How To Remain Peaceful In The Midst Of The Storm

How to be peaceful

Today we are going to take a look at how to remain peaceful even while you are right in the middle of the storm!

You will see as I share, that the only way is through containing your thought life and bringing it into submission to what is actually truth.

Keep your thoughts continually fixed on all that is authentic and real, honorable and admirable, beautiful and respectful, pure and holy, merciful and kind. And fasten your thoughts on every glorious work of God, praising him always.

Philippians 4:8 – The Passion Translation

How to remain peaceful

Without any doubt, we live in a time where what we centre our thoughts on, directly impacts our general outlook on life.

We live in potentially very scary times if we allow our thoughts to spend time thinking about all the horror we see going on around us.

I don’t know about you, but if I were to do that, I think I’d end up like a wobbling, melting jelly on the floor!

How can we possibly remain peaceful when our world appears to be falling down around us?

I don’t need to list all the events that could have us shaking in our boots, because we are all SO aware of them.

But let me say… how we perceive what we are told, directly relates to what we believe.

Recently I was told a certain true story. Yes, it really was true, there’s no doubt about it… but there was definitely a rift between how the storyteller comprehended the story versus how I comprehended it.

Let me share:

A certain household contained five members.
Four of them had been double-jabbed, but one was not.
He was relying on certain supplements to see him through… a ‘health nut’, my storyteller told me.

Well, one day the whole household came down with Cov/id.

I was told they were all very sick, but the one who had not been jabbed relayed that he felt like a truck had hit him!

What’s the difference between how we perceive this same story!

My storyteller who relayed this story, zeroed in on the ‘health nut’ explaining how bad he was because he hadn’t ‘taken the jab’! I learnt how foolish he had been… oh she said, it was very bad!

Interesting though, no mention of the obvious question “How come the doubled-jabbed got sick at all?” Aren’t they supposed to be protected?

Now when I heard this story my thoughts immediately went to the fact that the ‘jab’ was the very reason they all got sick. It was not that ‘Co/vid’ is so strong and viscous that even being double-jabbed is unable to stop it. No, not at all.

The poor ‘health nut’ obviously picked up on shedding. Poor guy hardly had a chance with four in the same house as him! He’d obviously received the shedding from the four other members of the household. He most probably would have gotten sick whether or not he had succumbed to the propaganda to receive the jab.

So many people suffering from the shedding!

So what do we have here?

That household, and the storyteller, all believe in a virulent virus that the world is having trouble containing. Even the one who had made the decision not to be jabbed, got so sick that he now most probably believes in the virus theory.

Meanwhile, I saw that the reason they became so sick was because they had agreed to become apart of an experiment with untold side affects. The ‘jab’ is the bio/weapon and causing immense sickness and heartache around the world.

A question you may ask…

Have I got ‘the Cov/id’? No!

Most everyone will get sick at some time, in that they will come down with a cold or the flu. It’s just nature at work. It’s actually not something they ‘caught’ from someone, but people living in the same home, in the same district, experiencing the same weather conditions, will all get the cold or flu roughly at the same time.

Sometimes it doesn’t happen to everyone, maybe just one or two… it all depends on how ready your body is for detoxification.

Of-course, our body has the ability to detox itself on a regular basis. It is a magnificent machine! But sometimes our body receives so many toxins that it hits overload… then it simply has to go into a major detoxification process.

A cold or flu is our body’s way of detoxing that extra rubbish out of our system. As we live in a world that’s so contaminated every which way, we end up breathing toxins, eating toxins in our food, drinking toxins, and more often than not, showering in toxins. It’s virtually impossible to escape in the world we currently live in.

This ensures that our body must detox at some time, that is get a cold or flu. It’s a natural occurrence.

The CDC has told us that Cov/id is not more than a common cold or flu with almost a 100% survival rate.

I’m trying to remain peaceful, but fear holds me like glue!

On the other hand, bio-weapons such as the Cov/id jabs, have been designed to work under a different set of rules.

It is believed that the original Covid-19 in Wuhan was released as a bio-weapon, being long beforehand patented as a ‘virus’… but fortunately it basically failed. Never-the-less, they had the media primed worldwide to spread the fear… which in turn prepared the masses for their Stage 2 bio-weapon, the vax.

We are told that we must get the ‘vax’ to ‘protect’ us from the ‘virus’! The fear of the so-called virus has prepped many to run and receive the jab.

It’s created untold fear right around the world. People line up willingly to take the jab without undergoing any research of their own. They have always done that… simply trusted the authorities. They cannot believe that the authorities would not have their best interests at heart.

It is that very thing that has made the way easy for them to enforce the jabs, because people at heart, believe they should… for the sake of stopping the ‘vir/us’ in its tracks and getting everyone ‘back to normal’.

Unfortunately, as anyone who has done the slightest bit of research knows, none of the above is true. The world will find this out in the very near future, but currently, the fear holds them to this narrative like glue.

But Marilyn, it’s not easy when everyone around me seems to be rolling up their sleeves!

I completely comprehend what you are saying… but for their sakes, as well as your own, you need to be looking to God. That is where you need to go to find peace in the middle of a very terrible storm.

There are basically, two agendas:

  1. The Deep State Cabal Criminal Luciferian Satanists have been endeavouring to destroy humanity as we now know it. They have found the way to do it without the use of military arms. Injections of poison do a wonderful job, and through the lies of the media it can be done is such a way that the masses don’t even realise what’s happening.
  2. God / King Jesus / the White Hats / Worldwide Alliance are coming against them all! All the evil which has infiltrated every area of society. They, together with all the people who are awake and have sided with them, are dismantling all governments around the world; cleaning up all the ‘happenings’ under the earth; bringing an end to all p/edo’s; stopping all the drug trade; chi/ld and s/e/x traffi/cking; all human tra/ffick/ing; all Sa/ta/nic rituals; in fact, anything and everything that Satan has brought onto the earth.

This is no mean feat! It’s the biggest undertaking ever brought about in the history of humankind.

How to remain peaceful while the world is full of scary distractions

While it’s going on, many fearful distractions are taking place. If we allow our thoughts to dwell on them, it brings us down. We need to follow the advice of the verse above that tells us to keep our thoughts continually fixed on:

  • what is authentic and real
  • honorable and admirable
  • beautiful and respectful
  • pure and holy
  • merciful and kind
  • the glorious works of God
  • and be praising Him always!

It’s not a matter of just trying to blot out bad thoughts. You can try to use your willpower all day long, but bad thoughts will continue to come upon you.

Destructive thoughts will bring you undone. Thoughts like…

What if…

  • the evil Cabal actually wins?
  • they force us all into transhumanism?
  • they take all our money, homes and rights?
  • What if? Oh, what if? etc. etc…

No, it’s a matter of replacing bad thoughts with good thoughts. Where do good thoughts come from? From God!

Yes, good thoughts come from God.

We are encouraged to meditate on these things.

It’s only as we begin to actively stand against bad and destructive thoughts by replacing those thoughts with God’s thoughts, that we will come out of fear and into true calm and be peaceful … in the midst of everything!

Fear is not a feeling… fear is a spirit! An evil spirit!

Let’s call a spade a spade!

As we begin to research and we find out that they are trying to inject us with an experimental ‘vac/cine’, we begin to realise we have the ability to say ‘NO’!

It’s not necessarily that you are an anti-vaxxer! No, its more that you are pro-choice!

Don’t you want to know what they want to stick in your arm? Of-course you do!

We are in the war of God versus Satan… good versus evil.

They won’t give up just like that, no way… they will fight to the end. Because of this, they will continue to bring fear against us.

They feed us fearmongering thoughts such as…you will not be able to:

  • fly
  • eat in any restaurants
  • buy from any shops
  • attend sporting events
  • or ever go back to normal etc. etc.

These are the kind of fears they continually throw at us.

This is it folks, this is it!

Media the mouthpiece of the Ca/bal

How do they do that? The media of-course!

So the very first step in coming against fear in your life is to switch off your TV. Stop watching the evening news! It’s propaganda designed to make you conform. All the main media are owned by just 6 corporations who ensure that all media outlets around the world tell the exact same story. They send out and project fear.

Your second step is to take notice of where your thoughts are during the day. What do you mainly think about? Then… find a scripture that says the exact opposite!

Meditate on that scripture and allow it to become part of you. Speak it often whenever bad and destructive thoughts find their way into your mind. Use it to counteract. It works!

Fear generators!

Remaining peaceful in the midst of it all

As you retrain your mind away from the destructive thoughts and fill it with calm and peaceful thoughts given to you by God, through His word, you will then be able to face the world again.

We are going through a period of time that must be. We must trust that the worldwide Alliance and the White Hats know exactly what they are doing. Although for us it all appears to be taking a long time, please remember that this war is the greatest war ever to be fought. The 2nd World War took almost six years! We have been only about 20 months or so… and are coming through the major part of it.

With all they have so far accomplished (we will learn all about that in the very near future), we are doing very, very well.

Keep your faith levels high. Trust God and trust in His word. He is in control and is directing His people to do whatever has to be done.

You can remain calm and peaceful. If you are not peaceful, than you have your mind set in other places and it’s that that’s bringing you undone.



  1. Marilyn! I love your web site. It’s so informative even though none of us know EVERYTHING that is going on. I think we have to think logically and it helps to put some pieces together. It’s a bit of give and take. It’s ok if we cannot see everything to fruition right away. There’s nothing that can stop what is happening.
    My strength comes from Jesus Christ. Today I watched one of the Trump videos and unfortunately heard. a woman named
    Laura Eisenhower. All was pretty good until ad she talked about aliens and shape shifters and our FNA and Jesus’
    DNA…..and Jesus possibly being several entities. I’m not totally stupid concerning these things but I am a Christian.
    I am NOT liking anyone trying to turn Jesus Christ into something weird and/or calling who he is into question.
    I am sincerely doubting why all this was existed.
    I may have misunderstood what she said, but she seemed very into things that were far beyond my faith.
    Thank you so much for everything you are doing.
    Brenda Fleming

    • Thank you Brenda, I’m happy you find the website informative. You are quite right, we all just hold one piece of the puzzle. what we are looking at is far too huge to fully comprehend. We know just a tiny little bit at this time.
      I hear what you are saying. I don’t pretend to know what they are talking about neither. I do agree there are many things that we’ve not understood, but my personal belief (at this point in time) does not take me over into all that.
      I cannot accept what they are saying about Jesus, no, not one bit. Where does this information come from anyway? Even if some of this is written in some of the books that they say should have been part of the Bible, how do they know that for sure?
      As for me and my dog, we’ll stick to the Jesus we know!
      Something I have noticed is that Christians who are not grounded in the Word are easily swayed. At the same time, I believe Christians toss out such a lot simply because they don’t understand it.
      At this time, we have to stay close to God but have our hearts and ears open to learn many new things that He has yet to reveal to us.
      Thank you so much for sharing… please keep in contact.

  2. Thank You Marilyn. Your Site is inspiring and on the money. I detect your “q-drops” are accurately received and distributed to us in the body of Christ. I’ve enjoyed fear because it enables my Holy Spirit-filled soul to rejoice in the Lord and I receive your discernment because it is a celebration of wisdom the Good Lord bestows on His Believers. Days of Darkness in the Tweed will give me a chance to illuminate His Word under candle light.

  3. I understand Marylin… But when is this shiite going to stop. How much more has to happen to wake the sheeple. They have been able to clone for years, decades
    “They” have also been switching out their childrens sex at birth as a form of sacrifice to satan/ molech, this has been happening for quite a long time as well, Its part of their religion.
    This religion is masonry of course. 98-99% of everything and everyone at the top, on TV… history, science, medicine is fake news.
    I know I’m preaching to the choir, Im praying, spending a lot of time in my garden and that is what is keeping my sanity.
    No longer have a job working for someone else, now I work for myself, now it is no longer work. God is moving me from where I was to where I am. Its a scary happy place to be 🙂
    Here is da man from your country Ricardo Bossi

    • Hi Les,
      Let’s trust it won’t be long now. We must remain strong.
      Out of something bad, something good… now you work for yourself. Well done!
      Yes, Ricardo is making his mark in his effort to rid Australia of such evil and bring Australia to greatness.
      Thank you so much for sharing.

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