No RV Until These Spectacular Events Take Place First

Everyone involved in the RV (currency revaluation) have been waiting for years for what potentially is now about to happen.

Is it really on our doorstep?

Whatever, our world is about to change and we have front row seats in the greatest movie of all times!

I received this information via and put it through my Telegram & Signal groups. As when you listen to a recording, it’s sometimes very difficult to remember all the newsy items… I decided to transcribe it. I wanted to add the actual recording on here but for some reason it didn’t want to work.

The recording was by Captain Marvel Jnr (Wyatt Earp) made on the 14th January, 2024. I will be adding my own comments throughout.

~Transcription begin~:

Right now, in the United States we’ve got a few things going on:

You’ve got Governor Abbot ordering the National Guard to kick the Border Control out of Texas or off the border because they’re allowing child trafficking to continue. They’re going to block the border. The National Guard is going to do that. They’re going to put containers up along the border to make a temporary wall, in defiance of what Moriarty the Home Land Security has said, and what Biden has said. That’s going to create a legal battle of course but Texas is operating under the US Code as well as exercising State Rights under the Tenth Amendment. So, you’re going to have a bit of back and forth in the movie about that over the next 24 hours, I can guarantee it.

As far as Washington DC is concerned, we see that the fences are going back up around the Capitol Building and the White House. They’re preparing 100 cities in the United States have been identified as hot zones for planned riots by the ultra-left… BLM, Antifa, the Soros funded crowd, because something is about to happen. Something big is about to happen… not only in the United States but around the world.

It’s about time, don’t you think! What a long time the States has had to put up with this invasion of immigrants across their borders. All in the name of allowing a movie to gradually play out which is designed to make people ask questions and rise out of their slumber.


In so far as Boeing aircraft are concerned with the doors coming off

Now that’s a big scam. That’s a way and means to ground aircraft because they’re not going to go solely through the particular Boeing 737 version to check the doors or the hatches, they’re going to go through every Boeing and that’s going to take time. That’s why you’re not seeing as many planes flying around in the air, and to be perfectly honest, I’ve hardly seen a plane here today at all. I’ve seen a couple of helicopters, but I haven’t even heard a light plane go over my place today and normally they’re around all the time.

All transportation methods are supposed to grind to a halt. Is this the start? Maybe.


Moving onto the Middle East

Over the past few days, or over the past week or so we’ve seen the Houthi’s increasing their attacking on the ships; we’ve seen Iranians board an oil tanker, or allegedly Iranian military, maybe Houthi, who knows; and we’ve seen USN British Coalition Forces bombing Yemen to get rid of Iranian Houthi interests, doing strikes on military vessels and whatnot in there and the Yemeni’s are not happy about it at all.

Russia is waving it’s sabre around the place so far as Ukraine and other parts of the world. Same with China so far as Taiwan. It’s got the Taiwanese President elect who’s not following the program. He’s going to continue to say no… no the Chinese are not going to come in here… but the Chinese are going to go in.

The military, so far as navel vessels are concerned, are in all 22 different time zones right now, as they were three months ago for a drill. That drill was a dry run for the take-down. So I’m suspecting that all the ducks are being lined up. All the assets have been put into place for the necessary scare event which will be the threat of World War 111, which will nuclear and a repeat of the Bay of Pigs situation. So it will be the Bay of Pigs 2.0 but on steroids. The normies are going to lose their mind.

Many people believe that all this talk of nuclear warfare is just that, not more. Many say they don’t have such weapons at all. I know also that many would argue the point. I’m just saying. I don’t believe for one moment the world will come under nuclear attack, but the threat of it… well, that’s something else.


Meanwhile, the Black Swan has to occur

Now we get into the area of the RV (revaluation). The RV cannot occur until such time as the Stock Market crashes. When the Stock Market crashes it’s going to look like 1929 was a Sunday School picnic! You are about to see the largest transfer of wealth in human history and it’s going to be very scary, very bumpy! You need to be grounded and you need to be centred in your chakras. Get yourself spiritually aware because I’m telling you now there are going to be people praying to God even though they’ve never done it before in their life! They are going to be THAT scared of what’s happening.

Really, we can’t even imagine how this will look. Although we’ve been told of the RV (revaluation) coming for quite a long while, we had no idea it would look anything like this. We are constantly being warned how scary and bumpy it’s going to be. Tune into God, your Father, your Creator. God is good. He loves you and has nothing but your best interests at heart.

Read my last post to be encouraged…

You can stay in perfect peace

We’ve got the National Guard on standby

They have been for over a month. They’ve been on pretty high alert for over a month now. 100 cities, in the United States are considered hot spots and this is where riots and whatnot are most likely going to be being planned by Soros funded organisations like Antifa etc. The situation in Ecuador is just an example what’s coming, so be prepared.

If this begins to happen in your city, stay out of the way! If possible, stay at home. Don’t take any risks. Ask God for some giant warrior angels to protect you, your family, your home, your property. He will give them to you.


If in fact, Martial law is declared to effect arrests

Do exactly what they tell you to do. If they tell you to stay in your home, stay in your home! Don’t even go out into the yard. And certainly, don’t go armed! When Martial Law occurs, habeas corpus is suspended. So is the Bill of Rights. So is the Constitution pretty much, because it comes under the UCNJ, and the last thing you need to be doing is going out in public armed when Martial Law is declared because you could be considered an enemy combatant, and the soldiers are not going to have time or the wherewithal to find out if you’re a good guy or a bad guy.

Do as you’re told! EBS is coming very, very soon I would suggest. I don’t know exactly when all this is going to go down, but I would say it could be before the end of this week coming.

As always, don’t take any date as literal. It’s based on current information as to the possibility. No-one can see the whole picture. It could come before the end of the week, but hey, it may not. We don’t know.


The movie and devol/ution of gov/ernment

That’s about it. We are about to see some big changes in the world and it’s all partly to do with the Mid/dle East and what’s going on in the Midd/le East. That’s going to be the predicate to it all. Especially now that Rus/sia and Ch/ina are rattling their sabres. We also need to understand that America is in a bit of risk here too because of the fact that the Bi/den administration has proven to be absolutely useless about anything. But we all know this is all part of the movie, it’s part of the devo/lution of government, as Der/ek Jo/hnson and others have been saying.

Hold onto your hats guys, seriously, hold onto your hats. Don’t panic as it’s all for show. It’s to wake everybody up and to make things happen.

The RV will not occur until such times as the Stock Market has crashed

As far as the RV, the RV will not occur until such times as the Stock Market has crashed. Whether the Stock Market is going to crash and then what events, or number of events are going to be… whether it’s going to be a number of events, or a series of events, nobody really knows. But I would suggest that it’s all going to end in one huge crescendo. We’ll all see everything happening all at once, everywhere! Just like the movie:

1812 Overture

Your preparedness both spiritually, mentally and physically etc. will have been because of the work you’ve done already

There is a possibility that the Internet is going to go down. Communications could be blacked out. We could have our ten days of darkness. The only way we’re going to get information will be through the EBS. Be prepared for that. I know a lot of people who are on Social Media using their devises and whatnot, are going to lose their minds because they’re going to have nothing to do. Not a lot I can do about that unfortunately.

EBS and ten days of darkness

For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.

2 Timothy 1:7

Stay safe. Keep your head down. If you are out, keep your head on a swivel stay very, very situationally aware and be prepared for anything. OK?

~Transcription end~

So much is happening in our world that it can be difficult to keep up. But the long-awaited RV is all part of these extra-ordinary events happening while we sit in the very front row to see it all take place. How privileged we are!



    • I agree with much of what she says, but there’s a lot of hoohar that I do not agree with. Nevertheless, there will be a mass migration back to homelands when people find out that when they return there’s money waiting for them. I don’t think this will be too hard to do.
      As for all the rest, gosh, we are only watching the movie… it’s all been accomplished already, 2 to 3 years ago. You must be very careful to think things through. It would have been way too dangerous to let us in on the secrets as they were doing it. It has to be behind them for safety’s sake.
      I really don’t think the medbeds are too far away and most probably a lot closer than we dare hope.
      But meanwhile, keep your faith levels high and trust the Lord God Almighty knows what He’s doing.

  1. Thank You‼️???? SO needed to hear words of encouragement ‼️ Have been awake for a long time and Trust me we are past Ready‼️❤️

  2. I hope the truth of the unground Reptilians will be told, it could be the reason over 85,000 children a year go missing. President Trump paid 5oo million dollars to train the military how to fight in tunnels. I hope we will see the number of missing children go down. And I pray the creatures found down there are now dead and gone, along with the D.U.M.Bs, tunnels, and cities.

    • I really do believe that there eventually will be a oomplete reduction… I mean all the way! If God is heading this up, which I totally believe, He will root out every single one of them. That’s what His Word says. In Australia, it’s supposed to be 40,000 which is quite considerable considering the total number of the US in comparison to Australia. Quite frightening really.
      We have to continue to believe Andi, and not give up!

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