How To Protect From Vaccination Shedding Causing People Panic

protect vaccination shedding

Dr Sherri Tenpenny is seen in the video below sharing how to protect from vaccination shedding that is causing a lot of people to panic.

Dr Tenpenny’s list

This is a list of alternatives she recommends unvaccinated people take in the endeavour to protect themselves from the ‘shedding’ from those who have been vaccinated. I don’t believe she meant you to consume the entire list, but suggested that all of them can help:

  • Hy/dr/ox/ych/lo/ro/qu/ine
  • Iv/er/me/ct/in
  • Zinc
  • Quercetin
  • Vitamin D (80-100)
  • Medicinal Mushrooms

Don’t you think it’s strange?

They pushed social distancing and mask wearing on all people to protect themselves and others from contracting the ‘Co/vid virus’, whether or not there was any truth in it working. Dr Fau/ci didn’t seem to know. He said first one thing and then another… changing his mind like the wind.

Believers became quite violent at times against anyone not wearing a mask. They believed that the maskless people put them at risk. Now it’s the opposite. Unvaxxed don’t want to go near those who have been vaxxed!

Also, to keep the narrative running they are trying to enforce this:

Dr Tenpenny sees it as:

A global catastrophe of unmitigated, uncountable disaster!

Dr Sherri Tenpenny

Unfortunately, this is exactly what the C/a/b/a/l want… it’s right up their alley!

But listen, their days are numbered… and they know it. They are just trying to cause as much havoc as possible on their way out.

Build your immune system and keep it strong

Of-course, as a Nutritional Counsellor, I fully recommend that you take care of what goes into your mouth. My website is called ‘Mouthful Matters‘ for a very good reason. Every bite you take matters… it’s either building your health or knocking it down!

So, if you can take any or all of the above list, that’s good, but also you must be conscious of building and maintaining your immune system:

  • Cut the junk food
  • Side-step highly processed foods
  • Cut the sugar
  • Drink plenty of pure water
  • Eat nutrient-dense whole foods
  • Vary your hot liquid content to include a variety of nutritious, health-building drinks
  • Get out in the sun and maintain daily exercise
  • Essential Oils
  • etc…

You cannot simply rely on slipping a few pills for your health. They help of-course, but if the food and drink you are consuming is pulling your health down, the best the pills can do is maybe rise you back up to neutral again.

Junk food reduces the ability of our Immune System to protect us

It’s time we realised that junk and highly processed foods are causing our health to crumble. They will not and cannot protect you from any pathogens floating around, instead it’s like giving them an open invitation.

Tip-top health does not just happen… you have to work at it. Especially these days when ‘they’ are doing everything in their power to poison our food and water supplies. It’s horrific to say the least!

You can view Dr Tenpenny speaking here:

We are so thankful to doctors like Dr Sherri Tenpenny and her willingness to speak out. Follow some or all of the suggested protocol, and always THINK before you eat! Ask yourself… will this make me better or worse?

Unfortunately, people out of fear for their own health are causing untold problems for others

Have you, or someone you know, got sick from this? Please share with us.

I trust this will help you to protect yourself from vaccination shedding.

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