RV Progress – Are The ‘Spectacular Events’ Taking Place Now?

RV progress

Back in January 2024 I wrote a post about some of the events that had to take place before Gesara and the RV could take place. Today, we’ll revisit and see how the RV progress is going.

This is what I wrote…

Now let’s take a look at each of these events to see if the RV progress is actually moving forward or not.

Black Swan Event

Judy Byington, who gathers information from various truthers all over the internet, has written :

Look For Black Swan Event: Outages, Cyber Attacks, Banks on the Brink of Collapse, Martial Law, Exposure, Quantum Financial System.

Judy Byington

From what I’m hearing, all of this is taking place. More and more we get to hear of snippets of information coming out over the MSM. Sometimes things are being reported that just a short while ago would NEVER have come out on those channels.

The Quantum Financial System has been mirror-imaging all our bank accounts since August 2020. It’s undergone the most rigorous testing. With what we are hearing concerning the banks and them being Basil 3 compliant, our banking is so obviously undergoing major changes. Some banks will soon be no more.

Of-course, with the QFS, banks as we know them will become unnecessary. We will not require the middle man to be looking after our finances. Yay!

So is this the Black Swan Event?

I don’t know. I have thought it may be the blowing up of all the satanic buildings around the world, but rather is it a combination of all these events.

At some stage, we will find out.

But meanwhile, as best we can, we need to prepare ourselves. Much of our food supply could dry up. Have we been putting together emergency supplies?

I was just reading through this list before so I might as well add it in. We may need it, or not. Who knows? But it’s better to prepare as best we can.

RV Revaluation

So many are waiting for the RV to take place. This is where currencies from around the world come into equal line with each other. From some sources, we have been hearing it’s going to happen ‘this weekend’ for many years, but the truth is it does have to happen at some stage.

Remember the RV and Gesara are closely connected and all part of the same.

I don’t think anyone had any idea of what had to be accomplished before the revaluation could be done. But an astute person can see that’s it’s very close indeed.

Middle East Crisis

Well there is no doubt about this one. We have always been told that Israel would be last.

So what are we hearing is happening now? The unbelievable fierce war taking place against Palestine is second to none.

Is it happening right now, or did it happen a number of years ago and now we’re getting to hear of it in more detail?

Interesting thought.

I remember when the Ukraine war was supposed to be in full swing. Some people visited there to try and find out the truth. They found grannies walking the streets with their little dogs and basically, business as usual.

What was particularly interesting were the sets in the streets used for broadcasting all the live happenings. Really?

Am I saying it didn’t happen?

No, not at all. But I do have questions about when it was supposed to happen and how.

I don’t know all the answers, any more than you do. I’m just trying to get people to stop and think. Critical thinking is needed now more than ever before.

Martial Law

Unbeknown to most of the world, apparently we have all been under Martial Law for some time.


We are told that nothing is as it appears. Just thinking through this, it would mean that even the local police would be operating under Martial Law.

I wonder if they even know this?

We’ve heard that all the ‘top brass’ have already been removed from their positions. Do the lower levels of the police force really know who’s at the top of them?

Possibly not.

Just saying.

Stock Exchange Crash

It’s so interesting that all the high-end money earners are withdrawing shares from the market hand over foot.

Something’s going on!

Of-course we know that many of the names mentioned have already gone through tribunals and been sentenced. Many are most probably no longer on this earth.

So then, how do they withdraw?

Body doubles! Actors wearing masks pretending to be them. Who knows?

These people had their assets seized long ago. Look at all the Hollywood big names selling off their homes. Politicians too. Strange how so many are doing it at the same time.

But have they already had their assets seized, gone through tribunals and received their ‘just reward’?

I believe so.

The money received from these sales will all become Gesara assets and used for the betterment of humanity.

RV progress

I don’t think anyone can deny that progress is happening step by step for the RV.

Yes, we’d all like it done today, or even yesterday would be nice!

But the main thing is it’s happening, all in God’s timing and according to His perfect plan.

It’s all just exactly as the Word of God said it would be…

the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just

Proverbs 13:22

I believe here where it mentions ‘the sinner’, it’s talking about evil. Those involved in all the evil practices we have heard so much about. Yes, they’ve stockpiled for themselves without realising they won’t get to use it. It’s for those who would never involved themselves in such horrendous activities.

“Income from charging high interest rates will end up in the pocket of someone who is kind to the poor” 

Proverbs 28:8

High interest rates!!! We’ve all suffered this and felt their was no way out of it. Not only interest rates but fees and licenses for everything. All just to stuff their pockets. It’s all coming to a swift end!

“Evil people may have piles of money and may store away mounds of clothing but the righteous will wear that clothing, and the innocent will divide that money 

Job 27:16-17

We are the innocent! Yes, and we will divide that money as God has promised. And what’s more, we will use the greater portion of it to assist with humanitarian projects around the world.

Bring it on!

“The wicked go to bed rich but wake to find that all their wealth is gone” 

Job 27:19

Look at them all! Mountains of wealth just stripped from them and into the waiting Gesara!

“If a sinner becomes wealthy, God takes the wealth away and gives it to those who please Him 

Ecclesiastes 2:26

There it is in a nutshell! God knows all. He sees what they do and what they’ve done. No running away from the eye of God.

Remember, and never forget if you want to make sense of what is going on at all, that we are watching a movie.

Continue to be assured that the progress of the RV and Gesara are definitely on their way. Try to keep your faith levels high and your mind centred on what it will be like living in a world without all that dreadful, evil presence. Please give me your thoughts… and remember to encourage everyone with your words.



  1. Hi Marilyn, Love your website.
    My question is how will humanity have a desire/incentive to work when they have a vast abundance of money?
    I have 31 trillion dollar Zim Bonds I bought Nov 16, 2022. The incentive was to be able to do my dream humanitatian projects. Looking like this dream may come true.
    The RV worth will determine what I can do.
    I am a member of the QFS Love Won Society which guides us how to setup our humanitarian projects.
    Is this a good group to follow in your opinion?

    Thanks for all your doing!!!

    • Yes, this is a question so many ask… but I am to believe that they younger generations will have to continue in their jobs or they wont receive the payments. Not exactly sure how it works but obviously there would need to be something in place.
      I had not heard of the FS Love One Society. I will take a look. Can’t really give an opinion.

  2. Hi Marilyn –
    About my post of March 14; Dr Bryan Ardis”antidote’ seems plausible IF we’re just talking about ingested poison in the commonly accepted sense, orally and of a singular limited type. Another vector he mentions in quick passing that exists which may make his thesis impractical is inspiration of vast types of soup-like deadly particulates over time, too numerous to even contemplate.
    Except for the two grand kids, my two sons and daughter-in-law and myself all came down with a ‘flu-like dry cough at the same time to the day three weeks ago and we weren’t even together for four days and it has not yet let up. I speculate the young kids are not old enough to have inspired sufficient chemtrail soup yet.
    The DS has had decades to formulate their concoction to perfection. Nicotine seems too simple an answer dependent upon its ability to displace a few toxins. Maybe I’m wrong, I HOPE SO.
    I believe the real ‘Plandemic’ IS chemtrails. The latest covid plandemic is merely a perfectly timed event (among others) acting as a smokescreen to distract the world so their plan may proceed unimpeded… Do you know of anyone in authority who actually accepts chemtrails or even acknowledges their existence? States of Rhode Island and New Hampshire have unsuccessfully tried to submit bills but never got them past the legislature.
    Let’s hope the white hats do ‘have everything’.

    kindest regards, gene

    • Hi Gene,
      I’m more of a believer in the Terrain Theory. This means, it’s the terrain that’s affecting what’s going on in your body rather than some mystery virus or germ jumping on people and then jumping from one to the other.
      It is well known that a few women living in the same house will all begin the mentrual cycles on the same day. How or why, I cannot tell, I only know that it happens.
      So, are a few people living in the same house able to come down with ‘the flu’ on the same day, all with the same symptoms? I would say yes. Or even if they don’t live in the same house but maybe in the same area in general.
      We can receive toxins from multiple places and the Ca/bal have made sure they’ve covered all the bases. The air. The water. Our food supply. Our personal care products. Home cleaning products. Garden products. Everything has been lased with toxic chemicals. So unless we are in the know, people are being bombarded from every direction… with one intent… to depopulate.
      So, having said this… all four of you went into a detox on the one day. That’s what it is… your body is detoxing.
      As for the children, their systems are stronger and work better than adults as they age. There time was not yet, but a time will come.
      How fast we get over it depends on how much we help our bodies with all the good stuff. Natural fruit and vegetables mainly… full of all the goodness.
      I think the very fact of the coverup of nic/otine speaks volumns! I also know that God has supplied our every need… EVERY NEED. Our needs are met through nature and through our trust and faith in Him.
      There are many things that could make us question the WH’s… do they really have it all. This is where it comes down to simply trusting the plan as someone once said! What we do know is that God has it, and that’s all we need to put our trust in.

      • Hi Marilyn –
        That’s basically what Beauchamp promoted but big pharma won out.
        So what do you think is going on if the nic/otine seemed to work after a time, but then I became very toxic making me extremely light headed, heavy chested, and generally sick. I tried dosing it per body weight as he mentioned.
        A few weeks ago when first trying’it’ for 3 or 4 days, I had a 2 hour epiphany of being able to actually walk again, speak clearly, fast, and distinctly. I really thought a miraculous recovery was immanent.
        The cough is getting somewhat better. My son and wife are still coughing and I worry much because they’re all leaving Wednesday on a 3 week trip to Iceland/Netherlands during school break.

        kindest regards, gene

        • For your wife and son, make up a potion suggested by Barbara O’Neill. Chop up about half an onion and place in a jar. Add it about 1/2″ at a time (1 – 2 cm) and then a spoonful of raw honey. Keep doing it and then add more honey on top. Leave it sit on the counter until the honey turns very syrupy. Can be used after sitting for approx. an hour if required. Leave longer if you have time. Strain out the onion and keep in the fridge where it will keep indefinitely.
          She also recommends putting half an onion on the sole of your feet, cover with cotton material, then maybe a piece of plastic and put on socks to hold them in place. Sleep with this overnight.
          This can be used by adults and children.
          If the throat is sore, wrap some slices of onion in a cloth and place on the throat as you sleep. Can be held in place with a scarf.
          It sounds like you have some serious detoxing going on Gene. Remember how Dr Ar/dis suggested Ashwaganda as well as n/ic. I actually went out and bought some today and will use to make a tea. The girl suggested I use it together with some other beneficial teas so maybe doesn’t taste real good… I’m about to find out. 🙂

          • Marilyn –
            Thank you so much – will send for some ashwaganda and make tea as you suggested.

            kindest thanks and regards, gene

          • Goodo Gene!
            As I said, I’ve bought some and been making a tea over the past few days. I also bought some Echinacea to mix with it. In fact, this morning I made a teapot full with 2 tsp Ash. 2 tsp Echinacea and 2 tsp Green Tea. I will let that go cold and use it up gradually during the day. I can warm it up again if necessary. I just find it easier that way and always have it on hand to add to this and that.

  3. Hello Marilyn,
    I have heard many scenarios as to Donald Trump running for president. Supposedly, he never gave up his position as president. If this is the case then many things need to take place before election time, because there couldn’t officially be an election for president. Does this make any sense to you?

  4. I believe John Kennedy Senior is alive and John Jr too. I think Kennedy Senior is playing Donald Trump and Jr. is president of the United States. Also, that is not Melania.

  5. Hi Marilyn –
    Assuredly I’m living in the Twilight Zone of lies easily overcoming truth.
    Just read the Opinion column of our local elite daily which halfheartedly generally attempts to showcase right and left. Today, in Jackson, there is no doubt Joe Biden gave his greatest delivery in The State of the Union! This is a man that ‘walks on water’. In both ‘independent’ opinions, DJT was relegated to the lowest life candidate possible to run against more than honorable J Biden.
    The opinion writers were actually perplexed as to why their party was polling low. The elite of this western town have already gladly taken advantage of low priced migrant labor to the extent there isn’t enough affordable housing for workers, most of whom have to commute an hour or more over a dangerous mountain pass. NO ONE questions the illegal ‘migration’! AT ALL!
    Where is the end to this madness?
    kindest regards, gene

    • Hi Gene,
      This is the way I interpret what you have written. Yes, it is all madness, that’s for sure. But, I believe it’s all part of the show. I mean, these are real happenings but it’s being put out there to show the masses just how bad things would become under ‘their’ rule. Is it waking people up? Generally speaking, it doesn’t appear to be, but those that can be are saying to themselves… hmmm, something appears to be wrong here.
      The Alliance are trying their darndest to bring revelation out to the masses. As DJT said, if you didn’t see it you would never believe it.
      We have to live through all this so that people can see for themselves. When the reveal happens, many of them will go ‘ah-haaa!’
      Never forget you’ve been chosen by God to be awake during all this… and there’s a price to pay. The waiting is long and it’s hard for us to comprehend why others can’t see what we see.
      A time will come where you will be invaluable in aiding others who have slept through it all.
      Be encouraged… and never lose your faith!

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