Trump Helping Free Our World From Wicked Criminals

Trump Helping Free Our World From the Wicked Criminals

President Trump is helping to free our world from an almost endless line of wicked criminals. They are coming out of the woodwork all over the place!

It’s very interesting how he is doing it. If he took them down, or at least, if his Team took them down, there would be all kinds of an uproar! He’d be known as nothing more than a dictator.

No, he’s too clever for that. Instead, he sets traps and they hang themselves!

Many criminal activities are gradually being replaced by freedom for all of humanity, together with the restoration of faith, hope, and peace. We will know a prosperity, dignity and equality previously unknown to us all.

At this present time, we have no real comprehension of just how enslaved we have all been in many ways, with debt enslavement one of the worst.

Just in the nick of time, we are being released from an enslavement that would be far worse than anything we have ever known… praise God, He has us in His hand, and has the leader in place, to ensure the transition into a new and wonderful world!

It may be bumpy along the way, but hold on to your hat and enjoy the ride.

President Trump is helping to free our world by setting traps for scumbags

Yes, so they set traps. They very cleverly plan the trap and then wait. All those people involved in criminal activities fall headlong into them. Snap! Gotcha! In that way, they expose themselves. Well done President Trump!

The White Hats, that is, the Alliance working with him, have over the years obtained all the evidence they need to take out all the criminal activity that’s been going on, but rather than force it, they very carefully and methodically work out their next trap moves.

Seizing Servers held in Frankfurt, Germany

The time had come for a trip to be taken to Frankfurt in Germany. Over there they had servers which backed up all the fraud that’s been taking place within the elections in America.

I can’t give you too many details about it, but I can tell you that I’ve seen the a video caption of the shootout. It was like war itself! I wouldn’t have liked to have been anywhere near that when it was all on. I wanted to capture the video so I could show it to you but it disappeared almost as quickly as it appeared. If it comes back I’ll try to post it here.

Anyway, certain heavily armed military guys attended the facility where the servers were held, and yes, they were met with very heavy resistance.

Now the creeps running the servers, knew that if they ended up in the hands of the White Hats, they’d be gone for sure!

So the battle was fierce, and lives were lost… even some of the Good Guys unfortunately.

The great thing is that the Good Guys eventually won the shootout, and the servers were seized.

One of the CIA members, a woman, who was injured in the shootout, was flown by jet to Gitmo. I know this because Charlie Ward has asked many of his private jet captains to alert him every time they make a trip to Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.

You can watch this very interesting video but I suggest you do it before they remove it:

Elections Rigged in Many Countries for Years

Now, don’t be misled into thinking that these servers only contained data on America. Oh no. The truth is, they also contained data referring to Australia, New Zealand and many other countries, with data extending over many years.

You see, Dominion had been used for years to rig elections. (The video above suggests that rigged elections could have been taking place for over 50 years!)

Here we are all believing that our votes counted, that is, except my son! He’d been saying for years that he didn’t believe his vote mattered one way or another. Of-course, we were always quick to explain that wasn’t the case. But guess what? He was right!

Start at 2.09

We Need to Open Our Eyes

President Trump was the first person who won the election for quite some time, without having to rig the election. If he’d done that, he would be no better than the rest of the low-lifes. When he was running against Hillary Clinton, she had no idea they were using the Quantum Voting System to track all the votes. Now of-course, it only tracked the votes… not rigged the votes!

(The Quantum Voting System is the final trump card – amongst many others – that President Trump is holding on to.)

Hillary truly believed that everyone loved her and hated Trump, therefore they would only need to rig a relatively small amount of votes for her to win, if it were necessary. What she didn’t know, was it was being watched, in real time, silently in the background. Poor little sweetheart, didn’t count on Trump winning and had not even prepared her Concession Speech. She was totally caught out.

Even in the last elections, President Trump was very aware that the elections were always being rigged, so he knew what he was up against. One of his desires and mandate was to be rid of all the fraud. But he knew it had to be done in such a way that the people could see it for themselves, understand and wake up!

As I said above, if people are not placed into a position to see it for themselves, they will all scream out that he is nothing more than a dictator!

They were all used as Globalist Puppets… until Trump!

I’m not exactly sure for how long the elections have been rigged in Australia, but many of our past Prime Ministers were fraudulently placed into power by the D]eep S]tate G]lobalists.

Each of these politicians were just puppets for the N]ew W]orld O]rder.

This explains why during the pre-election process, they would always promise to do many things if elected, but turned it completely around once they came into power.

Out of all presidents or prime ministers, President Trump is the only one who said what he would do, and then set about actually doing it from the moment he was inaugurated.

It has absolutely nothing to do whatsoever with which party was ‘elected’. Parties mean nothing to the Globalists. They choose the person, i.e. male or female, that they can best manipulate. In Australia it could have been the Liberals, Labour, or the Greens. Wouldn’t matter, they all were being totally manipulated by the same boss.

We have all had the wool pulled right over our eyes for a very long time.

Can you understand why there is such fierce antagonism against President Trump? He is being used by God to free our world. He’s a man who will not be caught up in their evil schemes and has a very thick skin! Further, he’s a man who works systematically towards the desired end – which is freedom for all, and Gitmo for the clueless Cabal!

The Quantum Voting System

Amazing Quantum Voting System Proved Trump’s Landslide Victory of 80%

The Quantum Voting System has been used over a period of years, running in the background. It knows within seconds who is the winner, and exactly how many legal or nonlegal votes were used to obtain it.

So why didn’t President Trump insist that this system be used for the last elections?

As I said before, it’s because he wanted to expose all the corruption so people can really see what is going on. It’s the only way. A calculated trap was set, and oh boy, did they fall headlong into it! Now they are really kicking and screaming.

These servers tell the whole story… it’s all on there.

There is much more at stake than just the Democratic Party. There’s the Media; the CCP (Chinese Communists Party); and the corrupt judges and lawyers in the courts of America… including the Supreme Court.

It all runs very, very deep, and only God Himself would be able to orchestrate the necessary moves to scrape out the bottom of such a world-wide murky swamp.

Please do not misunderstand… it’s not just the Democratic Party in America. There are monster rats also in the Republican Party.

This fight is not Democratic versus Republican… not at all. It’s good versus evil, in a very real way.

Powerful Sting Operation Catches Voter Fraud In Real Time!

The Reasons for the Lock-Downs

The vicious fight that took place in Frankfurt is one of the reasons for the lock-downs. It’s got nothing to do with the ‘virus’… nothing at all. That is only a smoke-screen. Imagine if people happened to be in the way when all this shooting was taking place. No, it’s better to keep people at home while they do what they have to do.

Over the time of the ‘pandemic’, there have been many lock-downs. Most of them were to allow access to rescue children from the underground tunnels. They needed to be able to bring them to the surface and deal with them safely while the masses were kept safely at home and out of the way.

This was dangerous work at the best of times, and armed military were taking care of it. As you can imagine, the people holding the children didn’t simply hand them over, oh no… many battles were fought along the way.

How To Understand The Lock-Downs And 2nd Virus Spikes

So sometimes, it’s the White Hats responsible for the lock-downs, but it can be hard to tell. We just need to keep a low profile and out of the way.

Of-course the government and the news media say the lock-downs in Germany are because of new outbreaks of Covid-19, but we know differently don’t we?

President Trump is certainly helping to free our world from the most awful criminals. Our job is not only to pray, but to also let him know we are on his team, batting on his behalf. We can all do our bit, and before we know it most of the world will be awakened to what is really going on. Then a whole new world can come into play. Praise God!


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