The Anti-Christ Reign Of Terror Coming To It’s End

the anti-Christ

Do we really believe the good Book? When we read of the anti-Christ, do we cringe in terror imagining a time when ‘he’ will come with all his tyranny, ruling over us so that we must do whatever he says?

Don’t we realise we been under this kind of rule all our lives?

  • The Christ – represents good for humanity
  • The anti-Christ – represents everything opposite

It’s only that we didn’t recognize we were living this way! We just thought it was the way it had to be.

Good people have endeavoured to live the way Christ taught us to, but most of us gave into their rules and regulations because we had no idea it wasn’t as Jesus intended.

Something is not right!

Anyone who is familiar with the teachings of Christ, know He only ever desires the best for all people. So, it only comes to reason, that anything anti-Christ would not be looking out for humanity, but offering only that which is treacherous and terrorizing.

The fight against evil, or the anti-Christ, has been going on all throughout history, and before. Our world has been under a total reign of terror and tyranny because the anti-Christ has been alive and well for a very long time.

Fast forward through to the end of the year 2023, the date of my writing, where we live in a world that’s waking up to the tyranny, and we find people all over the world finally realising:

‘Something is not right!’

The only reason this reign of terror has gotten away with the things they have done, is because they have completely brain-washed each and everyone of us.

We had no idea it was even happening!

They used everything!

The education system was a prime target. Get the children while they’re young and you have them for life!

Also, the religious system was another good target. All they had to do was infiltrate every religious organization and from there, make sure the teachings reflect what they wanted us to believe.

If I were to write down everything they’ve had their fingers in, the list would be very long indeed.

As time moved on, they were able to poison our food supply, water supply, and the air we breathe. Of-course, they didn’t do it in an obvious way, did they? Nah! In fact, everything has always been for our ‘good’!!!

Out with evil… in with peace!

Let’s choose an example… I know… Canola Oil!

It’s simple! Take Canola Oil for a little example. All they had to do was to sell the idea it’s a very healthy oil. They continued to push that from every angle. Now, virtually every ‘health food’ contains Canola Oil!

A nice, tasteless oil. Very handy aye what? Allows the flavour of your food to come on through without tasting of oil.

Of-course they don’t tell you that they have to make it ‘tasteless’ because no-one on earth would consume it if they didn’t deodorize it in the last steps of the multi-processing.

It’s foul!

It’s linked to strokes, impaired memory function, inflammation and heart disease!

An interesting fact is that insects won’t go near it. Trust them… they know!

But apart from being promoted as being a heart-healthy oil, it’s genetically modified, inexpensive to grow and harvest and therefore cheap in comparison to other oils.

So, unless you are one to go do some research, you could be forgiven for believing it’s the oil of choice for health. It’s in virtually everything canned or packaged you can buy.

Read the ingredients!

How many times have I said that… read the ingredients!

Even so, if you don’t know what you’re looking for, you won’t know to avoid it, will you?

So ‘they’ get away with it, because ‘they’ know not many will do the research and trust the advertisements they see constantly.

Let’s get ready to shout it from the rooftops!

Would Jesus Christ do these things to His beautiful people?

Whether you believe in what He says or not, you still know what He stands for. And, it’s not the anti-Christ propaganda that we all live under.

As I say in many of my previous posts, the good news has been given forth time and time again throughout the Old testament. In fact, most all of the minor prophets alone share with us all about the ‘end times’.

Take one of my favourites, Habakkuk.

Have you ever heard of Habakkuk?

Chances are you wouldn’t have a clue… even if you are a Bible reader!

Habakkuk 1-3

Just three chapters!

  • He starts out crying out to the Lord
  • Then the Lord gives him a vision of the end times
  • Finally he’s silent before the Lord and determines to rejoice in what the Lord is doing

The Lord gave Habakkuk a vision and told him:

This vision is for a future time.
It describes the end, and it will be fulfilled.
If it seems slow in coming, wait patiently, for it will surely take place.
It will not be delayed.

Habakkuk 2:3

I suggest as soon as you finish reading this post, you open up Habakkuk online and read what he has to say. While reading, insert in words like ‘Ca/bal’ or Ne/w Wo/rld Orde/r when reading about the enemy.

You’ll say… “Oh my goodness… it’s all there”!

Unfortunately, Habakkuk was never going to see the fulfillment of his vision because it wasn’t for his time. He was going to see his people taken off into captivity, so not a very pretty sight.

But we are in the ‘end time’ and are watching it being fulfilled right before our eyes.

But still we complain, don’t we?

Do we feel it’s slow in coming?

Sure we do!

We’ve been more than ready for years now, but still it appears to go at a snail’s pace.

So what should we do?

“Wait patiently’!


“Because it will surely take place… it will not be delayed”!

But soon their captives will taunt them.
They will mock them, saying, What sorrow awaits you thieves!
Now you will get what you deserve!
You’ve become rich by extortion,
but how much longer can this go on?

Suddenly, your debtors will take action.
They will turn on you and take all you have, while you stand trembling and helpless.

Because you have plundered many nations,
now all the survivors will plunder you…

Habakkuk 2:6-8

This book is just so exciting!

We are now plundering ‘them’!!!

It’s talking about how the White Hats, together with all the digital soldiers around the world, will turn on them!

They’re losing everything. They are:

  • standing trembling and helpless.
  • being disgraced before the whole world.
  • They plundered us big time, but now it’s our time to plunder them!

All of us should be shouting from the rooftops… “Go read Habakkuk, it’s all there!”

Unfortunately, most have no idea.

Plus, go read all the other words given us from all the rest of the minor prophets. They’re are amazing… and extremely encouraging during this tough time.

This is not to say that the major prophets don’t also have amazing information, it’s just that somehow, the minor prophets seem to get forgotten.

Difference between ‘bad’ and ‘evil’

I now believe I know the difference between the words ‘bad’ and ‘evil’. I think I had them tied up in the same bag before, but not anymore.

Come on! These people we’re talking about here are not ‘bad’! Bad it robbing a house, or knocking over an old lady in the street!

But ‘evil’, well that’s something else altogether.

‘Evil’ incorporates all those despicable things we don’t want to talk about during a nice post. All those things that are virtually beyond comprehension that anyone would do or be involved in. That’s ‘evil’.

They’ve robbed us blind… each and every one of us.
While at the same time they’ve tried to poison us through our food, water and air. In these latter years, they weren’t satisfied with this slow death rate, so they upped the anti! Straight into the veins, was their agenda.

All of this is the anti-Christ!

They want to remove God out of the very world He created. How foolish of them to think they could ever get away with such a thing, much less actually do it!

So stupid.

People all over the world have been cajoled into selling their souls for riches and fame. This means they crossed over the line and joined in with the anti-Christ!

Their time is coming, in fact for many of them, it’s already arrived.

Hang on in there dear readers! All the corruption is being shown to us as going down.

A corruption-free world is on the way.

Jesus is leading and directing all.

It’s not a matter of whether we might win against their evil, but that we have won!

Trust it!

When doubt tries to enter in, hit your praise button.

Never, never, never give up… the anti-Christ has already lost and we will be celebrating for a very long time.



  1. Hi Marilyn –
    Below is a short article by Paul Craig Roberts about the existence of an apparent situation going global that seems to need the personal attention of One Jesus Christ and not just some ‘alliance’…
    Color-Privilege:  The Return of Racial Discrimination
    Paul Craig Roberts
    Does any large US city any longer have a white male mayor?  Boston’s mayor is an asian female, Michelle Wu.  She recently held a racially segregated holiday party for Boston officials that excluded white officials, and she justified it as carving out spaces for people of color.  When white people allegedly did that, it was called racism, and it is illegal for white people to have their own spaces.
    But as federal courts have accepted racial discrimination against white people for more than a half century, people of color now have squatters’ rights to discriminate against white people.
    This is how Boston’s mayor’s racial discrimination against white people is described:
    “It is not at all divisive, it is creating spaces for people and communities and identities with shared experiences to come together,” said Ruthzee Louijeune, a Boston city councilor at-large. “We are still breaking barriers and it is so important for us to carve out and create that space.”
    White people, unlike blacks, are not allowed to have their racially segregated dorms in universities, or their white neighborhoods and country clubs.  Boys can’t have Boy Scouts, which has to include girls, but girls can have Girl Scouts without boys.  White public officials cannot have white only holiday parties.  So, what is this white privilege and male privilege we hear so much about?  
    Do white people understand that racial discrimination against them is institutionalized?  Do they understand that their country has been stolen from them just as Zionists have stolen Palestine from Palestinians?
    Do white people realize that they have already been replaced.  Look for white gentiles in corporate adds, CEO offices, important positions in the Biden regime, and films. Look for white role models and positive depictions of white people.  White people are everywhere set aside.  Corporations and the Pentagon have set them aside in hiring and promotion.  Universities have preferences for people of color.  So how do whites have privilege?
    The second a white person complains about his second class citizenship, the white woke brainwashed and indoctrinated morons scream “white rage.”  How is it that it is people of color with all the privileges that are permitted rage?  They can burn and loot cities, have criminal charges dropped, and engage in bad behavior because they are color-privileged.  But it is impermissible for white gentiles to complain about their demonization and the racial discrimination that they suffer regardless  of their protection under the US Constitution.
    White gentile Americans have been so deracinated that it is not clear they any longer exist.

    kindest regards, gene

    • Oh dear, that’s awful stuff! But, I have full confidence that EVERYTHING is under control of God above and that Jesus is heading up the battle/s around the world. He NEVER loses! Even when apparently He does lose, He actually wins! And…we are on His side!
      Love will rule supreme in every nook and cranny of the whole world. It’s coming, and we are seeing it being outworked. How amazing is that?

  2. Oh, Marilyn, thank you for writing this. God bless you a million times. Your words ease my heartache and I’ve been reading this over and over since you posted in the beginning of December.

      • These last six years have not been easy. War never is, but this has been a spiritual fight and extremely draining. I think I hope we’re at the finish line. The evil done to our children I will not forgive. Those creatures are an enemy who will never be loved by me. The money coming is good for humans to have a decent life. What I’m waiting for is, “The Best Is Yet To Come.” Now what could that be?

        • Hi Andi… a time is coming according to the scriptures that we will not even remember them anymore. Imagine that!
          “The Best Is Yet To Come”… Yes indeed, what could that be?
          The Word of God describes what I believe IS the best, yet to come. 🙂

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