The New RV and Gesara To Be Released Soon

We are all looking for the RV and Gesara aren’t we?

Gesara = Global Economic Security And Reformation Act 
RV = Revaluation

It was brought to my attention a couple of days ago that it’s expected that the fake B/id/en will be removed within the next two weeks or so, the R/V (reva/luation) will take place and the ten days of darkness (reveal) will happen. Once this has all taken place, Gesara will be ushered in.

Now I, along with all the rest of my readers, pray it will happen just this way, but as we all know, setting any kind of date can leave people upset and deflated.

So many dates have come and gone. Truthers have shared dates in good faith because they’ve been informed from some source or another. The problem is, many of these sources have given misinformation, sometimes deliberately for the sake of the overall success of operations.

This leaves ‘egg on the face’ for those truthers as others begin saying and sharing they can’t be trusted.

What a tough time it is for those who have been called of God to do their little bit in informing patriots. Every one of them are working on just titbits of information. Why? Because we are in a war!

Imagine one side of the war openly sharing with the world what they’re doing, or are about to do etc. Wouldn’t the enemy quickly tune in?

Of-course they would.

But the truth is, it does all have to eventually come to an end. We know the war has been won and it’s just the end of the movie playing out.

‘Fake Hiden’ to be removed before the RV and Gesara

Personally, it makes no sense to me that Gesara and RV be released while ever the fake ‘Hiden’ is still in ‘power’. We have been told he’s been removed in private… just waiting for the public removal.

NB… For those in the know, he was ‘removed’ about four years ago and already met his fate!!!

Remember… the movie!

He is expected to be removed within the next two weeks.

Watch that, as it’s a major marker.

But listen, if it’s not in the next two weeks, don’t throw your hands up in the air! It’s so obvious it will happen very soon, so if the date’s out a bit… no worry.

Iraqi Prime Minister & President Trump meeting

A Big Day For America

But we do see markers that could very well be what we’re looking for. The recent meeting that took place between these two suggest highly that something’s afoot.

Having secret discussions! Hmmm…

Why do they need it all to be so secret?

No media coverage… oh well, we’re used to that aren’t we. It’s not something they’d want to shout far and wide.

Yes, something is happening!

Gesara and RV are moving ever closer. This will be the greatest redistribution of wealth to happen in modern history. Financial liberation for all. Amazing.

Everything is connected to everything else

One thing you can be assured of is that all these moves are interconnected. The world has been looking to Iraq and the revaluation of their currency. Some thought this would happen years ago, but no… we are still waiting.

But for the Global Currency Reset to take place, Iraq has to revalue. Also, along with many other countries who’ve been done over by the Ca/bal over the years and had their currencies devalued, sometimes beyond belief.

Some of us learned about the RV long before we ever heard of Nesara/Gesara… now known as Gesara.

Nesara = National (ie. America)
Gesara = Global

It started out as something for America, but developed worldwide.

Many times, people are confused with all this talk of currency resets… please read the following:

Read, especially if you’re unsure…

Aren’t we waiting for the Green Light?

Part of the anticipation for Gesara and the RV is the medbeds.

Someone wrote to me and said he pressed on the green button but unfortunately, it didn’t work. LOL

But yes, we are waiting for that Green Light to be flicked on.

Or, has it already happened?

We would like the Green Light to be pressed and wake up in the morning with all systems go, wouldn’t we?

We’d like it all to be in front of our eyes so we can begin rejoicing… at last, it’s here!

Apparently on the 22nd February, President Trump gave the Green Light for five million Ca/bal members to be arrested. That’s huge!

Why the 22nd February?

Because on that day the C/abal capitulated their control of the GFS (Global Financial System). Much more happened too, I mean, that’s wow!!!

Now, was that the day they actually capitulated, or was it the day in the movie where it’s being shown? I’m not sure. Sometimes it’s very difficult to tell the difference between what happened years ago versus what’s going on right now.

We are forever being told the war has already been won, which suggests to me, it’s just the movie playing.

Why do we have to have a movie?

Because it’s the only way the Military Alliance and all those involved at the forefront of operations, could figure out how they could gradually alert the peoples of the world without causing total harm and the uprising of society!

So it’s slowly playing out before us.

But people are dying!

Yes they are, and far, far too many. But it’s nowhere near as many as there would have been if the D/S had been allowed to get away with what they were doing. Virtually all of us would have breathed our last breath.

So the long, drawn out movie is the better of the two evils… if you know what I mean.

Freedom versus Slavery

Before the RV and Gesara could happen, evil must be removed from the face of the earth.

Really? You mean all the evil?

I mean, all those who have been controlling us. Those who poisoned our skies, water, food and caused countless millions to die long before their time. Kept the majority poor. Changed our history to suit their narrative. Involved in abominable pe/dophilia and traf/ficking of innocent lives… and so on.

But… there is so much good on the way. If we let our minds dwell on it for just a little bit, it’s so amazing. Unfortunately, to get to that place we’ve all had to go through these years of pain and suffering felt by so many.

The only way our world can be free of the the ugly evil presence that has ruled and controlled us all, is for them to be taken out systematically in the greatest operation most probably this world has ever seen.

But how do we know it’s really being done?

Well that’s the thing… we don’t! The operation was far too dangerous to be shared with the world in real time.

First the Worldwide Military Alliance had to go out there and accomplish it, and once they ‘had it in the bag’ they could gradually share it with the world.

God sees all. He’s leading the charge and we can trust Him fully to make sure every last one of them have been hauled before tribunals and received what they had coming to them.

Those of us who have been chosen by God to be awake during all this, get to hear in dribs and drabs… a little here and a little there, but for the rest of the world it had to wait until the little drips coming out over MSM wouldn’t overwhelm them all.

There’s years of delay between the real happenings and the final revealing. What is heard of as current news actually took place maybe four or five years ago.

But gradually, these drips will end up as torrents as the world is flooded with revelation. Full exposure will come in the end through the eight-hour long videos prepared by the White Hats… those at the top, in the know.

The RV and Gesara are definitely on the way. It could be so much quicker than you anticipate. Prepare yourself with an open mind… it’s going to be huge!



  1. April 8th – Biblical Eclipse
    40 days later just like in the days of Noah , May 19th is the Pentecost
    If all have not turned to God during these 40 days , a great earthquake will happen along the fault line between Arkansas and Tennessee!
    Word from Larry Ballard

  2. When the actors take their masks off on camera, then, and only then, will the people see the truth. I swear, they must be hypnotized to not notice masks loosened around the necks of these actors. The Alliance is trying so hard to wake the people up, but nope they still believe it’s President Joe Biden, Kamala, and the rest.

    • You are more than right Andi! Once awake, it’s hard not to see it everywhere, but while still asleep they seem to miss it all. I guess it’s ‘too way out there’ for them to comprehend that such a thing could be happening, after all, it is weird isn’t it???

  3. Whilst the clueless majority carry on with their everyday lives, there is definitely a mountain of activities occurring for those who have the mind to see.

      • Marilyn, once again, thank you for your words/encouragement. I’m so tired, as are so many. I found the words below entitled, Why?, some time ago, which I really like. I didn’t write them. They fit the times. I’ve shared these words a few times via a few sites where people have appreciated them. I wonder about the person who wrote them. Thank you to whoever that is. I keep a copy in my car and one at home to read sometimes to lift myself.

        I’m so tired of all that is going on. I’m aware of such great evil and yet there are people who have no awareness of this. You once again identified some of what has been occurring in the paragraph that begins, “I mean, all those who have been controlling us.” I have moments where I think to myself, “Am I crazy? How could all of this be happening?” The totality of all evil that is happening is so massive. I continue to see so many people separated from loved ones, myself included. I’ve been rejected for trying to tell the truth. For some reason, I was chosen to know, and as it says below, maybe my job will be to help those when they learn the reality of it all. I know I’m not alone. I read so many stories of people in the same struggle as me, or even worse. I continue in faith. God is in control.


        Be grateful that God has allowed you to see what is unfolding. Others who are asleep are not so lucky. Ask yourself: Why you? Why now?

        It will shoot your faith and confidence sky high. Make no mistake – You Have Been Chosen. Our footprints will help others find their way, our light will guide them and our compassion will make their awakening more bearable.

        I believe this is our role and our destiny, it may not feel fair at times and it certainly has not been easy, but we were chosen for a reason. So be proud for it and take on your role with courage and responsibility.

        • Hi Greg,
          Yes, we just have to keep on keeping on… through it all. I 100% believe we were chosen by God for such a time as this. Can we comprehend why? No we can’t… but as those words say we must take up the challenge and fill our role when the time comes. I guess, then we will understand.
          I just may use these very words you’ve sent in a post… really good. Thank you.

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