Amazing Hospital Ghost Town – Where Are The Dying People?

Hospital Ghost Town

Gloucestershire Royal is like a Hospital Ghost Town!

I hear many stories about how hospitals are full to overflowing, but are actually empty. Here is one with the actual proof.

Gloucestershire went into lockdown over Christmas. They asked the people to stay home, wear masks, social distance… you know… all the usual.

This woman, (name withheld) visited her local hospital and found the wards empty! The lights were turned off, shops closed… hardly a soul there.

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You have to see it to believe it!

Charlie Ward always maintains that the reason for the lockdowns is because the White Hats, the Alliance… are going in to make arrests of all those who have committed crimes against humanity.

For a time it was because they were busy rescuing children from underground, but I don’t think that is anymore the case, though I could be wrong of-course.

The advice is to remain at home as much as possible. This is because the Alliance don’t want you being caught up in the cross-fire.

Many of those being arrested are heavily armed and shoot-outs do occur. They don’t come out easily.

Remember, we are in a war, and basically lockdowns are like a code to warn you… stay out of the way.

Empty top floor for Covid in Spain – another Hospital Ghost Town

A hospital in Spain told everyone that their top floor was the ‘Covid Ward’. A group of police needed to go there for some reason, and upon arriving on the top floor found it completely empty, lights off… nothing happening.

As it turned out, a whole group of these police personnel left the police force because of it. They realised the lies.

How to Stop Transmission of Covid-19 Hoax Now!

Keeping the fear level high

The reports of busy, overflowing wards are nothing more than propaganda to keep the fear levels up in the people. Because everyone hears of this, it keeps them wearing masks, social distancing and hand washing. It does what it’s designed to do as everyone believes it.

Deadly ‘Virus’ Kills… or does it?

Time to start waking up guys. Of-course, I know my regular readers are well awake by now, but if you’ve found your way to this page and you’re still unaware… begin your researching now!

Leave the telly turned off! They are the ones telling of the packed hospitals. No, you need to look into alternative media to find the truth.

So the empty hospital creates a ghost town in Gloucestershire and countless other places. This is very sad when you think of all the genuine patients who are not being attended to, just to keep this crazy narrative going?


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