The Evil World Leaders Taken Down By White Hats

The Evil World Leaders Taken Down By White Hats

The evil world leaders were taken down by the White Hats back in 2017.

I posted a video by Charlie Freak which gave lots of interesting details:

Take-Down of the Evil Plan – Did You Know This?

I also wrote a page where I shared information from that video. This is good for those wanting to read quickly and don’t have time to watch a long video.

This was sharing how President Trump visited heads of countries around the world back in 2017, presenting dossiers. These dossiers contained damning information on what the NSA had collected on their evil actions over the years:

The Plan To Save The World – Surrender Now!

Out of that video, Charlie Freak has now made another one. This one ontains the same kind of information, but the length has been cut down to 49 minutes.

This video shares also what the news media said about many of these visits. They were not always of-course, in favour of President Tramp! That would be far too hard… and would go against their agenda!

The Media Didn’t Understand What Was Going On

It’s very, very interesting to see how his trip was basically captured by the media. Of-course, they didn’t understand what was really going on. They couldn’t comprehend how the dossiers were the worst news they had ever received! They couldn’t not have understood how these people were shaking in their boots in absolute fear!

I really recommend you take out the time to view this. Grab a coffee, sit back and relax and see the undoing of those who planned nothing but evil against us!

Should we feel sorry for these country heads and CEO’s etc?

No, not at all! These evil world leaders were all involved in their plan above all plans. Their intent to capture us all and make us their slaves in their New World Order agenda!

Look, most of these people were involved in the most horrific crimes with children and women. So no… please do not feel sorry for any of them. They have to pay, and pay they will.

Of-course, they had already managed to do an incredible job of enslaving us… but now, they were coming to the stage of implementing the most horrific things upon our world.

The ‘virus’, including all the lock-downs, masks, curfews etc., together with the riots and the 5G etc. were all just a run-up to their bigger plans. They were just conditioning us to bow to their desires.

It’s a shocking fact that so many people around this world have bowed to their ‘virus’ orders. These same people point the finger at us, who have not been quite so willing to bow, insisting that we are the problem!

The Evil World Leaders Already Arrested!

The good news is the evil world leaders have already been arrested. Some are still holding their positions as they agreed to work with Trump and the Team to ferret out all those involved. Those who didn’t agree were arrested and taken to Gitmo. In their place there are body doubles or clones. Even the use of CGI is taking place with the public unawares.

Quietly, behind the scenes, President Trump and his incredible Team have been taking out these evil people. The ones who are still in their positions are under House Arrest. They wear ankle bracelets, and are now puppets to the good Guys. They spend their time role-playing and keeping the calm until all have been found and arrested.

It’s brilliant really! No matter how good the Black Hats were in outworking their evil plan, the White Hats are streets ahead of them. It’s wonderful.

Our job is to spread the word as best we can, to allow others who are at this point still unaware, to wake up to the reality.

This is why I spend so much time sharing information, in the hope that when everything comes out (and it will, very soon), that people can be more prepared to face the facts. So much is gut-wrenching… but it has to be done so that we can enter a new era where good reigns supreme over evil.

A time is soon coming where the evil world leaders will be completely removed and we can move in Nesara/Gesara. This has been President Trump’s plan all along.



  1. This is the second time of watching this great video of the world capitulation. It still makes me very emotional about how close we were to being enslaved by this nefarious Cabal. I remember reading about their agenda in 2015 and thought we’re doomed. Then living in the UK we had the referendum for Brexit. I did my research and voted to leave, the EU was basically the 4th Reich. Then along came Trump in 2016, I couldn’t believe a Businessman was the US President. Did some digging and tunnelling and discovered the Plan to save the world. I have prayed like never before and continue to do so. Its been a long time since 2015 some have travelled this rocky road for longer. Good things are coming. I love Trump, the Alliance and all our brave military across the world.
    God praise you all.
    ???? ???? ???? ????

    • What beautiful words Caroline! Thank you so much for sharing them. Yes, it has been a long time hasn’t it, but then again, when you think of what they have accomplished, and are accomplishing… it’s amazing in how short a time they’ve managed to do it!

  2. My concern is that some people will not wakeup or worse they will refuse to belueve even military intel. Prople are so indoctrinated in to the system they cant distinguish truth from lies.
    They insult people who try to spread the news then on the other hand ask for evidence. They dont know how to research but will slate people for speaking the truth.

    • Hi Carolyn,
      We are all brothers and sisters of the same treatment, that’s for sure. Often it’s the ones who are closest to us, the ones we care for the most that will not listen. It’s heart-breaking at times. I find ‘they’ are allowed to say whatever they like as they follow the msm narrative, but just as soon as you speak up about something they sometimes angrily will not have a bar of it. God knows!

  3. What i understand from the beginning of this game Marilyn is that until the most of us are aware of it. Then we can move to Nesara gesara? Thank you.

    • Yes Abdel, it’s a bit like that!
      We simply have to trust that the White Hats know what they are doing. I’m extremely sure that they will release Nesara/Gesara at the first possible time.
      It’s important they have the evil taken out of the way before releasing these wonderful things.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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