Who In Their Right Mind Would Agree To This?

right mind

If you were in your right mind, would you agree to something that is so unproven to help, but has a distinct possibility of ending your life?

Would you take the ‘jab’ if you thought just days later your life here on earth would be over? I’ve found story after story of adverse reactions and death, all potentially related to the ‘v/a/c’.

Wouldn’t you at least, want to ask a whole lot of questions before submitting yourself to such as this?

Florida man develops and dies from rare autoimmune disorder days after receiving Pfizer coronavirus vaccine

At what stage do we put it down to ‘coincidence’?

Israeli’s Dying

Listen to what Ann Vandersteel (Journalist) has to say about Israel:

Starts around the 6.30 mark: 40 adults and 260 children have died from the ‘v/a/c’ in Israel. Even more scary is the fact that it modifies the RNA that alters the cancer suppressing protein which protects against cancer … allowing cancer to run wild.

40 Adults and 260 Children Died
CNA nursing home whistleblower: Seniors are DYING LIKE FLIES after COVID injections! SPEAK OUT

Dr Charlie Ward stated in the below video that the total deaths so far, related to the ‘v/a/c’, has reached more than 10,000, but I cannot verify that one way or the other at this point in time.

But never-the-less, no matter what the number is of people dying soon after receiving it, the amazing thing is the MSM are not reporting it. The people who are trained to report, are not doing their job!

Why would this be? Because the MSM unfortunately, are in bed with the agenda of the NWO, therefore they either will not report because they are in full agreement, or because their jobs are on the line if they don’t! Who can tell?

No more than a common cold!

As shared on the video, Dr Charlie Ward, just for something to do, rang both the CDC and the WHO last week. He formulated a question suggesting that the covid was a bit of a sham. They answered him by saying that they had placed on their websites (they both told the same story) back in March 2020 that the ‘virus’ was no more than a common cold.

This is old news to many of us, but it’s interesting that they are still saying the same thing in answer to questions they receive.

Finding that information on their website is now extremely hard, but many people have mentioned they saw it back when it was first placed there. Unfortunately I didn’t. If I had, I would have screenshot it for proof.

Nurse aide dies after receiving work-mandated coronavirus vaccine shot

So much disinformation!

But haven’t people been dying?
Cali. X-ray tech “excited” to get shot dies after receiving 2nd dose of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine
Keep the fear-mongering level high
At least 55 people have died in the US after receiving coronavirus vaccine, according to federal database

This video was originally posted on Youtube mid 2020 but has been uploaded again to BitChute after being taken down…

The nurse, Carley, speaks of what it was really like in the hospital she was working in. It’s nothing like the story the MSM have been providing us!

The vaccine *IS* the pandemic: 80% of nuns vaccinated at Kentucky convent tested positive for coronavirus two days later

It’s refreshing that now we have so many doctors and nurses willing to speak out. Dr Charlie Ward has interviewed many of them who have requested to remain anonymous at this stage… in fear for their jobs.

But there are many who feel they have nothing to lose, such as Carley who has already lost her job because of it.

We are being feared into submission

Those in the right mind will say No!

Although we are aware that the White Hats are in control, it’s still hard for us to remember that. Many times we wish they could wrap it up a lot quicker than how it’s happening.

All I can say about that is that they WILL wrap it up the very first moment they possibly can. We are being advised not to agree to taking the ‘v/a/c’ but there are still many who believe it’s the only way to go.

Because of this, lives are being lost… which is devastating to say the least. But while this is happening it’s opening the eyes of countless others.

If President Trump had told the world that many would lose their lives through this, countless people would not have believed him. They would have thought he didn’t care for them.

But the way it’s happening, people are seeing for themselves what the result of the ‘jab’ is for themselves.

It’s awful, but it has to be this way!

I don’t expect you to believe what I have to say. People in their right mind, those using critical thinking processes, would at least do their own ‘due diligence’ research before submitting themselves to take this supposed ‘v/a/c/i/n/n/e’… surely!



  1. THANK YOU FOR THE COURAGE TO STATE THIS TRUTH! I have many friends and family who fell for the peer pressure (and employer mandates!) to get jabbed with this horrible experimental poison and my heart aches to realize they have just committed suicide!


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