Ten Days Of Darkness – Exposed Evil Shocks The World

Many have been asking about the Ten Days of Darkness so let’s see what we have on it at the moment.

Importantly, although I will mention some dates, they are NOT set in stone. Dates can change like the wind!

Why is that? I’m not completely sure, but it could be that it’s designed to confuse the enemy. If we let it, it can also confuse us too, but we’re not going to let that happen, are we?

Also, a date could be set but something unforeseen happens. There are many reasons.

Always remember, we are in the War of Wars. We have to expect things of this nature.

So what happens before the Ten Days of Darkness?

Tesla Free Energy

There is some preparation that needs to be taken care of before it can happen. For example, The Tesla Free Energy needs to be hooked up to the power grid. I believe this has already been accomplished.

This new energy would be set to begin and come through our present power lines. They are saying that it should happen on 23rd October, 2021 US time / 24th October, 2021 Australian time. (Remember how I said not to get hooked up on dates?)

If it happens on that date we should be seeing it almost immediately. We will see.

It’s said that the cost of this new energy will be around 75% less than what you are currently paying.

Hey, but you said it’s free!

Does ‘free’ mean… it doesn’t cost the user anything, or does it mean it’s received freely from the source? I believe Nikola Tesla wanted it to be ‘free’ for all, but we would need to have ‘something’ to capture that energy, wouldn’t we.

As we are transitioning over, let’s just say that the new energy is very cheap alongside whatever power source you are currently using.

Tesla’s long-held dream was to create a source of inexhaustible, clean energy that was free for everyone. He strongly opposed centralised coal-fired power stations that spewed carbon dioxide into the air that humans breathed.

One of Tesla’s most extraordinary experiments was to transmit electrical power over long distances without wires or cables — a feat that has baffled scientists ever since.

His grand vision was to free humankind from the burdens of extracting, pumping, transporting, and burning fossil fuels — which he viewed as “sinful waste”.

Nikola Tesla

Apparently the Military are already using Tesla Free Energy, but we are talking about setting the whole world up.

Will we know when they switch us over?

By all means. They have been telling us that the switch-over will take anything from between three hours to three days. This would mean no electricity of any sort for that period.

Many have prepared with back-up generators. I believe all hospitals already have that. Most essential services would have a back-up plan. But most people have no idea of what is about to happen!

I trust it will be closer to three hours for the sake of people worldwide. Fridges. Freezers. Fish Tanks, etc. All could suffer if it goes on for three days. Of-course they will plan for the shortest time but they need to allow extra if any unforeseen comes up.

Prepare now!

If you haven’t already prepared for this event… run! Do it now!

Think about what you will need for up to three days of no power.

This potential three day period of time happens just before the Ten Days of Darkness.

Is the Ten Days of Darkness literal?

Well, the sun will still rise! Day and night will continue! So a straight Ten Days of Darkness is not quite that literal.

It is expected that the militaries all around the world, via the US Military, are going to shut down all:

  • media
  • Internet
  • phones
  • TV programming

This will be a ‘dark time’ for most! How will people manage?

The Military will be able to run a channel on either your TV or phone. This will be the ONLY channel working. You will not have connection of any other kind.

World-Wide Martial Law

While many are fearful of the thought of Martial Law, this will not be one of those times. It will be the White Hats carrying this out, not the Black Hats.

We have been told that the military, in the end, would need to be the ones to sort out this mess. We need to be anticipating Martial Law as the next step.

Talk about a lockdown! This will be the lockdown above all lockdowns!

Using their own broadcasting channel, they will be asking everyone, and I mean everyone, to remain indoors until it’s safe to go outside again.

Safe? What do you mean safe?

During this time, they aim to make many Mass Arrests including removing governments all around the world!


There are 500 thousand indictments that have been filed in Federal courts all over the globe. All those who have not already been arrested, will be arrested then.

This ‘dark time’ will virtually keep everyone at home making the arrests an easier task.

But, these people will not necessarily just come easy. There could be gun fire! Yes, it’s definitely better that you keep indoors as much as possible, as we have no idea where these arrests will be taking place. It could be right next door!

Military Tribunals, Video Confessions and Evidence of Scandals

Tribunals, Confessions, Evidence

During this time of ‘darkness’ they will be broadcasting 3×8 hour sessions showing the world exactly what has been going on over the past number of years. This means that one session will be broadcasts 3 times per day. It’s to allow everyone worldwide to view during their daytime.

This will be a shocking time for all as we learn what the countless members of the Dee/p St/ate Ca/bal have been doing. Only those who have been game enough to dive deep into the rabbit holes have any idea of what is to come.

Many of our family, friends and acquaintances will suffer as they finally begin to learn that what we have been trying to tell them is really true. We will need to be empathetic. It’s not the time for saying ‘I told you so!’

Just a word of warning for those who do believe they know everything. I have the feeling we are all going to learn things that will also shock us to the core.

It’s a time to draw closer to God than ever. Prepare now for the Great Reveal… Revelations like we never could have believed!

Mass Arrests and Government Removals Worldwide

While this was happening the Military would be removing governments worldwide and making global arrests on 500 thousand indictments filed in federal courts across the nation and globe.

They have it all. Our world is being cleaned up like never before.

God is moving, and when God moves, trust me, He moves! He has declared that enough is enough!

We may ask why did God wait until now?

Apart from being God’s Timing, as He knows best, enough of us too had to be ready to join in the fight. Whatever you are doing, keep doing it. Videos, posts, memes. Share, share, share! Whatever you see of worth, keep it moving and share.

It’s all coming to an end for them… with a new beginning for us!

‘My Fellow Americans, the Storm is Upon Us’

It is expected that meanwhile, President Trump would be safe on board Air Force One. This is to keep him safe and away from any action. The Global Currency Reset (the good one – not the Great Reset threatened us by the D/eep S/tate) took place as all 209 countries change over to gold backed currencies. (This includes, silver, precious metals etc.)

President Trump would tweet “My Fellow Americans, the Storm is Upon Us” and then he would begin to send out on the Emergency Broadcast System, seven Presidential Messages to phones and TV sets worldwide.

So the Ten Days of Darkness is not a time to be feared. It is more a time we should all look forward to so we can get on with the great transition from dark to light that is taking place in our world at this time… with King Jesus at the helm!

While we slept, they worked! We just didn’t see it coming!

Partly Sourced: Dinar Detectives



  1. Have Qanon not given up on this rubbish yet ? It’s a pipedream thought up by a prankster on the internet.

    btw Marshall Law …..lol

    • Mmmmm Richie, i have been on this earth for 70 yrs, & i thought i had seen it all, huh! Not even close, the last 3+ years have opened my mind & because i have researched BIG TIME, i know a lot,& a lot of what has happened was & is mind blowing, evil, sick & any other word that explains vile & disgusting! If you don’t believe i suggest you do some research, but i promise you this, once you find out some of it you won’t be able to stop looking. I just pray to God, that they do get each & every one of the Satanists Paedophiles murderers & the whole evil lot of them. Never dismiss what you can’t see with your own eyes because evil hides in the shadows & is there. Good will eventually shine a light that will expose the evil, & i for one can’t wait for that to happen.

  2. I have to believe the white hats are getting very close! I’m not sure the country can wait much longer. Personally, I know dozens of patriots losing heart. We need just a smidgeon a whiff of real and good news. We all know the end game, but it needs to be soon in my view. If a hard head like me is getting discouraged, I KNOW THOUSANDS OR MILLIONS MORE ARE AS WELL. Let’s Get ‘er done!

    • Randy, I hear what you are saying. I believe if it were up to us we Would say the time is NOW! But, we would blow it!
      We simply have to keep watching all the signs they are giving us to keep our faith levels high. I do believe we are SO CLOSE NOW, and you know what they say… it’s always darkest before the dawn… and … most people give up just before their breakthrough. Let that not be us no matter what others are doing or saying.

  3. Q never posted “Ten Days of Darkness” that’s been a big miss conception people are getting wrong. It was in a couple of posts the same way. Also the post about the tweet “My fellow Americans” It doesn’t say it will be POTUS (Trump) that will be tweeting it.

    It says- Look to Twitter:
    Exactly this: “MY FELLOW Americans, the Storm is upon us…….”
    God bless.

    We all know Trump isn’t on twitter anymore my guess it will come from Dan Scavino.

    Scare tactics (MSM).
    D’s falling.
    R’s walk-away/removed.
    SA –> US –> Asia –> EU
    Disinformation is real.
    Distractions are necessary.
    Focus was US today while real happening in SA under same context (military control, martial law, missile strike (rogue) etc).
    POTUS’ Twitter attack (see above).
    Why is this relevant?
    What was the last Tweet by POTUS prior to SA?
    Why is this relevant?
    SA (1), US (2), Asia (3), EU (4).
    Where is POTUS?
    Why is this relevant?
    Military operations.
    Operators in US.
    Snow White
    The Great Awakening
    Godfather III

    • Don’t you love these quizzes we are presented with Brian? Most people have no idea what they mean, and although I’m not saying I have great understanding neither, it’s fun to watch them come to pass one by one.
      So many distractions. So much disinformation. It’s all part of the movie as we try to work out what’s next and when. We sure don’t always get it right… but that’s the way it is.
      Thanks for commenting…

      • I am patiently waiting for the outcome. God knows when it will happen. I don’t think it will surprise me much. I stay calm and take things as they come. I am a white hat and always will be. Both myself and wife are former Marines and are faithful white hats to the end. Bring it.

        • That’s wonderful Carl! Thank you for sharing it with us. You have a great attitude and a great deal more people would do well to have the same.
          We forget we are in a war! Just because we can’t see bo/m/bs exploding out the window, doesn’t mean there is nothing going on. It’s the most brilliant war of all time.
          God will wrap it up at the very right time.

  4. I pray that there is nothing that will delay this again. It looks as if this is it and I thank God for that. The left isn’t even trying to hide their evil anymore. I can wait for this to be broadcast to show the non believers that God is working this. Keep the prayers going for all of the children that are still missing that they will be found soon and those responsible and those that are involved in this feel the wrath of God very soon.

    • Hi Donald,
      I think we are all at the stage of wanting it to happen really soon. I do think though we need to be very mindful of all the countless others where they will begin to learn about it all for the first time. It’s not going to be easy on any of us really, no matter how much we think we know.
      Still and all, we do feel like we a treading water a little, so it will be good to see the other side,
      Mind you, while ever they are delaying, more of the swamp rats are being scraped out from the bottom of the pond… so that’s got to be good. 🙂

  5. If we are in Tier 5 group regarding exchanging our currency, will we have to sign an NDA? If so, does that occur when you get the appt email and click on the Safe Link to obtain the 800# or does the NDA part occur at the first appointment time? Also I have been wondering if, after our currency is exchanged and we are issued a debit card, will anyone be allowed to write personal checks and will they even be accepted by businesses anymore. Thanks for your help.

    • Yes, I hear your pain!
      But, it will remain that way until the free energy is released to the world.
      Just remember when that time comes that it was the evil ca/bal that was reaping in all the money from these things.
      Keep hanging onto your hat, stay calm, pray and rejoice for what’s ahead.

    • I’m looking forward to meeting Jesus in the clouds. I’m ready to go home to be with Him. We know that the Bible tells us there is going to be a seven year tribulation.

  6. May GOD Bless you and yours Marilyn . Thank you for your views on the current situation which is a war with the god of the earth satan . The Bible tells us to never stop praying and HE will hear us and heal our lands. Thank you again and may the LORD carry you . Kevin

    • Thank you so much Kevin! I appreciate your encouragement very much.
      At times everything tends to look so dark, but remember, if it wasn’t for the darkness we wouldn’t be able to see the stars.
      God bless you.

  7. I am so happy this is finally coming to fruition! We have waited for so long and praying and praying and praying. God Bless us all and thank you God for your infinite love, grace and mercy. I am forever your faithful servant!

  8. Are you saying that when the Military take over in Australia, that this will happen the same day, time in all other countries?
    You also said that Dan Andrew’s is playing out for the Alliance, are other leaders doing this too I.e, JA in NZ?

    • Hi Kim!
      Not sure about the same day and time… don’t remember hearing anything exactly like that, but… already the military in each country is supposed to be in place. They are not just sitting waiting neither, they are just working behind the scenes at this time. This is how I comprehend it.
      Yes, I believe there are countless actors and or originals that are only doing what the Alliance says they can… as they direct. You know, reading a script. Yes, I would say definitely JA too.
      When you really look at many of these people they don’t quite look the same.. try it out. Do some research on them.
      JB is a typical example. I believe there are at least 3 actors playing his part along with CGI at other times.
      1. To make everything SO ridiculous that people start to wake up that something’s definitely wrong.
      2. To cause those who are awake to sit up, stand up and become proactive in the war.
      Once again, this is according to my comprehension. When you look through those eyes, it’s amazing what you see. Whatever is happening over here, always look to over there.

  9. Bring it on cant wait to be freed andpeace on earth is my long lasting dream,manifestation to the max!! Thank you thank you thank you!!✌?????????

  10. Dear Marilyn,

    Could you please overthink word by word the 5th movie of attached website.
    Explanation of the GOO and talking at the end concerning medbeds, however, first you need a inoculation?
    Subject: CC-19, Alien Black Goo – Mark of the Beast – Clay & Iron (4)


    Kind regards,

    • Hi Wim,
      Sorry for not getting back to you sooner.
      I have watched parts of that video. Really, I don’t like a lot of what that channel is saying because it seems to be following the evil agenda without mention that the ‘good agenda’ is running alongside it and that God wins!
      They suggest that the med-beds come from the evil ones as a gift to mankind… just to real them in even more. Personally, I do not believe any of that. Every good gift comes from the Lord we are told. Yes, as we all know, they are working helter-skelter to get everyone injected with their evil fluid but even for that God has a plan.
      I couldn’t listen because it made me feel so down and awful listening to it. Nothing, that I listened to, was uplifting and encouraging.
      I know much of what we are learning in this day is horrible, that’s for sure… but when we comprehend what is happening to counteract all this evil, it is uplifting.
      Also, I do not believe that the ‘vax’ is the mark of the beast. Why would God be so furious over people taking this out of fear of not being able to buy food for their families etc. No! It does not make any sense… sorry.
      He is furious with those who are involved in sat/anic ritu/als and bl/ood sac/rif/ices etc. etc. It is all those people who have received the mark of the beast in my opinion.
      Think about it… which would make you angry? These people are willing participants in the dark side in their greed for fame and fortune… or whatever so offered to them.
      To finish with, I also believe the injection is from the enemy for sure… it’s evil to the core. It’s part of their depo/pulation agenda, no doubt about it.

  11. My family and I are ready…. I have ALEAYS believed in DJT. I actually have a bullmastiff named STORM!!! He wears a dog tag that says “THE STORM HAS ARRIVED!”
    Thank you for keeping us patriots up to date through all the madness. I appreciate you.


    • That’s the way Michelle! I really like what you have done with your dog. Proclaim it!
      Thank you for the thanks… we all do our little bit as we are led.
      Truly, I appreciate you and all my readers… 🙂

    • Yes Michelin, we need always to be looking to God with faith in our hearts and prayers on our lips. Thanking Him for what He is doing rather than spending time asking Him to do it. He is in control… we simply need to line up with Him.

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