NO Evil Pandemic Happened – Proven And Irrefutable!


Did we just live through a pandemic, or did we not?

So many believe we did.


Because they were told so.

But people are/were dying!

Yes, that’s a given… people were and still are dying. Of-course we know that it’s a fact of life that people die.

But, they say, they’re dying of Covid!!!

Unfortunately, people generally believe the mainstream media. Many times, they cannot believe they would lie.

But we know differently, don’t we?

Listen to a 9 minute except of Scientist, Dennis Rancourt, as he tells us how it is… scientifically… with no doubt… an absolute!

Dennis Rancourt, Scientist.

Without any doubt whatsoever, Dennis tells us:

  • There was NO pandemic
  • NO particularly virulent pathogen whatsoever – NO evidence for it
  • There is NOTHING spreading causing death
  • And that… mortality doesn’t cross borders!
    • The ‘virus’ doesn’t have a passport
    • Countries where there was no excess all-cause mortality happened right alongside hot spots where there was intense all-cause mortality.

He has written more than 30 scientific reports about ‘all-cause mortality’ and ‘covid-related science’. Therefore, he speaks with total certainty!

“I’m not joking! I’m a scientist!”

Dennis Rancourt – Scientist

The vacc/ines were the pandemic!

The ‘answer’ to the problem pandemic was to bring out a vac/cine. But as Dennis Rancourt studied the ‘vac/cines’ he found they were a toxic substance!

A toxic substance!



But the data showed that whenever a booster is rolled out, within weeks you can see an increase in all-cause mortality.

We see this repeatedly, he said, in country after country. We have studied more than 100 countries and the ‘vac/cines’ are clearly associated in peaks in all-cause mortality.

The risk of dying from these injections increases exponentially with age. Plus, it doubles with every four or five years of age.

These studies should convince anyone who previously believed our governments and health organizations around the world were looking out for our health.

He has found that in more than half of the countries around the world there is absolutely NO excess mortality from when the ‘pandemic’ was declared in March 2020, through to the beginning of when the vac/cines were administered.

The data shows clearly that when the vac/cines were rolled out, there is a significant shift to higher mortality.

This is how they pay

Bullied and assaulted…

They demanded we wear them which caused a breakdown in our immune system!

Other countries, where there is an excess in mortality before the vac/cines were introduced, it can be directly associated to how the people were being assaulted.

Some of the assaults were very viscous as we have all seen. They range from direct assault through to treatments given or not given within the hospital system.

This whole campaign was planned and executed by authorities we’ve all previously trusted. They killed people by how they treated them, and on top of that, the vac/cines are toxic.

This pandemic was nothing more than an experiment on us!

A new scientific report challenges the idea that COVID-19 vaccines have prevented deaths after researchers assessed all-cause mortality in 17 countries and found that COVID-19 vaccines didn’t have any beneficial effect on reducing mortality.

Instead, researchers found that unprecedented peaks in high all-cause mortality in each country—especially among the elderly population when COVID-19 vaccines were deployed—coincided with the rollout of third and fourth booster doses.

Epoch Health

Move this information out as far and as wide as you can. There are SO many people who need to hear this. Be a part of the awakening of souls all over the earth so we can move forward to a better place.

The so-called ‘pandemic’ was thrust upon us, together with lie after lie. They frightened and cajoled people into believing the non-existent ‘virus’ was in pandemic proportions, when all along it was the j/a/b/s doing most all of the damage. Yes, they will and are paying!



  1. I watched the video and I do believe that the Covid vaccines are harmful. I am a little puzzled that many older people I know that have had their shots and boosters don’t seem to be showing any signs of illness or things happening to their bodies. I didn’t get any of the the vaccine shots and my naturopathic doctor says that I am fighting an autoimmune disease brought on by getting the Covid at sometime. Can you explain any of this for me? Thanks.

    • Hi Garry! What worries me about what you’ve written in that it was a naturopathic doctor telling you that. It’s really important that we do all realise that nobody ‘got Covid’. Maybe some may have been poisoned by the water they were drinking, as some seem to suggest… but let’s call it what it is rather than joining in the hoax.
      It shows me that the ND doesn’t truly comprehend what was going on.
      As for the many who up until now have not experienced any symptoms… maybe they received a placebo or, maybe it’s still in front of them. Three to five years, they said.
      Garry, I would even question the ‘autoimmune disease’. Firstly, I agree with the opinion that there are no diseases but virtually it’s all caused through a toxic overload. That to me suggests that a good detox would be in order. Maybe your ND could lead you through one.
      I also do think that what we put into our bodies is a huge failure in a lot of cases, so after detoxing get really serious about everything you eat and drink… at least that is in your control. What you breathe and the water can be more of a challenge, but praise God, a time is coming when this earth will be cleaned up at last… so we can then all breathe easy. 🙂

  2. Even observable facts absent data studies confirm that both the Covid “pandemic’ as well as vaccines, testing, medical treatments and remedies were a fraud and a lie. But to get many to believe this will be difficult!

    • Hi Gregory… I don’t know how it’s going to be accomplished, but one thing I do know is that God is more than able to accomplish anything. All we need to do is continue to pray and believe “Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done” and watch it happen.
      We all play a little part in the answer to that prayer.

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