Powerful Sting Operation Catches Voter Fraud In Real Time!

Powerful Sting Operation Catches Voter Fraud In Real Time!

A Sting Operation was used to catch voter fraud, allowing them to watch as it happened! It was Trump’s secret strategy for these elections.

From past experiences, Team Trump was more than aware that the elections would be a set-up, and this time, more than ever. So they carried out a Sting Operation:

“Even a political imbecile knows that the longer any election count goes on the greater the likelihood that election will be stolen.  The thieves simply need time to do all the dirty deeds necessary to steal the ballot without leaving any fingerprints.  It’s relatively easy to steal an election, but only when no one’s watching the crime scene.

On Election Day 2020, the whole world was watching the countless Democrat-overseen crime scenes across America.  Not only that, Team Trump had the whole country cased out, especially the previous Democrat 2016 crime scenes.  Now that the DEMs have gotten caught red-handed with election theft, what are they gonna do?!”

— Intelligence Analyst & Former U.S. Military Officer

The Democrats still don’t know they got caught by a brilliant sting operation orchestrated by Team Trump

It’s so fun to watch

What’s so fun about this, is the fact that the Trump Team was way out in front as they knew for a certainty what the other party would do. With all the benefits a president has concerning surveillance, what on earth did the others think they were doing?

In 2016, the elections were rigged to fall to Hilary Clinton. She was so sure they had it covered that she didn’t even prepare a speech for her defeat!

President Trump was more than aware of everything pertaining to that election, but he still won. This is why he more than knew the kind of things they would get up to this time.

Water-marked Voting Forms

For a start up, he had arranged that all official voting forms would be invisibly water-marked. What a cool thing to do! Of-course the other party had no idea so they fell head-long into the trap. They brought millions of voting forms in from China!

Oh well, this was just one way they were caught red-handed… there were many more.

The Quantum Voting System

One of the main additions to these elections was the Quantum Voting System. This is a system that is deadly accurate. Can I explain how it works… barely… but I’ve heard Charlie Ward talking about it. Something about how it is connected to every server around the world. To be hacked, the hacker would need to be able to hack every server, at the same time.

Not likely!

It gives the voting count in real time. As each vote was cast, they knew immediately who the vote went to. It’s so amazing.

As PT did not advertise they would be using it to run alongside the other system of voting, all the actions the other party carried out by stealth, was to no avail!

The watermarked voting forms contained a unique number which is tracked by satellite. This means they have a complete record of each vote, from the very beginning, onwards. For example, if any of them were dumped, they would know exactly where they were.

Simple really! They never did stand a chance… unless of-course they did everything in a lawful manner and the votes really did go to their side.

But then again, there was never any chance that would happen neither. While they turned up in record numbers to the PT rallies, they stayed away in droves from JB’s.

Want to learn more? Go to State of the Nation for more details.

A world of make-believe

We live in a world of make-believe. So much of what we think we are looking at is not really so. I mean, when the voting count exceeds the number of voters living in a state, that has to be a red flag. This happened in nine different states.

I could go on and on, but really, there is so much on this now that just a little bit of researching outside of the main stream news outlets, will quickly fill you in.

Shaking in their boots!

Every media and social media who were calling the election… every president/prime minister/leader of countries who rang up to congratulate JB for winning the election, have committed treason against America. I wouldn’t like to be standing in their shoes at this point in time!

There is so much at stake… a Trump win is necessary for the outworking of the good he’s put in place around the world. But the win MUST be legal!

The Plan To Save The World – Surrender Now!

Why the Sting Operation?

So why did POTUS choose to allow all the drama of the last few weeks go on? It’s quite simple really… if he had won outright, the other side would have gone crazy! Nowhere would have been safe! He had to do it this way.

This catches them all out in what they were trying to do… so now the legal system will take care of them all. They had to commit the crime and be caught in the act… and boy, weren’t they just!

Quite brilliant really! President Trump is always streets ahead… he knows how they think and therefore catches them in action. Boom!

It is fairly common knowledge that President Trump has the ability to play five games of chess – at the same time – and win them all! No wonder he, and the Team, have it sorted!

I love these Sting Operations he comes up with. Now the world will be able to rid itself of these low-life’s so we can all get on to the good stuff.



  1. Thank you for your posts. I’m hopeful about what’s happening, leading to our greater joy and ascension. This is a challenging time, but it is a necessary part of our growth. I want to go to DC next week; not sure if I will. But I will be there in spirit regardless! Blessings~

    • Hi Denise, Thanks so much for taking the time to say that. Much appreciated. I know if it were within my capabilities, I would be in DC next week! Please try to go. I will be with you in spirit for sure… waving my flag high!

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