Dr Christiane Northrup On Shedding – Important Alarming Reports

Mike Adams is seen in this short clip, interviewing Dr Christiane Northrup on shedding. The following is a transcript of what they were saying:

Dr Christiane Northrup on shedding

Dr Christiane Northrup on shedding

…We are getting disturbing reports from fertility clinics that the men who’ve had the shot now have sperm that will not swim; the women who’ve had the shot have eggs that will not develop into embryos.

We have women now in small towns who get… like, it’s normal to have some miscarriages – it’s about one in six… but now five women will be pregnant in their church and four of them miscarry!

The only thing they have in common is that they have been around somebody who had the shot!

So what’s our job?

Our job here is that… we’ve got to go quantum here, we’ve got to go a little quantum…

Fear lowers immunity so what you want to do is the things that you can do… so now… I think you just reported this in your channel… we’re seeing that drug Suramin is something that’s in pine needles, so we’re talking about pine needle tea having an antidote to the Covid SARS spike protein.

It is the spike protein that is in the air; in the urine, in the blood, in the semen, and in the sweat of people who’ve had the shot.

Now I remember listening to you talking about a study from the atomic scientist, as I recall, where they have the ability to make a self-spreading vaccine. If they can make it self-spreading for immunity, they can make it self-spreading for the opposite.

Mike Adams:

That’s right. That’s right. Now, I have so many questions for you on this but first I have to make an emergency call:

“Yes, 911 Operator? What’s my emergency? Oh yeah, my vaccine won’t work unless everyone else takes it too!”

(Mike laughs) That’s the way people think out there.

Dr Christiane Northrup:

Dr Christiane Northrup on shedding

OK, but think about the brainwashing that led to that.

You have to give your kid 72 different shots to protect my immuno-compromised kid!

Let me give you the science:

You go into a leukemia ward in a children’s hospital, or a transplant ward anywhere, and there have been, for most of my career, signs on the door:

“If you’ve recently had a vaccination you cannot come in for seven weeks”

Sign on hospital ward doors

…Because we know that a chickenpox vaccine, a polio vaccine etc sheds viruses. We know that.

Now this is not that kind of a shot. This is mNRA that’s actually programming your body to produce the spike protein that is the thing that injures people, and cross-reacts with 28 different human tissue, including Syncytin, a protein that is made, by the way, from ancient DNA viruses that is absolutely essential to fuse cells to create the placenta.

Syncytiotrophoblast is a specific type of tissue in the placenta.

So it looks like these synthetic spike proteins can cross-react and cause auto-immunity that causes the person to…

Reject their own placenta!

… End …

Watch the short video here by Dr Christiane Northrup

Please look after yourself

Unfortunately this is not good news but it’s information that we MUST spread far and wide. There are countless people who will line up for this shot, believing they are doing what is right.

Each little bit we share, is another little bit that gets added to all the other little bits of information they are receiving. Don’t give up. Share this page with everyone you possibly can. Who knows, you just may save a few lives by sharing Dr Christiane Northrup on shedding.


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