How to Stop Transmission of Covid-19 Hoax Now!

How to Stop transmission of Covid-19

How to stop transmission of Covid-19 is very much on the minds of many people. If only someone could truly come up with the best way, then we can all go back to living a normal life. Right?

Has it ever occurred to you that if we didn’t listen to the television, we would have no idea there was a ‘pandemic’ happening around the world?

We have been so brainwashed into keeping up-to-date with the news that it has been easy for it to fall into the wrong hands.

I don’t believe that’s the way the news media started out. To begin with, they most probably just wanted to bring interesting news items to the general public.

But over time, each of the individual news medias were bought up by the giant corporations, until now most all of them are owned by just six corporations worldwide.

Unfortunately, these corporations are on the dark side.

This is why you hardly ever hear good news. They pump out fear and terror wherever possible. Sure, they’ll give you a little real news dispersed throughout, but they will twist the rest to suit their evil agenda.

For example… if they can find a way to present President Trump in a bad light, that is exactly what they will do. Over and over again… until the masses believe it!

We are told on a daily basis that to prevent the spread of Covid, we must use hand sanitizers, wear masks and keep our distance. Every so often, an area goes into lock-down… designed to stop the spread.

Is it working? If it were working, why are we told of all the new ‘cases’ that keep coming up?

I know… I know… it’s because people are just not doing the right thing! If only everyone would obey, then it would all go away… is that what you think? Many do think this way and so they become aggressive when they see someone not wearing a mask.

I heard of a fellow only yesterday who was asked by a fellow customer while she was buying cigarettes… ‘Why are you not wearing a mask?’ He replied ‘Why are you buying cigarettes? I don’t appreciate having to breathe second hand smoke!’ Good one!

Another one complained of a customer while he paid for fuel… ‘Now you’ve come in without a mask, I’ll have to go into quarantine for a week!’ The customer replied: ‘While you’re in quarantine, find a brain cell!’

The stupidity of all this is beyond description.

Stop transmission of Covid-19

The wearing of masks does nothing more than cause the wearer to become sick. They breathe in their own toxic air. Some wear them for hours at a time… while their poor body suffers.

Wearing a mask can be likened to trying to stop a mosquito from flying through a wire netting fence! Let that sink in.

So where did the terminology for ‘Virus’ come from?

Most people have no idea of what a virus is, but what they do know is that it’s quite frightening. We can thank B]ill G]ates for that.

He introduced the ‘virus’ in our computers and then happily produced the ‘antivirus’ to fix it. Made him an incredible amount of money.

When your computer gets a virus, it’s a scary and very annoying thing. Now he has introduced the same concept for humans… everyone is so afraid of the ‘virus’!

On the following page, I have quite a lot of information about how the virus cannot be transmitted. Just scroll down the page a little way to the heading The Covid-19 virus’.

Information on how the Covid-19 Virus cannot be transmitted. By professional Rolf Krahnert

How to Stop Transmission of Covid-19

Yes, if we switched off the telly, that would be one of the most important things we could do for this virus to go away.

  • Stop watching your local news channels
    • I am absolutely blown away on the very odd times I get to hear news from any of the mainstream media channels. Sometimes on hearing what they are saying as I pass by, I find it most distressing.
    • I cannot believe how determined they are to twist virtually every news story to be related to ‘the corona virus’!
    • If I were accustomed to listening to their lies and deceit, I too would believe all their propaganda.
  • Spend time digging to find out the truth.
    • You must do your ‘due diligence’. Research. You know something is wrong in your heart… dig until you find out what is truth and what is nothing more than a blatant lie.

Once you spend time researching Covid-19, you will find that they have been lying to us for a very long time.

Panic then Cure!

Yes, they planned all the fear so you would eventually beg for a cure. The news media continually spreads the propaganda, making sure they keep it endlessly before your eyes. They are in bed with the Deep State, so what else do you expect!

Keep everyone in a state of panic and then offer the cure… the vaccine… a wonderful solution!

Stop Transmission of Covid-19

Would you consider for a moment, to take a vaccine provided by the same people who stirred you up, shut your business down, muzzled you and slapped social distancing upon you?

They had evil intentions right from the get-go, so why, oh why, would you trust them now?

Church goers now hate having to wear a mask while they sing. This is because you have to do your part to stop the transmission of Covid-19.

“They’ reported that while singing your spit travels up to 6′ or 1.5 m, thereby spreading the ‘virus’. It’s so tiresome to hear when you understand how it really works… but most believe it!

Everywhere we are seeing that even if people take the vaccine, they will still need to continue to wear masks and social distance etc. Come on! Really, it’s so easy to see through their tactics.

The Real Pandemics

The lock-downs they enforce upon the people have absolutely nothing to do with the ‘virus’… no, nothing at all.

It’s because the Alliance Team and the military are making arrests of those who have committed crimes against humanity. They are using the lock-downs to keep you out of the way while doing what they have to do. Trust me, the people they are arresting are quite heavily armed and don’t go into custody without a fight. You don’t want to be caught up in the cross-fire.

It’s good, if your area has been put into lock-down, to do what they say and stay at home as much as you can… keep out of the way, for your sake and theirs.

Follow Lin Wood on Twitter… if he’s still there:

Stop Transmission of Covid-19

Not only America… but world-wide, we have all been fast asleep. Everywhere, people’s attention are on the ‘virus’! You hear it all the time.

If it’s not the ‘virus’, it’s the elections. There are always other issues taking the attention of the masses.

It’s all been planned out by the Deep State, to take your attention away from what they are really trying to do.

Don’t fall for it!

Meanwhile, the White Hats are using the time to make all the arrests under the same cover that the Black Hats enforce. Clever aye?

Being afraid of the ‘virus’ is like being afraid of the Boogeyman! We know he’s not really there, but as a child it is built up so large in our minds, we are convinced he’s going to pounce on us.

So how do I lose the fear again?

The way to lose the fear is to research. Stop believing everything you hear both on Social Media and the News Media. The only way to do that is to stop feeding yourself with all the negativity. It’s not truth… it’s lies.

Don’t believe me? Try it… start researching by digging deep. Don’t rely on Google as they are owned by the Deep State. Duck Duck Go are a lot better, but not perfect.

How to Stop Transmission of Covid-19 is to do your research and find out the truth for yourself… and then peace will flood over you that defies your understanding. What’s coming is all good but the road there is rocky. Belt up and enjoy the ride.


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