Evil Psychological Warfare – Know How To Counteract It

Evil Psychological Warfare

Psychological warfare is being waged upon you every day. Do you know that? Just like the sign at this park… they are everywhere. Even when the borders reopen and the stores go back, we are told we still have to social distance and wash our hands!

Many people, in fact most people, have no idea what’s really happening. They are so used to the way things are, and because of previous mind control, they obey… and insist others obey also.

They (D]eep State) use the television and social media to bombard us with their messages. The government insist their laws be upheld without us realising they are illegal. They’ve taken over our minds with their rules and regulations, while sucking the very life out of us!

People just think it’s normal though. No, they mightn’t like it, but don’t think there’s anything that can be done about it, and truly believe to follow whatever the government tell them is doing the ”right thing’.

We’re in a Battle

What they don’t realise is that we’re on a battlefield right now! Yes, we are in the middle of World War III, trouble is, people are looking elsewhere. They don’t see the battle.

Psychological warfare
Facebook – Originally by Lessie Banchi and reposted by Mal Johnson

Imagine a war, in which the majority of one side didn’t know they were at war! How could this possibly be? We have a concept of what war looks like, but most are not seeing it at the moment.

Further imagine those same people were being blindly obedient to the enemy! What? Surely they wouldn’t! Oh yes they would!

And to finish it off, these people ridicule everyone else who are trying to alert them to what is going on. They fight tooth and nail!

Psychological warfare is happening every which way.

Psychological warfare
Posted in Facebook by Ryan Glantz

Can’t see the Forest for the Trees

It’s the strangest thing. We are all aware of the debacle going on in the United States, but so many can’t see the forest for the trees.

What do I mean by that?

You know when you are walking through a thick forest how all you can see are the trees around about you. You don’t know how big the forest is, or where the track is leading.

To see the forest, you need to lift yourself up like a drone to see above… then you can see it.

Likewise, people have themselves so involved in the ‘pandemic’ and how it’s affecting them, that the US elections is way down on their list of things to bother about.

And yet… the outcome of these elections is SO important to every individual living on planet earth!

A B]iden/Harris win means total enslavement, while a Trump win means freedom for all humanity. That is how important it is.

President Trump is currently in charge of the world

We know he Wins

For those who are accustomed to reading my pages, you KNOW the end result… you know that President Trump will be inaugurated as the next president.

This doesn’t mean you know how it’s going to come about. No. None of us do. But, we do know we’re on the battlefield and we’re giving it all we’ve got!

We do not concern ourselves with the ‘pandemic’ because we know it’s just one of the enemy’s ploys. We know it will go away, just as soon as President Trump is inaugurated.

We are being set free!

They need us!

We work daily, searching out the latest snippets of information being fed to us by those we trust. We take it in, and then endeavour to share as best as we are able. It’s so important to counteract all the negativity with hope and positivity.

President Trump, the Alliance, the White Hats… everyone involved on the front line of this incredible battle, are reliant on us all to inform of the truth. It’s important to them that they know we are praying for them, and batting for them in any way we can. They have told us so!

This war is different to other wars. The military are still very involved, but not in the obvious way of World War I and World War II. Instead, they are working more in the background… using stealth operations.

Judy Byington 18/12/2020

I have heard that Guantanamo Bay was enlarged times five. There are so many new prisoners being taken there, day after day, that it’s bursting at the seams. They have had to take in a prison ship to help house the inmates.

While many sit back and say ‘What has Trump ever done for America?’, the truth is, he and the Alliance Team… via the military… are filling the prisons while freeing humanity of all the corrupt pedophilia, and saving our children. They are routing out all the corruption.

This man never stops. I don’t know how he manages to sleep at night with all he must have going through his mind.

Learn to Combat Psychological Warfare

It is important for us to learn to counteract the psychological warfare. The war is against our minds. Everything they throw at us, especially through the mainstream media and social media, we need to learn how to put down.

The darts of deception they send our way need to be stopped with the Shield of Faith:

In every battle, take faith as your wrap-around shield, for it is able to extinguish the blazing arrows coming at you from the Evil one!

Ephesians 6:16

If you are not a Christian, then what are you going to do?

This is for everyone – firstly, you MUST turn off the television! Do not listen to the daily ‘Happy Hour’ news. It is designed to control and manipulate your thoughts.

Do yourself a favour and turn off the Telly!

On top of everything else, they use subliminal messaging. Do you know that years ago, just before the interval in the picture theatres, they would quickly show a bottle of Coke in the film. You wouldn’t see it, but it was there. It resulted in the sales of Coke going sky high. I believe they had to put a stop to that.

But the same is still going on now… it’s everywhere!

On a very rare occassion when the news is turned on in our house, because my husband wants to see something locally he’s heard about, we are aghast at what we hear… and see.

The word ‘pandemic’ is used in every other sentence. Covid-19 comes up over and over again. People wearing masks all over the place. They show shops closed and how it’s for our benefit. How we all have to pull together against this vicious ‘virus’… promises of the ‘vaccine’ which will end the ‘pandemic’!

Oh my! Imagine feeding your brain with that every night!

This is all designed to keep the fear-factor up, and to keep you conscious of the ‘virus’ and how much you need the vaccine.

How can you stay positive when you are hounded by such messages?

Do you know that if we didn’t have media, we wouldn’t have a ‘pandemic’? We wouldn’t even know it was supposed to be around.

Feed your mind

You need to feed your mind with positive messages if you have any hope in staying positive. Do it anyway you please, anyway that works for you.

My choice, as a Christian, is to feed my mind with the Word of God, because I know He is the source of positivity.

Once the TV is turned off, you can spend time searching out those who are pumping out truth, hard and fast. Some time ago, I would have recommended Youtube because that’s where we started, but the problem is that they have removed 1.7 million videos because they are pro-Trump.

Doesn’t this tell you something? Of-course it does! They now don’t like anything that is against B]iden/Harris. Haha, it’s a laugh really. These people are on their way to Guantanamo Bay, if they are not already there.

Surround yourself with positive people. Some of our favourites online are:

  • Dr Charlie Ward (Still some on Youtube, but can be found on BitChute.)
  • Santa Surfing (Has managed to fly under the radar of Youtube.)
  • Following Judy Byington
  • Melissa Redpill the World (Freedomforce.Live) – For a Christian prospective
  • MelK (Sometimes on with Charlie Ward on Youtube. She is a wealth of information.) (Knows President Trump on a personal level – great.)
  • Ann Vandersteel (Knows President Trump on a personal level – great.)

There are countless others, some we really like, and some not so much. As you begin to search, you will be led to those who suit you… those you relate with.

Please make a renewed effort to pray for all those who work in the White House. We have received news today that President Trump has advised them all to leave and get out of the area. Something big is in the air. We don’t know what, and I don’t even know if we will learn, but they have requested more prayer for safety.

The process we are going through right now is exposing evil and draining the world-wide swamp. We will get through this. For all those who are confident that all the wrong done to Donald Trump will be taken care of, and that he will be seen to be the man he truly is, we have peace. It’s all been done. We are just watching the movie play out so that we can all awaken to the truth.

So, as you can see, it’s very important to combat psychological warfare. Just recapping:

  1. Turn off the television
  2. Learn how to hold up the Shield of Faith against the enemy
  3. Search out positive news
  4. Share the truth in every way you can



  1. Great article! I’m very much aware that the wicked ones are using Psychological Warfare, manipulation, Psychological Operations (Psy-Ops), and how important it is to counteract this mental threat. The belt of Truth and the Helmet of Salvation (to protect our minds) are part of our Spiritual Armor, but I don’t think Christians really know how to use any of the weapons of our Spiritual Armor. We are like the 10 spies in Numbers 12, give up and give in rather than be strong-minded and fight like Caleb and Joshua.

    • Hi Shelley.
      What a great comment! I agree with you… there is far too much emphasis placed on the potential coming of happenings, rather than placing our faith firmly onto God, the deliverer! At the moment, things appear to be quiet, but we can guarantee that in the background there is much going on. Meanwhile, the threat of the [vaccine] hovers over us all. Many are even taking it. Does this mean we are done for? Not at all… we just need to continue to stand our ground… apply the Spiritual Armour if you are a Christian, and pray.
      Thanks so much for such an encouraging message!

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