out the prophets of old. There they are, explaining it all to us. No-one could understand, but now… oh my, what a difference.

Just as long as you can see who the real enemy is, these books spring to life and tell us all.

Nesara-Gesara is coming. Keep your faith levels high and continue to praise the God of all creation for His amazing goodness and mercy.



  1. Dear Marilyn –
    In a previous post I was uncertain how the Coming of Christ would relate to the white hat operation. Upon subsequent readings aided by my understanding that The Holy Spirit is available when petitioned, it seems that in these End times, Christ will intervene in ‘spirit’, not yet in the flesh. I now see how you say that the white hats are guided by Jesus.
    From that source it seems that there will be a very long time (1000 yrs) of worldly peace after which Christ will Make His Second Coming in the flesh to finally defeat satan.
    Kindest regards, gene

    • Hi Gene!
      It’s an interesting question isn’t it!
      The two angels told the men of Galilee “… this very Jesus who was taken up from among you to heaven WILL COME AS CERTAINLY – AND MYSTERIOUSLY – AS HE LEFT’! Acts 1:11.
      We know He left us in bodily form, and it was quite unusual. He’s coming back in an unusual way.
      Always remember that ‘coming in the clouds’ is symbolic. In scripture it means coming into power and authority.
      What we know is that whether He’s here in spirit or in bodily form, He is the one who will finally bring this saga to an end. How He’s directing us all, especially the WH’s, is an absolute. There can be no doubt about His directorship in this mammoth war against evil.
      One day, both you and I, are going to see Him come in bodily form… but under no circumstances can we allow ourselves to be fooled by the fakery. The DS know He’s coming back and will try everything in their power to fake His coming and fool us all.
      Never forget, we have the spirit of God living within us so we must always keep tuned in to what He is saying.

  2. Marilyn you always give us more faith and comfort knowing GOD is in control. The airplanes and helicopters have been very busy these past few days. The National Guard
    must be very busy getting prepared for what is going to come. This may be very difficult to understand. I know all will be well and GOD loves us all. The historical stories we will tell our children and grandchildren will be awesome. Be prepared and stay mindful of how wonderful life is going to be.
    President Donal Trump’s birthday is actually today. He is 77 years old. He was borne on the day of Pearl Harbor attack. So very sad the ROTHCHILD’s decided to start an awful war that day. They wanted more money! It killed and wounded so many. Absolutely DISGUSTING!

    • Vivian, what a wonderful share!!! Thank you!
      How wonderful for both me and our readers to read such words of positive, uplifting encouragement.
      God bless you… please feel free to share again.
      Thank you!!!

  3. Hi Marilyn –
    – There could not be a more fitting time/season of the year to see the medbed reveal. Humanity certainly would be blessed beyond imagination in celebration of The Birth of our Lord. Our Creator gave us this beautiful world which we have largely squandered for thousands of years and He has personally remained away from directly intervening it seems. It is written in the Scriptures that He will return eventually the same way He left us – coming upon a cloud and I can’t imagine how that relates to this white hat operation. As you say, His hand in this undeniable.
    My only regret is seeing for example, the holocaust upon the innocents right now in Palestine. Satan is not going out without taking most of humanity. WHAT will it take for the world to see this.
    Mankind has been blessed with the writing of the original US Constitution and I understand it’s being used as the template for the GESARA world implementation. The advent of the ‘Harvest’ now upon us is biblically stunning. The Christmas advent season is here and we prayerfully look forward to the now 2000 year old Second Coming of Our Lord’s Justice…

    kindest regards, gene

    • Thank you for those words Gene!
      One thing I guess it would be beneficial for us to remember, is that time on this earth is only temporary. To us, we are here for quite a time, but in the full scheme of things, it’s but a blink of an eye!
      All those who have suffered terrible things in their lives, have an ever-lasting time in front of them where they will be super rewarded for what they had to endure while here on earth.
      Just think of what ‘the children’ went through… unthinkable! They will receive such rich rewards that will be so far above the horrors they had to endure.
      We cannot comprehend why the Lord seemed to turn a blind eye to it all, but of-course, He really did not. He had to wait until there was sufficient of us to finally say ‘enough is enough’ and be willing to stand up against them.
      Can you even begin to comprehend what it must have been like for the Lord to be able to see all what’s going on, but at the same time knowing He had to wait until we were ready???
      He always acts through us… we have to do certain things and then… then He acts!

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