Beware of Vaccine Lies Coming From Media Hype

Beware of Vaccine Lies

Vaccine lies are all around us. Continually we are told that the ‘virus’ will not go away until we all receive the Covid-19 vaccine. The plan is to make it mandatory so we can all be safe and secure from that point on!

I’m sorry, but I can’t catch the name of this informative doctor… maybe you will.. who is highly qualified and shares some powerful information regarding the projected mandatory vaccinations.

I would like you to listen to what she has to say, so you can appreciate what it is we are escaping from, by the skin of our teeth!

She works in the ‘conventional medicine’ arena, together with the natural medicine arena. My favourite kind of doctor!

She teaches women everything that can go right with their bodies and helps them to make that their experience. Don’t you love it?

Covid-19 Vaccine Changes DNA

During the short video clip she shares about the Covid-19 vaccine which the Deep State have in mind for each and every one of us.

You need to listen and understand what they were planning. This kind of vaccine, unlike any previous vaccine, changes the DNA of the person.

(I say ‘were planning’ because in reality (praise God), it’s not going to happen! They have all been either arrested or are wearing ankle bracelets etc… according to what they have agreed to do for Trump and the Team).

Anyway, we move on…

She explains how heavy metals, that are added to all vaccines, make our body into an antennae for use with 5G. It also makes us into ‘chimeras’ (that’s introducing non human cells into our bodies). Scary thought!

Please note:
It comes up as ‘false information’ but the video still plays. This is just typical FB fact checking – anything that goes against the NWO narrative.

Become Slaves Of The System

Together with all this ‘good stuff’, they have a patent for a dye called Luciferase, which allows them to use a light to see who has been vaccinated, and who hasn’t.

This vaccine contains nano-particles, which in effect, are little robots, or little antennas. These have the ability to track vaccine records, together with breathing; heart rate; sexual activities; the drugs you’re on; where you travel etc. This data would be stored in the Cloud. They want to store all our bio-metric information and ultimately have full control over us.

On 26th March, 2020, the Bill & Melinda Foundation filed for a pattern #060606 to be able to take that bio-metric data, and give you a bar code which would connect you to crypto currency. Effectively, we would become slaves to the system.

There would be no more privacy and it would end all freedom. All humans would become just a commodity.

(Although this is what they planned, it’s not going to be. President Trump is more than aware of their plans, and the way they are rushing it through. They are taking many shortcuts which will be their downfall.

It’s no more than a narrative being played out and controlled by the ‘White Hats’… while all the time Trump and his Team are working over on the side to bring out wonderful things that will truly benefit humanity. We must be patient and allow them to do what they need to do.)

Fear of the ‘Virus’ Keeps You Deceived

So, they put out a virus, or at least, they put out the ‘fear of a virus’, and managed to get the entire world involved in their lies and deceit. The news media was instructed to keep the fear levels ‘right up there’… on and on and on! Keep us fearful so we will beg for a vaccine! Beware of the vaccine lies.

Remember, most all of the news media around the world is owned by members of the Cabal. They simply kept on buying them all up until they had complete control. Pretty smart move on their part, don’t you think?

This is why they are all relating the same news, the same narrative. They constantly pump out the same fearful news and information to all nations.

As we grew up, we were all encouraged to keep up to date with the latest news. It’s been in-ground into us from the start, so it was an easy job to keep their deceit rocketing around the world. We had no idea!

It’s made everyone so confused! ‘Don’t they keep telling us that the only way the virus will go away is if we are all vaccinated?’

Who are ‘they’?

‘They’, are the Deep State! The Cabal and all their minions! Fauci and The Gates Foundation… Bill Gates is the biggest voice. But it comes right down even to our local doctors. They have been indoctrinated to accept it as the only way. Not all doctors, thankfully, but most of them, by the sound of it.

Will the Vaccine Really Work?

The mainstream narrative is that once you have the vaccine you will then be immune. The reality is that one of the ‘nice side-benefits’ is that it suppresses your immune system and then opens you up to more days of sickness and disease.

We have our own immune systems that work perfectly while ever we eat right and look after our bodies.

But they would always want more ‘bang for their buck’… which means that they would continue to bring out more vaccines to boost the first vaccine… on and on.

Vaccine Lies. Why would you believe them?

Don’t you understand that ‘they’ are the evil in the world and ‘they’ are who President Trump and his mighty team of warriors are fighting against?

While the media continues to light the flame under ‘Trump hate’, which keeps people preoccupied and unaware of what he (and they – the good guys) are really doing, the Team continues working in the background bringing all the evil down.

You may be totally unaware of it at this point, and in many ways, this is the way it’s had to be so they can work under cover with all the arrests they’re doing.

Truly, vaccine lies are just one little part of it. One by one, they’re all coming down.

No, you might not have seen a lot of evidence of this happening yet, but behind the scenes, very carefully and methodically, ‘they’ – the evil people, are being arrested and filling up Gitmo.

(They need to keep the people/populations relatively calm. It won’t be long now before there will be a great reveal. It’s all coming out very soon… it’s almost upon us.)

So what should you do?

  • If ‘they’ ever do get to release this vaccine, DO NOT HAVE IT!
  • Research for yourself! Don’t take my word for any of this, but decide that you will find out for yourself if there really is more going on than what you’re being told.
  • Turn off the fake news media which is continuing to feed you with the Deep State… New World Order… One World Government… narrative that they want you to believe.
  • Take a step back and think! Use critical thinking and trust your intuition.
  • Seek truth! Truth will always sit well with you, especially once you’ve removed your nightly ‘happy hour’ deceitful programs that you’re accustomed to.
  • Ask questions. There are lots of people now who have woken up. Seek them out. It’s wonderful now how many doctors are rising up and taking a stand against what they’re planning… this can be at the risk of losing their license… but they have had enough… they KNOW it’s not true!
  • If you are a Trump hater, ask yourself why. Can you nail down what it really is that you don’t like? You will never be able to think straight while ever you are consumed with hate. Decide to give him a chance as he is working on bringing out some of the most wonderful health beneficial things you could possibly imagine. (There are 6,000 patents, using the latest technology, that are so amazing and have been suppressed and hidden from us. This is because they hurt the pockets of Gates and the pharmaceutical companies!) Prepare to be blessed!
How to Think for Ourselves and Overcome Virus Fear-Mongering
People Have Been Dying of Covid-19, Haven’t They?

What I am saying here is to beware of the Covid-19 vaccine lies. Please realise there is so much more too the agenda and begin right now to research, research, research!



  1. Quello che non capisco se questo vaccino e talmente pericoloso per la nostra salute perche ci impongono di farlo.. Perche Trump e il suo team non lavora in questo senso di non distribuire più questi maledetti vaccini? Quale e la spiegazione piu logica?? Grazie.. Grazie per il lavoro che lo fate! Che DIO vi benedica

    • Translation: What I don’t understand if this vaccine is so dangerous to our health because they force us to do it..Why isn’t Trump and his team working in this direction to no longer distribute these damn vaccines?Which is the most logical explanation?? Thank you.. Thank you for the work you do!May God bless you

      Answer: I think what people miss is the bigger picture. While all may appear quiet and nothing happening for us, MUCH is going on behind the scenes. While we may not understand it, what they ARE doing is necessary to bring down ALL the evil. If they leave one behind there is a chance it could gradually rise up again.

      President Trump promised he would not leave us to get on with it as best we could. He has not left, he only appears to have left. There were very important reasons why he’s done what he’s done. We don’t necessarily know what the answer is, but they have ask us to trust them.

      I believe that the vaccine is all they are saying it is… people are dying from it. It’s up to us to stand against it at this time… for just a little while longer.

      If you do your research, you will come out realising why they are so bad. Ask what is actually in them. A lot of what they are doing is nothing more than bluff.

      Each must make up their own mind, but all I really hope is that people have done their due diligence and researched deeply. Use critical thinking and trust your intuition.
      Thanks Roxana… I hope that helps.

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