PCR Tests and Facial Masks From Super Sanitary Conditions!

PCR tests facial masks

You would imagine that PCR Tests and facial masks come from super sanitary conditions wouldn’t you?

I mean, you have to have the PCT tests driven right up into the inner most parts of your head. Those responsible would insist that the ‘buds’ be made in the most sanitary conditions… wouldn’t they?

Yes, of-course they would… no doubt about it!

Then what is this?

I know these two videos have been in circulation for ages, but still they portray a visual story.. you know, a photo/video is worth more than a thousand words.

Are they really packed on the floor?

So I see they are gloveless… hmm.. do they wash their hands with the utmost care, before kneeling on the floor to pack them?

They wouldn’t let them anywhere near their feet, would they? Maybe they should wear ‘foot gloves’!

And what about their legs? Maybe ‘leg gloves’ are in order?

Oh dear, but when I see this my worst fears are realised!

Tell me why it is that we have to undergo such inhumane treatment as having one of these that are packed on the floor, inserted far up our nose, and far beyond?

They have insisted on 1.5 metres apart because we may ‘catch’ it.

Also, they insist we should wear masks to protect both ourselves and others?

They say if anyone dares to sing in church they are spreading the ‘virus’ far and wide… not allowed!

And yet, to find out if someone has contacted the ‘virus’, it takes a stick inserted into the middle of our head?

Please explain! Come on, I’m asking for a friend… you know what I mean!

Sanitary face masks

Here we have face masks being manufactured…

First machined, and then allowed to drop into piles on the floor!

From there they are nicely folded… by potentially dirty hands… and on that dreaded floor!

What a way to go!

Suits me. How about you? Are you happy the masks you buy from the store have been manufactured by such a method?

Sure you are!

Of-course, feet could have walked all over them too… but that’s not a problem, is it?

And as for the floor.. who knows what’s lying on that floor?

PCR Tests and Facial Masks – maybe the Chinese do it better?

Here we go again!

It’s OK! No worries! She’ll be right mate!

If these two videos are anything to go by, we can see the wonderful sanitary conditions that are obviously quite acceptable by the wholesalers who purchase them.

But I wonder how many people get sick from these masks made in such unsanitary conditions?

After all, people are expected to wear them for hours. So if there was any kind of pathogen lurking there, you can bet your bottom dollar, it found it’s way into the unsuspecting wearers.

Everything about this is ludicrous!

If it were a real pandemic they would never allow such things.

The whole idea that you can find masks thrown away in the rubbish, or on the side-walk, or anywhere for that matter. If the pandemic was indeed real, they would be providing Biohazardous Waste Bins for safe disposal.

Where are they?

Has anyone seen one?

Rise up against them

Wakey wakey folks! PCR Tests and facial masks coming from super sanitary conditions is nothing more than some evil politicians fantasy dream. Someone made a lot of money out of this and we can guess who? It wasn’t you or me, was it? Nah!



  1. Marilyn,

    With regards the masks yes looks really hygienic dosent it! This is why when I first wore them I bought floral ones off of Amazon and washed them before I wore them. Wore a clean one every time. Some people keep them in bags, their cars, probably drop them on the floor/ground. All those toxins from their body on the mask then when they wear the paper ones again they breath those toxins back into their lungs. People have lost all sense, all logic. If it was as virulent as they say where are the incineration bins? If it was as dangerous as they say paper and material masks would not protect us. I can’t believe people believe everything they’re told. Talk about lemmings.

    • It’s a huge joke and we need to stand firm. We have the authority to bring order back. Don’t comply. We have a global agents now taking these monsters down. If you would like a copy. Ket ne know and I will email it to uou.

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